Nubiles Casting Porn tryout gets teen hottie fucked raw

Nubiles Casting Porn tryout gets teen hottie fucked raw
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The Ranger's Sister by Lubrican Mandy was so excited she was having a hard time breathing. It was finally time for her parents to drop her off for her summer as an intern with the Forest Service. That, in itself was exciting. As a Junior, she was only one of three students in her High School who were chosen for the intern program in the Smoky Ridge State Forest. But even more exciting was the job she was given. She was to spend the summer in a tower, keeping fire watch over the vast forest.

Some people might have thought that would be boring, but her new supervisor was none other than her big brother Ted! He was 21 years old and had been her hero since she could just barely toddle. Now he was a real forest ranger and she just knew that living and working with him all summer was going to be the best thing in the world.

She didn't know much about what it would actually be like. Her brother had called her with the news that she'd been accepted and assigned to him. He told her she was limited to one duffle bag, which had to contain everything she wanted to bring.

The tower had electricity and what he had called "the hooch" to live in, but it was small, barely big enough for two people. He told her to bring music, her X-box, perhaps, and clothes. "We only get to do laundry every two weeks" he had said.

"So be prepared for that." When she'd asked him about showers, he'd answered tersely "We take baths out here." Normally, there would have been two rangers on duty at the tower, but the other one had quit suddenly and there was no replacement. That was one reason Mandy had been chosen to do the internship. Once her parents had dropped her off at the visitor's center at the park, Mandy had been stuffed into a four wheel drive Jeep.

That had been two hours ago and if they didn't reach somewhere soon she was sure her body would just split into parts. They could only go five miles per hour and that still resulted in bumps that bounced her head off the roof.

The ranger driving her said they didn't improve the road because it kept "amateurs" out of the deep forest, where they really didn't belong. She mumbled something about dying before help could arrive in an accident and the ranger calmly said that in an emergency they'd evacuate the injured by chopper.

She wished she could have been delivered that way. Finally, through the trees, she saw the big tower. It was a big box, on top of four huge legs. There was a stairway that criss-crossed back and forth between the legs. It looked as tall as a skyscraper to her.

There was a tall man in a brown uniform standing at the bottom of the tower, waiting. It was Ted. Ted watched as the Jeep ground to a halt.

He wasn't so sure this was going to be a good idea. The last time he'd seen his kid sister was almost three years ago when he'd joined the Forest Service and gone off to Georgia to the school the Federal Government ran there. He'd completed that school with honors and been stationed at the Dragon Gulch watch station, where he'd been for a year.

His partner, Jim Bonner, couldn't take the isolation and had quit after a year. But Ted loved it. The only people he saw were the serious hikers, who knew woodcraft and were no real problem. He loved nature and the peace that reigned most of the time in Dragon Gulch. Storms were interesting, but he was comfortable and got to read as much as he wanted to. He had sprung for satellite TV and internet, so he was never bored. When Jim had quit, the head ranger had called Ted, asking if someone named Mandy Pralgue might be related to him, since the name was so rare.

Ted had responded that she'd make a good intern without thinking it over and now he was nervous about it. Now his little sister was here, and both of them were stuck with each other for the summer. If it didn't work out, she couldn't leave until a permanent replacement was found. There had to be two people on duty at the tower. It was just that way.

When the girl got out of the Jeep, Ted thought there had been a change of plans. She couldn't be his sister. His sister was a short, thin, pasty-skinned kid whose body just hadn't matured like most girls. But this girl was tall, and, while slim, she had what were obviously large breasts and an ass to kill for. He noticed this as she bent over, reaching inside the jeep to haul out a big duffle bag.

Her hair was long and brown, held back in a pony tail, and she was wearing big sunglasses. His jaw dropped when she saw him, screamed, dropped her bag and bounded across the grass toward him. She almost knocked him over, giving him a big bear hug. He felt those big breasts pressing against his chest and smelled her fragrant hair as she babbled "Oh Teddy, I've missed you so much! And this is going to be so much fun!

And thank you so much for letting me come! And I'm just SO HAPPY!" "Mandy?" he said tentatively. She couldn't be his sister. This . woman . was a Stone Fox Babe! She stiffened and drew back. She whipped off the sunglasses. It WAS Mandy! She was wearing a halter top and he was staring down into the cleavage of those fabulous breasts. He frowned, aware that he was thinking things about his sister that were not proper.

Mandy mis-read his frown. "What?!" she barked, looking unsettled. "Ted, don't you EVEN try to tell me you changed your mind! I'm here and I'm staying! I won't get back in that torture machine! If you think." Ted put one finger over her lips to stop her babbling. He glanced up at the ranger who had brought her up, who was grinning from ear to ear. "Thanks, Jeff. I've got her from here." Jeff rolled his eyes and said "Call us if you need anything .

like a gag or something." He laughed as Mandy fumed. Then he got in the Jeep and drove off. Ted held Mandy at arm's length. "Man oh man, Mandy. You've done a heap of growing up since I saw you last." His eyes raked up and down her body. Mandy had been about to say something, but the thought fled as she realized how her brother was looking at her.

He was looking at her like the senior boys looked at her. Like a few of the male teachers looked at her. Like the men down at the barber shop looked at her when she walked by. She knew what they were thinking when they looked at her like that. They were imagining her naked. She didn't much care for that from them, but when Ted looked at her that way she felt butterflies in her stomach.

It felt nice. Then she thought "No WAY! Ted doesn't want me like they do. He's my big brother!" She felt a little ashamed that she'd jumped to that conclusion and poked him in the chest to break the mood. "Of COURSE I've grown up you ninny!" she yelled. "That's what happens when your big brother abandons you and goes off to find his fortune. You HAVE to grow up so you can take care of yourself." She grinned.

That grin was gone by the time she had lugged her duffle bag to the top of the tower. He'd said that if she was so grown up she could carry her bag herself. Then he made some statement about how if she wasn't in shape now, she sure would be within a couple of weeks. After climbing 40 flights of stairs with the duffle bag, she believed it. She'd either be in shape or dead. Now all she had to do was get it through the big trap door in the bottom of the big box at the top of the tower.

Her brother had gone on ahead and left it open. She heaved the bag up through the hole and dragged her tired panting body after it. She flopped on her back on the floor beside the trap door, gasping for air. Ted had gone ahead for three reasons. First, he'd been on the ground for over half an hour, and he needed to do a quick visual sweep of the forest for smoke.

Second, he knew Mandy would need something cool to drink when she finally got up there. Third, every time he looked down at her, he saw those heaving breasts, bulging in their thin supporting cover. When he felt his dick start to stiffen he flushed and knew he had to get out of sight quickly. He heard her climb through the door and turned to see her lying on her back. His eyes were drawn to those fabulous tits. They were not lying down along her sides.

They didn't sag at all. They were proudly straining against the halter top as she tried to get air into her lungs. He turned around to get her drink. It was going to be a long summer. When she recovered, Ted showed her around the hooch. There wasn't much to show. It was a two room affair. The larger room was the relaxation area, with a couple of easy chairs, a TV/VCR/DVD combination and a weight bench.

Off in one corner there was a toilet that had a curtain that could be drawn around it. In another corner was a small kitchen.

Along one wall was a staircase that disappeared upward into the ceiling. The smaller room wasn't really a separate room as much as it was separated from the main room by a wall with a large doorway at one end.

This room was almost completely filled with two single beds, more or less side by side and only a foot apart because the other sides were against the walls. "It isn't much" said Ted "But it's only for the summer. At least for you." Mandy grinned. "It's a little like camping out, only better. AND . I get to spend time with my favorite brother." She launched herself at him again, hugging him. He tilted sideways, couldn't correct and they both fell onto one of the beds.

Mandy was on top of him, her soft breasts pressed against his chest. Her legs were apart, while his were together, and that placed her pussy right on top of the bulge of his cock. Their faces were only inches apart. Mandy felt that rush of heat in her loins as she realized what was pressing against her mound. Feeling guilty she kissed her brother on his chin and finished "And I LIKE spending time with my big brother." Then she struggled to get up, rubbing her body all over his.

As she climbed off the bed she snuck a peek at what had been pressing against her and her jaw dropped as she saw a big bulge in his pants, part of which ran down the leg. She averted her gaze from what was obviously his penis, but that flush of heat attacked her again. Next they climbed up to the observation room, which was on top of the hooch.

Mandy could see for miles and miles. She could see the whole forest and the mountains beyond. He showed her the big fixed binoculars that swiveled on a stand, and could be used to see as much as 30 miles away.

He showed her the phone and radio gear they used to contact the headquarters. There were other things there that had to do with weather and all sorts of things that he said he'd explain later. Mandy looked out and down and saw a deep blue lake not far off. "Ooooo swimming!" she yipped. "I brought my new suit." "Well, it's pretty cold this time of year, but in a few weeks it will be perfect.

That's where we take baths too, when we don't take a whore's bath here. When she looked at him strangely he told her how, with a bowl of water and washcloth, you could get pretty clean without ever getting all that wet. "No showers around here" he said. "We have to truck in water, so we don't waste any. Just for drinking. The water for the toilet comes from the lake and is pumped up by windmill.

And by the way, don't flush more than once. It goes into a big underground tank and they don't like having to pump it out more than once a year. Anyway, if you want to bathe, just go swimming. That's what we do and it works pretty well. They settled in, brother teaching sister how to keep watch over the forest, how to spot smoke, how to determine what was causing the smoke, how to report it, and so on. And at night they slept, side by side, no more than two feet apart, though in separate beds.

That closeness caused problems, however. For Ted it caused problems because he traditionally slept in the nude. With Mandy there he had to get naked after the lights were out, and quietly, so she wouldn't know what he was doing. Also, while she aroused sexual feelings in him, he couldn't do anything about it. He couldn't, say, beat his meat furiously while only 24 inches away from her. Mandy, for her part, was a healthy young woman, who also liked to stroke herself to orgasm, but she too was inhibited by her brother being so close to her when it was dark and she could touch herself.

And it got worse because they could actually smell each other's arousal, though neither recognized the odor that was driving both of them crazy. So, a week into the summer, when they found they were shouting at each other, Ted stopped suddenly. Knowing that if he didn't get a load off his balls he'd turn into a maniac, he suggested that Mandy take some time off and go swimming. That would get her out of the hooch long enough so he could relieve the pressure.

That also appealed to her, because the one time she'd had a chance to take a whore's bath she hadn't felt like she had long enough to do it well when she heard her brother coming back down from the observation room. She dug into her drawers and held up something shockingly pink. "Turn around" she ordered. "What?" he said, looking at what looked like some strings or rope in her hands.

"I said turn around! I want to put on my new suit and there's no place to change." He started to tell her to go behind the curtained toilet enclosure, but sighed and decided not to fight about it. He turned and stared at the wall while he heard the rustling of her clothing behind him.

His imagination worked on his cock yet again. He couldn't wait until she was out of the room so he could shoot a wad of spooge ten feet.

"OK" she said. "Gosh, it seems smaller than when I tried it on at the store." Ted turned around and almost choked. His sister was wearing what amounted to two small triangles that covered her nipples, though the cloth was so thin that those nipples plainly showed through. There was a string that went around her waist, and each end attached to one side of a piece of the same material that was just wide enough to cover her pussy lips.

It went down and back. As she turned to look at herself he saw it was a thong, and that her entire buttocks were bare. She might as well have been naked. Ted's cock slammed to full attention, making a plainly visible tent in his shorts. He was still standing there staring at her when she realized he hadn't said anything and looked at him. The first thing Mandy saw was the huge bulge in the front of her brother's pants.

She knew the suit was brief. If her mother had known she bought it she'd have just shit. But her mother didn't know. "You can't tell Mom I got this suit" she blurted out. Then some female instinct, and the look on Ted's face, made her say "What do you think? Do you like it?" Ted gulped, realized his hardon was showing and covered it with both hands. This wasn't working out like he wanted it to. "Um . well . yes, I'd have to say I like it. But it's awfully small . isn't it? I mean you aren't going to go out in public in that, right?" Mandy felt a surge of relief and pride.

"Well, I certainly didn't get it to make my brother get a hard on!" She laughed as he blushed. "But thank you." she went on. "I really thought it covered more. But it's fine for out here, right?" "Yeah, sure, no problem" he said. "Go try it out. Now. The lake's that way." he pointed. Mandy thought it was strange that he was obviously trying to get rid of her. Most guys would want her to stay around, right? Unless it really was making him horny and that made him uncomfortable.

Yeah, that was probably it. She skipped down the stairs and headed off toward the lake. By the time she was at ground level, Ted had gone upstairs, swiveled the bench mounted binoculars toward the lake and had his dick in his hand. He saw a flash of pink as she ran down to the lake.

He trained the binoculars on the small beach of sand they'd had dropped by chopper at one end of the lake. She came into view, clearly visible in the powerful binocs. He started stroking. Mandy felt free and unconcerned in the deep forest. Knowing there was no one around for miles she decided not to get her new suit dirty. With three flicks of her fingers the suit drifted to the sand.

The water looked great. Ted's hand froze on his aching penis when he saw his sister get naked. Her high upturned breasts were white and firm looking. Those nipples which had shown so clearly through the cloth of the suit were bright pink. His cock lurched as she stretched and he saw that she had shaved her pubic hair, leaving only two fat pink lips hanging down between her legs. They were long enough that a guy could actually suck them into his mouth and chew on them. He started to stroke again, feeling the cum rising from his balls.

His baby sister was Playboy quality. He winced as she dove into the water, knowing it was probably still only about fifty degrees this early in the summer. Mandy almost drowned when she hit the water in her dive. The cold water prevented her from breathing at all, which is what saved her from gasping out air and sucking in a load of water. She floundered in the water and paddled back to the beach to stand up shivering in ankle deep water.

Ted stared at his sister's breasts as the first jet of cum arched out of his cock. Her pretty pink nipples were now standing out at least half an inch and they looked delicious. He couldn't decide if, given the chance, he'd suck on them or her pussy lips first. Because he was looking through the big glasses, he couldn't aim his cock, and his spooge flew everywhere, shooting three feet in some instances as he gazed at his gorgeous sister.

He watched as she bent over and soaped up her body and then winced again as she dunked herself to rinse off. She started up the hill, pink suit in hand. He left the glasses and frantically looked around for all his sperm, wiping it up with a dirty shirt wherever he found it. He didn't realize he missed a whole line that had hit the wall and was dripping down toward the floor.

He managed to get back down to the living quarters and was writing a report when Mandy reached the top of the stairs. Now that she was used to the climb she was only breathing deeply. The bikini was back on her body, but her nipples were still completely erect. She didn't seem to notice. "Good swim?" he said, acting as if he didn't know. "You warned me it was cold.

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I forgot. I won't EVER forget that again." she said brightly. "I'm going to change clothes. Don't look for a minute, OK?" "Sure." He turned his head so it LOOKED like he wasn't watching her, but in his peripheral vision he saw smooth skin and pink as she raised her arms and slipped into a T shirt.

He almost gasped as he realized she wasn't putting on panties when she stepped into her cargo shorts and buttoned them up. That night a storm rolled in. Dark clouds hung low to the earth and visibility was cut to a few hundred yards. Ted sighed. Storms made for long nights and sometimes uncomfortable ones too. The wind drove rain through cracks and gaps in the sides of the hooch. The breaker box had to be shut down so it didn't draw lightning, which meant everything had to go to battery power.

That meant no lights except for an oil lamp. He broke the news to Mandy and suggested an early night. They fixed a quick meal, battened down the place, cut the juice and sat in the small pool of light cast by the lantern as thunder began to roll and lightning flashed.

They talked for a little while and then decided to go to bed. It had gotten cold too, unseasonably cold. Ted turned down the lamp, climbed in his bunk and pulled the sheet over him. As he tried to get his shorts off a bolt of lightning flashed and he saw Mandy frozen in the act of dropping her shorts. Then there were two more flashes in a row and he saw she was diving into her own bed. He remembered she wasn't wearing panties under those shorts, so all she had on now was the T shirt.

He got his own shorts off, but was painfully erect when he was done. Beating his meat once hadn't been enough. At least the storm would drown out sounds he made, so he could spank that monkey again. He had taken only two strokes on his rigid member when the storm broke over the tower with a vengeance. Ted's bed was against the outside of the hooch. Mandy's was against the wall of the stairs that went up to the observation room. Ted's wall might as well not have been there, considering how much water came blasting through the cracks and crevices in it.

His sheet and bed were soaked in minutes. Cursing he tried to remember where his sleeping bag was, and the waterproof sheet he'd have to wrap around it. Mandy heard him cursing and asked what was wrong. As he got out of his wet bed and began searching for the matches to re-light the lantern, Mandy watched as the lightning spotlighted her older brother's naked body. She goggled as she realized he was not only naked, but his penis was standing out, almost as if it were erect.

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It hung towards the floor, but not straight down. She squinted, trying to see better. It looked awfully large to her inexperienced eyes, but she only got a flicker of a look before the world went dark again.

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Again she felt that strange warmth between her legs and in her abdomen. She heard Ted run into something in the dark and then his curse as he fell.

"TED . FORGET IT, JUST COME TO BED." she yelled over the storm. "I CAN'T FIND THE DAMN MATCHES" he yelled back. "I FOUND THE SLEEPING BAG BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE I PUT THE WATERPROOF SHEET." he howled. "I SAID FORGET IT!!" she yelled louder. "MY BED IS DRY AND YOU'RE FREEZING . JUST COME TO BED WITH ME!" In the next flash of lightning she saw him bent over, feeling in front of him with one hand as he came toward her. He had a large bulge of something under his other arm.

Then he was standing between the beds, beside her. "I'LL PUT THE SLEEPING BAG OVER US LIKE A BLANKET." he yelled. "I GRABBED A TOWEL TOO. I DON'T WANT TO CRAWL IN THERE WET." She felt the weight of the big bag go over her and it got warmer immediately.

He was drying off and she could sense, more than see the towel moving as he rubbed his body with it. There was a flash of lightning and there, not a foot from her face, was his penis.

She would remember that stark white vision for the rest of her life. She saw every detail and it burned into her mind. He was uncircumcised, something she'd never even thought about. His cock was long and thick, with veins all over it, running in lines that were raised above the rest of the skin. His foreskin didn't quite cover the head, which looked like a one-eyed eel coming out of a cave or something. It looked dangerous, like a weapon.

It thrilled her to the bone and she felt a rush of heat deep in her belly.

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Sensing he was about done she lifted the sheet and he slid in. She scooted over against the wall, but his body still pressed firmly against hers, pinning her to the wall. He was cold. She snaked her arms around him, sharing her body warmth with him and he shivered. They didn't have to shout any more. "Sorry" he said, shivering some more. "I guess you didn't bank on this." "I don't mind" she said back, tucking her face into his neck and breathing warm air on him.

"You're my brother and I love you. Besides, if you get sick I have to do all the work." He chuckled. Then he shivered. "You're so warm" he moaned into her neck. She ran her hands all over his back, trying to generate some heat by friction.

One hand slid onto his cold hard butt. "You're so naked" she said in his ear. He sighed. "You weren't supposed to find out about that. It's a habit and it feels all wrong to have anything on when I sleep now. I'm really sorry." "Wait til I tell my girlfriends that I had to sleep in the same bed with a naked man during my internship.

They'll think it was at the White House. They both laughed. She snuggled against him. "But if this is the worst that happens all summer I think I can live with it. While they talked they had unconsciously begun moving their bodies against each other, not quite writhing, but definitely rubbing against each other. As he warmed up a little, Ted could feel her breasts against his chest.

They were hot and soft. He stroked her back too and, like her, his hand strayed down past the shirt and onto her naked butt cheek. "Uh . looks like I'm not the only one who's kind of naked." he said into her hair.

Mandy felt something moving between her legs. Both of his hands were on her back. Well, one was on her back and one was sending shocks through her from her naked butt cheek. That left only one thing that could move all by itself. Her breath caught in her throat. Suddenly she wished she didn't have on the T shirt. "They say that the best way to warm up is . skin to skin.

Do you want me to .?" she said. Ted knew he was in trouble. He had felt his cock start to grow when he realized he was fondling his baby sister's naked ass. He knew she was going to feel it too, if she hadn't already. He knew she'd figure out what it was. Her offer to get completely naked with him only made it harder. "Mandy, sweetie? Um, something's about to happen and I don't want you to misunderstand it, or get mad about it, but I can't help it." "I know" she said softly into his neck.

"I'm not mad. I'll take it as a compliment. Do you need me to take my shirt off or not?" "I won't lie to you honey. I want you to take it off . but maybe not just to warm up.

Do you hate me?" "I don't hate you." she said. Then she pushed him backward. He almost fell out of the bed as she struggled into a half sitting position and stripped the shirt off over her head. Then they were cuddling again under the covers, her now naked breasts pressed firmly to his chest.

She snuggled her face back into his neck. "I love you too much to hate you just for being . male." They rubbed against each other some more. When she'd sat up his hard cock had flopped up against his abdomen and now it was sandwiched between their stomachs. "You feel good" she murmured. Ted stroked her now naked back, no longer feeling bad about rubbing his hand down on her buttocks.

"You feel good too." he said. "Your breasts feel like they're on fire." he said candidly. "They feel so good pressed against you." she said. "I'd never had believed I would feel this way, but I do. And your . cock. It feels so big and it's hot too! It makes me want to touch it." "Have you touched a lot of them?" he said, rubbing her ass. "I've never even touched ONE before" she said back.

"And I've never had one touch me anywhere either. That's what makes it so weird. The first one I ever feel and it's my big brother's! That's weird enough, but the crazy part is I don't even feel like there's anything wrong with it.

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It just feels . right somehow." I mean I'm HORNY for pity's sake. And I'm horny for my own BROTHER!! How weird is that?" "Well . not so weird as you might think." he said in her ear. "I mean I'm the one with the hardon. And . I . uh . sort of . watched you . this afternoon . while you were swimming." "Watched me?" she said. "In the binoculars. The big ones." he confessed.

"I got a hardon then too. You were so beautiful. I was hard as a rock." "You're so sweet" she said, pressing her belly against his cock. "We're awfully cramped in here" she said, conversationally. "One of us needs to be on top of the other." His hand stopped in it's journey down her back. "I . Ah . don't think it would be a good idea for me to get on top of you Mandy." he said. "I know. You're too heavy, you big fat pig" she said.

She wiggled and rolled and climbed up on top of him. Her legs fell to each side of his. Now her pussy was lying on top of his balls. He gasped as her weight fell on them, squashing them painfully. "I'm not the fat one" he groaned.

"You're crushing my nuts." "Oh!" she said and moved her body up his. That put her pussy right on the bottom of his cock and her face right above his.

"That's better" she sighed as she ground her pussy down onto his cock. "Mandy, if you keep doing that something's going to happen." he said. "I sure as hell hope so," she said. Then she dropped her face and kissed him. Her lips were soft and warm and he responded with passion. Soon their tongue tips were warring with each other. She began rubbing her pussy on his cock more urgently.

"Teddy?" she moaned. "What baby?" he moaned back. "I'm confused. It's like there's something wrong with me, and I can tell there is something wrong, but I can't tell what. I need something Teddy.

I'm all empty inside and I need something. But I don't know what I need. I've never done this before. Something's happening inside me. I think I need . I need your cock Teddy. Inside me." "Ohhh sweetie" he groaned. "I want to do that too baby, but I don't have anything here. It would be too dangerous without a rubber." "Teddy" her voice was stronger now, louder.

"I don't care about that right now. I NEED you or I'm going to just curl up and DIE!" She reached between them and firmly grasped his prick. It was rock hard now, and a good eight inches long.

She marveled at how hard it felt and wondered if she could even get the thing inside her. She lifted and, by instinct, placed the tip between her engorged pussy lips. It felt fabulous already.

She took her hand away, kissed her brother again, and began to impale herself onto his big-brother prick. About a hundred things went through Mandy's brain as her pussy gobbled the first four inches of her brother's stiff rod.

One was that she couldn't believe this was happening to her. Another was that this wasn't anything like she'd dreamed it would be.

Another was that there was supposed to be pain the first time - everybody said so. Another was that the thing that was going inside her might actually make her pregnant in a few seconds. Another was that the storm was as wild and violent as her emotions were right then. Then the fact that she actually HAD four inches of cock in her penetrated her brain and washed everything else out.

It didn't hurt. In fact it felt absolutely fantastic! Without thinking, she hunched down hard and her brother's rampant penis slid all the way in her. The fact that there was a stroke of lightning right then - a close one - with almost immediate thunder that shook the whole tower, wasn't lost on Mandy and Ted. For Mandy, the flash was like the flash of orgasmic pleasure she felt when the tip of her brother's cock kissed her cervix and peeked into her womb.

She couldn't believe how good it felt. For Ted, the thunder was like the breaking of a dam, behind which lay a sea of pent up semen and sperm. When his sister's hot pussy slid all the way onto his cock, that dam burst and he immediately began breeding her by flushing her womb full to overflowing with thick rich seed. His grunts of pleasure were drowned out by the thunder and rain, and the spurts he delivered seemed to have the power of the storm as they rampaged out of his cock and ravaged her pussy.

Even though Mandy had never had sex, she knew that that flood of heat and wet inside her was her brother's sperm. She was so much in love with her lover right then that the feeling of that offering caused her to have her own orgasm.

She tensed as her pussy clutched at the invading penis. Her hug was fierce. Her pelvis vibrated, not knowing how to fuck, but wanting to coax even more of that life-giving nectar out of his cock and into her womb. Together, the two of them lay as if made of stone, neither moving on the outside, frozen in the strobing flashes of lightning. All the activity was on the inside as his penis worked to provide what her egg so desperately sought, and her pussy muscles began an instinctive milking action to draw that essence of love out.

They lay frozen like that for several minutes before they both sagged, limp in each other's arms. She lay her head on his chest, perfectly comfortable with his penis plugging her sex. He panted for air, her weight making it more difficult to catch his breath, but he being unwilling to disturb his new lover.

They slept in the midst of chaos. Mandy woke to sunlight and silence. No, there was noise, but it was all birds and the wind in the trees and things like that. She felt her brother's naked body under her and her conscious mind went immediately to her loins. She flexed newly exercised muscles and felt the ache left by honest work.

His penis had fallen out of her in the night and she somehow felt empty. She raised her head and her hair fell over his face, waking him with the tickle. She pulled her hair back and lay her face down on his chest again. "I love you" she said softly. "I love you too Mandy" came the rumble of her brother's voice. "I've always loved you". She lifted her head again and looked in his eyes. "No. I mean I'm IN LOVE with you" she said. "I mean that after last night I can't live without you." He smiled.

"That might be just a tad bit extreme." She didn't smile. Instead, she levered herself up, throwing the sleeping bag off of them and standing unsteadily on the floor. "This place is a mess" she said, looking around. She walked around, picking things up off the wet floor.

She paid no attention to the fact that she was naked in front of her brother. When she turned around he was lying on his back, one arm behind his head. His naked body was in full view. He was hard again. "Have you no shame?" she teased. "Have you no clothes?" he said. "That's the only way it will go down . if you cover up that gorgeous body." She stood there, hands on hips. "I know another way to make it go down." He smiled.

Then frowned. "I can't just call the ranger station and ask them to send out a box of condoms." She didn't smile "Four or five boxes of condoms." she corrected. "What are we going to do Mandy?" he looked at her helplessly. "We'll think of something. Right now we need to fix some breakfast. For some reason I'm famished. And don't you have a report to make?" He bounded out of bed.

"Should we get dressed?" he said. "I think there are more important things to do first." she answered. They inspected the damage to the tower and the grounds around it. There was something liberating about doing normal routine tasks while stark naked, except for boots.

Ted was mostly hard all the time, because he kept sneaking peeks at his sister. She seemed to have better self control and got more done than he did.

While he did a visual sweep and assembled a report to call in, Mandy made breakfast. They ate in silence, staring out into the lush forest in the sunlight of a new day. Mandy took their plates and went back downstairs. Ted heard things being moved around down there, but finished his report and called it in without investigating.

He heard his sister calling him. When he got to the cabin level he could see she had done some furniture rearranging. She had dragged the two beds out of the small bedroom and put them in the middle of the relaxation room.

The two mattresses had been put side by side running crossways on the frames, which made what amounted to something not quite as big as a queen sized bed. The weight bench and one easy chair had been moved into the old bedroom. His sister was lying in the bed on her back. Her knees were drawn up and apart so he was staring right into her pussy. She was pulling on her nipples, rolling them between her fingers, squeezing them, mauling them.

"Come here" she demanded. "I need you." By the time he got to the bed he was hard as stone. But he stopped. "Mandy, sweetheart. I love you and I want to do this, but it's too dangerous. We need to take some time and think things over." She held her hand out to him. "I HAVE thought it over. I want to keep doing what we did last night." "Mandy, think about this. What would we tell Mom and Dad if I sent you home knocked up? They'd just KILL us." "I have thought about this.

I want to have your baby." she said. Ted's mouth dropped open. "You can't be serious." he said. She dropped one hand to her pussy and slicked a finger in and out of it several times.

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"What we did last night made me feel complete. I've never felt so loved, and so safe, and so happy as I did last night in the middle of a horrible storm. I want you IN me. I want you in me a LOT. I want my belly to swell with your baby .


OUR baby. I want to feed that baby and you with milk from my breasts. I want to be YOUR lover and YOUR woman and I want you to be MY man and the father of my babies. I have a plan for what to tell the folks when I get home.

We don't need any condoms and if you ever get any I'll poke holes in them while you're up watching the forest. Now come HERE. I said I NEED you." Her speech had the intended effect on Ted. Once she'd coaxed him into the saddle and gotten his fat prick buried in her belly, he didn't last sixty seconds.

He only made three or four strokes before he blew his wad deep in her. That was fine with her. It gave her the opportunity to claim that he owed her one. Ted didn't have a chance.

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Mandy played him like a trout. She wore little, if anything while in the tower, and insisted he stay naked too. If she crooked a finger at him, within a minute or less he was rutting away, trying to fuck her brains out and planting yet another load of his hot jizz in her pussy. If she was picking things up, she managed to display her puffy pussy to him, driving him crazy. She took the most erotic whore's baths he'd ever seen and almost always ended up on her back, legs spread for her big brother as soon as she dropped the sponge.

But her specialty was to simply lie on the bed, legs spread, arms out, saying in that husky voice she could use so well "I need you Teddy." In truth it took him nearly a whole week to learn how to control himself enough to give her orgasms before he blew his nuts in her.

It was hit and miss. Sometimes he had enough control to give her two and sometimes three orgasms before he'd allow himself to cum. On other occasions he'd blow his cork as he was sliding into her clasping pussy. For her part she just reveled in being soaked in his sperm. They settled into a routine of watching the forest, reading or watching TV and fucking like rabbits. Mandy wrote letters home at the rate of two a week. Two weeks after she'd arrived she announced that she was going to town.

She called the ranger station and arranged for a jeep to pick her up at the bottom of the hill. She hiked down and then back up when she got back late that evening. She had a rucksack full of things she'd purchased and told Ted she'd mailed all their letters. Every two weeks, like clockwork, she made that trip to town, hiking down the mountain and back up. She was in fabulous shape.

Six weeks after she'd arrived she was lying on top of her brother, riding his hard cock gently while he sucked on her nipples. "Mmmm that feels just wonderful" she said for maybe the thousandth time. "Mmpff" replied her brother. "You know, I missed my period last week" she said conversationally. Ted spat out the nipple and said "Oh shit." Mandy put her face next to his. "Are you saying you don't love our child?" He made a face as she squeezed his cock.

"Mandy, honey, you know better than that. I'm just trying to figure out how we're going to explain all this to our parents. You aren't even out of High School yet. What are we going to tell them?" "I've already told them." she said as she pushed down hard, getting his cock as high up in her as she could.

"They just don't know it yet." "What do you mean?" Ted said as he gritted his teeth. He was trying not to pop his cork in her just yet. "I have a boy friend, silly" she said, riding him faster. "His name is Ronny" She rode even faster now, wanting to feel his spunk shooting in her and knowing he was trying to hold back. "I go see him every two weeks when I do the shopping and mail our letters." Now she was slamming up and down on his hard pole. "I've fallen in love with him, just like all my friends have fallen in love with their boy friends." She put her face down and hissed in his face.

"Cum in me Ronny, I want to feel you squirting in my pussy baby." Ted lost it and bathed her pussy in hot sticky cum. As he panted to get his breath she told him about how Ronny was going to move away with his parents at the end of the summer, after she found out she was pregnant, and after it was too late to contemplate ending the pregnancy. It would be too bad. Another teenage girl, alone and pregnant.

So sad. She'd have to get her GED and find a job and some place to live. She had a feeling that her brother might let her live with him for a while, taking pity on her. Wasn't he due to rotate on to other ranger duties? Wouldn't he be given a cottage to live in?


Couldn't she work for one of the vendors in the park? They spent the next two weeks making sure she really was pregnant The end