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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit. Story Codes: mmfff, exhib, grope, magic, unif, voy Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 1 - In The Beginning by Avatrek ([email protected]) Harry Potter's fifth year of education was one of the most difficult times of his young life.

Publicly slighted by both the Ministry of Magic and the influential magical media, Harry had been called a liar, attention-seeker and delinquent. After a very difficult fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Harry and the rest of the school was secretly subjected to the mind-altering Spellbook of Desires, Harry had to watch a fellow Triwizard Champion, Cedric Diggory, murdered by Peter Pettigrew, just before the return of Lord Voldemort.

Harry had escaped the reborn Voldemort and his Death Eaters after a fantastic battle and learning the secrets behind the fabled Spellbook of Desires and the effects it had had on Hogwarts and all who dwelled inside the school. Harry and his friends had been using the book all year to play out their sexual fantasies with both their friends and enemies. It had therefore come as a shock to learn that the book's spells and potions were all fictitious and the books only real power was to affect the minds of everyone near it to make them believe they were living out their wildest fantasies.

It was all used as a ruse to confuse and divert everyone's attention away from the actions of Wormtail and Voldemort during his slow return to power. Only when he had reached his full power again and had regained his valuable book, did Voldemort lift the book's powers from the school and wipe everyone's memory of the book and the fictitious events it had produced.

Although Harry had seen the return of Lord Voldemort and Dumbledore had backed up his claim, both the Ministry of Magic and eventually the entire magical world had seen it as far easier to simply ignore the idea of Voldemort returning to power and instead accuse Harry and Dumbledore of being either attention grabbers or that they were simply crazy. This had led to a very difficult fifth year at Hogwarts for Harry; one which had seen him fight with his friends, question Dumbledore and battle against bad press all year.

All of this eventually culminated in a battle at the Ministry of Magic and the death of Harry's godfather, Sirius Black. If the trauma of losing the only family Harry had left was not enough, Harry finally found out why Dumbledore had been avoiding him all year.

While Harry threw Dumbledore's prized possessions around his office without regard, Draco Malfoy was being summoned to Lord Voldemort, back at his parents' manor. After learning of his father's capture at the Ministry of Magic, Draco had fled the school and made it to Hogsmeade.


Waiting for him there was his aunt Bellatrix and mother Narcissa Malfoy. "Come now Narcissa.


Draco will have the honour of serving the Dark Lord in the most important mission he will ever have." Bellatrix Lestrange told her sister as her nephew walked towards them. "He's far too young. If Lucius were here, he'd never allow it!" She berated her sister, nearly in tears at learning that her only son would be undertaking a very dangerous mission that only he could perform.

"Is it true Mother.? Has father been captured?" Draco asked his mother as he finally made it to her, still breathing hard. "Yes Draco. But that`s not why you`re being summoned to the Dark Lord." Bellatrix cut in before Narcissa could answer. "Come now. There`s no time to talk about it here. The Dark Lord awaits!" Narcissa and Bellatrix took hold of each of Draco's arms and helped him apparate back to the Malfoy estate, where an angry looking Lord Voldemort, paced back and forth in the manor's main dining room.

"Fools. Incompetent fools!" Voldemort spat as he paced the room throwing hexes at whoever tried to interrupt his brooding. "Ahhh. The guest of honour, Draco Malfoy." he said as Draco entered the room all by himself. "My lord," Draco bowed respectfully in front of his new Master.

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Now that his father was incarcerated in the Wizard's prison of Azkaban, either he would take on his family's lifelong debt to the Dark Lord or he would pay the price of his father's misfortunes. "Stand Draco. You have nothing to fear from me.

You will be honoured beyond all others in the months to come." Voldemort told Draco as he bade him to sit down in the nearest chair. "Me my lord?" Draco asked respectfully as he sat and got ready to listen to what Voldemort had to say. "Yes. You are the only one that meets the age requirements that this mission necessitates," Voldemort continued, "The raid on the Ministry of Magic was for more than one simple purpose. Yes. You're father's mission was to steal a valuable tool that could have helped me finally kill that annoying brat, Harry Potter, but he also was used as a decoy while I stole something nearly as important.

You are the only one of my faithful Death Eaters other than myself that will know of this and it must remain that way." "Of course." "Good. I have in my possession, one of only two special time-turner devices which if used correctly, can send the user back in time, as far as twenty-five years. I have chosen you, Draco Malfoy, to travel into the distant past of 1976, where you will find and steal four powerful magical objects." "How?

What? Where?" Draco asked, looking both surprised and confused. "The time-turner will transport you back to 1976 Hogwarts, where you will enrol as a transfer student from Durmstrang.

Because you were not yet born, the possibility of running into yourself during that school year is not a threat. If you were to see yourself that far into the past, it would surely kill you. The information about the magical objects I wish you to retrieve can be found in this envelope." Voldemort finally finished, placing a large yellow envelope into Malfoy's hands.

While Draco was receiving his mission from the Dark Lord, Harry was finally calming down in Dumbledore's office. With almost all of his valuable objects broken Dumbledore was finally able to bring a little reason to the situation. "I am sorry Harry; for all that I have done or failed to do for you in the past, but now I must ask something of you that only you and your closest friends can know about. Voldemort's reasons for breaking into the Ministry of Magic were far more than just to steal a prophecy I'm afraid.

He arrived shortly after you and your friends and proceeded to steal another valuable object which would have been destroyed had he not taken it moments before its several less powerful counterparts were destroyed." "A time-turner?" Harry replied quickly, remembering how the rest of the time-turner's were destroyed. "But what's so special about this time-turner?" "This particular time-turner is one of two very powerful devices which can allow the user to travel back into time, up to 25 years.


All other time-turner's can only move the user back a few short hours and even that is dangerous. The sight of yourself can cause shock and in some cases psychosis. If someone were to see themselves 25 years older, it would cause immediate death and change history forever. Because of this danger, the two special time-turners were locked up and hidden." "But why wouldn't the Ministry of Magic just destroy them and get rid of the threat?" Harry asked Dumbledore, now very intrigued.

"Oh Harry. I think the past year has given you quite a unique perspective of the Ministry and how it operates. It isn't that difficult to believe that they'd keep at least one of those time-turners, just in case they truly needed to change some past event." "What do you mean one.?

I thought you said there were two devices?" Harry replied, catching on a few seconds later as Dumbledore opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a very valuable looking gold and silver stop watch. Instead of the numbers one to twelve on the watch however, there were 25 gold embroidered numbers etched on its face, as well as a number of letters that represented months.

"I have had this one in my possession ever since I created the two special time-turners, nearly twenty years ago. And now I must ask something of you that may be too much to ask. Voldemort has given the other time-turner device to Draco Malfoy. Mr. Malfoy has been sent on a special mission to steal four valuable objects from Hogwarts in 1976. He's been tasked to retrieve the four objects, return them back to the present and make sure not to change history in the process." "How could you know all this?" Harry asked puzzle and unsure how Dumbledore could actually know what Voldemort was planning.

"He could have someone killed. Like my parents. I need to use the other time-turner to stop him!" Harry said, now worried for both his parents survival and his own. "Calm down Harry. I know that Draco Malfoy will travel back to 1976 and that you will follow him because I remember you, your friends and Draco being transferred to Hogwarts in 1976." "And you're only bringing this up now?" "Until this year, I wasn't certain it was actually you.

The you of 1976 was a sixth year student, had a different name and seemed to avoid me at all costs. I assume I told you not to make any direct contact with me in the past in order to lessen the impact of your presence." "What. This is getting way to confusing Professor.

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What are the objects I need to protect?" Harry replied, looking confused, before Dumbledore went through the specifics for nearly an hour straight. In the end, Harry agreed to use Dumbledore's time-turner to travel back in time, find Malfoy, stop him and make sure the four magical objects he was trying to steal, were kept safe. Dumbledore told him he could bring back anyone he wanted with him as long as they knew the risks. Knowing that Harry would say yes to the proposal, Dumbledore had prepared fake identities for Harry and the four friends he knew Harry would be taking with him.

"These fake identities should be enough to fool both Hogwarts and myself into believing that you're actually transfer students from another magical academy.

I have prepared a trunk with clothes, gold, and books appropriate for 1976 and the classes you, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood will take part in during the school year.

You must stop Draco Malfoy, keep safe the four magical objects and return back to the very time you left from." Dumbledore told Harry as he stood up and paced across the room looking strangely nervous and embarrassed.

"What's wrong Professor. I'm sure it won't take that long." Harry replied, looking confused. "I'm sorry Harry, but it will take you almost the entire year before you leave the Hogwarts of the past.

I know this because you finished you're sixth year but never showed up for your seventh. Whether that means you traveled forward in time to when you left or something much darker occurred," Dumbledore responded, still pacing and still looking concerned, "there is also the matter of the differences you and your friends will have to deal with in 1977. The clothes, attitude and. Sexual freedom of the 1970's made the magical world of 1976 and 1977 very different to which you experience today.

You'll understand what I mean once you and your female compatriots change into your school uniforms." "Don't worry Professor. Nothing will distract us from stopping Malfoy and Voldemort. If it`s as important as you say it is, we can`t afford to fail." Harry finished, before leaving the office and finding Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna.

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He told them all about the important mission he was given, the time-turner device and the fact that he needed their help to accomplish his goals in stopping Malfoy and protecting the four magical items Dumbledore had told him about. All four of his friends agreed to help him without flinching and in moments they were all back up in Dumbledore's office, getting ready to travel back in time and stop Malfoy from forever changing the future.

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"Thank you all for agreeing to take on this dangerous task. Before you leave, I must tell you all to blend in as best you can and watch each other's backs. Many things in 1976 will distract you from your goal and it will be important to remember why you are there and what you have to do to in order to maintain the timeline. I will set the time-turner to take you back to the first day of school.

You will then all squeeze into a small broom closet just outside this office. After activating the time-turner, you will come see me in this office and hand me the transfer papers I have made for you. After that, it will be all up to you to accomplish the task I have set for you and return back here as soon as possible." Dumbledore recited before shaking each one of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna's hands and thanking them for their sacrifice.

"And remember. the time-turner is your only way home, so keep it safe." With that Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Luna got into the broom closet just outside Dumbledore's office, held hands and activated the time-turner, which instantly sent them back to September of 1976. "Well that felt weird!" Luna coughed as everyone tried to catch their breath and regain their composure.

The sensation of travelling back in time so far had knocked the wind out of each and every one of them. "You're telling me. I can't see a thing in here though." Ron replied, jostling around for his wand. "Lumos!" Hermione said, seconds before everyone cried out in shock. Apparently one of the side effects of using the special time-turner device was the disintegration of the user's clothes.

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The trunk they had brought with them, along with the clothes inside seemed to have traveled back in time without any damage, but all the clothes in contact with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna's skin was instantly disintegrated. "Whoa!" Harry and Ron said in unison as both were treated to quite an unexpected treat. Hermione, Ginny and Luna were stark naked with a look of terror on their faces. Hermione was nearly 16 and easily the most developed of the three beautiful teenagers.

Her slightly larger firm breasts and tiny pink nipples accentuated a nearly perfect teenage body. Her tight stomach, beautiful face, curly hair, long smooth legs and extremely tight and pert young ass nearly made both Harry and Ron pass out.

If that wasn't enough to get both Harry and Ron hard; both friends could just make out a small trimmed strip of brown pubic hair just above her tight little slit. Not to be outdone or outshone were both Ginny and Luna, who had similarly petite frames, small but firm breasts, juicy little asses and a small tuft of pubic hair just above their little slits. Ginny's entire body had freckles scattered across her skin, but in Harry's own opinion, it only made her even more beautiful.

As Hermione, Ginny and Luna regained their composure and tried to cover up as best they could while they rummaged through the trunk they had brought along, they all got a quick glance of both Harry and Ron's now stiff shafts. Neither boy bothered to cover up as they continued to stare at the three girls' sweet asses. Both Harry and Ron sported similarly large shafts; each measuring almost a full eight inches, and it was quite obvious by the girls' giggling that they approved of their size.

"Oh be quiet and find us some clothes then!" Ron said in embarrassment, after realizing why they were giggling. "Fine Ron. But don't stare at our asses while we look in the trunk. It's a lot deeper than it looks." Hermione replied, smirking, before turning around along with Ginny and Luna to reach into the trunk. With their juicy naked asses sticking out right in front of both Harry and Ron, the two friends lit their wands and got an even better look at their asses.

"Man. I think Ginny has the best ass. Even better than Hermione's!" Ron murmured to Harry, not in the least embarrassed that he was talking about his little sister's sweet teenage ass. Both Harry and Ron had one hand on their cocks and were slowly stroking back and forth while the girls struggled to find them their uniforms.

"You're telling me. All I want to do is slam my cock into their tight little pussies right now." Harry sighed as he stepped a little closer to the three girls' asses and started rubbing himself off even harder.

Harry had never had sex before, but he had seen a few magazines from the Muggle world and even a few in the Magical world, so he knew all about it and wouldn't have minded trying it, even though he knew his mission was more important than any fantasy he might be having at that particular moment. "Watch this!" Ron replied with a smirk before stepping up right behind Hermione and stroking off his cock at an even faster pace. His face became strained and his breathing became ragged as his hand moved over his shaft like a blur.

Within seconds, he grunted quietly and his cock began jerking and spraying a few hot loads of his sticky cum all over Hermione's tight ass. "What the fuck was that!" Hermione shouted in surprise without pulling her head out of the trunk. She could feel something hot splashing against her sweet teenage ass as she searched through all the things Dumbledore had packed for them.

Hermione could feel the warm liquid run down her round ass and into her ass crack, before dripping down her tight little pussy and along her long legs. "Mmmmmm." Hermione moaned from the sensation. Fuck that feels good, she thought to herself as Ron's cum ran down her ass and pussy. "Oh. I think there's a leak in the ceiling. Me and Harry are getting wet to." Ron lied convincingly as Harry stepped up behind Ginny and Luna and starting pumping his cock even harder.

Within seconds he started ejaculating all over both Ginny and Luna's round luscious asses, covering each of them with a sizeable load of sticky cum and causing both girls to cry out in shock like Hermione. After some explaining about the leak and the girls finally finding everyone clothes, the five friends quickly got dressed in their new Hogwarts Gryffindor uniforms.

Dumbledore had thought it prudent for all of them to be in the same house, even Luna, in order to allow them easier access to each other during the year. "What the. Do you see what we have to wear?" Hermione asked Harry and Ron as she slid on her dress shirt and tie and opened the broom closet door to have a little more freedom and get a better look at herself in the full light. "Ha. Those are the best uniforms I've ever seen!" Harry said in approval with Ron nodding in agreement.

Hermione, Ginny and Luna funnelled out of the closet to show Harry and Ron almost an even more intriguing sight then them being completely naked. Each girl was wearing knee high white, red and gold socks, an amazingly short black, red and gold skirt that was so short, the bottom of each girls' luscious teenage asses were visible, and a tight white dress shirt and tie combo that left very little to the imagination. "Yeah Hermione. I especially like those shirt and tie combos!" Ron laughed as he stared at Hermione's breasts.

The tight white dress shirt was so tight and small that he could see Hermione's tight stomach and her shapely breasts were nearly visible through the thin material. "I don't know Hermione. I kind of like these uniforms. They're really comfortable. Look. We even get to wear thongs!" Ginny said while Ron continued to stare at Hermione's breasts. Ginny, twirled around, lifted up her skirt and gave Harry and Ron a nice long look at her tiny red and gold thong. Harry nearly fainted and Ron felt a twinge in his groin as Ginny pulled her skirt back down over her ass and waited to hear what they thought of it.

"Ummmm. Yeah I totally agree with Ginny." Harry mumbled as he started to regain his composure. "We should go and see Dumbledore now and give him our transfer papers.

After you ladies." "Wow. A big dick and a gentleman. What a package!" Luna whispered in his ear as she passed. "Ron. I think I'm going to like the seventies." Harry said, just before Hermione knocked on the door to Dumbledore's office.