Giant tits hentai making a sex video at the beach

Giant tits hentai making a sex video at the beach
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Me and Sara were sitting on the couch at home. I was grounded for staying out till 2 in the morning. And Sara was home because her boyfriend had broken up with her two days earlier. We were watching Punk'd on MTV, and Mom was in the shower getting ready to to out for the night. Our dad left us six years ago, and the three of us were living in a one bedroom apartment.

As Mom was leaving she told Sara to make sure that I didn't go anywhere. To make dinner for the two of us and to make sure neither of us stayed up to late. Sara said okay, and Mom left.

About twenty minutes after Mom had left, Sara asked me what I wanted to do. I said that I wanted to watch a movie. We didn't really have that much of a selection of movies to choose from. I told her I wanted to watch a movie, but not any of the ones we had. (Sara didn't know that I had two porn movies in the secret pocket of my back pack.) Now me and Sara have always been close. We always talked to each other when something was bothering us, and were always there to protect one another.

I told Sara that I had two movies hidden in my back pack, but wasn;t sure if she would want to watch them with me, or if she would get mad at me for having them. She asked me if they were porno's. I told her that they were. She told me to go get them out and put one in the DVD player.

I did and soon after the movie started. Now let me tell you about my sister. She is about 5' 3'', very slender, nice plump ass, and 38 DD breasts. And me I am around 5' 9", athletically built, and have about a 6.5 inch cock. As we were watching the movie, Sara made a off the wall comment. She said that her pussy looks like the girls on the tv's. I asked her really? And said yeah. After maybe two minutes, I asked her if I could see her pussy. She said she would, but she was on her period.

I said I don't care.(I actually wanted to see the tampon string hanging out of her. She then said she would show me on one condition, and that was that I show her my dick. I happily agreed. She unbottoned her shorts, and pulled them off. She was wearing the sexiest black and pink frilly g-string I had ever seen.

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As she started to pull her g-string of, my cock sprang to life. She spread her legs, and for the first time, I saw my sisters juicy pussy. Her pussy lips were so meaty and stuck out so perfectly. She then said that I had to show her my dick now.

So I pulled down my gym shorts and boxers, and my cock sprang out. Her eyes widened with shock.

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She said to me that for 15, I had a huge dick. That made me feel really good about myself. She then asked if it would okay if she jacked off while we watched the porn. I said I would we happy to let her.

She wrapped her fingers around my hard cock, and started jacking me off pretty fast. As she continued to jack me off, I reached down and started rubbing her clit. She moaned softly. As I coontinued to play with her clit, I could tell she was extremely horny. I asked her if I could shee her tits.


She quickly took off her shirt and bra, and her huge ass tits fell right in front of my face. Her nipples were about the size of a 50 cent piece, and were so hard that they stuck out about a half an inch. I leaned in and started sucking on her nipples, while still rubbing her clit and getting jacked off. I then asked her if I could eat her out.

She said that she didn't want to cause she was on her period. I didn't care about the blood, I told her. She said okay, and spread her legs for me. I got between her legs, and slowly started taking out her tampon. When I got it all the way out, it was soaked with blood. And that just turned me on even more. I stuck my tongue right into her bleeding twat. Her pussy juices and pussy blood tatsed so good. I flicked her clit with my tongue, and spread her lips with my fingers.

I had a mouthful of both her cum and her blodd. I swallowed it all. It was a taste that I wanted in my mouth forever. She then asked me to get up and lay on the couch.


I did, and then she mounted me in the 69 position. She started sucking my cock. And I started eating out her twat again, with the blood now dripping out of it. She sucked my cock so hard, and she was taking me all the way, until her chin hit my balls.

Damn could she deep throat. I sucked every drop of blood and cum that came out of her twat.

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Sara then pulled her louth off of my dick and started jacking me off, and as she was doing that, she sucked on my clean shaven balls. She had one hell of a tongue. She got up, and asked my if I wanted to fuck her. I said fuck yeah I would. I sat up, and she got on top of me and slid her bleeding wet twat onto my pulsating cock. She road me like crazy.

And her pussy felt so tight wrapped aroung my hard dick. Me and her fucked like that for about 20-25 minutes. She was bleeding heavily, but I didn't care, seeing her period blood on my dick fueled my lust. I sucked on her tits the whole time too. Then she wanted me to get on top of her, Me and my loving sister switched places. As I shoved my cock deep inside of her, she moaned really load.

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I squezed her ass and sucked on her perfect tits the entire time I fucked her pussy. She is the greatest fuck in the whole world. I started ramming my cock into her as hard as I could.

She wasn't moaning anymore. She was screaming. She said to me. "Fuck me harder Daniel, Fuck me with your huge cock, Take my pussy as your own, My pussy is yours forever, Make me your whore.

Cum inside of me." I started making out with her, to quiet her screams. It didn't really help that much, she was still loud as fuck. I started fucking her as hard as I could, then I slammed as deep into her womb as I could, and shot a good 6 or 7 really good shots of cum into her bleeding twat. I pulled my dick out of her. And she asked me to suck my cum out of her.

And after she had just let me fuck her, I couldn't say no.

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So I got down between her now blood covered legs, and sucked out all my cum and got alot of blood with it. She than grabbed my hips and sucked my dick into her mouth. She was sucking all the blood and cum off of my cock.

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My and her made out for probably 5 minutes with her blood and my cum in my mouth, and we both swallowed it. Sara told me that I was the best fuck she had ever had, and that from now on her pussy was mine and only mine.

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I was so pleased to here that. And I told her the same thing about my dick. She put in another tampon and got dressed.

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I got dressed. The porn was back on the menu. It was almost 1:30 in the morning. We had fucked for almost 4 hours. We both ate some left over pizza in the fridge and went to bed.

Me and my sister fucked that night and have been fucking at least twice a week ever since. She had the greatest twat in the world.