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I want to fuck my husbands brother ariella ferrera brad knight
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The Rape of Maya Chapter two Maya's abduction and trip from Chenai to Bombay/Mumbai and her introduction to Mistress "M" and her being marked as a Slave! Maya cannot see with the hood, and still covered with cum, hears the sound of a big truck then more voices, as she is helped out of the taxi and left standing. Her legs are barely able to hold her after the disgraceful hard fucking she has endured, along with being naked helpless and unable to see.

has raised her female senses to their very peak! Any sound or touch is frightening as she hears more voices, that of a woman pleading for help! Please help? Please anyone? There is no response to this pitiful plea! Maya does not know it, but she is in a big secluded warehouse that has been made to look like it belongs to a reputable trucking company and this truck like the Chennai taxi are clandestine copies of legitimate business vehicles. If she could see the truck it would look just like any other from the Bombay Maharashtra Transport Company, one of the big trading companies of India!

The metal doors of the big truck, open with an eerie creaking sound!


But this truck is not to transport the goods of commerce. It is a carrier of naked helpless women to be sold on the black market of the illicit sex trade, and Maya along with these other women, who have also been abducted or coerced into meeting a stranger for kinky sex, or the offer of money.

Or are like her, have foolishly agreed to a similar thing that our older naive Maya a married lusting woman has done, and they like her are now naked bound and helpless, and are being placed as unwilling cargo in the back of this big truck!

She is being pulled along helplessly by one of her bare breasted nipples as some one from behind has grabbed her ass cheeks and helps her up the steep ramp the clunk of her red platform shoes echo as she is led into the back of the big truck!

Then she is forced down on her knees with several other women and shackled together with chains! Some one has taken a liking to her shoes as she feels them being pulled from her feet. She objects vocally as the metal floor is warm on her bare feet!

This is going to be a long uncomfortable trip almost a full days drive by truck. The national highway system in India is part of the Golden Quadrilateral from Chennai to Mumbai.

There will be stops at Bangalurn and Marmagao to pick up other women that have suffered the same pitiful fate! Again she hears women pleading for some sort of help, that she now knows, is never going to come.

as the big steel doors are slammed shut! Nothing happens for several minutes, all is quiet? Then the truck roars to life as the vibration of the powerful engine travels through her naked body and the heavy truck moves out onto the highway. Maya has some idea what will happen, but the others, are terrified as to what awaits, as they plead again for someone to help, but these pleas will reach the ears of no one!

She has no idea of time, it was after midnight when she was helped out of the taxi. The twists and turns followed by the steady drone of the big trucks engine and the hum of the tires lull her into a half semi conscious fitful sleep! Was it an hour, two or more, when the truck slows turns several times and then bumps to a stop? It is one of the two stops along the way and is in the city of Bangalur. More voices and people talking, the door creaks open again and the sounds of other women being helped in.

Maya cannot see, but knows they are like her, naked bound and wearing hoods! The same sounds happen all over again, women pleading a young one is crying and calling for her momma ! Now there are at least six other women maybe more? All naked and huddled together! She can hear the chains that hold them helplessly rattle on the metal floor! Time again stands still as the big truck is back on the highway heading north towards Mumbai.

These naked women are next to one another some almost on top of others, she can feel the nakedness of one against her, the warmth of a bare female body next to hers is comforting in a perverse sort of way on this warm night. She is almost afraid to ask? Timidly saying what is your name, the voice is that of a young girl filled with hope says "Graham", can you help me?

Maya is in no position to help herself let alone anyone else, as she calmly tries to explain that she too, is naked bound and cannot see, and is afraid to tell this young girl, what she thinks will happen to them?

She decides to say nothing as they will all know soon enough, why they have been abducted and will eventually be sold to the highest bidders in some sort of sex slave auction!

After what seems like hours, it is now late morning the truck again has turned off the highway slows and finally stops. It is a repeat of the first stop and they are now in the city of Marmagao, but several of the women including her need to relieve themselves in the worst way!

They are helped out still chained together three at a time as the chains drag along the floor. Apparently by men that have no concern what so ever for their needs or privacy while they do such an intimate thing! For Maya after her earlier ordeal of hard fucking and the fact that she has to go badly has no trouble, but objects to being manhandled as she is forced into a squatting position and almost immediately is peeing!

The warm piss splashes around in the dirt and onto her ankles and bare feet, the rest instantly evaporates into the dry ground! She hears the same young woman Graham a white American girl barely out of her teens pleading for some privacy! The men laugh apparently prodding and poking her bare pussy and encouraging her to pee in front of them! The young girl needs to go badly, and has been holding it for a long time, so much so that it is horribly uncomfortable and almost impossible to do with others watching.

Especially strange men, she cannot see is frozen humiliated and unable to do so in front of them, as she pleads for privacy! Her young helpless pleas only incite more laughter, and prodding. Maya speaks up on the girls behalf calling them assholes, and for doing so is rewarded with some painful abuse to her breasts and bare bottom! Apparently at first there is just a small dribble from the young girl this is accompanied by more laughter, but as the trickle turns into a stream, several of the men start to whistle clap and cheer!.Along with more laghter.

.She is filled with shame and embarrassed to tears as she finally lets it go, but the men only comment on what a sweet little pussy she has. as it is apparently shaved bare!

This only incites them more to pinch and poke her wet tender flesh! She gasps and squeals from their abusive touch, and is begging them not to, but having her hands helplessly bound can do nothing. So all this vocal plea does is encourage more of the same!

Maya again tries to speak up on the young girls behalf and again is smacked hard as one of the men comments that she had better keep her mouth shut, as insolent slaves will get some of the harshest treatment from mistress "M"!

With this perverse public display and bodily functions over the women's hoods are loosened and they are given water, as being in the back of this truck during the warm drive they are in need of lots of water. They, along with several more newly abducted women from the Marmagao area are helped back into the truck herded together, chained and forced down on their knees !

The big truck drones on, in what seems to be a never ending hot stifling trip when it finally reaches the outskirts of the big city of Bombay/Mumbai. There is much more starting and stopping as they are in heavy traffic and are still huddled against one another, and are tossed around as the truck hits several bumps and makes more turns. It is headed towards the slums of Andheri and one of the numerous industrial complex's, north of the airport!

The big truck finally slows and stops, it is late afternoon and all the women are tired in need of more water, and are very hungry! Being in such condition will make it easier for these women to be intimidated and taken advantage of. The truck has driven into one, of the many industrial buildings of Andheri. The doors of the building have been opened and are waiting, once the truck is in they are immediately closed to any suspicious prying eyes that may be watching!

The large building looks like any other, it has a company name, one that appears to be a legitimate business, but it is only a cover that easily allows for this clandestine underground black market female slavery! Some of the local authorities and influential politicians know exactly what goes on here, but are well paid to look the other way.

As long as the women that are brought to this place are above the age of consent, this is a place where it is perfectly exceptable to buy and sell women for the expressed purpose of prostitution and sex slavery.

It is one of few places left in India or the world for that matter where this sort of perverse sexual debauchery is permitted to continue with no interference at all from the local authorities or the government!

Women like Maya, that come here either by coercion abduction or black mail are women that will all suffer the same fate! All of the normal company trading business in this building is conducted on the main upper floor and at first glance looks much like any other similar business.

But underground is a true meaning for this place, as all of the clandestine goings on are conveniently hidden one floor below. This is where all of the numerous requirements are instilled into these helpless women that will make them slaves, and the slave trade here in Andheri a lucrative and successful business.

The place is filled with all sorts of sexual devices and implements that can both pleasure torture or inflict heart stopping sadistic pain! It is staffed with both female mistress's and subservient well endowed black male servants and trainers that are experts in dealing with all of the sexually perverted training these women will require, and when successfully trained, will bring top dollar/ rupee's on the auction block!

The underground part of this complex has existed for well over a century and this modern looking business building has has been built over the top of it. But underneath in the old long granite block corridor's and numerous rooms are every type of sexual perversion from the turn of the century to the present that one could imagine are here!.

There are several working brothels one with young women and one with older women of experience!

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These brothels are used as threats to insure that the newly arrived will be quick to submit and obey! This is where the new arrivals will spend the next several days or more learning what is expected of them as a slave and whore! There are punishment chambers for the women that learn to slowly or are insolent vocal and disobedient. These women are the ones like Maya that will require stern corrective measures. Some will learn fast and others will take longer. How long they stay, will depend on how quick they learn and adapt to their new life as a well trained and obedient sex slave!

Once the truck has stopped and the doors have opened slave handlers take these women that are all chained together, three at a time. They are hot, tired and in need of everything cannot see, are still naked and bound as they are helped down from the truck!

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Maya and the young girl along with another woman are led to the stairs, and again are assisted down into the underground slave complex. This is the place where Maya and the other women are introduced to their new Mistress. She is an Indian woman and not the usual kind. She is in her mid 50s and in her youth, like these women was abducted and was sold into the slave trades to Nigerians! She was trained by some of the most abusive and sadistic black bitch's somewhere in Nigeria and has now returned as the head trainer to manage and train the new slaves, she is a hard and demanding, her feelings are that if this terrible fate happened to her.

it will most certainly happen to each and every one of these new arrivals! Her name is Madam "M", she is a beautiful voluptuous full figured woman quite attractive and a bit on the chubby side. Her jet black hair is either down and flowing, or tied in a tight matronly bun on the back of her head! She has gigantic beautiful shaped 40"DD hanging Tits.

a 34" waist and has a most shapely 40" hour glass bottom!. She loves being naked most of the time wearing only a loose fitting bra and "G" string harness made with diamonds that do nothing to restrict one's vision of her incredible lovely naked body and erotic charms! She stays this way most all of the time in order to tempt and intimidate any and all of the new comers. She is normally flanked by two well endowed black subservient bodyguards "Ms" Helpers who are themselves totally naked.

She runs the slave training center with a iron fist. Now as the chief trainer of slaves, all of the new sluts are brought to her first as she picks and chooses their fate?

All of the new slave women recruits will be treated with total brutality if they show even the slightest hint of disobedience or resistance. "M" carries a short woven leather snake whip that is quite effective, and can be stinging, sadistic and very effective when used by her to train new slaves.

She is an expert in the wielding, and use of this nasty little whip! "M" tells one of her male subservient to remove the women's hoods, it takes several minutes for the three to see anything after being hooded and in the dark for so long. However as their eyes adjust from darkness to the room light, the sight of the woman before them is something they could only imagine in their wildest dreams.

They see Mistress "M". this incredibly beautiful female a woman in her mid 50s wearing stiletto steel toed heels, she is completely naked with a thin harness covering only her breasts and well shaven pubic area and the harness is made of loose fitting diamonds that sparkle like they are on fire!

Her naked skin is shiny and her breasts and hairless cunt glistens seductively in the half light of the concrete and block walls of the complex! This is (result of numerous olive oil massage's) from her obedient male slaves!

She is brandishing this snake whip that whistles around. and when she snaps it aggressively it sounds just like the shot of a gun ! This majestic woman is flanked by these two huge nakedmuscular dark skinned Nigerians! Both with gigantic hard on's wagging about. that measure well over 12"! They are wearing spiked looking dog collars around their necks, their eyes seem to glow like demons, and are downcast only to her! Now that the hoods are removed Maya can breathe much easier, but she can smell a most unusual odor?

It smells like some sweet smelling exotic meat that has been over cooked, and she wonders what it might be.? It is though much cooler down stairs do to all of the stone and block the place is made from. They are helplessly led into the processing area.

The chains that are attached to their hands that are bound together behind their backs, is hanging down and rubbing between their bare thighs!

The chains are removed and the women are manhandled into one of the punishment chambers by slave handlers where Mistress "M" is waiting!

Of these three women Graham and a mid 30s red head named Vanessa from the UK seem to be quite docile and obedient! The only one to object to their rough treatment is Maya! Mistress "M" takes note of Maya's disobedience and immediately reacts, she sees and understands the looks of wonder excitement and a bit of terror in the eyes of Vanessa and Graham she has seen this look before!

Mistress "M" understands that Graham and Vanessa will be easy to break and train as both have some previous experience as submissive's. But she also understands that Maya will require some intense and personal attention as she is strong willed like her, and will be a tough challenge.

But, "M" enjoys this sort of challenge!. Maya reminds "M" of her own youth, when she was abducted and sold as a slave.she too fought and resisted at every turn and was abused and beaten often. and she, was trained by some of the most sadistic and harsh black bitches one could imagine as a young Indian slave girl while in Nigeria. In one motion of her hand, Vanessa and Graham are picked up by her black charges. like rag dolls and taken away to separate chambers!.Leaving just her and Maya.

Mistress "M" makes several circles around Maya looking closely at her body, and thinks to herself, &hellip.strange?

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Maya is so much the same as was "M" in her youth? "M ". from behind suddenly cracks her whip and then wields it harshly making several stinging welts on Maya;s bare shapely bottom watching the skin and muscle's of Maya's ass cheeks jiggle and respond. as she whispers in her ear! "This is for the defiance you have shown in your eyes slut, accept my punishment and your stay here will be much easier"!

Maya still defiant, with mistrust and obvious dislike in her tearful eyes.as both are of similar strong willed mindsets!. Maya still standing with her teeth clinched trying not to give any hint other than the tears, of submission and with her hands still bound tightly behind her back.

iswithout warning slammed hard to the stone floor by Mistress "M"! This leaves her stunned and laying on her side! Mistress "M" then with a sadistic smile quickly steps on one of Maya's bare breasted nipples holding it firm and helplessly against the stone floor with one of her metal tipped stiletto's! Then wields the whip around again several times. cracking it before she works her way up the inside of Maya's naked thighs.and to her black haired well trimmed pussy! This is where ten harsh welting strokes are severely applied leaving her withering in pain as Mistress "M" still standing sadistically on her nipple grinds the ball of her metal tipped stiletto savagely against the floor as if she was snuffing out a tossed away cigarette!

This brutal treatment is done on the very end of Maya's bare defenseless brown nipple!.Maya screams out in agonizing pain, but this scream will be nothing compared to what will happen next! Then without warning, "M" grabs her own swollen and excited clitoris through the sparkling harness and expertly aims her pee hole and starts pissing on Maya's already whipped hurt stinging and beaten pubic mound!

"M's" warm, salty piss makes Maya's pussy burn like a furnace as she cannot hold back and screams out again in shock and pain!. This only makes Mistress "M" laugh even more sadistically and say, "welcome slut. welcome to Mistress "M's" wonderful world of sex slave training!" Slave handlers at Mistress "M's" command have now cut Maya's bindings loose and she is told to crawl!

Her arms after being bound behind her back for so long are useless. As most all of her strength is gone and she can barely hold up her head and upper body! Mistress "M" gives her several more stinging lashes on her bare bottom, telling her again to crawl as several slave handlers assist her up onto her feet, towards the corner and into a makeshift open tiled shower!

Before she knows it, hot water is hosed all over her body and burning pubes, this is done for several minutes. The pressure is forceful and stops only to allow her to soap down thoroughly, and wash off all of the filth! Then hot water again sprays off the soap, when she is finally clean is given a big soft towel, and allowed to dry herself.

After such a long dirty trip with dried cum all over her from her earlier rape and now pee, the hot shower is welcome and wonderful, but this is the end of the few pleasantries she will receive while in the care of Mistress "M"! Maya is now terrified by what she see'sa small cast iron tub that has numbered branding irons placed deep in the hot coals is brought in!

The branding of women/girls that will be sold is a common thing in this large slave complex. There are three traditional methods of branding, strike, cauterization, and what one calls direct fire. The correct location for a brand is on the woman's left upper thigh or buttock! This is not always done by Slavers though, sometimes a girl will be sold unbranded so that the new owner will have the choice in selecting what method and the brand.

So that he may have the pleasure of being the first to own her as a branded slave girl. Maya is again forced down on all fours, says nothing and is mesmerized helplessly with her eye's wide in wonder as the two big black men lash first her wrists upper arms and neck to the large steel rings embedded in the floor, followed by her waist!

Then spreading her thighs and lashing them just above her knees and her ankles this expert lashing leaves Maya barely able to alter her position! Then these men hold her buttocks as one has grabbed her clit!

Maya watches the branding iron approach her bare helpless bottom, that is now in the gloved hands of Mistress "M". She observes with her head down, the view from between her legs as the graceful arc, of the white-hot numbers at the very tip of the iron's end slowly travel towards her !

Maya screams and screams uncontrollably when it firmly touches her naked bottom, and is held there for several seconds ! Her screaming has subsided and has now turned to pitiful sobbing as the reality and smell of her burnt flesh sinks in! She hears first one and then the other of the two women scream as they suffer the same pitiful fate! Maya has been marked with a modern bar code along with the number # 322 Graham is # 323 and the red head is # 324!

both suffer the same fate! The following is told from Maya's perspective of a woman being branded as a slave.

It presents a vivid picture of the actual branding itself, and her reaction to it, including the effect on her mind, body, and senses! Followed by the perception of herself. Two big black naked men came and stood over me. I looked up, scared to death!. They pulled me along on my knees like some sort of animal.to several large steel rings in the floor.

With my head submissively down, I am first tied to the rings by my wrists shoulders and neck. I try to fight and resist them, but my efforts are weak, as one of these big strong men easily holds me while the other binds first my wrists neck waist. "What".I cry out .as I feel my body being stretched tight. I squirm around as best I can with my head helplessly down.

My legs are pulled wide apart and bound at my knees and ankles, Stop! I cringe as all these bindings leave me unable to move!. Again I beg please stop, as the men step back. Let me go! I call out. Please! They looked at me with little or no concern as I am now bare and helpless.

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Oh, no! I cried. No, no, no, no! Mistress "M" with a sadistic smile the likes of which few have ever seen. slowly pulls on a pair of black leather gloves. savoring the moment and then has withdrawn the white-hot iron. Maya can feel the, heat of it from several feet away. No! I screamed. No!' The two strong black men are now holding my naked bottom tight one has found my clitoris and squeezes it the feeling is mixed as I tremble with anticipated fear!.

I can barely lift my head and look into the eyes of this woman, "M" and again plead. Please, no!


I begged Please, no! Then she firmly and expertly places the iron on my left buttock!. The marking, I suppose, took only seconds. Yet for me, a person who has just been marked for life finds this obvious truth difficult to accept in a detached sort of way. As if the minds unfeeling perceptions perceives it was done to someone else? In those few seconds, that feel like they were so agonizingly long.

I felt the iron. As It touched me just barely, kissing my bottom and then firmly burning my naked helplessness!. OMG!.I screamed, and screamed. The agony, and intense pain the scorching degradation, the relentless sizzling sound of flesh and the smell of it drifting around in the stone rooms and hall ways, that so hurt my naked helpless being!

&hellip. These naked black men mercifully let me scream my lungs out. I could not believe what was happening, or how much it hurt. Not only could I feel the iron, but I could actually hear the scorching along with the sickening sweet smell, and the odor of it was mine, now I knew what the sickening sweet smell was from. The men released my shuddering bottom and I again began to choke and sob.

Mistress "M" was complimented on her excellent work one of the few times these big black naked men actually spoke to her. I gathered from this comment that I had been well marked. The men then left me and I continued to be on my knees roped tight and lashed helplessly to the unyielding rings. I was overwhelmed,both physically and emotionally, with what had just happened to me.

The pain was now less and my bare bottom was still burning with cruelty of it all. But now the pain seemed relatively unimportant, compared to the enormity and the comprehension that shook me to the core of my very being! The realization that I had been branded left me shuddering helplessly in these bonds!.

I moaned and wept. My bottom would be sore for days, but that meant little. What would remain was the mark "M" had placed in my flesh.

That, unlike the pain, would not vanish, and I would continue to wear this mark always. It would from now on, identify me as something which I had never been before, but now was clearly, for all eyes to see and for those that would view me naked.

As I lay there I know now because of the brand, I am profoundly different than I had been before. I was trembling and barely able to think about a woman such as me and could be only one thing, a slave!. I tried to force these thoughts from my head and tried to move, but could barely do so. I was still helplessly bound, but even if I was not, it would have made little difference as my ability to move a muscle was all but gone.

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Only animals wear brands I thought to myself? But I was now a branded sex slave and my perverse sexual training, would now begin in earnest! After the branding of Mayaand Mistress "M's" two other charges, that were each in separate chambers all have been tied and hung up by their ankles. with their heads hanging down leaving them totally naked and helplessly swinging in the coolness of the stone chambers!

This is a degrading and humiliating process.and as one can imagine from Maya's description can be quite sadistic and agonizingly painful! Continued in Chapter Three : Maya's training, followed by her being sold at auction as a sex slave!