Son forced fuck hot mom

Son forced fuck hot mom
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WHUMP! I cursed quietly to myself as my head bounced off the window, jarring me awake. I looked around and remembered that I was in the van on the way to some lame-ass choir clinic with nine other kids selected from our high school chorus. Mr Meyers, our choir director (and the shitty driver of this van) took pride in always being able to boast about the large numbers of his choir members that always got accepted to these "invite-only" events.

Like I gave a fuck! But the old man practically begged me to take this trip on this last chance; my senior year. And I kind of owed it to him. He had never given up on me, even when I blatantly disrespected him in front of his choir. Now I was a vocal lead in my high school's choir and musicals. I even had several scholarship offers to some various performing arts colleges. So I gave the old man what he wanted, for old time's sake.

I had dropped into the rear-most seat in the van as soon as it pulled up. This way, I didn't have to worry about Mr Meyer's lectures or getting sucked into a conversation with the seat behind me. This was the best of both worlds. I was even starting to believe that I might get the seat to myself.

But no. I had forgotten about the new girl, Tori. She was the last one to climb onto the bus and looked around briefly before coming straight to the back and asking me if the seat next to me was taken. It would've been pointless to lie, so I just stood up to give her room to get to her seat.


"Thanks" she said, simply. I'm pretty sure she picked the seat with the least talkative occupant on purpose. Tori was a junior who had recently moved to this dump in the middle of Ohio from good ol' Los Angeles County.

A true Valley Girl, she didn't know how to react when her winter clothes from Cali didn't do a damn thing to keep her warm in this climate. She had learned this the hard way on her first day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ She had dressed as she usually would for school.


In California, nothing would've been wrong with her outfit. In fact, I thought it was damn sexy! It's just that by the time she had gotten from her car to the front door, the cold had screwed her nipples up so that they looked like pencil erasers. How did I know this? Because the poor girl didn't have a bra on. I imagine this would be pretty logical in California. I mean, I wouldn't want to walk around all day with my tits sweating through my shirt, either.

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Plus, she had some beautiful breasts. Either large C's or small D's, they looked unbelievable on her 5'3" frame. I would bet she weighs no more than 130 pounds. However, he weight is distributed well enough to make any man drool.

Her skin was still slightly sun-tanned and contrasted nicely with her naturally blonde hair. She was gorgeous.

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So of course the country-ass skanks at my high-school felt threatened. The first thing they noticed about the girl was her lack of an undergarment. I could hear the whispers of "Whore" from ten feet away.

I was leading Tori by about ten feet at this point. So I shrugged out of my leather jacket, turned around, and offered it to her. The look of gratitude on her face was thanks enough, and I walked her to the office to get her schedule. This way she didn't have to be bothered by the judgmental looks and sarcastic comments. The whole school was afraid of me, and I kind of preferred it that way. You see, I'm mixed; half black and half white.

Society seems to think that any black equals all black, so who am I to argue? I showed up to my first day of school here in some baggy-assed sweats and a loose fitting red Nike hoodie.

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My high-top Adidas matched the color of the hoodie perfectly. I had picked up the toothpick habit from my father, so a toothpick dangled from the corner of my mouth. I'm not the biggest guy, I'm only 5'8" weighing in at 140 pounds. But, man, I terrified these poor muthafuckers!

In my second week there, the incident took place that would seal my social status at this school for the remainder of my high-school career. Ricky Clarkson, the star senior line-backer for the football team, decided that he and I had a problem. "Why you have to act like such a nigger all the time, CJ?" He asked in that drawling accent that I can't stand.

I must have looked pissed, because he followed up his first question with "What? Did I anger you, brutha? You lookin' to start a fi…" That's when I punched him. I don't think he was expecting me to be as fast as I was, but he was out before he hit the floor. I locked eyes with everyone in the circle that had formed around us.

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I'll give em' this much, they learn fast. When the teacher came by later that day to ask what happened, no one had seen a damn thing! That's probably why I felt for her, since I had undergone the same process. I could already see that she was doomed to be an outsider here, too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Come to find out, Tori was a damn good singer!

So that's how we ended up on this van together, now you're all caught up. Now that I had been so violently awakened, I could tell that I wasn't gonna get back to sleep anytime soon. I slipped my phone out of my pocket to check the time. 2:17…AM. Fuck my life.

By my guess, we still have about four more hours before we get to the hotel. Just great. As my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, something moves in the seat beside me. Tori. She's curled up into this tiny ball beneath her Hello Kitty blanket. Then I saw something that shocked me In her attempt to stay warm, she had been tossing and turning under her thin blanket.

Somehow, amidst her constant movement, her shorts had slid down to their current resting place; her toned and tanned thighs.

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Then I noticed something even more amazing…she wasn't wearing any underwear! My mouth began to water. She must've suntanned naked back home, for there wasn't an inch of pale skin anywhere on her. The only thing that broke up the luscious bronzed skin? The pink of her exposed pussy. My dick instantly began to harden. In my lust-filled 18 year old mind, all common sense instantly vanished.

I had to take advantage of this opportunity. After glancing around to make sure everyone was still asleep, I moved in closer. She remained fast asleep. I managed to move her to the outside edge of the seat with her body facing mine.

Reaching down with my right hand, I gently slid her shorts off and then lifted her left leg over my waist. Lining up my dick with her openingI gently pushed the head of my cock between her lips. At that moment, her eyes began to flutter open. Not wanting to miss my chance, I slammed my hips forward, sinking the first three inches of my dick into her unprepared pussy.

This was more than enough to wake her up. Her eyes snapped open, her moth dropping into a silent scream. I rammed into her again, fully inserting my last five inches into her snatch. A tear began to form at the corner of her eye, but I was too turned on to care. Realizing where she was and not wanting to draw any attention to herself while she was still impaled on my manhood, she looked at me desperately.

"Please take it out! You're too big, you'll split me in half! Oh God!" She whispered frantically. I did pull out…right before I plunged right back in.

I began to pound into her rapidly, mercilessly ravaging her cunt. I was drunk on the power of the moment. The feeling of control over this amazingly beautiful girl quickly brought me to the point of no return.

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Only five or six minutes after entering her, I felt my climax coming. "Shit…I'm gonna cum, babe!" I whispered into her ear, still rapidly fucking into her. Her face adopted a look of terror. "Pull it out! Please, you have to pull out! What if I get pregnant?" She whispered hysterically. She began to push against my chest, but I had already anticipated her reaction. Reaching around her torso with both arms, I wrapped then tight around her slender stomach and full chest, effectively pinning her against me.

"Oh no, I wanna feel your walls around my dick when I explode. I'm cumming inside of you!" I whispered back. Then I felt myself enter her a little differently. It felt like my dickhead had entered another hole, deep inside of her. I realized I had just plunged into her cervix! The thought sent me over the edge… She knew where my dick was, too.

She tried to beg again. "No, I'm fucking begging you, just don't…" And then I exploded inside her. Violently. "Ohhhhhhhhh shhhhhit!" she quietly exclaimed, feeling me fill her insides with my sticky cream. I flexed my cock inside of her, wanting to shoot my whole load deep into her wonderfully tight cunt.

Then something happened that I hadn't expected. "No…oh fuck, not now. Not like this!" She said quietly.

Then SHE locked her hands around MY neck, tucking her head against my shoulder in shame and embarrassment. I didn't understand until I felt her walls begin to spasm around my cock, milking out every last drop of jizz. I grunted quietly at this unexpected pleasure. "You're such a slut!

You got off on having this dick forced inside you, huh? Well, unless you want everyone to know about this, you're gonna keep what happened tonight a secret. Deal?" I asked quietly. She meekly nodded her head, still looking down out of shame. "Good. Now pull your shorts up just under your ass… Take my dick out of your pussy, you slut… Good. Now roll over." We were now pretty much spooning. "Cover us with your blanket… At least you can follow orders.

Now put my cock back inside you!" She meekly obeyed every order, giving a cute little grunt as she obeyed my last command. "There, that's better," I whispered as I shoved the rest of my semi-flaccid cock back up her dripping pussy. "Now you better get back to sleep," I whispered evilly. "You're going to need it." She froze in my arms. Part 2?