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Bad client recorded passion anal sex with horny shemale
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I arrived in the classroom early because I wanted to be there when you entered and took your seat. You were among the first students to arrive, and I watched as you crossed the room. It was easy to tell that you had complied with at least part of my instructions, since your breasts moved freely beneath the fabric of your blouse.


Even a casual observer would immediately know that you were not wearing a bra. Once you knew that I had observed your jiggling breasts, you slipped on a light jacket. As you sat down, you smiled at me, but I did not acknowledge your greeting. I began my lecture on time, because I did not want to lose a moment of this classroom encounter.

I droned on about the day's topic for several minutes as I let you wonder what might be about to occur here in the midst of this class of fellow students. As I lectured, I moved my hand to the small black box on the corner of the lectern. The box looked much like a TV remote, though it was smaller and had only a few buttons. There was an on/off button, and then there were three additional buttons labeled "Slow," "Medium," and "Fast." As I looked directly into your eyes, I pressed the "On" button, followed immediately by "Fast." I saw you react with a start.

You were surprised to the point that you nearly lost your composure, but you soon regained control despite the fact that you now had a silent vibrator whirring away in your pussy. Inside the box I had given you was a remote controlled vibrator. The vibrator was composed of two parts. One part was a penis shape intended to nestle inside your pussy, and another part curved up on the outside to rest against your clit. There were straps to hold this device in place, and it was this device that was now silently working away beneath your panties.

Although I continued to lecture, I carefully monitored the effect the vibrator was having on you. Your eyes narrowed noticeably, and your breathing became shallow and more rapid. One of your hands grasped the edge of the desk as you sat fully erect.

Your ass moved very slightly back and forth on your seat as the vibrations stimulated every hidden corner of your pussy. I imagined the sensations that the vibrations brought to your now firm clit. I pictured your juices flowing from deep within you and soaking your panties. But it was far too soon to allow you to cum. I hit the "Off" button.

You slumped in your seat as the vibrations ceased. You kept your eyes closed as you tried to bring your breathing under control. I continued with my lecture as if nothing was going on, and it was apparent that that none of your fellow students suspected anything at all. After several minutes, you looked up at me and smiled.

I knew from that sly smile that you were ready to proceed. As I drew a complex diagram on the board to distract the class, you began carefully unbuttoning your blouse. Your movements were partially concealed by the jacket draped over your shoulders. When I completed the diagram, I turned back toward you and saw that your blouse was unbuttoned to the waist. As I explained the diagram, I saw you slowly pull aside your blouse until one of your lovely breasts was fully exposed.


The nipple was hard with excitement, and I saw that you were wearing a nipple ring. I could not tell in you were pierced of if the ring clipped on, but I was pleased that you had chosen to ornament your nipple just for me on this special day. You grasped your breast and gave it a firm squeeze before pulling your blouse closed.

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I gave you a quick smile of approval after noting that none of your neighbors had noticed your brief, but tantalizing, exposure. I turned the vibrator back on and set it to "Slow." Now that the preliminaries were over, the real fun could begin. I continued with my lecture, but now I watched you carefully so I could enjoy your response to the relentless vibrations buzzing away between your legs. With half my mind on my lecture and half on your swollen pussy, I can only imagine how my presentation must have suffered.

But I struggled on as I watched you respond to the undeniable stimulation clenched between your thighs. After several minutes, your eyes were closed and your breathing was rapid and irregular. Your cheeks were flushed, and your lips were slightly parted. You caressed your upper lip with your tongue as you focused on maintaining your composure as much as possible under the circumstances.

As I watched, you seemed to melt down into your desk. You could no longer sit upright, but instead you now slumped down so that your ass was near the front of your seat. Your legs were slightly parted, and your ass wriggled on the seat as the tremors of intense pleasure coursed through you body. With five minutes left before time for the class to end, I increased the vibrator speed to "Fast." The change hit your body with a jolt, and I saw you suddenly sit upright.

You squeezed your legs together and grasped the desk edge with both hands. Your eyes were wide open, and your nostrils flared dramatically with every jagged breath. I know you were fighting with every fiber of your being to keep from cumming here in the middle of class. I could see the concentration on your face as you stared straight ahead focused on the relentless vibrations churning your pussy. When the bell rang, it startled you and you jumped in your seat.

This triggered the orgasm you had worked so hard to control, and I watched as your entire body fell victim to the hidden vibrations. As the other students hurriedly filed out of the room, your body was wracked with spasms of ecstasy. You emitted a quick series of suppressed gasps as your body slid down and nearly out of your seat. Your legs flared apart but you did not seem to notice or to care. Your eyes were unfocused and your face fully flushed from the intense release of the moment.

As I watched, you thrust your hips upward violently in response to a series of spasms that ripped through your body. I could measure the intensity of your release by your lack of concern about place or time; your mind and body were totally consumed by your orgasm without regard to your surroundings. I clicked the device to "Off," but that had no immediate impact on you.

Your body was still responding to the jolts of intense pleasure emanating from your clit. It was several minutes before you were able to regain your composure.

When you did, you saw that I was sitting at the desk beside you. "Wow," was all you could say. I was close enough to see the beads of sweat on your upper lip, and I could smell the aroma of your pussy juices. That smell, that animalistic, primal scent, stirred my need for you. I had to have you now. But the classroom was far too public.

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At least we had had a few minutes of privacy while you recovered, but now it was time to move elsewhere. I grasped your hand and helped you rise from the desk.

You wobbled unsteadily, but then you began moving toward the door. As I gathered your belongings and my notes and then followed you out, I noticed that the entire back of your skirt had been saturated by your pussy's flow. I smiled. You walked beside me as we moved down the hall toward my office. Your pace was slow and deliberate and it took several minutes to walk the short distance.

Once we were inside, I closed and locked the door. I left the light off, so we were illuminated only by the light coming in from the single window high in one wall. I turned to look at you. You were more beautiful than ever at that moment. Your face still showed signs of the intense orgasm from which you were still recovering.

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Your hair was slightly disarrayed and your clothes were disheveled. You leaned against my desk to keep from falling down. You looked like a woman who had just had the best fuck of her life, and yet no one had even touched you.

But that was about to change. "You did well," I said. "Are you ready for your reward?" "Yes, sir." There was that "sir" again, and it had the same impact as before. I could wait no longer. I knelt before you and tucked the hem of your skirt up into the waistband so I could see what I was about to do. Your panties were soaked. I peeled them down your legs with difficulty.

Once they were off, I raised them to my nose and sniffed your sensual essence. It was heavenly! Tossing them aside, I reached up under your skirt again and removed the vibrator.

It glistened with your juices, and wet trails meandered down your thighs where your juices had flowed.

I raised my hand to stroke your engorged lips. They were puffy and swollen and parted slightly to expose your inner crimson. Effortlessly I slid two fingers up inside you. As I did so, you raised your ass so you could sit on the edge of my desk. "Oh, eat my pussy! I need to feel your tongue on me. Suck my clit! Oh, please eat me!" Needing no further invitation, I leaned forward and laved your pussy from top to bottom, seeking the nectar secreted in its every nook and cranny. I sucked your lips between mine and caressed them with my tongue.

I teased your clit before sucking it between my lips and nibbling gently on it. It was still intensely sensitive from your orgasm, so every touch of my tongue sent jolts of electricity coursing through your body.

You had to lean back and support yourself with your arms to keep from falling over. My fingers churned inside you as I teased and sucked your clit. Your lower body began to rock back in forth in a sensual rhythm of desire. You moved your hands to the back of my head and pulled it tight against you to increase the pressure of contact. I pulled on your clit and nibbled it gingerly, and this set off your second orgasm. This aftershock was not nearly so intense as your classroom release, but it still rocked your body dramatically.

No longer concerned about discovery, you moaned loudly, not once but several times. You rocked your pussy against my face, flooding it with your juices. My fingers, working deep inside you, were drenched with your juices that flowed down and dripped off my wrist. Gradually, the tremors subsided. I stood before you, still fully dressed, in contrast to your being so exposed there on the edge of my desk with your legs flared widely apart, your puffy pussy wide open and waiting expectantly.

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It would not have long to wait! I stepped back and removed my shoes and trousers. My erect cock protruded against the fabric of my under shorts. I quickly removed them and then stepped toward you. You reached down and grasped my cock, directing it to your crimson portal. I nestled the tip just at the entrance, savoring the warmth I felt there.

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But this was not a time to dally. I plunged in, pushing all the way to the hilt. You were so wet and open that I slid in effortlessly. I stayed that way, lodged deep inside you, as I reached up and unbuttoned your blouse. I wanted to see and feel those luscious breasts as I fucked your gorgeous pussy.

As I finished the last button, I felt your body begin to move, causing your pussy to caress my cock from one end to the other. Back and forth you moved, squeezing, caressing, grasping my hardness with those well-conditioned muscles that resided in that crimson cavern between your tanned thighs.

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The sensations you were generating were heavenly, and soon we were moving together. We both knew that we were not here to make love. We were here to fuck. We were here to achieve release predicated on immense mutual desire. There was no turning back. There was no denying the need we felt for immediate, total release.

And that is what we found there in my office--total release. We moved together fluidly. We sensed each others' needs and adjusted our movements effortlessly to accommodate them. But we were each far too aroused for release to be long in coming. When we came, we came together, and that mutual climax was bone-jarring. We pounded together, frenzied pelvis meeting frenzied pelvis, as our orgasms swept over us, flowed between up, consumed us, and in the end, united us.

Your pussy walls wrapped around my cock and clenched it rhythmically as we moved together in the throes of exquisite release.

My legs failed beneath me, but you wrapped your arms around me and held me up to keep me from slipping away and thereby breaking the bond between us. Your hard nipples pressed against my naked chest. My cum dripped from your pussy and pooled on the floor between my feet, but we still remained locked together, unwilling to separate, unwilling to end this conjoining of our bodies, our spirits, our minds.

I leaned forward and kissed you lightly, then moved back, away from you. "Don't move," I said. I stepped to my desk and took a camera from the drawer.

I took the first photo from a distance. With your exposed breasts, intriguing smile, and legs still splayed wide apart with your pouting pussy emitting cascades of silky cum, you were simply beautiful. "What are you doing with that" you ask "l will be holding into this until next time" Your eyes widen as you realize that I still have more in store for you.