Cute teen pleasing her bf in the shower

Cute teen pleasing her bf in the shower
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My name is James Rock, and I am an outlaw in the world of America. I am 6ft 3, with dark brown hair and pure, crystal white eyes that can stare into your soul. I was running, fast. Very fast. Next to me, laughing it up as always was my BFF (Yeh hahaha, but there really isn't another way to put it) and brother Alex Rock, who was somewhat successful at laughing, running, and avoiding being shot.

A sheriff was chasing us on horseback, shooting crappily with an 8 barrel shotgun. Well, he was, after I turned around and shot his horse; he was face down in the sand. I strolled over to him while Alex watched about for anyone else. He had the best eye in the world, and could hit an ant in the thorax at 70 paces. I trusted him with my life, and he trusted his with me. I sauntered over and put my put on the sheriff's wrist just as he reached for his gun.

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He squealed as I crushed his wrist with my boot. I was slightly pudgy, at just over 11 stone, but I hid it well with a perfectly toned body, muscles included. "Well hello again, Granny" He spat in my face.

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"That was just uncalled for, wasn't it, Granny?" His real name was Grant, and he was called that because he liked older women. "Fuck you, Rock" "Hey, hey, we're all friends here.Right?" As I said this I steadily increased exertion on his chest, cutting of his air.


"Gagk.Fuu.Stra" "Hmmmm, what was that, Granny?" I slowly decreased the pressure so he could talk. "I.Said.Screw Satan, asswipe" "No, No, that is what YOU are going to be doing in." I looked at my pretend watch here. "5 seconds," feigning surprise. "Hey, Alex what should we do with him?" I didn't look up as a bullet came out of nowhere and rattled around the sheriff's skull. "That is what we should do with that asshole," he shouted obscenely loud, fighting for breath over his giggling.

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I stood up and wiped the blood off my face, throwing the hanky at Alex. He was a mirror of me in every way, except for two key features. He had yellowy silver hair, and his eyes were so black that you could see your reflection in them. "I think we should have at LEAST questioned him, Alex, THEN you could have shot him in the face." "Yeh, well, he was a dick anyway, he wouldn't have answered any of our questions." I nodded, giving in to his gigantic grin, which still didn't look silly after what he had just done.

"So," Alex asked, "should we go back to the Dream of Dwarves?" This was the local tavern, full of the best ale the world could offer, and fine food. Not to mention the fine ass, either, as even though it was renowned for it's brilliant service, it was a place for low-lifes, gamblers, whores and the cellar was used for storage of bodies, as there was a fighting ring in the attic, and it was supposed to be fists only, but a multitude of things could be worn on the wrist.

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We sauntered in, throwing the corpse down the stairs to the cellar, bellowing for a good wench and the stakes for today's fights. Five hours later, Alex and I collapsed out the door, having spent the bounty for the sheriff, stumbling towards our house, which we shared with our little sister, Rebecca. Alex fell outside the door in hystericals, and Rebecca had to drag him in, as I had fallen flat on my face just INside the door, firmly inebriated.

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Rebecca, upon placing us both in our beds, went to her room. I however, was not placated, and wanted one last drink before passing out and throwing up on my pillow. I tiptoed, (or as best as one can tiptoe when one is drunk) towards the kitchen, past Rebecca and Alex's room. I looked in on my brother, and saw that he was still laughing in his sleep, oblivious to the sick he was painted in.

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I didn't normally look in on my sister, but I heard something coming from her room as I passed, and I gently opened her door. If the cold night air hadn't made me sober, the sight I saw would have. My little, innocent sister, was You know, I think I should put a description of her here.


She is 5ft 6, and with hair like Alex's, and eyes like me, she was beautiful, like an angle had fallen from the sky and into our rundown old shack.

Her 36 CC breasts were perky and firm, and the nipples were like the cap on a bottle of water, looking like they could slice glass. Anyway, as I was saying.She was burying her right hand in her shaved, glistening pussy, as her left was mauling her tits, tearing at the nipple so much it began to bleed. It was a sight that I would never forget. I didn't dare blink so as not to miss a moment of this.

She pulled her hand out of her cunt, and dragged it up her body, leaving a trail of her juices on her tummy as she went, finally up to her mouth where she licked them clean, murmuring something under her breath as she did so. She moved her other hand down to her clit, rubbing furiously.

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As she screamed out her ecstasy, she said one name over and over. James. I was as hard as.Well, rock by now, excuse the pun, and I needed to wank. As I left, I swore that Rebecca looked at me, even as I closed the door. I hurriedly left, couching down the corridor, one last drink forgotten, and shot a huge load of cum onto my best jacket. I was going to clean it off, but the blackness washed over me before I could.