Big booty black chick India fucked by black dick on bed

Big booty black chick India fucked by black dick on bed
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Enjoy: "Keith, Keith Zane" the nursed called as I sat waiting in the doctor's office. "The doctor will see you now" she said pointing to room number 2. The one with the sign "DR V. Edwards" on its door. I got up and started walking over to it. I opened the door, walked in and closed the door behind me. Inside the office, sitting at her desk was a very attractive blonde who I assumed was doctor V.

Edwards. "Please sit down" She said while looking over at her computer screen. I sat down in front of her, looking at the unexpected but welcome sight of the gorgeous doctor. She continued looking at her screen for a few seconds longer as I checked her out before shifting her gaze to meet mine. "Sorry about that" she said with an enchanting bright smile, "I'm doctor Edwards.

Nice to meet you. Keith" she said looking down to read my name from a paper.

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"How can I help you?" "Hi doctor" I said, taking a few papers out of my jacket pocket and laying them on the table. "I was hoping to get your signature on a few papers. Approval for lessons I want to start taking". "What kind of lessons?" she asked sounding sincerely interested as she picked up the papers and looked over them.

"Skydiving" I said hoping it might impress her somehow. "Wow, skydiving. Quite extreme" she said and gave me another mesmerizing smile while going over the papers.

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She finished going over the papers and moved to her computer, clicking on a few keys on the keyboard and reading something on the screen before facing me again. "Alright" she said cheerfully, "looking at your medical record you seem quite healthy, so I just need to give you a quick physical exam and you'll be on your way. Now please take your shirt off and take a sit on the examination table" she said pointing to the one in the corner.

I did as she said, taking my jacket and T-shirt off, revealing my muscular upper body and sat down on the table awaiting the pretty doctor. The doctor glanced over the papers I brought a second time then got up to her feet. Damn she is hot, I thought to myself as her entire figure came into my view.

She looked maybe 35, 10 years older than me and had a great body in addition to her beautiful face. She had long blond hair and was wearing a stylish pair of glasses.

She was average height, much less than average weight and was wearing a long white doctor's coat. She wore the coat over a classic black skirt which continued down to a pair of tan legs and a white blouse that tried to discreetly cover what seemed like a great rack. The doctor put a pair of gloves on and I couldn't help shake the porn scene sensation as she walked over to me. She checked my pulse, blood pressure and few other things.

I thought she was just about to finish when I hear her saying: "take the rest of your clothes off too please". That's not part of a standard physical exams I thought to myself while getting to my feet and taking my shoes off.

What's going on? I tried to stay cool as I quickly removed my pants and underwear, revealing an above average sized dick and turned to face the doctor.


She looked at my naked body and penis and I sensed lust in her eyes as she said, "You can sit back on the table". I jumped back on table and looked at the fully clothed doctor V. The doctor placed a gloved hand at the tip of my hardening cock and slid it down its entire length actually stroking it before reaching for my testicles with her other hand. Oh my god, she is actually doing this, she is stroking my cock, I thought to myself as it started to harden in her gloved hand.

I looked at her hand on my cock still in disbelief, she actually wants us to fuck. I sat there motionless, waiting for her to take her clothes off too so I can finally get a glimpse at what's beneath her doctor's outfit.

I wanted nothing more than to take her right there on the exam table, to plunge my erect cock hard into her med school graduated vagina. My cock was now completely hard and the doctor was looking at it intently from just a few centimeters away. She kept feeling my balls around with one hand and holding my cock in the other when suddenly she moved her finger behind my balls and pressed down.

"Cough please" She said. "What?" I asked shocked. "Cough!" the doctor said a second time and I did. "Again" she said, still pressing into the soft skin and I did. She gave my erect cock a last glance before pulling her hand away and starting to take her gloves off. "You can get dressed now" she said to me as I sat there naked, the fact that it was all still part of the physical examination and that I would not get to see her naked today painfully sinking in.

Oh god, I thought to myself as I was getting dressed. I can't believe I thought she was going to fuck me.

I actually had a hard on in front of her. This is so embarrassing. I finished getting dressed and sat down ashamed. "Well, you seem to be in perfect health" she said to me signing the papers and handing them to me.

"Enjoy your lessons" she said with a smile. "Thanks" I said quietly and quickly got the hell out of there. I closed the door behind me and headed to my car. I can't believe I thought she wanted us to fuck. Those things don't really happen in real life. I should really lay off the porn I thought to myself still embarrassed and started the engine. I barely drove out of the parking lot when my phone rang and I answered on speaker. "Hey Bro" I hear my sister's voice echo in my car. "Hey El, what up?" I ask.

"We're having a blast" she answered. "Actually, I wanted to check with you if there is anything to eat at your place or if we should grab something to eat on our way back?" "Good timing" I told her, "I was just about to stop at the grocery store to buy some stuff. I thought about cooking some burgers for dinner, you girls are welcome to join me".

All I heard next was incomprehensible talking between my sister and her friend before she got back on the phone, "Burgers sound great" she says. "Ok, I'll get enough for you too" I tell her and continue: "When do you think you'll be back?" "Not before 7 o'clock" she answers, "There are a few more stores Sarah says she has to checkout".

I read the time from the clock on the dashboard, 4 PM. "Ok, have fun and I'll see you back at my place" and with that I clicked off. I was glad to hear my sister was having fun. She called me a few weeks back and asked if she could stay at my place with her friend Sarah for a few days.

They both just finished their senior year of high school and wanted to come have some fun in the big city. I haven't seen my sister in a few weeks and although there was a pretty big age difference we got along fine. I also knew her friend Sarah well. She has been one of my sister's best friends since first grade and was a nice quiet girl. Taking all that into account and the fact that I was at work most of the day anyways, I didn't see a reason not to grant her request and I let them stay with me.

I stopped at the grocery and bought what I needed before continuing to the house. When I arrived at my place, I put everything in place, tidied up a bit and watched a little TV.

I got a little hungry and made myself a small snack, knowing it will be a while before my sister and Sarah get home and I get dinner going. Shortly after I went to take a shower. I undressed in my room and headed for the bathroom where I entered the scolding hot water and savored the feeling. I washed myself up while thinking back to the embarrassing incident at the hot doctor's office. I felt another surge of embarrassment while thinking about it but also my dick started getting hard.

She was so hot I recollected and was hit by a wave of disappointment for not getting to fuck her. What the hell was I thinking…? I finally turned the water off and exited the shower to the steam filled bathroom. I dried myself off thoroughly, gave myself a quick shave and combed my hair before hanging up my towel and opening the bathroom door to go get dressed in my bedroom. I took two steps out of the bathroom to where the living room is when to my surprise, I see my sister Elin and her friend Sarah siting on the sofa.

They were both looking down into the screen of Sarah's phone and laughing. A moment later, apparently hearing the bathroom door open and my footsteps, they raised their looks from the screen and the shock was clearly visible on their faces as they saw my completely naked body standing next to them.

"Hi girls, you're back early" I tell them meaning for them to understand that I did not expect them to be here when I got out of the shower. Yet I never was shy about people seeing my body. They both sat there shocked, looking at my bare body. Their eyes uncontrollably gazing at my semi erect cock hanging in plain view. My sister was the first one to speak, "Yeah, we got tired and decided to come back earlier".

Both their faces turned red and that amused me quite a bit. "I see" I said, "What about dinner, are you hungry?" I asked looking at them as they both managed a nod. "Great, let me just get dressed first and I can start making dinner".

And with that I crossed the living room to my bedroom, entered and closed the door behind me, more amused than embarrassed. A few minutes later I walked out of my room dressed, like nothing happened. I saw Sarah and my sister quietly talking amongst themselves. They stopped when they saw me. "Ok, I'll get started on dinner" I told them, "You can go ahead and take a shower in the meanwhile, it will take around half an hour to get everything ready".

"Ok" they said and walked over to the guest room where they were both staying while at my place. Half an hour later after hearing them enter and exit the shower one after the other, dinner was ready and I called out for them to join. "Wow, something smells really good" Sarah said as they entered the kitchen all cleaned up and sat around the set table. I turned around from the stove bringing the last of the food with me and looked at them.

As I looked at them I thought to myself how they had grown from the little girls I remembered them as. Sarah grew up nicely I thought as I looked at her. She was average height but with a very slender frame. She had large brown eyes, long light brown hair and a pair of round perky medium sized boobs.

In addition to her physical features, she adopted herself a certain poise as she walked and talked. I looked at her and thought back to when she was a little girl running around the house doing whatever it was eight year old girls do together. I shook the thoughts out of my head and sat down around the table.

"Dig in" I said and all three of us started eating. We had a pleasant dinner of burgers and mashed potatoes, talking about the girls plans while in the city and their plans for next year. We finished off the meal with some store bought chocolate cake. The girls volunteered to do the dishes while I retired to the living room and turned on the TV. The girls finished washing the dishes and joined me for a little while before moving to their bedroom which also had a TV.

About an hour later I turned off the TV, brushed my teeth and lay down on my bed with a book for some reading before going to sleep. It was around midnight and I was still reading my book when I hear a soft knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in" I said quietly, thinking to myself that it's my sister looking for another blanket or something. The door opened and Sarah walked in. She closed the door behind her and stood at the entrance looking uneasy. She was wearing a short pink nightgown that showed off a pair of smooth slender teenage legs. "Hey Sarah, is everything okay?" I asked her. "Yeah um…" she started to mumble as she stood nervous near the door, her face red.

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"What do you need?" I asked kindly. She raised her gaze from the floor and looked at me before talking "I wanted to ask you a favor" she said quietly. "Sure, go ahead", I told her, still not understanding why she was so nervous. "Well," she started talking shyly, "you know next year I'm starting college and everything right? Well there is something I don't really know too much about that I thought you could help me with". She stuttered a bit and was still blushing. "It has been a few years since I finished college but I'm sure I could try.

What do you need help with?" I asked curiously. "Earlier today when you got out of the shower and we saw you, I noticed you were so cool and comfortable so I thought maybe you can help me with…" She took a long pause before finishing the sentence, "Sex" she finally said.

I was taken by surprise by the request. "What do you mean by help you with sex?" I asked a bit too aggressively which seemed to startle her. She answered me in a voice not much louder than a whisper, almost crying: "I don't know, show me a few things maybe".


"Are you serious?" I asked her and she just nodded her head in assurance. A thought crossed my mind that maybe she and my sister were playing a prank on me. I thought about it and looked again at Sarah, it didn't seem the case and if it was she should get an Oscar for her performance. "Where is my sister?" I asked her trying to ease my mind. "She fell asleep already" Sarah told me still waiting for a response to her unusual request.

I looked at the helpless 18 year old in front of me. She looked so innocent, so pure and so damn cute. I realized that instance that I wanted to see what she was hiding beneath that nightgown. "Okay" I finally said to her, "I'll help you on two conditions.

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First, this stays between us and you don't tell anyone, especially not my sister. Second, if at any point you feel uncomfortable and want to stop you say so immediately." Her face seemed to brighten up "Deal" she said forming a smile on her face.

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"Good" I said, setting my book on the nightstand and sitting up on my bed. "Wait, are you a virgin?" I asked as my mind started to process what I agreed to. "Technically no" she said, clearly embarrassed by my question. I didn't really understand what that meant but decided not to push it. "We can start with you taking your clothes off" I told her. A good first step to see if she was serious I thought to myself. She hesitated for a second. "What about you?" she asked. "Don't worry, I'll take my clothes off right after you" I said.

She looked so cute in her hesitation until she built up enough courage. She grabbed both sides of her short nightgown and slowly lifted it up over her head.

As she did so, she revealed a white bra nicely cupping her young boobs and a childish pair of pink panties. I could clearly see her slender frame, smooth flat stomach and crème colored thighs. "Sarah, you can come closer" I told her, noticing she did all of this while still standing near the door.

She stepped over to the middle of the bedroom and placed her nightgown on a chair before continuing to undress. She next fumbled with her bra behind her back until she slowly removed it and placed it in on the chair.

A pair of perky tits appeared in front of my. They were quite large, larger than I expected and nice and round with tiny pink nipples adorning them. Finally, she inserted a finger on each side of her panties' and slowly slid them along and off her legs, exposing a mouthwatering teenage pussy and a young wild bush of light brown hair.

"You have a beautiful body" I told her as I looked at the young body that stood naked in front of me. "Thanks" she said blushing once more. "Come have a sit" I said patting the bed, "It's my turn now". She sat down at the edge of the bed right next to where I was sitting as I got up. I stood where she was standing just a second ago and without too much drama, took my shirt, shorts, and finally underwear off. I looked at Sarah while doing this and saw her let out a small gasp when she saw my dick leave my boxers, already somewhat effected by her naked presence.

I finished undressing and sat down next to her on the bed, my dick almost completely hard. Sarah on the other hand looked petrified. "Is it okay if I kiss you?" I asked her, thinking that if we start with something she knows she will feel more comfortable. "Yes" she said sounding unsure or surprised. I put a finger under her chin and pulled her in until I felt her soft lips on mine.

We started kissing gently and then more and more passionately. We kissed briefly until I gently pulled our lips apart by just a little. "Is it okay if I touch you?" I asked noticing her body loosened somewhat. "Uh ha" she said approving as I closed the gap and continued kissing her. I placed my palm on her right thigh and started rubbing it gently as we kissed until she got used to the feeling of my hand. After that, I slowly slid my palm up, gliding it over her pussy.

It caused her to shutter slightly.

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I kept moving my hand up along her body, feeling the small mound of hair over her vagina, her smooth stomach, lightly caressing her delicate breasts and then sliding my hand all the way back down to her other thigh and rubbing it. All the while still kissing her. Her body was so soft, so young, and so tight.

Her skin sensitive to every small touch. I could feel her body twitch at each sensitive spot I arrived. I parted our lips, and while still rubbing her soft thigh moved my head down and started kissing her neck. Sarah let out a gasp then started moaning softly as I kept kissing her neck. This position was getting a little uncomfortable for me so I grabbed one of my pillows and slowly lowered her onto it while still tasting her neck.

After she was resting on the pillow I went back to kissing her and her mouth accepted mine gladly. As I started kissing her again I slid my hand up her thigh until I felt the warm folds of her pussy and started rubbing it softly, making Sarah groan into my mouth as we kissed. Her pussy was warm and wet and I kept on rubbing it while we kissed. I kept it up for another minute or two and then I broke the kiss, stopped rubbing her pussy and looked into her eyes.

She looked into my eyes, not understanding why I stopped until she felt it. I held out my index finger and used it to brush over her delicate slit gently. I then placed it at her opening and used it to slowly penetrate her tight vulva. "Oh god" she moaned as my finger entered her, the sexual pleasure visible on her face.

I watched her moan as I fingered her gently a few times, each time inserting my finger all the way in and moving it around inside her. I did this for six or seven times before removing my finger from inside her. After, I gave her a few seconds without touching her before starting to fondle her breasts.

I started by caressing them gently to see her reaction. Sarah let out small high pitched moans and I continued by bringing my mouth to her lovely boobs and starting to lick them all around until getting to her tiny nipples and licking them too. Through all this Sarah kept letting out high moans which grew louder the closer I got to her hard nipples. I kept sucking her tits some more before stopping and lowering myself to her prize. She looked at me wide eyed as I stopped licking her boobs and then watched me intently as I traced my tongue along her stomach and bush until reaching her wonderful twat.

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I noticed her watching me shocked as I used both hands to spread apart her pussy lips and then run my tongue along the outside of her exposed cunt. "Oh my god" Sarah let out in pleasure almost screaming as my tongue met her delicate jewel. I took that as a sign of approval and started exploring her young pussy with my tongue. I started with the outer lips of her pussy and slowly made my way in.

I followed by inserting only the tip of my tongue inside her and tasting her wetness before continuing to slyly insert my tongue deeper and deeper inside her addictive muff. Sarah writhed in pleasure as I hungrily ate her delicious vagina until I stopped, extracted myself from the area and sat on the bed next to her. "How was that so far?" I asked her deviously. Sarah sat up on the bed next to me catching her breath. "That was amazing" she said breathing heavily.

Looks like that helped, I thought to myself noticing Sarah was much less tense than before. I was so turned on by exploring her naked body that my cock was rock hard. We sat on the edge of the bed for a while as Sarah was catching her breath until she finally stopped panting.

I noticed her looking at my erect cock shyly, despite the fact I had just had a very hot and close encounter with her pussy. "Are you okay Sarah? Do you want to continue?" I asked knowing the answer. "Yes, I'm ready" She said looking up and meeting my eyes. She blushed when she saw I noticed her looking at my long hard member. "It's okay" I said to her almost chuckling at her innocence, "In fact…" I continued, climbing onto the bed behind her and laying down on my back with my cock standing up like a flagpole, "that's better.

You can go ahead and touch it" I told her. She looked at my dick hesitantly. "You don't have to do anything special" I told Sarah, just get the feel of it, do what comes natural" I said to her reassuringly. Sarah reached over with her right hand and gently grasped the tip of my dick. Her hand was soft and warm, and my cock twitched as she started gliding her fingers over it.

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She looked at me and I smiled at her as she kept studying my cock with her hand, slowly bringing the other in and playing with my testicles. Sarah continued playing with my hard cock for a bit while I lay quietly on the bed.

After a bit of studying, she closed her right palm over my cock and slowly stroked my shaft all the way down. An involuntary groan of pleasure left my lips as she did so. She looked up at me pleased and started stroking my dick gently, watching my pleasured expression as she did.

She kept on stroking my hard dick and looking me straight in the eyes as a few drops of pre cum oozed from my cock. "Can I lick it?" Sarah asked me in a soft tone. "Of course" I answered with a moan. Sarah moved a bit on the bed and positioned herself so that her head was right over my cock. She grabbed it in her hand, slowly lowered herself down and then started licking the tip of it like it was a lollipop. "Ooohhhhh" I exhaled in pleasure at the sensation of her warm wet tongue over the tip of my hard cock.

It was clear she didn't have much experience but it felt good nonetheless. She licked my cock from the outside, starting with its head and then licking along the upper part to the base. She was clueless. "Can I tell you what guys usually like when giving them a blowjob?" I asked Sarah, choosing my words carefully. She was licking around the base of my cock when I said it and needless to say it was not doing anything for me.

"Okay" she said, stopping what she was doing. "Go back to what you started with, licking the tip", and she started licking the head of my cock like a lollipop again. "Good, now instead of licking put the tip in your mouth and start sucking on it", I watched her as she followed my instructions.

"Oh fuck, yes, just like that" I called out moaning as she started sucking on my dick. "Oh god yes" I moaned silently as she kept sucking my cock. "Now whenever you feel comfortable, start putting it deeper into your mouth while sucking on it. Take it in as deep as you can then slowly pull it out while swirling your tongue around it and then take it back in. Like you were eating a… Popsicle, I guess would be the closest thing.

" She listened to me and quickly followed. She brought her mouth over my dick and took it in maybe half way before pulling it out while swirling her tongue around my erect cock.

It felt incredible. She repeated it a few times slowly, each time sending gentle waves of pleasure throughout my naked body before getting the hang of it. After she got used to it she started picking up the pace. "Oh yes Sarah" I moaned for her to hear as she sucked me exquisitely. It turned out I was a good teacher, or maybe Sarah was a good student? Who cares I decided, moaning loudly as my dick found its way inside her mouth again. Sarah kept on sucking my dick masterfully and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

"Sarah, I am almost ready to cum" I said to her calmly, not quite there yet. She stopped blowing me and immediately pulled herself to a sitting position. This made her lovely breasts bounce provocatively. "What am I supposed to do?" She asked sounding alarmed. "Well, I don't want to cum in your mouth, so you can stroke it like you did before until I cum or I can do it and you can watch" I said to her. Sarah didn't answer me but instead grabbed my cock in her hand and started stroking it.

"Oh yes Sarah that feels good" I said to her encouragingly, "You can go a little faster" I added and she did. I watched her milky tits bounce up and down as she stroked my hard on until I felt my orgasm closing in. "Oh fuck, oh fuck yeah, oh fuck!!!!" I shouted out as I started to cum. Sarah kept stroking me and watched amazed as I started cumming while I moaned in pleasure. The first load I shot caught her by surprise and hit her on the stomach just below her left boob. She kept on jerking me off and the next few loads landed on the bed and one on my stomach as the orgasm shot through my body making me groan continuously.

Sarah kept stroking me through it and continued until after I finished cumming and my orgasm subsided. "That was great" I told her sincerely, "and you can stop now" I added as my cock started receding. She let go of my dick and looked at the drops of sticky cum I squirted on her.

I grabbed a box of tissues from beside the bed and handed her one to clean herself. I then took a few to clean myself off and give the bed a quick wipe. I laid back on the bed and looked up at Sarah.

She was sitting on her knees between my legs and looking down at me helplessly, not knowing what to do next. She looked so cute. I grabbed her by the waist while still on my back and slowly pulled her down into me until she was flat on top of me, our naked bodies aligned. I felt her warm body on top of mine, her nipples softly poking me in the chest as she lay above me and looked down into my eyes.

She lowered her mouth towards mine and started kissing me passionately, not so shy anymore. "What next?" I asked Sarah after a long kiss. "I think I'm ready to feel you inside me" she whispered cautiously in my ear. I could feel the blood rushing back to my limp cock as she finished those words.

I wasn't sure how far she wanted to go but after hearing those words come out of her mouth I was ecstatic. I pulled her into another hot kiss as our bodies pressed together. Sarah moved her waist a little and whether by accident or not, she happened to grind her pussy over my cock, making me groan gently.

She noticed my reaction and started intentionally grinding her warm cunt over my cock as we kissed. It drove me crazy, feeling her pussy lips glide along the length of my growing cock as she kept kissing me.

She kept on going as I moaned in unison with her motions until I decided to put a stop to it. I brought both hands around her back, pinning her naked body to mine as we kissed. I pulled her close, not giving her enough room to move around until in one quick motion I flipped us over. Sarah was now the one laying on her back with me on top.

She looked up at me in surprise with her big beautiful eyes. If I had a full erection I might have been tempted to penetrate her at this exact moment but fortunately (or unfortunately) I needed a bit longer. I lowered myself down for another kiss before starting my way down her young naked body, moving down to her breasts. I held her delectable tits in my hands and started licking them and sucking her nipples as Sarah moaned adorably.

From there I traced my tongue down her stomach, over her thin bush and started devouring her pink pussy. She moaned loudly as my tongue came in contact with the sensitive area once again and kept moaning as I snaked my tongue around her cove. She was even wetter than before and tasted amazing as I explored her with my tongue once more, pulling her lips to the side for better access.

I kept eating her pussy to her constant sounds of pleasure. As I ate her, Sarah raised both her legs off the mattress and loosely closed them around my neck to keep me from stopping.

I stopped licking her pussy and seized the fact that she raised her legs to move my tongue down and start licking the rim of her tight asshole with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh my god" Sarah screamed in pleasure and shivered slightly, "Is that your tongue?" she asked with a loud groan. To answer her question I softly inserted the tip of my tongue into her asshole, making her squeak in pleasure.

I took it out after a moment. My cock was rock hard and ready for her. I got up to my feet and Sarah raised her head to see why I stopped. At seeing my erect cock she understood. I opened the drawer of my nightstand and took out a condom, showing it to her.

I ripped it open and Sarah watched as I rolled it over my raging dick. I placed myself at the edge of the bed and pulled Sarah over, placing her pussy right at the edge of the bed where I was standing. I then grabbed 2 pillows and helped Sarah put them behind her back until she was almost in a sitting position.

I wanted her to watch and see me enter her for the first time. "Are you ready?" I asked looking at the naked teenager laying on her back in front of me. "Yes" she answered sounding frightened and looking at my cock as I positioned it to the entrance of her pussy. I grabbed my condom covered cock with my left hand and gave it a few rubs on her pussy as Sarah watched with an expression part terror part lust.

I then placed the tip of my cock to her opening and while looking at her, slowly pushed it into her snatch. Sarah was completely quiet as I pushed my cock all the way inside her. She is so tight I thought to myself as her pussy pushed down on my cock, adjusting to it. I slowly pulled my cock out then slowly back in. "Oh god Sarah" I let out hoarsely as I reentered her tight twat and pulled out again. Sarah stayed completely quiet, and just looked at my hard member disappear inside her.

I penetrated her for the fourth time when finally Sarah relaxed. She tilted her head back and let out a small gasp of pleasure as I breached her again slowly. I let out another moan as I slowly fucked Sarah's snug hole. Her pussy was so tight, the sensation of my cock gliding inside it felt amazing.

It was by far the tightest pussy I have ever fucked and I was afraid of fucking her any faster. Sarah was also enjoying herself. She had her head back on a pillow and was moaning quietly, not much louder than a whisper as I continued to slowly plunge my cock inside her unbelievably tight vagina. "Sarah" I said quietly as I pulled my cock out after a few more pumps. She opened her eyes like she just woke up from a nap and looked at me inquisitively.

"I thought we could switch positions" I whispered to her, not exactly knowing why I was whispering. She nodded and I offered her my hand which she took and used to pull herself up. I then climbed onto the bed and laid down on my back with my dick sticking up. Sarah then got back on the bed and stood above me. She lowered herself down from a standing position until she was squatting above my cock. I watched her beautiful body, looking at her young tits and bush which turned me on so much and stared at her as she tried to lower herself onto my dick and failed, each time my dick slipping to the side.

After the second try, Sarah grabbed my cock in her right hand and guided it to her pussy as she placed her left hand on my abs to balance herself. Finally my cock found its way back inside her and I exhaled deeply in pleasure, her ever so tight pussy hugging my shaft powerfully.

Sarah lowered herself all the way down and let out a moan as her pussy readjusted. She held my cock inside her for a few seconds before slowly ascending. She then lowered herself down again as she started riding my cock.

She started out slow like I fucked her but after a little while she sped up slightly and started moaning louder as she did. "Oh my god Sarah, you're so tight" I said out loud as the faster pace enhanced the extreme pleasure she was causing me. To that Sarah started riding me a little faster but did not say a word.

Her mouth had formed into the shape of an "O" as she kept moaning soundlessly with great pleasure. We kept fucking like that for another minute or so before Sarah started slowing down. I could tell by the way that her body moved she was getting tired, obviously not used to the position. She rode me slowly for another blissful minute before she stopped altogether. "Why don't you climb off and I'll continue" I said to her as she sat on top of me with my dick inside her, her muscles exhausted.

"Go ahead and get down on all four" I said to her while watching her climb off my still very erect cock. Sarah climbed off me and I quickly sat up and folded my legs to give her enough room. Sarah stood with her back to me and nimbly got down on all fours in front of me, giving me a front row view of her firm ass and her tight pink pussy from behind. I got on my knees behind her and placed a palm on each ass cheek, squeezing the firm orbs. I then used my hands to part her ass and give her asshole another quick gentle lick which caused her to let out a sexually surprised gasp.

I let go of her ass, grabbed my dick and guided it to her pussy plunging it inside. "Oh god Keith" Sarah called in pleasure and arched her back as my big dick stretched her exceptionally tight pussy from behind. "Oh fuck Sarah" I called out with another slow thrust into her cunt, making sure to push it as deep as it would go inside her.

I kept thrusting myself into her from behind, trying a little faster each time as her pussy accepted my cock with great pleasure. We were both moaning loudly by now, the sound overpowering the slapping sounds of our naked bodies colliding. I kept fucking Sarah and her tight pussy as fast as I dared for another two or three minutes before it happened.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOD!" Sarah said fast and immediately followed with a loud high pitched squeal as apparently her orgasm started.

Her pussy started convulsing around my cock making her already tight snatch even tighter and putting immense pressure on my swollen dick. "Oh FUCK" I just about screamed and closed my eyes in pleasure as I felt my own orgasm take charge. I held Sarah tightly by the waist with both hands and kept thrusting myself inside her as the almost intolerable pleasure of my climax shot through my body.


Sarah's orgasmic squeal turned into a continuous shriek as I kept penetrating her through our mutual orgasm. Her pussy continued to convulse around my shaft as I kept inserting it deep inside and shortly after her body started to spasm frantically. I came like I have cum only a few times before in my life, filling the condom with loads of thick cum as I kept on plunging my cock into that tight teenage pussy. Her sounds of pleasure turned into soft sobs as her body shook uncontrollably under her.

I thrust myself into her a few last times as my orgasm finished taking its course and then I pulled my cock out and let go of her. As soon as I let go, she collapsed onto the mattress face down and continued shuddering wildly. Her orgasm was still in full affect and did not seem to be slowing down as Sarah let out hoarse shaking breaths, like someone suffering from hypothermia. I instantly lay down face first next to her, rolled onto my back and pulled her into me.

I embraced her naked body and held her close as she continued to shudder with what was the most intense female orgasm I have ever seen. I held her tight in my arms until her shaking calmed down. I noticed she was crying as tears rolled down her eyes onto my neck. We stayed like that until her body completely stopped shaking and I could hear her breathing return to normal as she still lay on top of me. "Are you okay?" I asked Sarah after what felt like a long time, releasing her from my embrace.

"Ah ha" Sarah said approvingly as she slowly raised her head and gently sat up on the bed. She grabbed a tissue and wiped the tears from her eyes. I sat up as well, took the filled condom off, threw it in the trash and then wiped my limp dick with a tissue before returning back to look at Sarah. We looked at each other briefly before Sarah spoke first: "That was incredible" she said to my relief, her body still a bit shaken up from her climax.

"Yes it was" I agreed out loud, still astounded by the unworldly orgasm I witnessed her having. "Is it always like that?" I couldn't help myself and asked her.

Sarah looked at me like she didn't understand. "Your orgasms" I said with a pause, "I are they always this&hellip. powerful?" I asked her, not able to find a better word. "Well, I don't know" Sarah started saying and blushing, "I guess that this was the first one I've ever had".

"Oh, wow" I said, not knowing how I should react. "Lucky me" I finally said with a smile and looked straight at her as she returned a shy smile back.

"I better get to bed" Sarah said after an awkward pause and got up on her feet. I watched her sexy body as she walked over to where her clothes were, her fine ass wiggling from side to side. I then watched her as she pulled her panties over her smooth legs until it covered her tight pussy.

Then looked at her young round breasts as she covered them with her bra and finally covered both pieces of clothing with her short nightgown. She finished dressing and walked over to where I was sitting naked.

"Thank you for tonight" she whispered to me and before I managed to get up on my feet she bent down and gave me a long thank you kiss on the lips.

"It was my pleasure" I said to her as she opened the bedroom door to leave. "Good night" she answered with a smile giving my bare body one last look before closing the door behind her.

I looked over at my phone and saw that it was 3:00 AM. I was so glad tomorrow I had the day off. I climbed into bed, too tired to do anything, turned off the light and fell asleep the second I hit the mattress. I woke up the next morning to the smell of cooking.

I got up, put some clothes on and dragged myself out of the room. The girls were already up and cooking what looked like a hearty breakfast.

"Morning" my sister said to me as I walked by the kitchen. "Morning" I answered sleepily and looked over at Sarah who looked as cute as she had last night, still in the same outfit. "We thought we'd cook you breakfast" she said cheerfully while frying up some eggs.

I looked over at Sarah to see if there was any awkwardness there but there didn't seem to be. She looked at me confidently as my sister spoke. "Breakfast sounds great. I'm starving" I said trying to figure out if my sister knew about what went on between her friend and me last night. "It was Sarah's idea" she said more trying to embarrass her than to give her credit. "Great idea" I said to Sarah with a smile. I was under the impression my sister did not know about last night in spite of all the noise her friend made.

We sat around the table and started eating. "So Sarah" I said starting a conversation, "you're starting college next year right?" "That's right" she said doing her best not to smile suspiciously. "You feel like you're ready for it?" I asked her as my sister ate and listened to my unusual interest in her friend. "When I finished school I felt like I wasn't" Sarah started saying, "but now I feel much more prepared for it" she said blushing and gave me a look that said it all.

"I'm glad to hear" I said, moving my gaze between her and my seemingly oblivious sister. "And I want you to know that if you ever need help with anything, feel free to come to me" I said with a serious face. "Thanks" Sarah said innocently and quickly turned to my sister and started to talk about the plans they had for their last day in town. I looked at sexy little angel I had in my bed last night as she talked to my sister and found myself hoping she would take me up on my offer someday.

The End Hope you enjoyed :) Please comment