Cute schoolgirl gets her tight cookie fucked hard by teacher

Cute schoolgirl gets her tight cookie fucked hard by teacher
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What is a Jessica?

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Bassed on a YIM Chat between KaosAngel and Anonymous girl Story: #2 Copyright ©2004 Written: November 18 2004 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Ay-Wun Please send any comments about this story to(purek[email protected]) ********************************************************************* The day started like any other for young Jessica as she got up and out of bed this morning, Jessica is a young girl of 18 years with long blonde hair and blue eyes her body has always held the interest of the next door neighbor but for a reason that she would have never guessed but would soon be so clear.

Had Jessica known then what she know's now she may never have agreed to house sit for the man next door, while he was away over the weekend for it would be a weekend he would never forget and poor Jessica would find herself the first victim to the "Jessica 3000".

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The young man also held Jessics's interest as well so when he asked the young Jessica "Would you house sit for me this weekend" Jessica's quick reply was "sure I would love to" after he left that night Jessica ran right over to begin her tour of duty as weekend house sitter "this should be a good chance to get to know this man a little better, you can always tell what a man is like by going through his stuff" she thought as she opend the door and yelled "Honey im home!" to no one in particular knowing the house was empty.

Once Jessica got into the house her curiosity about the young man was piqued and she began snooping around the house looking for anything she could get her hands on to get to know her neighbor a little better.

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Had she not been so curious she probably would have survived the weekend. Standing there in the garage of her neighbor's house staring at the chrome machine she reads "Jessica 3000" printed on the side of a large machine with clamps and a huge spike she begins to think "what could this machine possibly be used for?" at that moment thousands of bondage images go rushing through her head and it hits her "its a fucking machine" as she walks over to the machine she begins touching it wondering what it would feel like to be on top of it letting it fuck her.


The temptation was far too powerful to ignore so Jessica did what any horny teenager would do she began to strip right there in the chilly garage and mount the machine she placed her left ankle in the ankle clamp and heard the clamp lock in place doing the same with the right leg and again hearing the clamp lock in place, she never once thought about how she would release herself from the machine's hold on her and continued to lean forward.

Leaning forward placeing her wrists in to both left and right wrist clamps and letting them lock her wrists in place, having leaned forward also placed her thighs into the thigh clamps and she heard them lock as well. At this point Jessica would not be able to get off the machine even if she tried, so she continued locking herself in place, by further leaning forward and placeing her waist in the waist clamp and her neck in to the neck clamp and waited for the click.

"CLICK CLICK" Jessica was now compleatly locked in place on the "Jessica 3000" and could not move more then a few centimeters in any direction, it was at this time she heard the motor start and began to get a little nervous "get a grip on yourself girl its only a fucking machine, it cant hurt you" was what she kept repeating to herself as the sharp point of the spit began to enter her pussy and she for the first time felt the sharp point "OH MY GOD THAT THING IS SHARP" was her next thought.

Jessica struggled, trying to get off the machine, trying to dislodge the sharp spit, but she soon found herself tightly clamped in with nothing to do now but to wait, wait and hope that it would not go in too deep.

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Still not fully understanding what she had gotten herself into. When Jessica could feel the sharp tip of the spit touch her cervix she knew. "OH NO its not gonna stop" she closed her eyes in fear and waited for whatever was to happen to her.

Fearing the worst as the machine suddenly came to a stop just before the sharp point entered her cervix, trying to look behind her to see why the machine stopped but she couldn't turn her neck since the clamp around her neck was too tight to allow any movement. "So Jessica I see you found my Jessica" came a voice from behind her, that she quickly realized was the young man who she had agreed to house sit for.

walking close to the frightened young girl placeing his hand on her nude back "Do you have any idea what this machine was about to do to you?" he asks, now standing in front of her looking into her eye's.


Moving her head side to side while keeping eye contact with the young man "No" she replied quietly. "the Jessica 3000 was designed and built by me to be a live impalement machine for women to be spit roasted, meaning whoever rides this beautiful machine would be imapaled vagina to mouth and then placed over an open BBQ pit to slow cook" the young man said while still rubbing nude back of the now much more than frightened young girl.

"OHH NO please open the clamps dont let it do that to me please, oh please" was all she could say as she still felt the sharp tip and feared it would continue its journey deeper into her pussy and out of her mouth as she now knew that was its intended design.

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Looking in to his eyes she could see by his smile that he was not going to release her, and she bowed her head in acceptance of her fate. With no resistance able to be offered by Jessica, the young girl clamped to the "Jessica 3000" the young man began moving his hand lower down the back of the nude Jessica and began rubbing her nude pussy around the invadeing spit that was still lodged deep within her.

Looking into her eye's once again "I named the Jessica 3000 after you becuase as I designed it and built it I fantasized that it was you who would get to be Jessica 3000's first victim" he stated as he stopped rubbing her pussy and moved behind her out of sight. Now more scared then ever Jessica could hear the "CLICK" of the start button and could hear the motor as the spit once again began moveing slowly deeper into her pussy.

Now knowing full well what this machine was for she regreted getting on it, she didn't want to die, but the thought of it did excite her which cuased her to become very wet greasing the sharp spit as it moved ever so slowly.

Moving back into Jessica's line of sight she could now see the young man who reached down and cupped her chin in his hand "you see my dear Jessica, I never intended to go away for the weekend, I knew that once you found my little Jessica 3000 you would not be able to resist mounting her, it is after all in evry young girls nature to be excited by such things and you are no different".

Jessica could now feel the sharp tip of the spit tear through her cervix and enter her uterus, the pain was terrible but she refused to scream out to give this man any satisfaction, he was already enjoying her death far to much. Several agonizing minutes later the spit pierced her stomach and made its way under her ribcage and passed her heart, which now meant she would still be alive while she slow roasted over the hot coals.

A single tear fell from her left eye as the spit began to exit the young Jessica's body and out of her mouth. Jessica could not believe that this was really happening to her, she could see the sharp tip of the spit sticking out of her mouth about 2 feet in front of her, she could feel the clamps holding her wrists in place suddenly release, once her hands were free they quickly went to her face and began feeling her mouth and lips around the spit, "This is it, its really through me, I'm really gonna die" was all she could think about as the young man grabbed both of her hands and attached a set of heat resistant hand cuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back.

Once that was done he began work on her legs releaseing the ankle and thigh clamps, once free Jessica began kicking her legs violently trying to kick the young man but with her neck and head under limited movement she could not find the young man for the kicking, and soon felt one ankle and then the other get cuffed and attached to each other and then attached to the spit leaveing her no movement at all.

Now that her limbs were attached to the spit, he grabed an anal spit, just as sharp as his big brother but at 1/8th his size, this smaller spit was then attached to the larger one, using an anchor clamp he slid junior spit through the hole in the anchor clamp and proceded to shove the long shaft of the smaller spit directly in to Jessica's anus with little care for her feelings or pain it was causeing her.

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Jessica now looked like a trussed up suckling pig ready for barbeque and that is exactly what she was, the young man released the waist and neck clamps that were still holding her bound to the "Jesica 3000" unable to lift and carry her 110lbs form to the back yard he rolled over a tranport cart, that looked like a hopital gurney, placeing the now fully spited Jessica on to the gurney he roled her out to the backyard.

The cold air of night niped at Jessica's nude flesh as she found herself now outside and staring at the last ride she will ever take, there in front of her was a huge 10foot long by 4foot wide pit filled with barbeque briquets, that must have been lit for a long time since thay were nearly down to ashes and ready to roast her soon to be golden brown flesh.

Jessica could feel the spit being picked up and her with it but could not see the young man as she was lifted and placed on to the two "Y" shaped brackets at each end of the pit. Once placed atop the brackets she could feel the bite and sting of the hot flames almost instantly, excitement rose and she soon found that she could use the little slack she had on the spit to slowly fuck herself with the huge invader while she roasted, and soon was gushing cum like an open flood gate as she faded away.