Acariciando el culo y la vagina de mi Mujer

Acariciando el culo y la vagina de mi Mujer
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Last month I did it again. I cheated on my husband. This time it was with someone I knew though, so the possibility exists it could happen again. It was such a turn on, just being able to have no strings attached sex and knowing my pussy belonged to someone else but giving it up anyway. About once a month a group of us from work go out for dinner and drinks after work.

It is not uncommon for us to close the bar and we have loads of fun. We were all surprised to see Fred come with us.

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Usually his wife is very controlling and does not let him come. He told us she was out of town for a conference so he was rebelling.

We welcomed him and went through our usual routine. As the night went on and people were filtering home, Fred and I just kept drinking more.

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We were really getting to know each other. The fact that Fred was a very good looking black man, a couple years older than me, he had a daughter in college but no other kids, with a smooth deep voice encouraged me to keep talking with him. I you read about my last affair you know I have a thing for black guys.

If you haven't read my other stories I will describe myself as a 5'6 brown haired blue eyed mother of three with 36C tits.

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I am a little on the heavy side at 165 lbs. As we were drinking we said some things to each other that were maybe a little personal. I told him about my affair last spring.

He told me about the marital troubles he was having. We even told each other what we liked sexually. It was all in good fun as we kept drinking. When we decided we were drunk enough we decided to share a cab ride home. We were dropping him off first since he lived closer. When we got to his place he asked if I wanted to come in for another drink.

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Sounded like a good idea to me so I agreed. We went in and he poured us both a drink. Since we had left straight from work he was still wearing a polo and his khaki pants. I had on a loose ankle length black skirt and button up blouse. We sat down and had our drinks, but it did not take long before we set the drinks down and were kissing. Fred was kissing my necks and unbuttoning my blouse when I muttered we shouldn't be doing this since we were both married.

He agreed and kept kissing me and working my shirt. That was the most resistance either one of us put up that night.

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He got my shirt off and started rubbing my tits through my bra. He was kissing me all over, my lips, neck, and cleavage. Eventually Fred stopped and pulled me up, taking me upstairs to his bedroom. He had me sit on the bed while he stepped into his closet quick. He came out with one of his wife's silk scarves.

He remembered me saying I was turned on by light bondage. He gently laid me back on the bed. Positioning my arms over my head he tied my wrists together then fastened me to the bed. Once that was done he resumed kissing my neck and chest while he removed my bra and slid it up over my head. He could do amazing things with his tongue as he sucked my tits and played with my nipples.

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As his mouth worked my tits, his hand was working my skirt up over my hips. Once he had that accomplished he backed up so he could pull my panties down. I was all smiles and my pussy was wet with anticipation. Fred didn't immediately do anything with my exposed shaved twat. Instead, he opened the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out this huge vibrator. It was about 9" long and as thick as my wrist. He smiled slightly as he told me it was what his wife replaced him with.

I did not think it would fit in me, but left my legs spread for him to find out. He fingered me quick to make sure I was lubed before he started feeding that snake into me. I groaned as it went deeper into me. I don't know how far in he got it, but I was full to capacity.

Then he turned it on, I moaned as it vibrated inside me. He started to slowly thrust it in and out of me. I was squirming in pleasure as he fucked me with the vibrator. Then Fred leaned in and started licking my clit with the vibrator in me. I exploded in my orgasm and screamed my pleasure.

He kept going until my first orgasm subsided and I started building my second. Then he stopped licking, and leaving the vibrator in me he stood up and pulled off his pants. His cock was rock hard and almost as big as the vibrator. With me squirming because of the vibrator in me, Fred stuck his cock in my mouth.


His smooth cock tasted salty in my mouth as I was being forced to deep throat him. I'm sure it felt good for to have his cock in my mouth while I was moaning for my second orgasm to release. When I came I exploded. My pussy contracted hard enough to shoot the vibrator out.

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He could hear me screaming around my mouthful of cock. Fred laughed a little as he pulled his cock from my mouth and said he guessed it was time to move on. He put the vibrator back in the drawer and joked there was no reason to let his wife know it was used. I laughed with him and told him that was naughty. Fred then rolled me over.

It tightened the ties on my wrists but had me stretched out with my face and chest buried on the bed and my ass in the air. I was completely vulnerable and loving it. He flipped my skirt back up, exposing my ass and pussy. He placed his thumb on my asshole as he fingered my pussy. I was squealing in pleasure as orgasm three started building.

I started telling him to just fuck me. He obliged. Fred slid his cock into me from behind. This time I knew how far in he was because I felt his balls slap against my pussy.


His big black cock felt so good deep inside me. He started fucking me hard enough it felt like his cock was going to poke right through my back. My third orgasm was just about to release. This time my screams were muffled by the pillow. As I came my pussy contracted around Fred. As I tightened on him he started cumming.

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I felt him shooting his cum deep inside me enhancing my orgasm. He stayed in me until we were both finished and he started to go soft. He pulled out of me and his cum felt like a river leaking from my pussy.

Fred untied me and we kissed and groped for a couple of minutes. I then excused myself to go clean up. It took about fifteen minutes for me to clean up and get dressed. When I got downstairs Fred had a cup of coffee for me and had already called a cab.

Guessing correctly I was worried about getting pregnant he assured me he had a vasectomy two years ago. Helped a little but I was still worried as my panties were getting wet from his cum leaking out of me.

When I got home I went to my bedroom and stripped. I kissed my husband and spooned him close, remembering how much I loved him.

knowing I was drunk he tried to get me to fuck him. Not wanting him to know what I had done I let him finger me a bit as I sucked him off.


I let him cum in my mouth though I usually don't, just because I was feeling guilty. I didn't sleep much that night, worried I might be pregnant with a black baby. New development!! From the time of writing this and of posting it I ended up telling my husband about my fling. I was still worried about being pregnant and thought it would be easier to tell him before I knew. I am not pregnant. He was upset at first, then he wanted details.

I told him exactly what happened. Knowing it was just sex and knowing I love him he got over it quick. He then suggested that if Fred was in as tough of shape sexually as I described he might be interested in fucking me again as part of a threesome!

Sooo maybe……