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Devil gay sex movies and man and mare sex movietures gallery first
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Donna has always been my little angle. She is my daughter by my first wife, Becky who died in a traffic accident when Donna was two. She turned eighteen three months ago. Julie is my honey bear.

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She is eight. She is my daughter by my second wife, Claire. I divorced Claire almost two years ago after I caught her in a local motel being gangbanged by five guys for money.


Because of the reason for the divorce, Julie stayed with me. I always thought that I was doing a good job raising two girls on my own.

They were well behaved and did not get into trouble and were good in school. Donna had grown to look a lot like her mother. She was 5'5", slim and had a nice figure. Her hair was blond from a bottle. She dressed like most of the other girls that she hung around with even though I felt that it was a little too suggestive.

She had dated for several years but never seemed to have a steady guy. We lived in Westlake Village, an upscale community just northwest of L.A. I own a townhouse right on the Lake. I could catch five pound bass right in my back yard.

For several years, Donna spent a lot of time hanging out at the mall with her friends. A couple of her friends now have cars but she does not drive. From when she was a little girl, whenever I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she would say and actress. That was not uncommon for kids in the L.A. area.

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This is the home of the movies. One evening I was watching TV. Julie had finished her homework and gone to bed. Donna came home from the mall about ten. That was her curfew. I guess curfew was not the right word but she knew that ten was when I expected her to be home.

She skipped across the living room with a smile on her face and sat on the couch next to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

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I could tell that she was busting to tell me something. "Daddy, I got my first acting job. I'm going to be in my first movie." "Oh, that's big news. Tell me all about it." "One of my friends knows this guy that makes movies and he interviewed several of us.

Brenda and I were selected. I'm only going to be in one scene but it's a start." "That sounds great Donna but I would like to know more about it." "Welllll, I guess that would be ok but remember that I am eighteen now. How about helping me practice for my part? Please Daddy." "Sure Honey." "Here's the script.

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I don't have any lines but that's ok. Take a look at it and then we can practice it." I looked at the two page script and my jaw dropped. Title: THE PROFESSOR'S MAGIC SEX SPRAY Directions for actress #3. Story plot: A scientist develops a spray that makes every woman that inhales it wildly crave sex immediately. Scene setting: A school bus. Actors: A high school baseball team, the female cheer squad, two adult male coaches, one adult female coach and a female bus driver.

Story line: One of the coaches helps test the scientist's formula by walking down the isle spraying an aerosol can of it on the bus while it is on its way home from a winning baseball game. Everybody is happy and enjoying the trip home.

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The spray quickly takes effect. Lines for actress #3: No words, just moans and slurping sounds at the proper times. Action for actress #3: Actress #3, dressed in her cheerleaders uniform is sitting next to one of the male coaches but not the one that set off the spray. She develops a funny look on her face and then starts rubbing her breasts thru her blouse and pinching her nipples.

The coach notices, backs away but watches. Before long she changes and slides one hand under her short skirt and inside her shorts. Finding her slit, she starts rapidly rubbing her clit and moaning. The coach sees that all the females on the bus are acting in the same weird way but his attention is mostly on actress #3.

She reaches out and aggressively digs his cock out of his pants and quickly pushes her mouth over his prick and starts bobbing up and down the length (acting note: Take as much of it as you can, moan and loudly slurp on it). The coach knows that what is happening is wrong but he can't bring himself to stop it. Soon one of the team members steps behind her with his pants off and a hard erection in his hand.

He pulls down her shorts and panties and shoves his prick into her soaking wet pussy. (acting note: You let out a loud moan as he pushes in but remember to keep moaning and slurping all the time. You couldn't be happier about what is happening to you and the others).

They both fuck you till they come. (acting note: When the actor comes in your mouth, keep your mouth slightly open so his cum will run out and down his cock so the camera can get a good shot proving that he came in your mouth. The boy fucking your pussy will pull out and spray his cum on your ass for the same reason.) As soon as all the action has ended, the girls will return to normal and be horrified at what has just happened.

END OF SCENE. Donna sat staring into my eyes with a smile on her face. "No fucking way. You're not doing this. You're not going to be in a filthy porn movie and I sure as hell am not going to help you practice for the part.

I don't know what you are thinking, young lady." "Daddy, I haven't been a virgin for years. The nurse at school had got me on the pill two years ago. I had to laugh to myself when you told me, at fifteen, about the birds and the bees. You were almost three years too late for that talk. I love you and you're the one I want to help me get ready for my part but I'll find someone else if you say no.

I know you like young girls and that incest excites you because I know where your porn collection is and that a lot of your videos show young girls who are supposed to be having sex with their fathers." Donna reached for my zipper.

"Remember that you are shocked at what is happening but you don't stop me." That was really the case, I was in shock and I could not stop her. Donna pulled my hard cock out of my pants and slammed her mouth down over it. She bobbed up and down on my male part. She moaned and made slurping noises.

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Spittle dripped out of her mouth and ran down my shaft. I couldn't help myself. I stared flexing my hips and fucking back up into her mouth with my hand on the back of her head. Soon I couldn't hold off any longer. When she felt my prick swell she squeezed my balls, setting me off. I shot blast after blast of my seed into my daughter's hot mouth. Like her acting notes said, she let my cum drip back out and run down my shaft.

It was thick and white and there was a lot of it. Donna sat up. "Did I do good, Daddy? I really loved doing it with you. Did I do it right? I've wanted you for a very long time. I've dreamed about you taking me to bed and fucking me like you love only me. But you never did it. Can I sleep with you?

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We can practice the other part where you can be the boy on the baseball team that fucks my pussy from behind? I want you to fuck me Daddy. I think I am going to need a lot of practice to be sure I do it right when they make the movie. I wouldn't want to be the one to mess up the scene. Some day I want to win an AVN Award (Adult Video News - often called the Porn Oscars)." She stood up, took my hand and led me to my bedroom.

I followed her like a zombie. We stripped out of our clothes. My beautiful daughter stood naked in front of me with only a big smile on her face.


Her tits looked like someone had taken a navel orange and cut it in half and placed the halves on her chest and then put a raisin in the middle of each one.

They were just that size and shape.

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Her skin was smooth, her waist was small, her stomach flat and tight and she had just the perfect amount of hips. My daughter was perfect and now she was going to be my lover. As we got on to my bed I finally told her that she would have to go back to her room when we were done.

We could not have her little sister see us naked in bed when she got up in the morning. 1013