Busty ginger sub assfucked while gagging

Busty ginger sub assfucked while gagging
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I'm a single father of a teenage daughter, Gabrielle, whom I've been the sole caretaker for since her mother died far too young. I'll admit I work very odd hours and haven't been there as much as I'd like for Gabby as she entered adolescence. A bit about us: I'm 38, 6-foot-5, 230 pounds. Solid, but not overly muscled, from swimming and biking. I'm a professional man (I won't tell what profession) who's worked very hard to provide for my only daughter, which includes a very long spate of forced abstinence, which has allowed me to devote as much time as possible to my baby girl.

Gabby is a quite striking girl, about 5-foot-5, perhaps 100 pounds soaking wet, with small, A-Cup breasts (I do the laundry and I buy her clothes), slim hips and a delicious round teenage ass. She has reddish-brown hair she wears straight, cut just below her shoulders, usually in a single pony tail coming off the middle of her head. Gabby has a best friend from school, Ashley, who's almost her exact opposite in every way.

Where Gabby is outgoing almost to the point of being boisterous, Ashley is very blond and very quiet, almost shy and unassuming. She defers to Gabby in almost everything. Ashley is cute, shorter than Gabby at about 5-foot-3, but weighing about the same as my baby.

She is by no stretch of the imagination over weight, though, with larger breasts and a slightly wider hips and ass which look amazing on her. Gabby and Ashley spend every day together after school at our house, doing their homework, watching television and doing everything they can to support the local grocer by emptying the fridge and pantry of all the junk food I can stock them with.

At least, until the other day, that's what I thought they were doing. An early day at work showed me they were doing much more. We closed up shop in my department early on a recent Friday, having successfully completed a project we'd been working on for weeks. I stopped off, grabbed a couple of pizzas and movies I knew the girls would enjoy, and arrived home shortly after the time they were due home from school to surprise them.

I entered the house and all was quiet. I figured the girls had stopped somewhere on the way with their friends, a common occurrence. I dropped the pizzas off in the kitchen and headed to my bedroom to change our of my work attire. I was down to t-shirt and boxers when I heard a feminine groan coming down the hall from the direction of Gabby's bedroom. My ears perked up and I paused to listen.

To my shock and surprise, the groan was replaced by Ashley's voice, moaning. "Oh, God, no!" Ashley cried. "What are you doing?

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Stop! I can't take it any more! Please, untie me!" Crap!

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I thought, a red haze of anger crossing my vision. Someone is assaulting the girls in my home! All other thoughts forgotten, I grabbed the hard-wood baseball bat I kept beside my bed, for home protection.

Keeping as quiet as possible, but moving as quickly as I could, I made my way out of the bedroom and down the hall. I was fully ready to beat the living crap out of whom ever was violating my home and my daughter and her friend. I paused outside the open door and peeked around the casing, hoping to get a lay of the land and learn how many people were inside and where they were.

The sight that greeted my now-confused eyes was definitely not what I expected. There were only two people in the room my baby girl and her best friend. Ashley, as I'd already gathered, was tied naked to the bed, her arms stretched over her head with her hands through the slats of the headboard and held in place by a pair of handcuffs.

Her pale, perfectly-round breasts stood proud on her chest, highlighted by the contrast with her well-tanned shoulders and stomach. Light pink nipples were rock hard and pointed directly at the ceiling. What really knocked me for a loop was Gabby: My beautiful daughter was knelt between her best friend's splayed thighs, wearing only the briefest pair of pure white knickers, her perfectly-round ass pointed directly at the door.

Her hands were on either of Ashley's legs, holding them open, and Gabby's face more accurately, her mouth was pressed tightly into her blond friend's young snatch. The flush of anger which had carried me, armed, to the door of my daughter's bedroom suddenly fled, to be replace with an equally strong flush of arousal. I was frozen in place, watching the carnal acts before me, suddenly realizing my cock had gone from flaccid to fully erect without my knowledge and I was stroking myself through my now-tight cotton boxers.

Ashley continued moaning and groaning and I watched as one of Gabby's hands crept now between her thighs to cup her own pussy over the clearly-wet gusset of her panty. For the first time, I noticed a few stray, red hairs peeking out from the sides of the minuscule garment.

Hm, I thought. Gabby doesn't shave her pussy. Almost on autopilot, I leaned the bat against the door frame and stripped off my boxers. Before I knew consciously what I was doing, I was entering my daughter's bedroom, rock-hard cock leading the way.

Ashley's eyes were closed, and Gabby was otherwise occupied, as I moved into place with the head of my shaft just inches from my little girl's mostly-naked ass.

Anything resembling rational thought was gone from my brain and hormones had taken over. I reached out with my left hand and gently caressed the delicate curve of Gabby's upturned ass. She jumped, her head turning to look over her shoulder, her eyes growing wide in a mix of shock and disbelief as she realized it was her own daddy with his hand on her ass.

The realization she'd been caught, deep in a sexual act with her best friend, showed clearly in her gaze. "Daddy!" she exclaimed. "What …?" Ashley's eyes shot open and she took in the scene before her. But, bound as she was, she couldn't do anything. Gabby her face wet, her lips coated in the vaginal secretions of her best friend looked at me.

"Quiet, baby," I said, my hand still on her smooth, round ass, gently caressing her flesh. "It's alright." "Daddy," Gabby said, her voice now quiet. "You're, um, you're touching my butt." "I know, baby," I said.

"And you're eating Ashley's pussy." Both girls moaned at my crude comment. Gabby pushed her hips back involuntarily and pressed her ass cheek tighter into my hand.

She seemed to suddenly realize I wasn't wearing any pants and my rock-hard cock was pointed directly at her most special place.

"Daddy, you're naked," Gabby moaned. "You're … you're touching yourself! Oh, God, your thingy is so big and hard!" "Let me see!" Ashley exclaimed, struggling to look around Gabby's body. "Let me see it!" "All in good time, baby," I said. "You'll get to see it and more." I removed my hand from my cock, hooked my fingers in the waistband of Gabby's panties, and slid them over her ass and down her legs.

I stopped with them just above her knees, spread her thighs as far as they would go, and stepped closer behind her until just the tip was against her glistening, dripping snatch. "Gabby, this is important," I said as I rubbed the tip between the lips of her youthful vagina, eliciting a deep moan from her lips.

"Have you ever …?" "Oh, no, daddy," she gasped. "Nobody has ever touched me … there. Nobody but Ashley." "But you do … like guys, right?" I moaned as the tip of my cock teased her clitoris, spreading the moisture from her depths around the head and over the delicate nubbin.

"Mmmm," Gabby moaned. "Don't know. Never had one before." "Let's find out," I said as I centered my cock at her virginal passage. "Shall we?" "Oh, God, yes, daddy!" she groaned as I increased the pressure of my cock against her pussy. "Let's … shit! … let's find out! Please, fuck me, daddy!" "I'm sorry, but this may hurt at first, baby," I said. "Don't care!" Gabby said, her eyes locked on mine. "Do it!" I felt her tiny vaginal opening resist as I pressed forward.

Gabby let out a loud groan as the ring of muscle relaxed and the fat head of my cock slipped slowly inside. "God, you should see her face," Ashley said. "I swear her eyes like rolled completely back in her head." "Oh, fuck!" Gabby moaned. "God, you're tearing me apart!" I paused, giving my little girl time to adjust to the new sensations she was experiencing. I looked down at where we were joined.

The lightly-furred lips of her pussy shown pale through the fine dusting of hair, stretched virtually to the limit, tightly hugging the shaft of my cock. "This is the part that may hurt, baby," I said. "I have to take your cherry. Do you want me to?" "Yeeesss," Gabby hissed. "Take it." I gripped her hips and pressed forward, slow and steady, as I felt her hymen stretch and tear around the head of my cock.

Gabby let out one, "Oh!" as I popped through her virginity. I stopped again and held myself steady as I felt her pussy clench and release around the first third of my shaft. "Oh, God!" my little Gabby moaned.

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"Yeah, baby," I groaned back. "Oh, God is right! You feel so hot inside." "Do me, daddy," she said, after a moment, her head falling forward to rest on her girlfriend's tummy. "Hey," Ashley moaned. "What about me!" We'd forgotten the tiny, bound blond-haired teen.

I looked at her as I drove fully into my daughter's clenching snatch. Ashley's eyes were glazed with her arousal, her nipples hard as diamond, unattended. "Somebody, do me, too!" the little blond groaned as she thrust her hips up at my daughter. "Please! God, I'm so hot!" Gabby laughed, as I pulled back until just the head of my cock remained inside her, her chuckles turning to moans of mixed pain and pleasure as I drove back inside.

I pulled Gabby's wrists behind her back, crossed her arms, and gripped her wrists in one hand. I wrapped the other hand in her hair and pushed her face, gently but firmly, into her girlfriend's dripping pussy. "Lick her, baby," I said.

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"Make your little friend feel as good as you do right now." I quickly established a firm, steady rhythm, driving my cock in and out of my daughter's wet, clenching snatch.

Gabby moaned, deep in her throat, which forced a sympathetic groan from Ashley in turn. "Will you fuck me, too, Mr. B?" Ashley asked as she looked deep into my eyes, the lust in her orbs almost tearing my heart out. "Please, mister … daddy.


Please, would you take my cherry, too?" I ran my hand up the bound blond's leg to where my daughter's tongue was lashing her dripping core. I slowly worked a thumb into her depths.

I was slightly surprised to find that she, too, still possessed her virgin barrier. Ashley moaned as I swirled my thumb around, feeling the tiny opening in that thin slip of flesh, collecting her wildly-flowing juices on the tip. The girl moaned as I teased her, then groaned as I slipped my hand from between her legs and pressed my thumb against Gabby's tiny, puckered ass.

"That's … that's my butt hole, daddy!" Gabby moaned. "Why are you touching my butt hole, daddy?" I didn't answer. Instead, I spit on her tiny hole and used the mixture of my saliva and Ashley's juices to penetrate her tight sphincter. Gabby moaned, even louder, as I buried my digit to the first knuckle. "God, why are you putting your thumb in my butt hole, daddy?" my little girl groaned. "Does it feel good, baby?" I asked as I stroked my cock in and out of her snatch.

"Um, yeah, I guess," she said, before she returned her lips to Ashley's little snatch. For the next several moments, the only sounds in the room were Gabby slurping and sucking Ashley's pussy, Ashley's moans and groans, and the steady slap, slap, slap of my thighs against my daughter's upturned ass. Suddenly, Ashley let out a loud cry as her back arched and she quite obviously came on her girlfriend's busy tongue.

The small blond's orgasm racked her body, which in turn seemed to set Gabby off, her internal muscles locking in a death-grip around my rampant, twitching shaft. With a cry I'm sure shook dust from the rafters and frightened birds in the trees outside, every muscle in my body locked as I felt my cum rocket up the shaft of my cock to explode into my daughter's spasming sheath.


Time stopped as we came together for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, Ashley relaxed, her delicious little tits rising and falling as she struggled to catch her breath from what she later said was the biggest cum of her young life. Gabby just wilted. With a sigh, she collapsed forward, my softening cock slipping from her pussy followed by a massive flow of our combined juices, tinged pink by her virginal blood.

She came to rest, eyes closed, chest heaving, on her right side between her sweating, bound girlfriend. As for me, I lowered myself as carefully as I could on the other side of Ashley, to avoid crushing both girls beneath my weight. We lie there together, silent save the sounds of our breathing, for several moments until Gabby suddenly started to laugh. I leaned up and looked at her over Ashley's body. "Oh, my God!" by little girl said. "That was so much fun! Let's do that again!" "Yeah," Ashley said, her voice still breathy with arousal.

"But this time, I get to get fucked!" I collapsed on my back with a groan as the girls started making out beside me. Gabby reached for the bed-side table, grabbed a key to the handcuffs, and released Ashley's hands.

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To our surprise, Ashley immediately wrestled Gabby onto her back on the bed and secured my daughter's hands. "Now, daddy," Ashley said with a big grin as she straddled my waist and ground her dripping, blond snatch against my cock.

"It's my turn." "You girls are going to kill me," I moaned as I reached up and cupped her tits.