I am going to let you cum right on my panties JOI

I am going to let you cum right on my panties JOI
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I arrived home after a long day's work at the office.


It was Friday and I could spend some quality time with my family. As I opened the front door, the first thing I noticed was the squeaks and thuds. They were much louder than usual. This had become a routine my wife and I of ten years had kicked into gear just recently.

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As I walked through our illustrious living room and into the kitchen, I greeted my two special girls. "Hey," I smiled at the pair of them; Natasha (or Nat), my wife, three years my junior, and our daughter Sudiciona (meaning "slut" in Italian), or Sudi for short. We knew what we were doing when we named her. We knew what it meant, and we had open intentions. Nat and I bred our little Sudi into Orange County's biggest eight year old slut.

Our neighbours didn't know that. yet. They were about to with what I had in mind for this weekend.

Anyway, to give you a snapshot of this moment, my wife was perched against our stove, naked below the waist and finger-fucking herself to bits. What to, you ask? Why, to our daughter, of course. And not just to Sudi, but to the role our five-month old greyhound played.

He could fuck our little princess like she was a ragdoll. In naming him, we'd once again thought literally and responsibly. Donatore, I suggested to Natasha after quite some thinking and time on language converter sites, throwing names around. It translates to "giver" perfect for his job of fucking the women in this household. And again, we abbreviate the name. "Don" may sound strange for a dog (especially a pup like he is), but friends and relatives never question it.

So there stood Don, his paws rested against the chair Sudi done likewise to below him; his erection buried in her tiny snatch. Little Sudi had the tolerance of a saint as Don proceeded to build up the rhythm he momentarily seized as I entered the room.

At his quickest, Don was blunt and ruthless to Sudi but she never complained. In fact, she loved it. Sudi adored everything about him; from the taste of his cock to the feel of it sloshing and drilling inside her. She even loved how Don panted and slobbered all over her neck.

My dick had gotten rock hard just watching it play-out. So I flopped it out and joined my beautiful wife, tugging away as my eyes never left our two prides of joy. Nat crouched down so her ass met her heels and sucked me off.


Looking down, I could see her eyes were fixated on Sudi and Don going at it in front of us. Nat's greatest love was deep-throating, and I counted myself a lucky man every day for that. It's rare to find a sexy, intelligent woman, who finds pleasure in throat-fucking the hell out of your meat.

My eyes drifted to our two special little fuckers again, and now Sudi looked back at me with her pair of beautiful blues. I could feel myself ready to blow as she stared me down, all the while grimacing and moaning from the sensations. She had the young face of a Mila Kunis and hair to match. It was impeccable how many old, perverted farts snuck peaks of her at the parks and beaches.

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One of mine and Nat's favourite activities were buying Sudi skimpy little outfits to tease all the lurkers. We'd make love talking about it the following night. Nat coughed a wheezy cough as she gagged on my dick. That sent it over the edge. I spewed cum down her oesophagus and she winced a little as it flooded the pipes. I watched Sudi as I grunted with each string firing. Her tight thighs and legs were taking a battering as Don showcased the prowess his breed of dog was most prolific for.

Nat drew herself free of my meat, leaving a considerable amount of cum to remain dangling from the head of it.

I swiftly made my way by Sudi's side; "Don, sit," I ordered our greyhound, and he done so immediately.

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"Good boy." Tilting Sudi's head up, and let my cum drool over her face. She smiled and it was the perfect end to a perfect session. A facial for our little princess as dog cum lathered her premature pussy. As one final hurrah, I had Sudi suck my pinkie finger (for a stand-in lube), before tenderly wriggling it up her butt hole.

_______________ I woke the next morning with a hard-on. The alarm beeped, and the first thing I noticed was no Natasha. She would almost always wake me up with a frisky blowjob under the covers. Those rare times that she didn't, I knew why. I didn't bother to chuck my briefs on. I knew my baby would be butt naked, so it wouldn't make sense to.

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"Hey, bella," I greeted Nat with a smile down the hall. As I concluded, she wasn't hiding any flesh, and was camped outside Sudi's room. Her hands were getting yet another workout as she rubbed herself.

"Get in here," Nat said assertively, knowing how much I loved it. "Watch this." It wouldn't have been anything new or so I thought. But as I met my wife by Sudi's door, wrapping my hand around her hip, my heart missed a beat.

Sudi lay fast asleep on her bed, and what a pleasant surprise young Don had going on. All we could see of him was his tail wagging, the rest was under the doona, much like his human fuck toy.

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Don's figure was as clear as day under there. His head bobbed up and down around the area we figured Sudi's crotch to be.

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After all, what else would he be doing then licking her pussy? It was his maiden voyage in this environment eating Sudi out in her room while she was none the wiser.


At least that we knew of. "Sudi. Sudi, sweetheart," her mother said softly so as to gently wake our princess. No response. "Daddy's got cum for you, angel," I added. Wouldn't you know it, her eyes shot open. A little too fast, if you ask me.

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"Sudi. were you awake the whole time?" "Yes, Daddy," she giggled. "And how does Don feel, angel?" "Good, Daddy. Hee-hee." "You're making mommy feel good, too. Did you know that?" Sudi blushed and hid her face under the covers for a flash. "I heard mommy making pretty sounds." I glanced at Nat with the smuggest look on my face, and she returned it with a wicked blush.

"Here, Don. Here, boy," I called our loyal, pussy-hungry canine, and within a blink he came rushing to my side. Patting his head as a means of reward, I let Sudi know the good news Nat and I had discussed late last night. "Did you wanna go shopping, honey?" Her face lit up. "Yes, Daddy!" "Okay then. Get ready and we'll leave real soon, okay?" "Yes, Daddy." Like some sort of house maid, Nat zoomed to Sudi's bedside and threw the doona off our daughter.

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Yes, it was the mark of a nurturing, loving mother to do so, but more than that, it was a horny woman thrilled to see an eight year old's naked body. "Thanks, Mommy." "That's all right, sweetie. I've put your clothes on the duchess, okay?" I couldn't have reacted any quicker to that, so keen I was to see what slutty outfit Nat had chosen for our princess today. There on Sudi's duchess lay a fluoro green bikini top and white sports skirt.

Nat had outdone herself picking that ensemble out. I could imagine how amazing it would look on Sudi. Nat and I let her dress as we got ourselves all dressed up. There was no need for showering. Where we were going, we were getting dirty. Yes, we were going shopping but not your conventional type of shopping.

A close family friend had just opened up a sex shop in town, so it was a better time than ever to have Sudi handpick her very first sexy toys. And there was a secret room out back of it with shoddy-looking walls, if you catch my drift. Sudi was understandably clueless as to what a gloryhole was. By today's end, she'd wish they covered her room's walls.

I can smell your envy already.