Busty asian bbw face sitting and cock sucking

Busty asian bbw face sitting and cock sucking
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Disclaimer, The characters hereby depicted are entirely fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is inevitable owing to the ordinariness of the folks described. ============================ It was high school senior prom night, I lay in my bed watching dark clouds scudding across the moon as I listened to the sounds of the night, crickets clicking and bugs buzzing mainly with the distant sounds of rock music from the prom and of course the drone of the traffic on the freeway was always there in the background.

I thought of the guys and girls at the prom, probably all drunk and screwing around, girls in party dresses and no knickers and I thought of what my mom said, "You be a monk boy, you take it up the ass, I don't want no grand kids shitting the place up." She told everybody I was going to be a monk ever since I started kindergarten so no girls ever came on to me or nothing and there was no way they would let me go to the prom or anything where alcohol was drunk.

I lay there nursing a woody as I thought of all those half naked girls and then quite suddenly I heard a pick up truck approaching, the big V8 motor throbbing down the street until it turned into next doors yard sending the beam of its headlights slashing across my bedroom. The Truck motor died and the lights clicked off, the sounds of night began to return as my ears became attuned once more but then suddenly, "Hey Henderson your get down here right now," A drunkenly loud deep male voice demanded from next door's porch.

I guess I could have done a runner, though I couldn't for the life of me think of what any guy in a truck would want with so I kept my head down when I saw the guy was on Mrs Brazier's porch and shouting for Henderson! "What's all the hollering!" my dad shouted angrily from his bedroom window. "You Henderson," the guy asked. My dad must have recognised him. "Yes Mr Rigsby," dad replied a lot more reasonably, I didn't understand, Rigsby owned half of Maidstone, he owned both saw mills half the god damned town worked for him including my dad.

"Where's your bastard son then?" Rigsby asked drunkenly, "And why ain't you in your house?" Dad knew better than to argue, "Steve's right here sir," Dad replied. "He been screwing my Sheila?" Rigsby asked. "No sir, least I don't think so." Dad replied. "Why not, every other buck's fucked her, he too good for her or something?" he asked. "Steve!" dad shouted, "You been going with Sheila?" "No sir," I said firmly.

"You too good for her boy?" Rigsby asked me. "No sir, I'm fixing to be a Monk sir, serve god you know?" I explained.

"Sit on your ass all day and bum off of working folk?" he asked, "Like some lichen or parasite? "Sir?" I asked, "I want to serve the lord sir." "Bull shit, you're a lazy bastard that's afraid of hard work," he told me right out. "Sir?" I replied. "You screwed my Sheila boy?" he asked again.


"No sir!" I said. "He did daddy, last fall," I heard Sheila herself say. "Bull shit," Rigsby said, "Is that right Henderson?" he asked me.

"No sir," I replied. "You saying my daughter is a liar?" he asked. "I guess," I said, "Only I never screwed anybody sir." "Yeah, that's what I figured, Faggot, triple A grade faggot." he insisted. "No, I made a vow of chastity," I said. "Moron," Rigsby snapped, "Anyhow that don't matter because Sheila here has balled the entire senior ball team and every guy in her class except you Henderson." "So, so what's your point sir?" I asked. "It ain't good enough Henderson," he told me, "She balled everyone in your class except you, why you so special?" "Like I said sir." I replied.

"No, now lookee here," he said, "You ain't special, ok, no body don't defy me, I say fuck my daughter, you fuck her ok?" "No sir!" I said. "Now lookee here, you wanna fuck or you wanna pick your balls out that wall behind you?" he asked. "You're drunk sir," I said. "Yeah and come morning I'll be sober," he said, "But you're stupid and come morning you'll still be stupid." "Steve for god's sake," Dad shouted. "Don't do it son," my Mom piped up, "The Lord will provide!" "Shut up Martha!" Dad told her, "Get downstairs Steve, you talk it over ok?" "Sure Dad," I agreed, I pulled some Levis and yesterday's Tee shirt on and went downstairs.

"Mr Rigsby," I said as I opened the front door. He just levelled his shot gun at me, "In the car boy, now!" Well I wasn't arguing was I? I climbed in the back door of the crew cab pickup truck.

"He's flipped," Sheila said. I saw her in the faint light of the ceiling rose, her red party dress, that what there was of it, her tits busting out of it and the skirt so short you could have seen her knickers if she'd had any, "Dad's flipped." "I come to my senses," Rigsby said, "You wanna fuck every guy around that's fine by me." He gunned the motor, hit the gear selector, gunned the motor again and took out the side of Mrs Braziers porch as we lurched forwards.

"God damn!" he swore and then we were heading backwards to the highway.

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Sheila's hair glinted gold in the moonlight, her soft tit flesh white, she was scared, "It's ok," I said, and I reached out and took her hand. "See what you got to learn is not every guy want's to screw you," Rigsby continued. "No Daddy," she said, "Steve don't, it's cool." "That's right Mr Rigsby," I agreed. "Is that right?" he asked, "So why you got a woody?" "I don't sir." I said, she touched the front of my pants, her little warm fingers on my tool.

"That's right Daddy he's." she said but it was too late he was already uncurling.


"He's what?" Rigsby demanded. "He's getting hard Daddy," she admitted. "So give him a handfull of tit meat or whatever it is you usually do," Rigsby said. "Ah, there's no need Daddy, gee he's hung like a donkey," Sheila admitted. "Sir!" I pleaded, "I must protest, your daughter is raping me!" They laughed together, "So you're going to file a complaint at city hall?" he asked. "Pleasures of the flesh hold no appeal for me," I said as I wondered how it would feel if slid my meat deep inside inside her hot sticky hole.

"That's what I thought," he agreed. We turned off the highway and headed down the dirt track to the Rigsby place, a big white palace of a house set in acres of grassland that had once been forest, and as we rolled to a stop by the horse barn Sheila's moron brothers Jake and Andy appeared.

"You was right, Jake," Rigsby says, as he climbs out of the truck, "Almost, every guy in the baseball team and every guy in her class except Henderson here." "I telled you Daddy!" Jake says, as Sheila and me slipped out the truck as well. "Nearly I said," Rigsby said. "She ain't fucked Henderson." "So?" Jake asked.

"You tell em Henderson," Rigsby ordered. "I never fucked Sheila," I agreed. "He never fucked me, Jake, Andy." Sheila agreed. "You lied,you morons," Rigsby said to his boys, "And I don't like being lied to." "You said tomorrow morning," Jake said, "You leave it to us she'll have the full set by morning." "Right, Rigsby," said, "But see I already threatened them with a shot gun and still he won't fuck her," "Your drunk sir!" I reminded him.

"And you're a faggot and that's worse," Rigsby snapped. "Daddy, why does it matter if I fuck with Henderson?" Sheila demanded. "Cause you won't fuck your brothers of course," he replied, "It ain't right my boys goofing off when every jock in town is balling you." "Your drunk sir," I reminded him. "And in the morning I'll be sober and you'll still be a moron," he says. "We still got six hours to make them fuck Andy," Jake say, "How's about a honeymoon hog tie?" "No way Daddy!" Sheila protested.

"What's a honeymoon hog tie?" I asked. "Knees to knees, ankles to ankles, face to face with hands tied at the wrists tied round the other partner," Sheila answered, "Ugh!" "Sorts out even the most reluctant virgin," Rigsby explained, "So do it!" It wasn't a whole heap of point protesting, "Not the barn!" Sheila exclaimed, "We'll get bug bit!" "So find them a horse blanket," Rigsby said, "Morons!" "Tie em up!" Rigsby ordered, "Daddy, No!" Sheila wailed but Jake grabbed her and Andy grabbed my wrist.

I spun around, his jaw snapped like a rotten branch when I hit him with an upper cut to the chin and he went down like a sack of oranges. "Hey, quit that!" Rigsby told me, "Less you want a head full of bird shot." "He bugged my jore," Andy protested. "Pipe down," Rigsby ordered, "Get them wrists tied ok?" I looked down the gun barrel and I figured being able to see things was a pretty useful trick so I figured not being blinded by birdshot was the best deal, so I let Andy bind my wrists.

"Take his Tee shirt off of him first you idiot!" Rigsby snapped, "Get them stripped and in the barn!" Andy kicked me in the backside,"In the barn Moron!" he says. I did as he said, the barn was big with maybe fifty horse stalls twenty five each side and Rigsby ordered us inside the first one, it stunk of horse shit and he threw a horse blanket at us that stank of horse shit, "Get your pants off!" Andy ordered, just after he tied my wrists, which was pretty stupid.

He dragged my pants down, of course I got hard again, Rigsby figured that proved I was a homo and then they made me put my arms over Sheila's head as she stood naked in the soft moonlight. "Why Daddy?" she asked plaintively, no one answered, they was all too drunk or stupid to think straight. I had to stand real close for this, her tits squashed against my chest, my cock pressed against her belly, but then they tied her hands round behind me and we was held even tighter even before they roped our legs together at the wrists and ankles and made us lay down, the only good thing was that as we lay and I let her lay on me, so I was taller than her and my cock rested against her belly with the tip up by her belly button.

"Daddy!" Sheila protested, but her nipples were digging in me and my cock started straining and I just had to move around. "Dry humping don't count," Rigsby added. I couldn't help it, I tried to remember what the good book said, but my balls were bursting, I just had to move around a little, and she was gorgeous close up, real perfect, even if her hair colour did come from a bottle there was nothing fake about her tits and she squashed them against my chest.

There was nothing fake about her buttocks either, I gripped her ass the best I could and moved her around and I guess her clit rubbed against my cock because she started moaning. "Hey quit dry humping you fuck ok," Jake suggested.

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"Steve, just stop ok," Sheila demanded, "I wouldn't mind but I never even got laid today." "I can't stop you're too damned beautiful," I admitted, and then it was too late, my cock was twitching and out spurted loads of sticky silver grey spunk all over my belly, and over hers when she relaxed and collapsed on me. "Can we get cleaned up?" I asked. "Nope," Rigsby announced, "You wake me up when they fuck, you hear?" Andy had been to the house, he had tied a strip of bedsheet around his head to support his busted jaw and told Rigsby he couldn't find any more aspirin, "I took a bottle full and it still hurts," he mumbled.

So that was it, every hour or so I woke with a raging hard on and Sheila helped me get t down by sort if dry humping me. It got light then at eight o'clock Rigsby kicked Jake and Andy awake. "So morons they fucked yet?" he asked.

"Uh, they can't, we tied them wrong." Jake admitted. "Well its morning and they ain't fucked so you lose." Rigsby exclaimed rather more soberly. "But they was tied so they can't fuck." Jake protested. "So bets are off?" he asked, "If they can't fuck?" "I guess," Jake replied. "So fuck," he told me. "I can't sir," I said which was crazy as I had another huge woody.

"Oh yes you can," he says and he sets down the gun and grabs my cock. I screamed, but suddenly my cock tip was against her cunt lips. "No!" I protested but I was helpless as inch by inch my length slid deep inside her. "Nng, too big!" Sheila protested.

"Oh god!" I exclaimed as waves of sheer pleasure wafted over me. "It's so big!" Sheila complained, "It's splitting me in half!" "See they can fuck," Rigsby said, "You're just too stupid to know how, now get out of my sight!" That's when Rigsby picked up his shotgun again, "I guess you'll be wanting to walk out with Sheila now boy?" "No sir, I mean." I said.

"You take your time boy, you finish your fuck before you decide," he said. It was like we had the same idea at one time and Sheila and me both rolled over together so I could hump her deeper and harder, "John!" she said, "John?" "See he ain't no different girl," Rigsby said as he watched us. "But he is Daddy, he dry humped me four times last night," she said. "Five," I corrected her.

"So why you joining the Monks if you ain't a Homo?" he asked. "Beats working," I admitted. "So you really are just a lazy bastard?" he asked. "Sure, I can't afford college." I admitted. "Gee sus!" Rigsby sat down on a hay bale and held his head in his hands.

"Daddy," Sheila says, "Shut up ok?" He didn't just shut up he stood up and walked out. Thats when I slid my hands from the bindings, they had been loose for a couple of hours already so I just freed them with a couple of real hard tugs and that way I could hold her head and run my fingers through her hair, "You want me to pull out?" I asked.

"No," she said, "I been waiting all night for this, you make it a good one ok?" "Ok," I agreed and the horizon in my mind came tumbling down all maroon and fiery red flames and clouds all mixed up and my tool was pumping and she was gasping and I knew then what heaven was like and exactly where to find it.

"Oh my gosh, Steve," she says, "You said you never screwed around before!" "That's right," I agreed. "You're lying right?" she asked. "No, you know I haven't," I explained. "Untie me then," she said. "Why should I?" I asked. "Steve!" she protested, "Because," and her Dad walked back in. "You really are something Henderson," he said, "You going to leave my girl tied up?" "Uh," I said. "Or you fixing on screwing her again?" he asked. "Daddy he spunked in me!" she wailed.

"You done that boy?" he asked. I thought of her hot tight cunt gripping my tool, "I never had a choice!" I protested. "Course you had a choice," he said, "You know when you're on a good thing," he said, "You want waffles for breakfast?" "I guess," I agreed.

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"You better untie Sheila then," he said. "Ok," I agreed. "Less you want to fuck her again," he suggested.

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"Ok," I agreed. "Steve!" she wailed, "You can't!" "Sure can," I said. "Not without," she said and then she realised my hands were free and I aimed my own cock at her sweet wet cunt, "Ok untie me first," she said, "Please." "Ok," I agreed and I undid the knots, thats when she kicked me in the mouth.

"You bitch!" I squealed, "Don't you want it?" "No!" she said, "No way!" "You wanna fuck Andy and Jake?" her Dad asked. "No!" she squealed. "You just want to fuck around like the town whore?" I asked, "Cause I reckon we could get a lease on Eli Beames old," I realised they was staring at me real frosty. "Go on," he said. "Old store, maybe turn it into a high class whore house?" I suggested.

"Daddy!" Sheila screamed, "He cannot be serious!" "Well if you screw all comers you might as well get paid for it," he admitted, "So what do you say girl, you going to stop screwing around?" "Daddy!" she protested. "One of these days you'll get aids and die," I told her, "Or Hepatitus or Gangrene." " Daddy, I," she said.

"Fuck anything with a hard on," he added, "Now the way I see it you need a walking hard on, like a hard on with legs right?" he said, "And one that aint diseased like Henderson here, so hows about he moves right in, and every morning seven thirty sharp he screws you for a half hour, then you go school." "Daddy!" she complained.

"Then after school he screws you for a half hour, and then maybe half an hour after dinner." Rigsby added. "What about at night sir?" I asked. "Yeah, if you're up to it," he added.


"What ever, maybe you should go bed around nine thirty so you get some sleep time in." "Daddy!" she protested, "That's not fair!" "I'll buy you a car," he suggested. She looked at me, "Well, I guess, I guess it depends on which car." "Neon?" he suggested. "Corvette?" I countered "BMW," she said "Three Series." "Sound fair," I suggested. "Whatever," Rigsby agreed, "And no more screwing around, deal?" "Ok deal." she said. He looked at me, "Yeah deal." I agreed.

"Don't you want nothing." he asked. "No, sounds just fine." I agreed, "But I don't want her brother's screwing her." "No," he said, "I got plans for those two morons." We got dressed and went in the house, "Ellie-May where are you?" Rigsby shouted. "Whats going on John," she asked. "Our Sheila's gotten herself a boyfriend," he said. "What Billy Pitts?" she asked.

"No its,"he replied. "Fank Cramer?" She tried, "Eli Roose, Kevin Schwantz?" "Walt Henderson's boy Steve," he said. "What!" she said, "He's a faggot." "Fucks like a rabbit," Rigsby insisted. "Yeah mom he's got a seven inch cock," Sheila explained. "So's Phil Harteng, ever wondered why you got two moron half brothers," she says, "You wanna get a guy that loves you." "Gee sus," he says, "He's he boyfriend for christs sake not her goddamned husband." "He the one that broke Andy's jaw bone?" Mrs Rigsby asked.

"Sure did." Rigsby agreed. "I don't know," Mrs Rigsby said, "I guess I ought to check him out." "You just look, you ain't screwing him and that's final." Rigsby insisted, "You get that dumbass sister of yours to ball him if you want a second opinion." That's when we set down to breakfast, every thirty seconds of so Andy's busted jaw creaked as he chewed his waffles and he screamed, but otherwise we just ate.

"See Andy and Jake can't agree who gets the business when I go on," Rigsby said conversationally, "But they bet their halves that Sheila screwed every guy in her class and every guy in the ball team," Rigsby chewed his waffle, "Why in the hell can't we have waffles that ain't worse than chewing gum?" he queried, "And then when he saw we was waiting in what he said he added, "Well they lost so looks like your my official heir, Sheila." "Oh Daddy!" she said, "Gee." "Long as you produce a grandkid." he said.

"Daddy," she exclaimed. "Henderson's a good liar, got a good cock on him, good Irish stock so you breed away girl." he said.

"But what about me!" I protested. "Well, tell you what, why don't I sack your old man and give you his job?" he asked. "Sure," I agreed, "Suits me," Rigsby peered at me.

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"You'd do that?" he asked. "Sure, good jobs are real scarce, and that bastard wouldn't let me have a hound dog." I said. "Oh fucking gee sus give me strength," Rigsby moaned and he walked away shaking his head.

We went to Church around eleven, I borrowed some of Andys stuff a suit and that, and stopped off at Ellie May's sisters house where Angela, who must have been the wrong side of fifty road tested my cock.

"I don't know," she said as I dropped my pants, "It don't look that big to me." "It's because you're a wrinkled old hag," I explained, "And I don't fancy you." "So why you got six inches of man meat sticking out like a flag pole?" she asked seductively as she peeled off her sweater to reveal a filthy black peephole bra, "Make that seven," she added, "You'll do fine boy." she said. "Don't you want it?" I asked. "No, not if you don't." she added, "But you'll look mighty stupid walking down the path with a woody that size." "Well," I said and she pounced on me and started ripping Andy's coat off of me and I got a hold of her bra strap and tried to figure out how it worked, and then she had my pants down and a condom slid on my cock and still I couldn't work out how that bra strap worked and then her pants were off and she just about dragged my cock into her sopping wet hole.

"Whoah," she said, "Not so fast," she said, "Look seriously you're hurting me," she said, "You're too big, ok?" I pulled out, "Sorry," I said. "No, don't be," she said, "You'll make Sheila a fine husband, have lots of fine upstanding sons." "I guess," I said. Angela walked to the window, opened it and standing there in full view wearing nothing but a peephole bra she hollered, "Sheila, you get up here, your man needs you." Sheila came upstairs, "I can't take him honey," Angela told her, "I guess you need to sort him out." "Look it's not up to me to look after him," Sheila said, "Can't he just goof off?" Sheila turned towards me and eyed up my cock, "Gee Steve you do need it bad," she said and a greedy look appeared in her eye, "Just this once then." she said, and she raised her long black skirt and pulled her panties down then lay back on Angela's bed with her legs spread wide, "What you waiting for," she asked, "Thanksgiving?" I just limbed on the bed and poked her straight away, Angela watched us, "Can't you kiss her or something, tell her you love her?" she asked.

"No Ma'am, I let my cock prove that." I said and we started humping like there was no tomorrow, we never even missed a stroke when a bed leg broke clean off. "What you think Auntie Angela," Sheila asked when we finished.

"That's one hell of a cock you got there girl," Angela replied, "You look after it, ok?" And that's basically how I got the job of general manager at Rigsbys, I worked my way up, done my dads job for two days, threatened to leave, got promoted, then threatened to leave again, you understand.

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And Andy and Jake, who cares, they went out east to start a chicken ranch, last I heard they was raising chickens, Grade A morons the pair of them. I was real unpopular when I got back to school, half the guys relied on Sheila to get their rocks off and suddenly she weren't interested, well not after the first week, see when she had a taste of seven inches of warm meat up her then six inches with a rubber didn't match up, and pretty soon every guy was sick of hearing how much better my cock was than theirs.

And that's it, we left high school and started breeding, and when she started getting fat I started balling Monica, and Julie, and Gladys and Harriet and Lilla, Jane, Jayne, Francine, Mary, Rachel, Michelle, Theresa, Stephanie, Betty and some of the girls from the Mercer Ableson Saw Mills whose names I never knew. Never did get to be a Monk. Got a Ferarri 250 GTO though. So I guess I found heaven right here on earth.