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Hot brunette mature hard sex
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Chapter 23 With Janie gone, and our project on hold for now, I decided to head on over to the other beach to take a swim. There was too much activity on this side of the island, with a crowd of kids running in the shallows, and I wanted to see what the hippies had done with the whole "nude beach" idea.

The walk through the center of the island took about 10 minutes, and sure enough there was a new sign tied around a tree. It appeared to be made of a wall panel from the plane, and hand-lettered on it with must have been a scavenged Sharpie were the words "Clothing Optional Beach." A small metal bin, also from the plane, had been placed on the ground under the sign, and I could see some clothing in it already.

I agreeably stripped down to my birthday suit, stuffing my gear into the makeshift cubby, and proceeded through the last of the jungle to the East beach.

I'd never been to a nude beach before, and the feeling of strolling around in public with my junk hanging out was a little intimidating, but also a little erotic. As I stepped out onto the sand, I could see Rain, Dakota and River, all stark naked in the sun, playing catch with a ball borrowed from one of the kids. I was a little surprised to see Anjali on the beach as well, sitting a little ways away to the left, in a meditative pose.

Her light brown body gleamed in the sunshine, and I admired her lovely form for a few minutes, trying not to get an embarrassing boner. I do know enough about nude beaches to be aware of the fact that sporting a woody while watching the bathers is considered gauche.

Even more unexpected was the entrancing sight of Mi Cha, the attractive Korean businesswoman, lying in the sun near the water. My breath caught in my chest as I feasted my eyes on her nude, slender form as she soaked up the sun. I've always had a thing for Asian women, and she was a fine specimen, her tight little breasts tipped by fat brown nipples, and her narrow hips bisected by a fluffy black bush. I was almost drooling, and I forced myself to look away before my erection got out of control.


I turned my attention to the hippies, and greeted them with a shout. The ball came whizzing at me in return, and I barely caught it in time to avoid getting clocked in the head, while they laughed at me. I tossed it back to River good-naturedly, and joined them in their game of catch. "Glad to see you over here, Doc," he said as he threw the ball to Rain. "You like our new hangout?" "Yeah. It's a little quieter than the other side right now," I said.

"The kids were making a racket and I was hoping for a little peace and quiet." "Have you heard any complaints about the nudity?" Dakota asked. Not from me, I thought, checking out her sweet curves and bouncing tits as she jogged past.

"Not a word. Has anybody said anything to you guys?" "Not so far," Rain answered, tossing a long bomb to Dakota. Her big boobs swayed back and forth with the arm motion, and I snuck a glance at those pierced nipples as they jiggled enticingly.

"Where are Stu and Summer?" I asked. "Down at the 'adult' end," River answered, thrusting his jaw at the south end of the beach, which was obscured by a projecting finger of jungle. He caught a lob from Dakota and flicked it to me. "The adult end?" I heaved the ball back to Rain, wondering what he meant by that. "We decided that if anyone wanted to engage in any sexual activity, they should keep it at that end, behind the trees," he replied.

"That way kids wouldn't get caught off guard. Some adults get a little hung up about that stuff, too." "We put up another sign, so people would know," Rain elaborated. I spent an enjoyable few minutes tossing the ball and chatting with the kids. I did find out that Summer was the girl's middle name, not her given one, and that Rain was a nickname. River seemed to be the only one with a real hippy name. I didn't know whether to be disappointed or not.

It did answer my earlier question to myself: they became hippies and then chose the names, the names didn't decide their destiny. "You want to hit the ocean?" Rain asked Dakota. "I'm ready for a dip." "Sure." "Me, too," River said. "How 'bout you, Dave?" "No thanks," I demurred. "Maybe later. I'll see you guys at dinner. I'm going to head back." "Go check out the 'adult section'," Dakota suggested. "They won't mind if you take a peek." "Hell, they won't even notice!" Rain laughed.

"They get pretty intense." "All right," I said agreeably. I wasn't going to turn down a free look at a hot couple having sex. The trio ran past Mi Cha into the water. I took one more lingering look at her sublime form, then ambled to the end of the beach. Sure enough, another homemade sign hung from a tree, proclaiming "Open-minded adults only." I figured I fit the bill and poked my head around the corner. The last section of beach was roughly circular, about 20 feet across, and surrounded on three sides by trees.

The fourth side abutted the water, the waves tamed slightly by a natural breakwater of rocks protruding into the ocean for about 15 feet. In the center of the sandy bowl were Stu and Summer, going at it like bunnies. Stu was on his back, and Summer was riding him slowly. Their asses were pointed roughly in my direction, and I could see her furry cunt sliding up and down his thick cock.

Rivulets of white cream coated the fat meat as in plunged in and out of her pussy, and I could hear the squelching noises they created over the gentle moans of the girl and Stu's grunts.

I watched the erotic show for a moment, but horny as I was, I didn't want to disturb them. With a final appreciative glance at Summer's spread labia, I shook my head and turned away.

I took a few steps toward the trail, but a flash of white in the woods distracted me. I wondered if it could be another pig, and carefully crept into the jungle to find out what it was.

Quickly I realized that there were people in the trees, and soon I could hear whispered voices. As I got closer, I was stunned to see Jared and Madison, both naked.

They seemed to be trying to replicate the position Stu and Summer were in, as they were obviously spying on the two lovers.

"This isn't working!" Madison whispered hoarsely. "You're not doing it right!" "Well you pushed on it too hard!" Jared complained. "It hurt!" "What are you two doing?" I whispered angrily. "You shouldn't be here." The two kids startled, Madison falling off of Jared, where she had been trying to mount him. His little prick stood at attention, and he quickly tried to cover himself. Madison, the little slut, didn't even bother, and instead stared hungrily at my naked cock, still at half-mast from my own spying.

"We wanted to see what was happening on the beach," she told me unabashedly. "And then we wanted to try it." "Oh, God! Don't tell my mom!" Jared begged in a panic, his dick wilting slightly.

"He won't tell," Madison assured him confidently. "He'll keep our secret because I'll keep his." "What?" Jared said in confusion. "Never mind, Jared," I said hurriedly, then changed the subject. "What are you two trying to do?" "I want to put his penis in me like they're doing on the beach." I looked behind me, and sure enough, through the trees we could clearly see Stu's rod plowing into Summer's creamy cunt.

The two erstwhile lovers had found a perfect little hidey-hole from which to observe the action. I looked back at the kids, taking in the scene. Jared was staring at Madison again, his small boner erect once more. I guess I couldn't blame him, since as young as she was, she was still a sexy little thing. I had seen her starkers before, by the hot springs, when she had crashed my party with Alison.

Hell, I had even tasted her little cunt briefly, although not by choice. At the time, however, I had been otherwise occupied and had not had much chance to appreciate her developing young body. Her thin chest was graced with little mosquito-bite titties, tan discs of budding gland tipped by tiny pink nipples. Her belly was flat and smooth, and her legs long and lean.

Her ass, just beginning to widen at the threshold of womanhood, was a pale contrast to her otherwise tanned skin, and was accented by two dimples, one on each cheek. She was going to be a lovely young lady in a few years, and I suspected with her proclivities she was going to cause havoc among the male population around her as she got older.

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My dick was hard again just looking at her forbidden flesh, but I realized her body, if not her mind, was not ready for my kind of fun. I began thinking I could enjoy her vicariously through Jared, though, at the same time satisfying their curiosity and helping the boy score his first nookie.

"You sure you two aren't a little young for this?" I had to put up at least some token resistance. Jared pulled me aside, and whispered in my ear, "Please help us, Dave! I've never had a girl like me before, and if I don't do this with her, she'll get one of the older boys." He was practically dancing with anxiety. "All right, you two.

I'll give you a hand," I agreed with a sigh. "First of all, do you know how girls get pregnant?" "Yes, from stuff that comes out of the boy's penis and goes into the girls vagina," Madison said proudly. "That's right. But how old do they need to be for that to happen?" "I don't know," Jared said with a worried look. "Could she get pregnant from me?" "No, you aren't producing sperm yet.

When you have white stuff come out of your penis when you rub it, or at night, then you could get a girl pregnant." I turned to Madison. "How about you? When are you old enough to have a baby?" "After I get my period?" she said hesitantly. "Correct. Have you started menstruating yet?" She looked embarrassed finally. The nudity didn't get to her, but obviously talk of menstruation did. "No, not yet," she mumbled. "OK. I just wanted to make sure you knew the facts.

When you start ejaculating," I pointed to Jared, the word making Madison snicker, "and you start having periods," I continued, gesturing to Madison, which quieted her quickly, "then you could make babies. Make sure you take precautions after that.

You don't want to become teen parents. And you know about sexually transmitted diseases?" "I heard about them," said Madison gravely. "They come from sex and can make your privates rot off." Jared looked terrified.

I laughed. "Not quite. And you two are definitely too young and inexperienced to have any, but just be aware sex with the wrong person can cause sores or other problems that can be serious. I just want you two to be aware of the consequences of sex. On the bright side, it's very fun and makes you feel great.

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So you still want to learn?" Madison nodded vigorously, Jared a little more hesitantly, obviously still worried his dick might rot off. "All right. First things first. You need to get the other person ready for sex, you can't just start doing it." "How do you do that?" Madison asked eagerly. "Well, kissing each other, and touching each other's bodies is usually how people start." I directed the two of them to sit facing each other, with me in the middle and off to the side.

"Jared, you go ahead and give Madison a kiss." He pecked her on the cheek quickly, blushing. "OK, now try one on the mouth." He did so, equally quickly.

"Now take a little time, and hold your lips on hers for a minute. Close your eyes and enjoy it." The boy leaned in and pressed his lips to Madison's gently. Their eyes closed, and they held the pose for a few seconds. Both seemed to be getting a little excited now, and I noticed Jared's boner had recovered, and Madison's tiny tits were poking out smartly.

"Now try it while hugging each other," I directed.

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The kids embraced, bare chests pressed together, and kissed a little more aggressively this time. Watching Madison's puffy cones pressing up against Jared's thin chest, I was a little envious of the boy. I hadn't gotten any action until I was in high school.

I remembered Janie's upbringing, and figured he was following in her footsteps. "Now try it with your tongues." Madison stuck her tongue out and pressed it on Jared's lips, almost causing me to laugh. "Not like that, honey. Here, I'll show you what to do, and then you do it to Jared." I leaned in to her, my hand holding her back gently. "Open your mouth a little bit." She complied, eyes wide open in anticipation.

"Close your eyes and relax." The youngster did as I asked, and I gave her a slow kiss, my tongue slipping into her mouth and caressing hers, then sliding across her teeth and back around the inside of her lips.

It was so erotic knowing the girl was experiencing this for the first time that I forgot myself and allowed my hand to slide down to her ass. I caught myself guiltily and pulled away. "Did you like that?" I asked. "Oh, yeah!" she breathed. "That makes me feel all funny." "Now do the same thing to Jared, and let him do it back to you." I watched as the two frenched happily, their arms instinctively wrapped around each other.

Both were flushed and panting by the time their liplock ended. "Now try touching each other's bodies. Just be gentle and explore each other with your hands." Jared slowly ran his hands up her arms, then tentatively down her chest, lightly brushing her puffy nipples. Madison breathed in sharply, and arched her back. "Do that some more!" she commanded, and Jared happily complied, fondling the little tan buttons with fascination and making the girl shiver with delight.

Once she had been revved up enough, she reached out and grasped his penis in her hand. He jumped slightly, but didn't pull away. She stroked it a few times, looking at it intently. Jared looked like he was about to levitate. "I told you it was pretty nice having a girl do that for you, didn't I?" He nodded silently, his eyes big.

Madison continued fondling him, but looked at my straining erection, then back at Jared's much smaller one. Suddenly she grabbed my cock in her other hand, catching me off guard. "Yours is so much bigger," she marveled. "Will Jared's get this big?" "As he grows up it will," I managed to grate out, trying to control myself as this 10-year-old stroked my meat innocently. "I saw Stu's before he put it in that girl.


He didn't have this extra skin on the end." She casually played with our foreskins, causing both Jared and me to gasp. "Some boys have the extra skin trimmed off when they are young," I said, my voice almost an octave higher than usual. "It's called circumcision. It doesn't change the way a penis works; it just looks a little different." She finally left off rubbing my dick, and I started breathing again.

Her attention was now captured by Jared's nuts, and she began pulling on his scrotum. Jared's mouth was hanging open and his eyes were glazed over. "Be gentle with that part," I cautioned her. "If you squeeze it too hard, you can really hurt a boy." I watched for a moment.

"Jared, why don't you stand up so she can get a better look." He shook himself and scrambled to his feet. His prick jutted out proudly, almost poking Madison in the face. The girl inspected him intently, the tip of her tongue protruding from her mouth.


"Now start sliding your hand up and down the shaft, Madison. That's one of the ways a girl can get a guy ready for sex." She eagerly started jacking him off, and I had to slow her down a little. "Are there other ways, too?" she asked me with curiosity.

Her hand stopped moving. "Don't quit, Maddie," Jared complained. "That felt really good." "Don't worry, Jared. This is going to feel even better." "What do I do?" asked Madison, ever eager to please. "I'll tell you." I got up on my knees next to her, my throbbing hard-on bumping her leg accidentally, making me flinch.

This whole situation was really getting me horny. "You can also make a boy feel good with your mouth." "What, kiss his wiener?" she asked incredulously.

"More like French kissing. Go ahead and give it a regular kiss first, to get used to it." She kissed the tip of his dick quickly. "Now lick the end of it." She did that, too. "Now open your mouth and suck on it like a lollipop." She looked at me strangely, but complied, popping his little peter into her mouth. Jared's eyes were bugging out now, and I watched her cheeks pull in as she sucked on his cock.

"Swirl your tongue around it, baby, and move your head up and down on it." I watched this hot little 10-year-old give her first blow-job, working his small penis with her mouth.

At first she was hesitant, but seemed to get into it after a time, slurping away like a pro. The scene was so erotic I couldn't help stroking my own meat while watching. "That's the best thing I ever felt!" Jared gasped fervently, as Madison finally disengaged from his dick.

She gave a grin, pleased at her power over the boy. "Now it's time to get her ready," I said. "Madison, stand up." She did, eyes shining with anticipation.

"What should I do?" asked Jared anxiously. "There are three things you can do to get a girl ready for sex. The first is to touch and suck on her breasts. You already touched them, so now suck on them." He looked terrified at the prospect, and hesitated. "Go ahead and do it!" Madison ordered, and he quickly latched on to her tit, sucking lustily.

What he lacked in technique he made up for in enthusiasm. Madison was shaking and making little yelps of delight as he worked her developing boobs.

I let him continue for a moment more, then stopped him with a tap on the shoulder. "Now what?" he asked eagerly, all hesitation gone now.

"Now you're going to rub her pussy like she rubbed your dick.

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Madison, sit down and spread your legs." The little nympho plopped down on her ass quickly, and eagerly opened her legs as wide as they would go. Her plump, hairless lips parted, the thin inner labia visible within the pink cleft. Jared sat between her legs, mesmerized by the sight of the girl's virgin snatch.

"Wow!" he exclaimed. "I didn't know girls had all that stuff down there." "What stuff?" Madison said, sounding peeved. "All those folds and bumps.

It's pretty cool. I like it!" "You better like it if you want to touch it," she informed him. "Easy, girl," I cautioned her. "Give him a break. He's never seen anything like this before. Why don't you show him what's what down there." She bent over, eyes on her cunt. "Here's the lips," she said, making an inverted peace sign and pulling on each side with a finger. "And the little ones are on the inside," she continued, running her pointer finger along each in turn.

Jared stared, engrossed, as if there might be a test on this material later. "That's my vagina," she told him, dipping her finger into the small opening. "Babies come from there. And that's where a girl's period comes from, too." "Do girls really bleed from there?" Jared asked in amazement.

"Does it hurt, like when you get cut?" Madison looked concerned. "I don't know. Does it, Dave?" she asked me. "No, it doesn't hurt, but some girls get some cramps inside when they have a period.

It's not like getting cut or anything. The body is just flushing out the extra blood that forms every month in case a baby is started. If there's no baby, it resets itself to get ready for the next month." "Whoa!" said Jared. "That's pretty crazy." At another mutinous look from Madison, he amended, "But cool, too.

It's really complicated. I'm impressed." Mollified, Madison continued. "This is the pee hole," she said, pointing to the tiny pink dimple above her vaginal opening. "And this is the best part," she said with a grin, pointing at her clit. "This little bump here is what feels the best when you touch it." Jared leaned in even farther, his nose just inches from her spread pink cunny. ""Where?" he asked, mystified. "Under this little hood," she explained, retracting the fold so he could see the stiff little nub underneath.

"Ooooh," he said. "I can see it now. What is it?" "It's called the clitoris, or clit," I told him. "It's like the girl's version of a penis. If you can imagine all the nerves in your penis stayed the same, but it got shrunk down to that size, you can imagine how sensitive it would be.

That's why you have to be very gentle with the clit. Make sure you touch it very lightly, and then let the girl tell you when to rub it harder." "I sometimes rub it in bed at night," Madison confessed.

"It feels really tingly. Once I used an electric toothbrush to touch it when I was spending the night at my friend's house. Her big sister told her you can really make it feel good if you do that, so we tried it. It was amazing! I told my mom I wanted an electric toothbrush for my next birthday." I lost myself for a moment, envisioning her in bed with her friend, caressing that little button with a buzzing appliance and experiencing bliss for the first time. I stroked my johnson a little more, and Madison watched hungrily.

"Does that feel tingly when you do that?" she asked, staring at my oozing prick. I stopped guiltily. I was supposed to be helping the kids, not jerking off in front of them. "Sorry," I said. "You're so pretty I just got carried away. Yes, it feels good when a guy rubs his wiener. Sort of like when you rub your clit.

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It's called masturbating, or playing with yourself." "I like to sit in the tub and run the water from the faucet on my privates sometimes.

That feels really good." Now she was just torturing me. "All right, we're getting sidetracked. Jared, you're supposed to be touching her pussy. Just be really soft with your touch." The boy reached his trembling fingers out and stroked her labia lightly. Madison made a "Mmmmm" sound, and he grew bolder, rubbing up and down her tight gash. She leaned back on her elbows, eyes closed, obviously enjoying the sensation.

He pulled her lips apart, peering inside them and inspecting her inner treasures. Holding her open with one hand, he ran an index finger along the frilly inner labia, then up the moist crack in the middle, making Madison squirm. "Rub my button now, Jared," she commanded. "Press your hand on it and wiggle it side to side." He agreeably shifted his attention to her pink bud, placing the pads of three fingers on the top of her slit and making a circular motion.

"Oooh yes!" she crooned. "Faster!" He complied, and a squishing noise emanated from her nether regions as his fingers massaged her sensitive node frantically. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Madison grunted in time with his rubbing, her body writhing in ecstasy. Jared's tongue was out, and his eyes were huge as he stared at her spread pink pussy and watched his fingers bury themselves in her soft flesh.

"Now it's time for the last way to get a girl ready," I said softly, still stroking my boner. I was just as engrossed in Madison's virgin cunny as Jared was. "What is it?" Jared asked eagerly.

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He was definitely in to this, now. "First, try to push your finger into her vagina," I said.

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"Go slow, and don't hurt her." Holding her lips open again, he carefully placed his finger at the entrance to her tight tunnel. With a gentle push, he inserted the tip, but met resistance. Madison grimaced slightly, and I had him stop.

"That's what I thought," I told them. "Madison, you're a little young for this, and you haven't started lubricating yet." "What does that mean?" she said with a frown. "After you start puberty, when you get sexually excited your vagina will get wet and slippery so sex is easier. But right now that's not happening, so it's hard for something to slide inside you. We have to get it wet another way." "How?" Jared asked.

"We are going to use saliva," I explained. "You want me to spit on her?" he asked, making a face. "No, he wants you to lick me," said Madison with a grin. Yeah, you know about that, you little minx, I thought. You already managed to get me to do that to you once. "Lick her!?" Jared exclaimed incredulously.

"But that's where her pee comes out!" "She's not peeing now," I told him. "Get used to it; girls love for guys to lick them, and as you get older you'll like it more and more." "I don't know," he said doubtfully. "Show him how, Dave," Madison said helpfully. She gave me a knowing look. "I know you know how to do it." "I don't think so, honey," I said, albeit a little reluctantly. "That's a job for someone your own age. Go ahead, Jared. I promise you'll like it." He approached her with trepidation, sniffing her experimentally as he got close to her spread cunt.

Hesitantly he touched his tongue to her cunny, and when she didn't spray him with piss he relaxed a little. He took a taste, smacking his lips as he experienced the unfamiliar flavor.

I guess it was acceptable, since he commenced licking her steadily, looking like a cat at a saucer of milk. Madison was in heaven, twitching and jumping as his tongue worked her hole, and moaning noises erupted steadily from her. Her hands flailed aimlessly, until one knocked into my turgid cock. She quickly latched on to it, grabbing the flesh pole like a drowning swimmer grabbing a life preserver. Her little hand positively flew up and down my shaft and she jerked me for all she was worth.

I just let it happen, enjoying the moment. Jared's head was buried in her crotch, her other hand in his hair. She was whipping her head back and forth while stroking my dick frantically. I let it go on as long as I dared without blowing a load, then stopped them. "OK, I think it's time. You still want to try having sex?" "Yes!" they answered in unison, both looking at me with wild eyes. "We're going to start in the usual position, not the way those two were doing it." I gestured at the beach.

"Madison, you lie back, and Jared, you get between her legs. " They positioned themselves eagerly, Jared's little boner aimed at his young girlfriend's slot.

"Hold your weight on your hands or elbows so you don't squash her," I cautioned him. "Now put your penis up against her vagina." He did so, shaking so violently his dick was bobbing around crazily. "Settle down, boy! Take a breath, then slowly push it into her. Madison, you say something if it hurts too much." I watched as the 4 inch stiffy slowly slid into Madison's tight hole.

She flinched a little, but didn't seem to have any pain. Honestly, his cock was so small I wasn't surprised she had no trouble taking it, especially after how wet we had gotten her. When he was hilted, he let out a sigh and said, "That feels amazing!" "Are you OK, Maddie?" I asked with concern.

"It pinches a little," she answered, "but it's not bad. I like it." "Now just slide it in and out of her, Jared. Your body will know what to do." His small buttocks began thrusting in and out, driving his peter into the girl slowly.

He built up a rhythm gradually, moving faster as the sensations overtook him. "Ooooh!" Madison groaned. "That feels really good. Keep going, Jared!" Her words spurred him on, and his pounding grew more aggressive. The girl wrapped her arms around him, hugging him to her tightly. Her legs instinctively raised into the air, opening herself wider. He was panting now, his ass clenching and unclenching as he pistoned into her cunt wildly.

The kid was a natural! Soon Madison's legs wrapped around Jared's back, pulling him into her even more. The sight of these two kids fucking, so obviously enjoying themselves without any thoughts but pleasuring each other, was somehow touching, even while being insanely erotic. After a few more frantic pumps, Jared subsided, gasping for breath.

I guessed his adrenaline level had been so high, he had worn himself out prematurely. "Easy kid, take a minute and catch your breath," I told him. "In fact, why don't you lie on your back and let Madison take over." She liked that idea, and quickly scrambled on top of him as he rolled over.

She positioned her pussy over his straining woody, and slowly sank down onto it with a sigh. "Start rocking on him, Madison, sliding your pussy up and down his dick slowly. Make sure you don't pop it out of you and then squash it; you could hurt him." The young hottie began grinding her cunt on her lover's small prick, her tiny tits jiggling in time to her motions. "Oh yeah!" she exulted. "This feels even better." Her bouncing became more pronounced, and she closed her eyes as she got serious about fucking the boy.

Grunting noises began erupting from her as she pounded herself down on him mercilessly. "I'm getting tingly!" she hollered out to no one in particular. You go, girl! I thought. Some women never get all tingly, and here you are at 10 trying to orgasm! Jared's eyes were just about rolled back into his head at this point, and his mouth hung open as he lay there in a blissed-out stupor.

Suddenly, as Madison appeared to reach a climax and began writhing wildly on top of him, his eyes flew open and he began yelping. "Oh! Oh! Oh! What's happening? Oh my god, I feel like I'm going to explode!" He started to twitch spasmodically, even as Madison wound down and collapsed on top of him. In a moment, he had settled down again, but remained tense and wide-eyed. "Dave! Something happened to me!

I think something went wrong, but it felt so good!" He looked to be in a state of panic. "Madison, roll off him so I can see what's wrong." She did, now looking at Jared with concern. "Are you OK? Did I hurt you?" "I don't know. I don't think so. I felt like I got an electric shock in my penis or something. It went through my whole body!" He was looking at himself, making sure the appendage in question wasn't a smoking, charred wreck.

I smiled, realizing what had happened. "Jared, you just had your first orgasm." "What's that?" he asked wildly. "Is that bad?" "No. That's the feeling that makes people want to have sex. It's OK. Nothing's wrong with you." "But it was so strong!" he said in amazement.

He thought for a moment. "Does that mean I can make a baby now?" The concept seemed to sober him. "No, you didn't ejaculate. I think it's going to be a couple of years yet. But you might get that feeling sometimes when you rub yourself.

Or when someone does it for you." I nodded knowingly at Madison. "Or when we have sex again," she said brightly. "You mean you want to do it again with me?" Jared said, a hopeful note in his voice.

"Well, yeah! You're my boyfriend now. You have to give me sex when I want it." Oh, shit! I thought. You've got a tiger by the tail now, boy. He didn't seem to mind, though, and looked at me all starry-eyed. "Thanks, Dave!" he said fervently. "This is the best day of my life!" To be continued.