Beautiful babe likes to get fucked hard

Beautiful babe likes to get fucked hard
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Sonja is 31 never married, very attractive blonde with shoulder length hair, 5' 10" tall with a slender body that men drool over. Sonja is staying temporarily in my condo while hers is being re-decorated. She went upstairs and took a long, hot bath and washed her hair. After drying off, she picked up a pile of documents to review and begin to go over them.

She didn't want to make any mistakes and anger me anymore than I already was. She fell asleep on top of her bed before dressing in her nightie and slept there until sometime in the wee hours of the night. That's when her world changed. Sonja woke to find me standing over her. Sonja can see my face in the glow of the moonlight from her window. I looked strange. I didn't seem angry, but had an intense look on my face.

Sonja was scared as she sat up and pulled her quilt around her. I laugh and said, " Please Sonja. I've seen women naked before." With that, I yanked the quilt from her grasp.

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Sonja screamed but I told her there was no one to hear her screams. She is shaking as she watched me pull my shirt over my head. As I begin to unzip my jeans, the reality sunk in and she begins to plead with me, " Please John, no!" I laugh as I said, " Oh yes, I like it when you beg like that.

John, no! John, no!'. Well, Sonja, you'd better get used to saying John, yes!' because you are mine now." I crawled up on her bed and she can see my long thick manhood hanging between my legs. Sonja was scared and repulsed by my monster cock, but she can't take her eyes off of me. I asked her, " How long has it been since you have had a cock?" She shook her head no and I seem pleased.

I said, " But, I bet you've had some pencil dick guy shove his puny cock in you a time or two, right?" Sonja is shocked! " Yes, John.not recently.never a cock as big as yours.never with a man 24 years older." I moaned at her admission of non sex.

I'm still on my knees and she is back as far as she can go against the headboard of her bed. She watched my cock grow and become thicker and harder. I'm lightly stroking it and telling her how glad I was that I would be her first big cock and older man. Sonja keeps shaking her head no as she tries to think of a way out of the room. I'm a big man and she knew that she could never over-power me.

I see her looking for a way out and I told her, " Don't even try it, Sonja. I'm going to have you.tonight.and there is nothing you can do to stop. It can be my way and you might even like it or you can try it your way and then I will have to force you. Either way, you WILL suck my dick and I WILL fuck your pussy AND your ass.

Now, which will it be? Do you want to come over here willingly or do I have to make you?" Her shoulders slumped with the resolve that there is no way out of there and I smiled.

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I told her to stand next to the bed so I could look at her. I reach out and cup her full breasts. She had always been shy about the small size of her bosom. At 31, she is a 36 C. I stood next to her and bent down so I can take her tit into my mouth. She gasps at the feeling of my warm mouth on her erect nipple. I moaned as my mouth went from one nipple to the other. My hand found it's way between her legs and I moaned again when I saw that she was wet. I then sat on the edge of the bed and pushed her so that she is down on her knees in front of me.

Sonja isn't sure what I wanted so she just looked up at me. I got this wicked look on my face as I whispered, " Suck it, Sonja!" She begins to cry and plead with me again, " John, no! Please John! Anything but that!" I grab her by her hair and she screams as I force her face toward my now throbbing cock. When she screamed, I shoved my cock into her mouth.

I told her, she better not even think about biting me or there would be consequences. Somehow, she knew I wasn't joking. She gagged as I forced my head up and down on my cock. She can't even swallow because I keep shoving myself deep down her throat. Her saliva ran down her chin and that seemed to spur me on. " Oh sweet Sonja! Suck my cock!

That's the way! SUCK IT, BITCH! Suck me dry!". I grunted as I fucked her mouth. Despite her fears and revulsion, she feels herself getting wetter and wetter between her legs. The moisture begins to run down her thighs.

I would pull my cock out of her mouth and rub it across her lips and then shove it back in. Sonja is getting more aroused and she begins to grunt and moan with me. " Mmmm John, I like it." She likes the taste of my meat." I growled. She feels my cock growing thicker and harder in her hot young mouth. The more I forced my cock in, the more she wanted it.

I knew I was having this effect on her and it turned me on, too. " Look at me. Sonja. You look at me when I fill your hot mouth with my sweet cum. Don't you miss a drop of it. You swallow this entire load.

Here it cums, baby. Here cums Sonja. AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Fuck yes!! Suck it baby! Suck my cock! SUCK IT!!" I'm going wild as my cock shot load after load in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and kept sucking me even after I quit spurting my cum in her mouth.

My cock stayed hard in her mouth and I finally had to pull her off me. I threw her onto the bed and moved between her legs.

I said, " I going to get a taste of that sweet pussy, but I need to make sure you know who is in control. You think you are right now because I came so quick and so hard in your mouth?

You better guess again, little bitch!" And with that I thrust the entire length of my 9" cock inside her very tight pussy. The pain is unbearable and she screams, thrashed, and begged me to stop. Sonja feels herself tearing inside as I rip her open with my massive cock. I told her again and again, " Scream bitch! There is no one to hear you!" My thrusting went on for what seems like an eternity. I told her that I can go on forever since I'd already shot a load in her mouth. The pain eases some but she is still begging me to stop.

I slowed just long enough to pull out and turn her over onto her knees. I entered her again from behind and continue my assault on her cunt. The longer I fucked her, she begins to enjoy it despite herself and I feel her pussy loosen up as it got wetter. " That's it you little slut! Take all this cock! I'm going to fill you up with all this hot cum, baby!

Ooo yea! I'm going to shoot a load deep in your cunt! Here it is I CUM!! TAKE IT!! FUCK!! Damn your cunt is so fucking tight!

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SQUEEZE THE CUM OUT OF MY COCK, BITCH! Fuck me! YES! FUCK ME!!" Sonja feels my balls emptying inside her tight cunt.

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As I came, I grabbed her hair and moaning and grunting like an animal as my cock throbbed and jerked filling her. His load was more than I could take and it dribbled down my chin. I lapped at his spurting dick and licked his balls. I push her down on her back and told her to spread her legs. I smiled as I moved between her legs. I said, " Damn, look at the mess I left. Guess I'll have to go in and clean 'er up!" With that, I moved my head down and she feels my tongue on her throbbing clit.

I gently sucked and licked her pussy clean. My tongue went from her ass up to her clit and back down again. She feels a tremor start in the pit of her stomach and it grew.


She is soon a wild woman on the bed. Bucking and thrashing and holding my head as she grinds her cunt into my face. She came over and over again. She wants to scream but all she can do is whimper and moan. Slowly, the tremors stop and she is left there on my bed in that position. She hears me laughing as I left her room. I looked back and said, " That is just a teaser, Sonja. Wait until later." She fell asleep before she can think too much on what I meant by that.

I returned to her room at 3 am, seeing her lay there with her pussy glistening, I lean down kissing her pussy while dipping my tongue inside of Sonja, my licking soon has Sonja awake and squealing. Her pussy tasted so sweet and smelled erotic, as I licked her delicate valley between Sonja's parted thighs.

" Stand up John," Sonja said as she sat upright on the edge of the bed, and she slowly managed to get to her feet. Sonja grabbed my boxers and yanked them down, and my cock celebrated its freedom from being pinned to the inside of my thigh by springing up crazily as it came free, nearly clubbing Sonja who dodged to get out of its way.

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" I'm sore John," Sonja said as she reaches over for her baby oil and hosed down my cock and balls with the lotion before working it in with her hands. " I'm really excited but I'm sore too. Guys always said that I had a really tight pussy, and you're so much bigger than they were." " I'll be gentle Sonja," I said while stopping Sonja from making me cum with her vigorous oiling of me.

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" Don't worry if I cry or scream, I'll be okay after I get used to it," Sonja said as she rolls over on her back, putting a pillow under her ass as I climb up on the bed. I happen to look over at the mirror on Sonja's dresser and saw the scene from a different viewpoint. The petite woman with thighs parted in anticipation, and me, at well over 6 foot and over 200 pounds looking like a monster as I kneel there with my throbbing cock glistening and bobbing menacingly in front of me.

I admit that the sight is astonishingly erotic to me. I look down as I rub the beet red crown of my cock along the slick lips of Sonja's pussy before slipping the tip of it between the lips and pushing forward. " OH GOD!" Sonja howled as I push forward hard in an attempt to squeeze the bulbous head of my cock into her small sore opening.

Sonja's face contorted in a gruesome way as I tried to squeeze inside of her again, and I would have stopped if it weren't for the fact that Sonja is arching her back to try and help by pushing back.

When at last the head of my cock forces its way inside of her with a pop, Sonja let out a blood-curdling scream that sounds part pain, part relief and part pleasure.

With the head of my cock now inside her again, and feeling like it is caught inside a vise, I begin to slowly rock in and out of Sonja, trying to work in a little bit more with every push.

Sonja's eyes are rolling back in her head as she reaches blindly over to her night stand where her hand found the bottle of baby oil again. She reached down and squirted the stuff liberally all over our crotches, and I begin to find it a little easier to penetrate Sonja's impossibly tight pussy again, what with the lubrication and her body's gradual acceptance of what is inside her. " Oh God it Hurts John," Sonja gasps as tears run down her face. " Oh God Hurts good!

God - so big. So fucking big. Is it. all in?" " Just about, honey," I said after looking down and seeing that I had about half of my cock inside her, if that. " You're really tight baby.

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You feel so tight - so good." " Love it - omigod John!" Sonja screams as her body contorts wildly under me. "Cumming!! OHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!" Sonja's screams along with her wild trashing had me lose control for a minute, and I thrust myself into her as hard as I can, feeling my balls slam against her ass as I ram myself inside of her with all my fury.


This had Sonja slamming herself back down onto the mattresss repeatedly while I thrust myself into her without mercy. My hips are thrusting with the ferocity of someone half my age, and I seem to have no end to my staying power. Relentlessly my cock drives into her tight tunnel, and Sonja came again, her eyes rolling back into her head after her body stops shaking.

I keep thrusting myself into her tight pussy, and I knew that I can last as long as I want to, because it feels so good. I watch my cock as it went in and out of her, and averted my gaze because it is way too stimulating. Looking at her tits is also too exciting, and when I look at her face and seen her mouth open with her lips quivering, and only the whites of her eyes showing, my orgasm followed, and the jerking of my cock inside of her had her screaming again as my seed squirted inside repeatedly before my orgasm slowly subsided.

I look down on Sonja as I hover above her, held up by my hands placed next to her shoulders. Droplets of my sweat raining down on Sonja's drenched body, and as my cock deflated inside of her vice-like pussy, our eyes finally met and we smiled. " Thank you honey," I said. " That was incredible." " Me too," Sonja said, and despite the tears it is clear she had enjoyed it, although she is obviously in uncomfortable.

I pull my flaccid cock out of her after a few minutes, and she gasps when the head pops out and I fell beside her on the bed, both of us looking up at the ceiling.