Dana vespoli gets plowed in various positions

Dana vespoli gets plowed in various positions
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this my frist story let me know what u think Niki typed a few last quick words onto her computer keyboard before she leaned herself back on her round backed chair. Staring at the ceiling as she yawned, her hands outstreched above her head as she arched herself a bit. Interlocking her fingers as she brought them back over her head and into her lap as she watched the ceiling for a moment contemplating the day to come. In just twenty four hours Mike was due to arrive at the airport, and she was nervous.

Standing up and tipping her head side to side trying to losen her tight muscles as she walked from her room down the hall removing her shirt as she did. She scratched the back of her head under her hairline and sighed as she walked into the bathroom. There was no worry about her being walked in on, her family was out for the night. Humming softly to the tune that was playing back in her room as she slid of her jeans to her ankles and stepping out of them.

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She closed the bathroom blinds, as she usualy forgot to do before she got undressed and then went to turn the hot water on. It hissed with the heat and steam fell like a carpet over the floor and over her bare feet, warming them.

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Her hands unclasp her bra with the female expertise and just tossed it to the side and with one hand pulled the side of her panties down and let them fall just like the jeans.

Stepping past the glass door and slid it shut behind her as she stood under the torrent of water. Leanning her back against the side as the water hit her upper chest and ran down her body she closed her eyes, once again trying to relax herself a bit. She knew he'd be trouble for her, in more then one way. Letting out a little sigh from her pale pink lips, imagening all the things he said he'd do. Her lips tugged into a grin at the thought of her calling him master, she was in every way inclinced to dissapoint him.

But the thoughts flash through her head again, arousing her a bit. Her eyes slipped open halfway looking out the steam coated glass door. no one was home anyway. Smiling she let her hand across her stomach, watching the water spash off her fingers as she traced the sides of her adominals. Her fingers find their way down to a soft patch of hair between her legs and one slips through it and rubs gently against her clit.

Her eyes close again as another sigh excapes. Her finger presses a little harder against the sensitive spot, but still with the intent just to tease. Her eyes open wide as she takes her hand away and moves her head under the shower head letting it soak her completly. Her hands gropped blindly for the handles to turn of the water then she twisted the both of them.

The water suddenly stopped and she shook her head vigeriously, spraying water everywhere. Pushing open the door she stepped onto the rug, dripping wet.

She took the blue towel on the rank next to her and rubbed it against her body, catching the water and leaving her skin just warm and fresh. After doing a satisfying job drying herself off she wrapped it around her body and got another for placing across her shoulders and under her hair and wrapping it ontop of her head to dry her long strands of redish brown hair.

Opening the bathroom door a cascade of steam followed her out as she walked back to her bedroom, intent on finishing what she was doing in the shower after perhaps reading a story or two.

She walked into her room, eyes closed and rubbing the towel over her wet hair as she usualy does. As she flops down on the comfortable computer chair and swings her head back again as she is accustomed to do. Her eyes slide open onto to lock on her computer screen which had a photo of a young attractive girl tied down with black bonds to her wrists a man standing over her with a whip.

She blinks a couple of times, unable to comprehend why the picture was there. Before she could let out a gasp in surprise a warm hand covered her mouth. A hand on the side of her chair turned her around as she stared up with shocked wide eyes to the person holding her quiet, Mike.

Her eyes didn't leave his bold hazel ones as he pulled his hand away from her. Instantly she shouted "MIKE! Wha-" His hand covered hers again with a soft tisking sound from his tounge.

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"No no no. You will call me Master, not Mike." His hand pulled away only slightly, brushing the slightly callased pad of his thumb over her lower lip.


Smiling brightly, having this been exactly what she thought he'd be like back only a few minutes ago she let her tounge peek out from between her lips and nudge the top of his thumb before sticking it out mockenly at him.

His hands dashing to her shoulders pushing her back against her chair as he pushed his lips against hers. Tense for the first few seconds she relaxed even as his weight was upon her. His kiss was soft, but forceful at the same time, and if it hadn't been sitting she may of swooned. Smoothly his hands slid from her shoulders down around her torso and under her ass to pick me up. His lips didn't leave hers as he lifted her and pressed her body against him as he then dropped the two of them onto the bed just beside her computer desk.

He landed on his knees between her legs and his hands once again shifted with speed back to her shoulders, pinning her down. She gasped softly as her back it the soft blankets and forced down upon them. Shifting her shoulders a bit she could tell quickly she was down. He lowered his head to her ear and whispered in a husky voice, accent strong as ever, "Your choice for me to keep going or do you want me to leave you already, Niki?" She laughed softly, the tension breaking and now feeling the arousal from earlier creeping up on her but it's only increasing.

Rubbing her cheek softly against his own, for the first time taking in for forign spicey scent of his skin. "Oh? I thought you said you were going to make me say something first." Niki felt his hot breath against her neck as he was still for a moment, but before she knew it he had moved his legs from between her own and pulled her up into his lap so her stomach was across his legs and his hand slapped her ass; hard.

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Caught by surprise, yet again, she let out a little yelp. She held herslf up with her hands to look back at him as he spoke again, this time his voice was a little louder, but still had the same coo'ing affect as his whisper. "Oh, I will. First a little punishment." Next thing Niki knew was another hard contact between his palm and her soft round ass hit her.

This time she had bitten her lower lip and her fingers curled into the blankets a bit, she wasn't wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing her yelps and cries. Again and again he slapped her ass until her fingers dug like mad into the blankets under them.

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Her eyes were squeezed shut throughout them but then she opened one partway as she expected yet another. A moment of stillness and she cried out as a delayed spank of his, hardest yet, hit target. He slid his free hand under Nikis stomach and rolled her off of her lap and onto her side whth a soft sound of indiference from her, huffing up at him, her cheeks flushed a light pink.

A much lighter tone then her ass. "Sit on your sore ass, my pet." Mike growled out softly in a very commanding tone. She just hissed at him mockenly as she continued to lay comfortabley infront of him on her side. Two hands grab her and pull her up so she was sitting on her ass and his lips force themselves against her own.

Her ass tingled in pain under her but she did not grimace. Instead she shifted her legs under her in such a way her ass lifted off the ground just slightly. He caught on and pulled her legs from under her plopping her back flat on her ass. She couldn't help but squirm slightly at the impact. "Thats only a start of the fun, my sweet kitty.

First we got to get you dressed." She blinked a couple of times, after all, she did have her clothes on. But he quickly releaved her of the material constraints. Her shirt came off first and easily and she was grateful when he playfully pushed her down onto her back so she would lift up her hips for him to be able to take of her pants easier. She blushed a bit, laying there in her simple black undergarmets. "Kitty slaves don't wear clothes and they don't talk unless it is to say Master." Little flashs of silver sitching appear as her panties were puled off with one hand and the other pulling her back up into a sitting position.

She winced slightly, hiding it as she sat straight backed on her ass and he reached around her back and unclasps her bra with expert fingers. A blush rushed over her cheeks as he pulled it away and she sat there naked on her red ass infront of him, trying to keep a straight face. She tipped to the side away from him with a playfull his as he pulled out a collar from behind him. He quickly got the collar around her neck even though she moved away and fastened it.

She looked up at him with a quiet mew sound, her right hand raising to tug at it but Mike slapped it away. "I'm not gunna call you Master." She spoke with defiance and was returned with a sting across her breasts as he slapped his hand across them. "Hush, your not dressed yet. Now for your tail." Niki squirmed slightly as he pushed her over and turned her so she laid flat on her stomach. His fingers traced down her spine lightly, sending her nerves tingeling and completly sidetracking her from wiggeling away as he pushed the orange kitty tail plug in her ass.

She mewled loudly and then got up on her hands and knees and went to the corrner of the bed away from him, sitting on the heels of her feet so she still wasn't sitting on her bum and she stuck her tounge out at him.

She had her arms folder under her breasts, only making them seem a bit larger and a pout on her lips as her hair covered part of her face, and her blushing cheeks, and the tail curling behind her. Mike leaned over, smiling as he wrapped his fingers on her forearm and tugged her back and sat her infront of him.

Gently he ran a finger against the contours of her face. "Thats a good kitty, now you are not allowed to touch yourself. You are a kitty until you call me Master, understand?" Pout still on her face she meowed her understanding.

"Thats a good kitty, you can get a treat." She found herself being pulled up into his crossed leg lab and his lips against her neck, working their way down. Her eyes closed and a soft purr came from her as his warm lips trailed across her nipples and he took one into his mouth to nip on it softly and suck on it as his other hand found the other side and gently rolled it inbetween his fingers.

He pulled away letting a soft blow of cool air from his mouth blow onto her and her wet nipple stiffened even more and she mewed quietly in responce.

"See. Kitty likes her treats when she's a good girl." Her eyes opened and looked up at him and rolled out of his lap, she didn't want him to realise just how arousing this was to her. Though she sat on the corrner of the bed and then slid off to stand on the floor.

Before she knew it he had one arm strongly around her stomach and pulled her back onto the bed and he growled down at her as he forced her over on her stomach again to smack her tender ass again. "No, you will only walk on all fours, bad kitty!" He spoke while his hand hit her ass a couple more times, "Be a good kitty." Mike then walked over to the computer chair that he surprised her in and sat downm grinning at her and then patted his lap as a 'come here' sign.

She blinked, looking over there and giggled, just to spite him and his distance she slipped her hand between her own legs and rubbed her clit, purring as she did and not taking her eyes of of the cute man across from her. He got up quickly and swipped his hand across her breasts again, slapping them. "I will not alow you to cum, kitty. Your mine and you will call me Master before you may cum." He pulled a leash from his pocket and quickly attached it to the front of Nikis collar with a tug and a whine from her.

He pulled her head close and he leaned his own down to whisper into her ear, " Can't have you trying to get dressed or something.

And remmeber kitty, your parents won't be gone forever." She whimpered softly, looking up at him and parted her lips to talk but he responded with a sharp glare, warning her not to. Instead she just scuffled herself over to where he had sat himself back down on the computer chair and curled up into a ball on his lap.

Mike smiled down at the girl in his lap, running a hand over her body caressing it. One of his hands trailing over the upper body, the other sliding between her legs and feeling for himself how wet she was.

Letting his fingers rub against her just on the outside, barely letting his fingers dip into her as his other one held her close and his lips came down around her nipples again, brushing his tounge over them.

She mewled as she felt his fingers push inside her slowly, and couldn't help but shudder a bit as he brushed against all the right spots inside of her without much trouble.

She whimpered as he pulled them away to tease her clit with his wet fingers and she nuzzled against his shoulder, feeling the need for release. "kitty, you've been doing good, time for a treat." She was lifted up in his arms with ease and he dropped her on the bed, placing himself between her legs. Holding the leash in one hand still he comfortabley positions himself, grinning and looking at her pussy before he kisses up her inner theigh and then worked his way up to her pussy and lightly kissed it.

Teasin a bit before he started playing around with his tounge. She started to purr happily, having a real liking to this kind of attention and she bucked her hips with a mewl as he started playing with her tail plug. It didn't take long before she felt her lower half start to tingle in the way it tends to when she's close to cumming and she moaned happily. He kept his pace slow and deliberate to not have her cum, rubbing his tounge along her slit then dipping it inside of her before pulling back out and teasing her again.

and then as he brushed his tounge against her clit purposely and then sucked on the sensitive spot lightly she moaned again but it was ended by a loud yelp as his hand slapped the side of her ass, shocking her out of the orgasm she was just on the verge of having. Mike just smirked, licking his lips as he looked up at her and then slid off the bed to sit back on the chair.

He stared for a seconed before he diverted his attention to something else completly. She let out a groan, her body aching dully and glaring at him. Knowing very well what he was planning, but she mewled loudly in discontent and curled up into a ball. The arm she laid on carefully placed so he couldn't see moved between her legs. Her back to him she hoped for the best to keep quiet as she used her fingers slyly to stimulate herself.

She bit her lip as she slipped two fingers into her very wet pussy and slid them in and out, the teasing got her body so sensitive. Even with her teeth biting down on her lower lip she couldn't help herself from groaning quietly.

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Tensing up as she heard him move and she closed her eyes tightly, she was caught. Mike rolled her over and she quickly tried to play innocentm whiping her fingers on the covers and pouting up at him but it didn't fool him. He lend down and brushed his tounge gently over her nipple before biting it sharply, making her cry out. "No, no no. Thats a bad kitty. Now behave." Niki pouted, sticking her lower lip out and whining softly, curling up and nuzzeling against his leg as soon as he sat down on the bed next to her, mewling with lust.

"You want a treat again, don't you?" She mewed loudly, nuzzeling even more and then looking up at him with wide hazel eyes, her cheeks glowing pink. Mike smiled down at her and ran his fingers through her hair, whispering softly "Good kitty, but the only way you can cum is if you beg for it." Whimpering softly as he once again slides himself down her body, kissing between her breasts and then down over her tummy until he hits between her legs again.

Almost on first touch her hips buckle and she purrs as his tounge returns to it's previous licking and taunting more focused on her clit as he slipped a finger into her pussy and his other hand was pulling and twisting the tail a bit.

Catching her tounge twice before speaking anything, but it was hard to even think straight with all three things going on and her body tingeling as it was. Her eyes were shut tight and she could of sworn she saw stars behind them, expessaily when his fingers rubbed up against her G-spot.

Each time they did her hips bucked again and she whimpered loudly which only made him rub with his finger in that spot more and a little faster. His lips sucked gently on her clit again and she let out a cry, and then he stopped.

Slowly opening her eyes she looked down at him and he was taking off his own pants making it obvious what he wanted as he held his hard cock in his hand. "You know what to say and you will get this." She whined, looking up at him and shifting her body trying to find a way to calm herself but with no advail. He stopped her squirming by laying over top of her, his hands just above her shoulders and the tip of his cock brushing over her clit lightly.


Her breathing deep and ragged, catching his gaze with her own she spoke before she thought of what she was saying. "Fuck me, Master! Please make me cum!!" Mike just smiled in satisfaction, sliding his cock down a bit and pushing it in just so the tip of his head is inside before he pulls out, rubs it against her clit brieftly and then pushed in again just a little bit further.

"Please. Master. I want you. Now." Almost instantly he had plunged himself as deep as he could get inside of her, his hips hitting hers and she cried out. Her arms flung themselves around him as he pulled out and then burried himself deep again quick and hard. It only took two thrusts for her to cum the first time, her body shaking under him but he just fucked her harder.

Her hips tried to match his with his thrusts but she ended up being more pinned under the roughness unable to keep her squirming body to keep up with him.

Biting down on his shoulder just to keep herself from crying out again in extasy as she came twice more before he did. Her head laid back, panting as Mike laided ontop of her, his hands grasping her shoulders gently, his own breathing harsh and against her forehead. He lightly kissed there and then her lips before he pulled out of her with his still semi hard cock. She whimpered as she did, feeling suddenly empty and blushed a bit as she relised the blankets under her were rather damp.

He laid down next to her, grinning and wrapping an arm under her to pull her close.

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His mood went from dominating to gentle as he held her "See, kitty. not hard to call me Master." She shook her head and kissed his lips softly. "Liar, I didn't call you Master, you must be hearing things."