Curvy Liza Del Sierra Gets Drilled

Curvy Liza Del Sierra Gets Drilled
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My bedroom is directly across the hall from our bathroom; and there is a small gap around one side where the bathroom door doesn't fit tightly. One night when I was about 12; I was sitting on my bed doing homework when I saw daddy go into the bathroom with a magazine in his hand. At first; I didn't think anything of it.he did that a lot. "Going to the Library", he would say. But this time I noticed that he was carrying a Playboy magazine! And; even at 12 years old, I knew what Playboy was.

But I (at that time) didn't know what kind of fascination that type of book held for men. I went on working on my homework for a little while until my eyes caught some sort of "quick" movement in the bathroom. So; I moved to where I could see through the gap in the door a little better. What I saw then totally amazed and surprised me! My Dad was sitting on the stool looking at the magazine and had his "thing" in his hand stroking it up and down.

Now; I had never seen a man's thing before. Oh; I knew about them from SexEd at school.and I even knew what an "erection" was. But I wasn't prepared for how BIG it got during an erection. And daddy had AN ERECTION!!


" Was it something in the magazine that did that to him?" I wondered. At any rate; his movements increased in speed and intensity and his breathing seemed to be labored an short. After a while; he tensed all of a sudden and then squirted some white, creamy stuff into the bowl. Then; he seemed to instantly become very calm and proceed to fasten his pants, roll up the magazine and left the bathroom.

I almost broke my finger opening one of my school books so quickly. I felt that it wouldn't be good if he knew I was watching.whatever the heck I was watching!

Mom had left us unexpectedly when I was 10; and I never understood why. Daddy wouldn't talk much about it; except to refer to her as a "Two-Timing Bitch".whatever that means. So I had sort of gotten used to it just being me and fact I kind of liked it that way.


About all I remember of Mom was a hard, grouchy woman who complained a lot. There were times I sort of missed having a woman when I started having periods and developing breasts and stuff like that. Anyway; with the help of daddy's sister, Aunt Brenda, I managed to get through those times. In the next year and a half or so; I began to pay much more attention to Daddy's frequent trips to the "Library".

I noticed one night while watching that I was wet "down there". I had awakened from my sleep with the same problem a few times and "it" felt "funny". At first; I thought something was wrong with me; but Aunt Brenda explained that I was just "becoming a woman." Anyway; as I watched Daddy, I let my hand wander down "there" and sort of instantly started stroking myself.


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After a little bit of THAT; I thought I was going to pass out! I must have had an orgasm; 'cause I let out a yelp or something. Daddy yelled out from the bathroom, "Honey are you ok?" "Yeah, I'm fine, daddy" I replied and proceeded to make some sort of excuse about sticking myself with a pin or something. If he only knew how "fine" I was.I had never felt anything so wonderful IN MY LIFE!!!

Not long after that, I came home from the mall one Saturday and Daddy was just coming out of the bathroom with a Playboy in his hand.

I pretended at first not to notice the magazine; but Daddy was having trouble rolling the book up where I couldn't see the cover. It seemed the harder he tried; the clumsier he got.and the harder I tried to pretend I didn't see; the more my eyes went straight to the magazine. Then all of a sudden, someone's voice said "It's ok, Daddy, I know about the Playboy stuff." OH CRAP!

It was MY VOICE saying that! Daddy simply said "Oh." and went into his bedroom. When he came out he no longer had the magazine; but he did have sort of an embarrassed look on his face. "Daddy, what do men like about books and stuff like that; with naked women in them?" I blurted out. "Why do you ask such a thing?" Daddy almost spit out the words.


"Because I see you with your Playboys, but you never read them in here in the living room or anything; so I just wondered" I said.hoping that my answer made some sort of sense. "Well, honey, it's sort of a private 'man' thing." he said. It's exciting for a man to see woman with little or no clothing on." "Well; I'm a young woman now. Does it excite you to see me like that?" "MISTY!!!" he almost screamed at me.

"Daddy, please don't be mad at me.I just want to know! I don't understand about stuff like that!!" I almost begged. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him.

"No honey, its different between fathers and daughters. Daughters aren't supposed to excite Daddy's." "Why?" I pressed. "'Cause they're just not." he flatly stated. That pretty much ended the conversation.

But it didn't end for me in my head. OK. call me weird or whatever, but I made up my mind right then that I would prove Daddy wrong. I started wearing less and less around the house. I would come out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel; and even let it slip down almost off my breasts a time or two. But Daddy didn't seem to notice! Damn It! One time when he was in the bathroom shaving, I left the door to my room open a little and stripped down to my bra and panties and then pretended to be looking for an outfit to wear.

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Finally Daddy noticed! At least; I saw his head turn toward my room several times.he even nicked himself with his razor once. Even though I hoped he wasn't hurt; I sort of giggled inside. Since there are no pictures yet; I will try to objectively describe myself for those of you who are wondering. I'm about 5 feet 4 inches tall with fairly long legs. I have long flowing blonde hair and green eyes. At last count I weighed 105 pounds.

I keep a good tan, thanks in part to the above-ground pool daddy had installed a few years ago. My measurements are 34-a/22/35. I know; not much in the chest department, but they are firm and cone-shaped with rose-pink nipples that turn up just a little at the ends. For my 14th birthday; Daddy let me invite some friends over. He let us play our music, dance, and just generally be teenagers.

He even ordered a big pink and white cake that said "Happy Birthday, Misty" on it. We all had a great time; and when everyone had left, I just sat on my bed feeling older and more mature somehow. During the party; Daddy had discreetly made himself invisible; which I thought was nice.

Even though I think my Dad is cool, I know how other teens think of adults; so I went out to the living room to tell Daddy "Thanks". He was sitting in his recliner having his favourite drink: Jack Daniels and Coke. I walked over and sat down on the arm of his chair, put my arms around his neck, kissed his cheek and said "You're a pretty wonderful Father, Daddy.I love you so much." He hugged me closer and almost whispered "I love you, too honey.Happy Birthday." "Can I taste that?" I asked, pointing to his drink.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt. After all; you're all grown up now." he grinned. At first it was tart, but mellowed with the sweetness of the Coke.

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I really liked it and asked "Make me one, Daddy, PLEASE." "Are you sure, honey.this stuff is pretty strong." He tried not to sound concerned.

"Just one, Daddy, PLEASE??" "OK, I suppose one won't hurt. I need another one anyway." He went into the den and made himself another and made one for me. I sort of suspect that mine probably wasn't as strong as his, but it still tasted great.

We sat and watched TV and had our drinks slowly and quietly. After a while I started to feel calm and warm all over. I realized that even this weak drink was having an effect on me. "I think I'll take a shower and get ready for bed." I said; trying not to wobble as I got out of my chair and floated to my bedroom. I stripped down to nothing and looked at myself in the mirror; trying to see if I was older or more of a woman now. Standing there naked and knowing Daddy was just one thin wall away, I started to get damp in my crotch area.

For just a split second; I almost walked out into the living room and announced "Here, daddy, I'm all yours!" But I didn't. I wrapped myself in large towel and went into the bathroom. The warm water running on me didn't help get rid of those feelings I was having, either. I could' help but linger a little in a few places as I washed myself. My nipples almost hurt; they were so tender and swollen.

"What does it feel like for a man to kiss those?" I wondered. I'm not sure at what point during all this that I made up my mind to seduce my father that night; but it seemed like the only logical conclusion to this already strange evening.

I dried my hair, wrapped a clean, fluffy towel around me and walked out into the living room. Judging from the amount of liquid in Daddy's glass; I determined that he must be on at least his third drink.

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"Jus 'bout ready for bed, Hun?" he almost slurred. "Yep" I answered saucily; trying to sound more sober than I was feeling right then. The Jack Daniels was definitely working on me!

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I still don't know if I did it on purpose or it just happened and I let it or what; but, as I bent over to kiss Daddy, the towel I was wearing came loose and fell to the floor.

For just a split second; I started to reach down and pick it up and cover myself; but I didn't. Instead, I turned and sat on the arm of my very surprised daddy's chair and hugged him. "Hon.hun.honey; don't you think you should cover up?" he asked; but he didn't sound like he really knew if he wanted me to or not.

"Daddy, it doesn't matter. You've seen me naked before; so what's the difference?" "The difference is that right now I'm a little drunk and your are a young woman and looking really good and it's been a really long time for me." he rambled.

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I almost got tickled at how un-confused he was trying to sound. I hugged him tighter as I noticed a large bulge in his cut-offs. Then I placed his hand on my right breast. He jerked it away as though my breast was red-hot. (Which I felt it WAS!) "Honey, please don't do this.please." He sounded sort of pitiful.

"It's alright, daddy, I want this and so do you." I said; trying to sound grown-up and calm with what was happening. I reached down and put my hand on the bulge in daddy's shorts and he moaned like a man in some sort of pain.

"Hon.this isn't know it's not right." "Daddy, it' right if I want it. I'm the only woman in your life since Mom left and I really love you and I really want to help you feel better." I tried not to ramble on senselessly; but he had started tracing little circles around my nipple with his finger and I was being amazed at the feeling of his "thing" under my hand.

I suddenly became brave and undid the top of daddy's cut-offs and unzipped them. His organ almost LEAPED out. " MY GOD; IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!" I remember thinking. "Misty, Misty, Misty.Oh god.Shit" Daddy reached between my legs and touched me and I thought I would LEAVE THIS WORLD.

As good as it had felt the times when I touched myself there; I wasn't EVEN prepared for what daddy's finger felt like as it went into the opening of my pussy.

I'm not sure if I screamed or whimpered or cried or what.but I knew at that moment that this was something I was going like a lot more of. Almost in a haze, I felt daddy pick me up and carry me into his bedroom. As he laid me down on his huge, king-size bed, he had the most tender look on his face as he asked me; "Honey, are you sure about this?" "Yes Daddy; I'm VERY sure." I replied. I admit I was a little scared, but I knew I was going to be ok.

Daddy kissed me in a way that he never had before. One boy at school had tried to "finch" kiss me, but I don't think he knew what the heck he was doing. With Daddy, it was HEAVEN!! I remember the feel of his beard stubble on my face; he feel of his hands on my shoulders as he held me closer and closer. And his rock-hard thing pressing into the flesh of my right thigh.

And the hair on his chest against my breasts. All of these things going on at once was just about too much for me to stand. I never felt so GOOD in my life!! "Have you ever; before, Hon?" Daddy asked "No, never, Daddy.please be my first.will you; please, daddy?!?' "Well, Hun, it's not exactly right; but I don't think I could stop if I wanted to now." There was almost a desperate tone to his voice.

Daddy rolled me onto my back, and I think I instantly spread my legs. Strange; but I don't remember ever thinking of my daddy as "handsome"; but at that moment when he positioned himself above my nude body on his bed, I thought he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. "This may hurt a little at first." he said with concern in his voice. "It's ok; Daddy, it's ok." He lowered himself gently onto me, kissed me, and then I felt the end of his thing going into me.

As it swelled inside me, I almost cried from pure joy. Then; as it broke through my hymen, there was as spit-second of pain. But not unpleasant pain. Sort of like a pin prick. The extreme pleasure of feeling this thing inside me far outdid any pain I could have felt.

As Daddy pushed further and further into me; I remember thinking that that I couldn't possibly feel any better than I was feeling right then.

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But with each inch, came a bigger, deeper wave of ecstasy. Then came the ultimate!!! Daddy started ever-so-slowly withdrawing and reinserting his thing (which I know now is called his"dick" in and out of me.

Wave after wave of pleasure swept over me; and daddy's breathing was becoming more and more laboured. His dick was going in and out of me at a furious pace. I may have been moaning or screaming or whatever.I'm not sure at this point. I just know that I WAS IN PURE HEAVEN!!! As I felt the torrents of orgasm wash over me, all of a sudden daddy's body tensed, jerked and he quickly pulled all the way out of me. "Got to catch it so I don't get you pregnant." He said almost apologetically.

Right at that moment I wouldn't have cared if he had planted a LITTER in me. But I knew he was right to pull it out; even though I felt as though I was parting with an old friend. Afterwards, we lay in each other's arms and caressed and kissed. I don't think it's possible to feel more love for someone than I felt for my Daddy at that moment. We have a drink or two ever now and then and we always wind up having sex.

If I could I would have it every day.all day! I may change my mind later, but for now I just want sex with my wonderful father. He is so sweet and I love him so much! The other night during one of our sessions, Daddy began kissing my lower stomach and thighs. WOW!! This was a whole new set of feelings!! He promised me then that next time he will teach me about oral sex.