Gay movie of Nu used his arm in a twisting maneuverability with all

Gay movie of Nu used his arm in a twisting maneuverability with all
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June has been taken by Shawn to an old mill building down the road. "Look up at me slut." The Helpless teen bitch raised her head up." " Open you you mouth and stick out your tongue." "Please, what are you doing." "Shut the fuck up cunt and do it." The helpless bitch felt the knife dig into her neck.

She took his cock in her mouth. "Suck on it. Bob on it.

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" Shawn's Dick, hard and pulsing throbbed faster." He pulled his cock from her mouth and ripped off her hood. His cum shot over her face, red and sweaty from the ordeal. Shawn laughed at her cum coated mouth.

"Open you mouth and suck it clean.

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" She pulled him inside her mouth as her lips stripped the cum from his shaft. He ran his dick over the cum on her face and fed her mouth again. "Clean it good you little cock sucking whore." June was overcome by terror. Her face was red and puffy from the abuse. Her knees ached from kneeling on the concrete floor. Wrists were chapped from the rope binding them behind her back. June felt like she would be sick from swallowing the slime. Sucking the cum off his cock she felt him becoming erect again.

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Tied and naked, tears ran down her face as she knelt helpless at the mercy of the sexual predator. Shawn looked at his watch, he still had a half-hour. "Get the fuck up Bitch." Shawn yelled.

Helpless June stood. "Open that slut mouth." "Open up and look at me." Shawn spit a big load into her mouth. "Swallow." June swallowed and then pleaded. "Please, I'll do what ever you want.

Don't hurt me." Shawn's cock swelled, he loved to hear her beg. He grabbed her face. "Beg for an ass fucking." "Please fuck my dirty teen ass. Please fuck me hard." The poor teen was desperate, hoping pleasing Shawn would save her.


Maybe give her time. "She knew her Mom would miss her if she was not home. Maybe&hellip." "Lean up against that pole, spread your legs for an ass fucking." June turned and leaned up against the pole, spreading her legs. She dreaded what was to come but …… "Oh, Yes, do it. Fuck my ass." June was desperate to survive.

Shawn rubbed his cock against her ass cheeks.


"Do it. I want it." Cried June. "Tell me what you are." "I am a cock loving ass fucking Whore." Shawn held her tight teen ass cheeks in his hands as he pushed his cock against her butt hole." Looking at the taut teen body stretched out Shawn felt the power. She was all his. She was begging for it, hoping to save herself. Shawn slowly rammed himself inside her pumping back and forth. June hid the terrible pain. "YEA, fuck me harder, YEA." As June's ass meat rippled from the pounding, Shawn dug his hands into her butt cheeks.

"Thump, Thump Thump." He pounded as hard as he could. June felt her legs starting to buckle but she braced herself still screaming for him to fuck her harder even though she could barely stand the pain.

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Shawn's cock quivered as felt himself explode inside the teen ass. He kept pumping his cock inside her releasing every drop. June was shaking, quivering barely able to stand. Her face was red and she felt terribly sick but did not realize worse was to cum.

Shawn dug two fingers inside her butt hole, then three fingers, then four. He turned his hand inside her covering his fingers with her filth and his own cum. "AGHHHHH" June screamed in pain, not longer able to contain her agony. In one motion Shawn pulled her head back and pushed his four fingers into her mouth.

June's eyes looked like they were popping out of their sockets. She struggled but Shawn had a vice grip on her hair.

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June twisted her body but almost collapsed from a knee to her stomach. Unable to fight back, June succumbed to the brutal face fuck. Shawn pulled his hand from her mouth as her vomit streamed out her mouth. He cupped some of the mess in his hand and smeared it across her face. Shit, cum and vomit mix covered her eyes. June coughed up more of the slimy mess. Shawn was not through. He held her hair with one hand slapping her helpless pig face with the other. Shawn coated her nose with the slop and then held her mouth closed.

Desperately trying to breath through her nose she sucked in the slime through her nostrils. Ready to pass out, Shawn released her as she collapsed to the ground.

The yellow piss flowed over her head as she knelt trying to get her breath back. "AGGHHHH" June crumpled from a kick to her side. When she came to she found herself hanging feet barely touching the ground. Her arms were tied in front of her and she was hung by a cable through her arm pits behind her back. "Welcome back Bitch." "This going to my favorite part." "No please, what are you going to do. I did everything you wanted. " SLAP. June took a heavy slap across the face.

"That's just a little sample." He grabbed her mouth. "I have 15 minutes left and every part of your body will feel my Wrath.

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"I like it personal with my hands and feet." He slapped her breasts again and again. " "I only wish I had more time.


" "AGGHHHHH" June screamed as Shawn stomped on her right foot. Then her left. He kept his boot on her foot grinding it into the ground. With his hand he slapped her screaming bitch face.

Her face was purple as he backslapped her head. Shawn kicked her in one shin and then the other. He punched her in the ribs one one side and then the other. June crumpled to the ground when Shawn released the cable holding her up. "Thuddd" June groaned when Shawn kicked her in the ribs.

Again he kicked the helpless battered teen. Shawn looked at his watch. He had five minutes left. He knelt down pulling the girls legs up over his shoulders. He pushed himself inside her, every movement inflicting endless pain. The beaten teen could only groan as Shawn brutally fucker for her last time.

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He held his hips tight against her watching her tortured face. He screwed her as hard as he could watching the agony on her battered face. Thumping her as hard as he could he shot one last load inside her.

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Shawn stood up dressing and gathering up his clothes. June tried crawl as Shawn dumped old pieces of wood and paper over her. Finding a 2 x 4, he smashed her knee, just to make sure she would not move. He pushed her over with the beam and smashed the other knee. He looked back from the doorway as the fire began to flare up.

Driving away he could hear the fire engines racing to the scene. The End