Mellie jessica auf Titten und Muschis speisen

Mellie jessica auf Titten und Muschis speisen
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Just a short story about a woman who I used to find very attractive. (Names changed for confidentiality purposes.) Dictated. Not read. -The Management.

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* * * It was July 3rd. We were in high school living up summer as best as we could. One of the newer girls in our school was putting on a party and mostly all the cool kids were invited. I walked up to the door and was instantly (and eagerly) invited in by Tasha's mother. Consciously or subconsciously, I let my eyes politely wander.


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Kotis had rolled up jeans on, a blouse shirt that more or less showed her curves, pretty red lipstick, ice cold blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, a gorgeous motherly smile, and a red, white and blue hat to top it all off. I thanked her as she ushered me in. "Hey Brian!" she said happily. "Welcome to the party!" "Where is everybody?" I replied with an equally friendly smile.

I had arrived somewhat early, but I was greeted by friends downstairs. I learned what was up with the dudes and headed outside. They were setting up a slip-n-slide, and it was all fun and games.

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Tayler's mother tossed down some stakes and we got it all set up. "Hope you brought your swimsuit!" she exclaimed. "I forgot! But I'll just go in my shorts!" I stated and continued to have fun sliding down the tarp. I also happened to notice Tasha, her daughter. She was cute, I remembered her and I used to flirt around a little when she first arrived in our town. I liked her, we were alike.

I smiled all the time, so did she, both of us were athletic, she was tall and skinny, and I was a twig myself. Overall, great girl. Also, I had also met her mother while I was hanging around the school.


So Mrs. Kotis had known me prior to the party. Regardless, I have to state that Tasha looked beautiful that day. She had a purple bikini on and I for one, liked what I saw. She did have some breasts, not much, but her bikini bottom showed her lips to an extant.

After more childsplay, I dried off with a towel and got dressed. However, I was still soaked and then I thought I'd kindly ask to borrow a hair dryer to get my clothes dry.

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I waltzed by Tasha and uttered, "I'm gonna get a hair dryer from your ma." Before she had time to say anything I was already asking, "Umm. Mrs.

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Kotis, may I please borrow a hair dryer? I didn't bring a swimsuit.

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Sorry." I let out an uncomfortable laugh and gave her an innocent smile." "No it's okay. Mom." Tasha said behind me. "It's fine!" Mrs. Kotis said. "Just follow me!" she said adventurously as she playfully ran to her bathroom.

She opened the door for me, and I went in. It was a marvelous bathroom. Large mirror, glass shower, bathtub, it was cute and away from the party. So were Mrs. Kotis and I. *click* I thought I had heard a lock, but Mrs. Kotis handed me a purple hair dryer and I ignored it. "Ugh. Thank you! These are my favorite shorts!" I grinned wide.


"Mhmm. And there's a room around the corner if you want to get naked!" she winked at me and lightly pushes my shoulder. "You got 5 minutes!" hah I thought, "Why not?" and waited for her to "leave" (Which she didn't. But I didn't know.) Then, I untied my shorts and took off my underwear and promptly dried it with the hair dryer.

I decided to take off my shirt and dry that too. It wasn't necessary, but I liked the feeling of being naked in an unfamiliar environment. Next, I heard the door open. I also thought I heard a shower going. "Brandon!" Mrs. Kotis burst in, "5 min--" She stopped and I was frozen.

"Mmm. Big boy." she smiled seductively and walked in naked. Needless to say I was shocked! Mrs. Kotis ran her nails up and down my chest and kissed me. It was all too much, and then she started to lead me in the shower. "Dirty boy needs to get clean." she moaned/said. "Mmm." "Yes ma'am. I mean-- Yes Mrs. Kotis!" I said nervously as she lathered my body with soap and washed my stomach, chest, neck, and thighs. "Just call me LeAnne." said the beautiful mother as she aggressively grabbed my tight ass.

"Woah. Muscle boy!

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You know I always watched you at Tasha's track meets, too." (I was quite the athlete and a famous track runner.) She kissed my lips and dug her nails in my back as she grinded her pussy up against me and I sat her down on the shower seat and started to kiss all over her inner thighs.

With her head tilted back, her eyes closed, and her nails diggin in my neck I licked her up . And down. Slowly, but pleasurable for her. I massaged her clit as she pushes my head into her womanhood and I lapped it up. LeAnne stopped and pushed me against the wall. "Call me Sugar Mama." she said as she went down and knelt. "Yes Sugar Mama." I moaned and smiled as she grabbed a hold of me and started to jerk me smooth. It was indescribable the amount of pleasure she provided me with.

And when she blew me I couldn't help but give her a mouthful. "Ahh.!

LeAnne. Mama I'm gonna c--" "Shh. I got you. Cum for mama." And she licked the tip til every last drop rained out. I was motionless, frozen by the way I had just felt.

"You're just perfect aren't you? I wouldn't mind keeping you around for a little longer." Mrs. Kotis boldly said to me after swallowing. We dried off and right before I let she cleared her throat and I turned around to see an assertive female pointing to her bedroom mouthing the words, "Right. Fucking. Now." I hoped Tasha wouldn't mind Round 2.