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Sexy muscle amateur getting blowjob and loves it
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The Education of Heather Part 1—Heather is surprised The school day had been over for two hours, but Heather Thompson was still at her desk, finishing the never ending work associated with teaching first grade.

As a first year teacher and recent college graduate, she still felt overwhelmed with all the preparation time required to maintain a positive teaching environment. Positive teaching environment??! What was she thinking? There were days when the best she could manage was controlled chaos.

But at the end of the day, she felt good about what she was doing and knew she would become a good teacher as she gained experience. "You still here?" asked Stella Barnes, the principal. Stella liked Heather, liked her enthusiasm, and marveled at her fresh, school girl looks.

If I looked like that, thought Stella, no way in hell would I be battling first graders for a living. I'd be a model or TV star. "You can go home now. The School Board meeting was cancelled so there is no reason for you to stay tonight." "Thanks for the good news," answered Heather with a genuine smile, "you've made my day. Maybe I can get my husband to take me out to dinner. I've got just few things to finish up, but I'll be on my way in about 30 minutes" "Well, good luck getting dinner, but if I know your husband, since he didn't expect you to be home until late tonight, he is probably out at some bar drinking with the guys," said Stella with a chuckle.

She knew Heather was a "goody two shoes" and never touched alcohol. Heather laughed at the joke and responded, "Oh yeah, he's at the bar alright and probably has a babe on each arm." "With someone as good looking as you," Stella countered, "He'd be a fool to stray." As Stella turned to leave the room, she looked back over her shoulder, "Like I said earlier, you can go home. Don't get too involved in that paperwork. It will be there tomorrow." Heather waved, brushed a stray lock of dark brown hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

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"I wish I could leave the paperwork. . it never gets done," she muttered to herself. "Hey girlie, how's your can today?" The question and the voice caused Heather to smile. Jason White, the school janitor, had arrived to clean her classroom with his usual cheery tone and slightly sexual comment. "Why are you still here?" Heather looked up from her paperwork at the black man pushing a gray plastic trash barrel and with a tease in her voice replied, "My can is full today and in response to your question, I have decided to leave right now." "Oh darlin', no matter how full you might think your can is, it ain't nothing compared to how I could fill it up.

I am a freak of nature and all the good lookin' teachers will tell you that's the truth." Heather could feel her face flush at the innuendo, "Only the good looking ones, Jason?" Heather asked.


"There are so many good looking teachers here, I don't have time for the others," laughed Jason, "and you are at the top of my list." "Well thanks for the compliment, but you know I am a newly married woman." "I can certainly respect that, but sometimes it's the married ones that need me the most." "Oh Jason, it's getting pretty deep in here," replied Heather with a smile. "I better get my trash can emptied and leave before this gets out of control." Heather rose from her desk and walked across the room to retrieve the wastebasket.

Watching her walk, Jason felt a familiar twinge in his groin. His eyes focused on the suggestive roll of her hips under her fashionably tight slacks. She had told him she had been a dancer in college and was still taking lessons the results were obvious. She was fit and moved with a dancer's grace. Even the simple act of walking across the room was a celebration of style and beauty. She was not too tall but her proportions were perfect for his tastes. Her tits were small but firm and pleasantly round.

Her butt was well formed and firm. The muscle definition of her calves was apparent through the thin material of her slacks. Her panty line was also visible, a sight that captured Jason's gaze for several seconds, allowing his imagination to wonder about the treasures that lay just beyond.

"Damn," he mumbled under his breath, "that is one fine piece of ass. I'd be a happy man if I could spend a couple of hours with that." At that moment, Heather bent from the waist to pick up the wastebasket, giving Jason a completely innocent but very tantalizing view of her ass as the material of her slacks tightened with her movement.

"Damn," he repeated. "Here you go," she said as she turned and handed him the trash can. "That is my last official act of the day. I'm going home. I going to surprise my husband and demand that he take me to dinner." "What do you mean surprise him?" "He doesn't expect me home so soon, I was supposed to attend the School Board meeting tonight, but it was cancelled." "Ask him to take you to the Blue Note," Jason suggested.

"It has a good bar, live music, and their menu is terrific. My friends and I go there often. You'd like it, too." "Thanks for the suggestion," said Heather as she gathered her jacket, purse, and the inevitable school work that had to be done at home tonight.

"We may try it tonight. See you tomorrow," she said as she left the class room. Jason watched her walk away. "Damn," he said, expressing his appreciation once again. Later, as she was driving home, Heather thought about using her cell phone to call her husband, Steve, and let him know she was on the way home. Traffic was heavy, the sun had set, and unlike most people, she thought it was unsafe to talk on the cell phone and drive at the same time let alone drive at night and talk on the phone!

By the time traffic cleared enough for her to even consider calling, she was almost home and elected to forego the call. As she pulled into the driveway, she was encouraged to note that Steve's car was already there and light was on in the second floor bedroom window.

The thought crossed her mind that it was odd for Steve to be in the bedroom at this hour he was usually camped in front of their large screen TV in the den when she got home. Heather shut off the car, collected her school work, coat, and purse, and entered the house. Steve had stacked the mail on the hall tree at the front door. She dumped her coat and papers on a nearby chair, snapped on a nearby light, and picked up the mail, sorting it as she walked toward the kitchen.

She paused briefly to sniff the air, smelling her favorite perfume. "That's weird," she muttered, "I put some on this morning but it is a little late in day for the fragrance to be that strong." Just then she glanced at the darkened stairway leading upstairs to the master bedroom and noticed some clothes lying on the steps. She set the mail back on the hall tree and started up the stairs to retrieve the clothes.

"Steve is such a slob," she complained. As she bent to pick up the clothes, Heather heard a noise coming from her bedroom and was about to call out for Steve when she realized she was holding a woman's blouse in her hand. She bent to get the second piece of clothing and discovered a pair of women's jeans.

The noise from her bedroom was louder and she distinctly recognized the sound as a moan of pleasure. Taking care not to make noise Heather slowly climbed to the top of the stairs, her nerves on edge. The door to the bedroom was open about halfway, but Heather could see most of the room, including an unobstructed view of the bed. Her eyes widened with shock and bewilderment. Her breathing stopped. A nude woman was perched on the edge of the bed, resting on her hands and knees.

The woman's breasts were full and gently swayed in rhythm, the erect nipples brushing lightly against the bed sheet.

Her head was facing away from Heather and a nude man was positioned behind the woman and between her legs, his hands gripping her hips. It took a few seconds for the reality of the situation to register in Heather's mind. The couple was engaged in sex! The man's hips were slowly pumping back and forth, and with each movement Heather could clearly see the shaft of his organ being withdrawn and reinserted into the woman's vagina.

The man's penis was glistening with fluids from the woman's body, and their coupling produced a quiet, slick, slapping sound The man was Steve, and as the woman flipped her hair away from her face, Heather recognized the girl from next door.

What was her name? Heather's mind raced for the answer. It's Beth! But Beth is still in high school and she just turned seventeen last week! Heather collapsed on the stairway steps, hidden by the partially open door and the shadows of the house.

The sounds of sex filled the air. "God you're tight," exclaimed Steve as he continued to thrust deeply. "You feel great. I love your pussy." "Mmmmph," gasped Beth, "You are so big. I can't believe I can take all of you inside me." "I'm not that big, but I am happy to give you everything I have," said Steve and he pushed his groin tightly against Beth's ass, holding himself in place for several seconds.

"I sure wish my wife would do this." Heather's attention was drawn sharply back into the room. "What do you mean? Doesn't she fuck you?" Beth dropped her head and shoulders to the bed, giving Steve even deeper access to her pussy. Responding to Beth's new position, Steve began to take long, deep strokes, withdrawing until the head of his cock was almost visible, then plunging slowly back in until his groin was flattened against Beth's lovely ass. "Oh yeah, we fuck," he panted, "but she never lets me fuck her doggie style, and I always have to use a condom.

Plus she never wants to try anything different like you do." "I should make you use a condom, too," Beth responded in rhythm to his thrusts. Steve stopped thrusting. "What?" "Given all the sperm you've shot into my pussy, I'd be pregnant by now if I weren't on the pill. But I love to feel you come inside of me, so I'm not going to change now." To emphasize her point, Beth began to use her body to fuck Steve's cock.

Rocking her hips back and forth, forcing his cock deep between the swollen lips of her pussy. Steve grunted with pleasure of the sight of Beth's body engulfing his cock. "Speaking of sperm," he said, his voice tightening with strain, "I am about to burst.

Where do you want me to cum? Your mouth?" Heather was stunned Steve wanted to put his penis in Beth's mouth! How could he even think such thoughts? Steve had asked her to do the same thing, and Heather had firmly refused, thinking it was not natural and was an act never done by decent, moral women.

"Ummm," Beth moaned enjoying the sensation of the cock massaging her most sensitive passage. After a few more thrusts, she could tell Steve was not going to last much longer.

"Have you got your wife to swallow your cum?" Steve winced slightly at the remark. "Not yet," he grunted through clenched teeth. "I keep asking, but she thinks it's dirty or something." "Too bad," Beth responded, "I like to drink your cum, and it tastes good." She felt the tempo of his thrusts increased and sensed his impending climax.

"But you've already cum in my mouth today. Let's do something different." Steve's grip on her hips tightened, "That's why I love fucking you. You know what I like and like what I do. How about if I cum in your ass?" "I thought you'd never ask," smirked Beth, "but you have to be slow and gentle not like last time. You just about killed me you fucked so hard." "I promise to be better," Steve replied.

And in front of Heather's unbelieving eyes, Steve slowly withdrew his cock from Beth's pussy, laying the purple head against her tiny brown hole. "Are you ready?" "Yeah, but go slow." Steve grunted his agreement.

Spitting on his hands he massaged saliva onto his cock. With one hand he spread the cheeks of Beth's ass and with the other he guided his cock to her anal opening. Heather watched in awe as he pushed to gain entrance. She heard a sharp intake of breath from Beth as Steve's cock began to disappear into her ass. "Stop, Steve," Beth said suddenly. "Let me do it." Beth reached between their bodies to guide his cock. At the same time, she began to push her hips back against him, forcing his penis deeper into her bowels.

"Ummm, that feels good," Beth said, her words slightly muffled by the pillow supporting her head. Steve stared down at the sight of his cock being engulfed by her willing ass. With one last grunt, Beth had impaled herself on his organ. "Oh you feel good," were the only words Steve could force through his clenched lips.

"Hold it deep for a minute before you start to fuck me," Beth responded. "I love to feel you all the way in." For several seconds, neither Steve nor Beth moved. Finally the churning in Steve's balls could no longer be ignored. "I've got cum," he said. "Hold on." Steve began to fuck deeply into Beth's ass, his cock coming completely out of her anal chute before he plunged back in, burying it to the hilt. Heather was overwhelmed by the sight and had unconsciously moved her hand down to her clitoris and was slowly massaging the tender bud through the material of her clothes.

Her pussy was wet and she when she realized what was happening, she quickly stopped her masturbation to devote her attention to the spectacular scene playing out before her eyes. Beth's body was rocking in counter motion to Steve, meeting each of his pounding thrusts.

Her breasts were mashed against the bed and her hands clasped thick wads of bed sheet to stabilize her position. Finally Steve's back arched, he clutched at her hips, and his thighs clamped tightly against Beth's legs. "Oh God," he grunted. His face was red and the veins on his neck visibly throbbed with his efforts. "I'm cumming," he moaned. His ejaculation began at the very core of his body, surged though his balls, and out through his cock.

He could feel spurt after spurt jet from the head of his cock deep into Beth's ass. He kept his body tightly against her until his contractions ended and his cock began to soften. Finally, and with great reluctance, he released his grip on her hips, pulled his deflating cock from her body, and collapsed on the bed. Beth rolled to her side facing him, capturing him with her arm and a leg thrown across his thighs. "Beth you are something. Where did you learn to fuck like that?

I wish I could get Heather to be like you. She just doesn't enjoy sex the way you do." "You taught me everything I know, and I'm glad you did. I love fucking you. I know you are married to her, and I think she is nice, but if she won't do something for you, you can always come see me. I'll do anything you want." "Yeah, but you're in high school. If anyone knew we were fucking like this, I could get into a lot of trouble, maybe even go to jail.

Besides you will probably find a boyfriend at school who will be more than happy to take my place." "I know you can get in trouble and that is why I only come over here when no one else is around. And I do have a boyfriend, but I don't let him do everything I let you do. He is nice, but you were my first man and I will fuck you anytime." Her hand closed around his flaccid cock and began to slowly stroke it. Steve looked into Beth's eyes, "You are insatiable aren't you?" His hand began to massage the soft flesh of her breast causing the nipple to harden.

Heather began to back quietly down the stairs. Tears filled her eyes and angry thoughts ran through her mind. She had to get away she didn't know where, she just had to get out of the house and clear her mind. She grabbed her coat and purse, running out the front door for her car. As she drove away, ideas, plots, curses, and selfish thoughts filled her mind. What was she going to do? What did he want from her? Did he want a hooker or a wife? Wasn't she good enough? Fragments of the sex driven conversation replayed through her mind, and as they collected they began to make sense to Heather.

Beth had implied that she and Steve had sex frequently which explained why Steve made an excuse for not being in the mood from time to time. Steve had told Beth he had asked Heather to swallow his cum, and Heather remembered other occasions when Steve asked her to perform sexual acts she considered abnormal.

Just last night he had asked her for anal intercourse, and she was so upset by his request that she refused to have sex with him, leaving their bed to sleep in the extra bedroom. Tears streamed from her eyes and blurred her vision to the point she could no longer see the road ahead. Heather pulled into a parking lot and stopped her car. The memories of watching her husband and their teenage neighbor have sex were overwhelming.

Try as she might, she could not blot the images, sounds, or odors from her mind. She sobbed uncontrollably behind the steering wheel of her car. After several minutes, she began to regain a sense of composure. Her sobs were much less frequent, and the flow of tears began to subside. When her crying had finally stopped, she twisted the rear view mirror to look at her face.

The vision in the mirror almost made her laugh, her eyes were red and her makeup was smeared in every direction. "If I'm gonna go get drunk, I have to clean that mess up," she said as she stared in the mirror. "Where did that thought come from," she asked herself? "I don't drink." Looking out the window, she saw that she had parked near the Blue Note, the restaurant Jason had recommended earlier in the evening.

"Well, I told everyone I was going out to dinner; I'm here, so I might as well try it." She used most of a package of tissues to clean her face and even then she knew she'd have to find a restroom to do some major repair work before she was truly presentable. She left the car and entered the restaurant, heading past the bar and directly for the restroom to fix her makeup.

In her hurry to make her cosmetic repairs, she did not notice that Jason was in the bar. Jason was surprised when he saw Heather, but even more surprised to see that she was alone and had been crying.


Before he could get up to intercept her, she had hurried into the bathroom. Jason picked up his beer and moved to a table near the restroom so he could stop her when she came out. It didn't take too long for Heather to reappear, her makeup restored and most of her beauty intact. She couldn't do much to erase the redness of her eyes which prompted Jason to ask, "Hey Heather, have you been crying?

Are you alright?" There was genuine concern in Jason's voice as he stood up and looked into her eyes. Heather jumped at the sound of her name. "Oh Jason, I didn't know you were here," she said as her eyes began to fill with tears again. Heather took a couple of deep breaths and fell into his shoulder, her body once again racked by sobs. Jason encircled her with his arms and held her close feeling the swell of her breasts on his chest and the warmth of her breath on his neck.

Once her crying seemed to lose its intensity, Jason took her arm and lead her to a chair at the table where he had been waiting.

"Tell me what's going on. Is there anything I can do? Can I get you a drink?" Heather struggled for composure and although her eyes filled once again, she managed to begin to talk. "No, no drink," she paused, "I just found out Steve is having an affair," Heather began.

"That's not a good thing," said Jason, "but it's not the end of the world either." "You don't understand, I saw them! They were in my bed and I watched them! I don't know whether to be disgusted with myself or angry with Steve. I am very confused right now." "Lots of people like to watch sex. That's no big thing. Why do you think porn is a multi-billion dollar industry?

But if I were you, I'd be pissed off at my spouse." "I am Jason, but I think some of it may be my fault." "Hold on Heather, how can Steve's affair be your fault? Were you in there directing the action? "No, no. I was hiding in the stairway. They didn't see me. Steve doesn't know that I saw them." "Well, how can it be your fault?" "Jason, this is very difficult to talk about. You are a friend, but this is very personal and I don't know if I can tell you everything." "Come on, Heather.

This is Jason here. I hear everything at school and I keep it all to myself." He reached across the table and clasped her hands, completely enveloping her small, white fingers in his black palms. "You've got to talk about this. It will only get worse if you try to keep everything inside." Heather lowered her head and nodded agreement, "I know." In a low voice, almost a whisper, "I can't give Steve the kinds of sex he wants." "Whoa there little girl.

What is that suppose to mean?" "Steve wants me to do things, " Heather continued hesitantly, "that I just can't do. So he goes to this other girl." "You mean he wants you to do weird, kinky shit like bondage," Jason asked, aware he was becoming excited at the direction the conversation was headed.

"I don't know if it's kinky or not," Heather replied, "but it's not. it's not natural and I just don't know if I could ever do those things." "Gimme a clue here Heather. What are we talking about? Animals?" "Animals?" Heather jerked her head up in shock to look at Jason and see if he was joking with her. "Well, yeah. Some women like to do it with animals. You know dogs, horses. . ." "Horses? You're kidding!" Heather eyes widened and she was momentarily overwhelmed but she continued, "No, it's not animals." She lowered her voice, "Steve wants me to.

. to take his penis in my mouth, and he has asked me for anal intercourse." Jason couldn't believe the words he had just heard. Had this fine looking white woman never given a blow job or taken a cock up the ass?

How old was she? 23, 24? How did she get through college without giving some guy head? "Heather," Jason began slowly, "Are you saying you have never had oral sex?" She slowly shook her head from side to side. "Anal sex?" Another shake. "Heather, I don't want to make you feel silly, but what Steve is asking is not out of the ordinary for most women.

I can't speak for every woman, but I can tell you that the ones I've been with are willing to suck my cock pardon me for being so graphic. And many are willing to take it in the ass if I can get them in the right mood. Hell, girl, I'll bet 90 percent of women today have had oral sex and probably 75 percent have had anal sex. Now, I don't have any scientific data to support my statement, but I'll bet I'm close." Heather raised her eyes to meet his, "But I haven't done those things and I am not sure I can." A plan began to rapidly form in Jason's mind that, if it worked, would provide him with some serious satisfaction and maybe even be the start of something incredible.

Jason had lusted after Heather from the first day she walked into school, and if he was careful, he might be able to have her now and in the future, but he would have to be cautious and not over play his idea.

"So let me make sure I understand. Steve wants you to do sexual things that you have never done, and are not sure you can do. Is that right?" "Yes." Jason continued, "And since you won't do 'em, he has found another woman who will, right?" Heather thought briefly about telling Jason the other woman was not a woman at all but a high school student, but decided that would only make her look more ridiculous.

If a high school girl would swallow Steve's sperm and let him screw her ass, why couldn't she? "Yes, that's right." Jason felt the moment of truth was fast approaching. "Here's the $64,000 question. After seeing Steve and this other woman, do you love him enough to want him back?" Heather considered the question for several moments, "I think I do." "What if you could show Steve that you could do the things he wants you to do?

Would that help you get him back?" "I guess so, but what do you mean 'show him' I can do those things?" "Look here, you just watched your husband fuck another woman because you are too inexperienced to satisfy him, right?" Heather's eyes shot daggers at Jason and she began to rise from the table. "That was cruel, and I don't think I want to talk about this any more." Jason grabbed her arm, and gently said.

"Heather, sit down.

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I don't mean to be cruel and I apologize if I sounded that way. All I meant was that you need to show Steve you are as much of a sexual woman as his other lover. You just need more experience." "How do I do that? Whore around with any guy I find?" "No, you definitely don't want to do that. There are way too many creeps bad diseases out there to just pick some guy off the street.

And bedsides you need a bit of revenge here. Your husband was screwing around on you. You could sue him for divorce and take him to the cleaners! No court in the country would deny you were wronged." Heather considered that for a moment. Jason was at least partially right, Steve was wrong to be fucking Beth even if he was unsatisfied with the sex Heather provided. He did need to be taught a lesson. Heather began to sense Jason was proposing a plan to her that she had just not recognized.

"Tell me a little more about how I can get this experience you think I need and how that would teach my husband a lesson." Jason moved closer to the table and once again took her hands in his. Here goes nothing. . "Consider this as one idea. If you were to somehow show Steve that you can do all the sexual things she does, would that help?" "How would I show him this? You mean show him a picture?" Heather was beginning to understand Jason's concept. "Yeah, a picture is ok, but a movie or video is probably better because with all those digital cameras available today, it is easy to interchange body parts.

You know what I mean? Take a face from one picture and transpose it onto a body from another picture." "You think I should make a movie of me having oral sex with someone and show it to my husband?" Heather was incredulous. Jason was fully aware of her tone of voice but he continued, "I know it sounds odd to you, but consider the facts. You just watched your husband do it with another woman.

The only difference from what I am suggesting is that you were watching live!

I suppose an alternative is to arrange a scenario where Steve is lured to some location to watch you have sex with another man." "Look," he went on, "all I'm saying is that if you make a movie, you can set up the time and circumstances that are convenient for you. Plus, by making a movie, you can always back out before the camera rolls, ya know?" Heather was listening closely to everything Jason was saying, and while some of it made sense, she knew it was a tremendously risky idea. Was revenge really so important?

Was Steve's affair so wrong that she had to have her own affair to show him how wrong it was? Still, she was badly hurt by what she saw earlier this evening. Doing nothing did not seem like a reasonable option.

"Ok," Heather started, "for the sake of this discussion, let's pretend that I am willing to make such a movie and show it to my husband. How do I begin? Where do I find a camera crew I can trust? I would be run out of town if I make this movie on Monday only to have it show up on the internet on Tuesday." Jason could barely contain his excitement, "You have a good point about the internet.

Everything seems to show up there. Ok, listen to this, and don't get weird on me, ok?" He cleared his throat and tried his best to appear humble and embarrassed. "I know some guys who can make the movie and you can trust them completely." "You know some guys? You? Jason, you are such a nice guy. How would you know those types of people?" Jason was a little offended. "What kind of people do you think they are?

Me and my bud. . ." Jason knew he had blown it. Heather's eyes were wide with surprise. "Jason," she whispered, "you make.

. sex movies?" Jason's frustration peaked as he sensed his hastily conceived plan disintegrating. "My buddies and I are a team," he began.

"There are three of us. I have a good camera, Mike does lights, and Anton does sound. It's not like this is our profession. We don't do it every day or nothing like that.

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It's more like a hobby that we enjoy and make a little extra cash." Heather's emotions were in serious conflict. She had nearly accepted the notion that she would make the movie, but now that she knew Jason would be involved, she wasn't sure she could go through with it. He is a friend and a co-worker. The practical side of her brain was telling her this was a very bad idea and how could she possibly let someone like that film her having sex?

The rebellious and hurt side of her personality presented an opposing view. Steve had done a terrible thing; he deserved to be taught a lesson. Making the film was a reasonable response, and besides, if she couldn't trust Jason to safeguard the film, how could she possible trust a total stranger? Heather was quiet for several moments as the debate continued in her mind.

Jason was afraid to say anything for fear he would compound his already precarious situation. Earlier in the conversation he had thought Heather was moving slowly toward accepting his idea of making a porn film to extract revenge for her husband's infidelity, but now.

. he just wasn't sure what she might do. Finally, Heather looked directly into Jason's eyes. "If I do this, who would I be with? I mean who would I.

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. . ," her words faltered. "Who would have sex with you," Jason asked, his spirits soaring again. He wanted to scream the answer, but he knew he had to be very careful with his response. "Before I answer directly, let me ask a question.

Do you want to show Steve that you are capable of having sex with another man, or do you want to show him that you are capable of doing anything and everything? In other words, do you just want revenge, or do you want to show him, and yourself, that you are much more than a beautiful face and fabulous body?" Heather recognized the pop psychology Jason was throwing at her, and quickly realized that this whole sex movie idea was more than simply revenge, it was about her self confidence and her perception of herself as a woman.

With boldness in her voice that she had not previously felt, Heather replied, "Ok, I accept your implied challenge, Jason. I want to be able to show Steve, and myself, that I am able to anything I choose to do. Now, answer the question. Who will I have sex with?" "All of us, Anton, Mike, and me." Jason stared intently for her reaction. If he was looking for shock or refusal, it didn't appear.

Heather held Jason's stare knowing that if she accepted this condition, the dye was cast and there was no turning back. But three men? She had only had one man her entire life Steve!

She had boyfriends in high school and college, but she never let any of them go beyond heavy petting. But yet, here she was.

Sitting at a table in a bar with the janitor of her school discussing a porn movie in which she would be expected to have sex with three men two of which would be total strangers! A sense of panic began to build in her chest. What was she thinking? She had to end this discussion right now and go home! She could talk to Steve and they could work out their problems. . couldn't they? She took a deep breath. Images of Steve and Beth flooded her memory. She knew talking would not solve her problems.

She needed to prove to herself that she was a sexual being. Someone who could do more than tolerate sex, she wanted to be able to enjoy sex all of it! Heather blinked, but her gazed held steady on Jason's eyes.


"Ok," she whispered, "I'll do it." Jason wanted to pump his fist in the air with victory, but knowing the whole gig could fall apart at any time, he struggled for restraint. He smiled, "Heather, it's gonna be ok. You'll see, but we do have some plans to make.

Can you do that now?" Heather nodded. "Ok," he continued, "the first thing we need to do is figure out when to do this.

You might think porn movies are shot in a couple of hours, but they take time because something always goes wrong and you have to re-shoot the scene. Can you get away for two or three days? A weekend?" "Yeah, I think I can do that. Steve travels out of town a lot for work.

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I should be able to find some time during one of his trips. "If Steve is out of town, can we use your house? Finding a location is always a problem because we need someplace that is comfortable, but yet not subject to interruption or disturbances." Heather balked at the idea of making a porn movie in her own house, but then she realized the convenience it offered. She would not have to worry about fabricating some story to tell Steve about why she was not home, and if she was going to have sex with three men, doing it in her own bed would be psychologically more comfortable than any other site she could think of.

"Yes, we can probably use my house. In fact, Steve is supposed to leave on Saturday and be gone for the entire week." Jason beamed.

He was hoping to get this started quickly to avoid the possibility of Heather getting cold feet. And here she was suggesting that they begin filming in just two days. "That's great, Heather.

I'll have to hustle to get the equipment set up, but I think we can be ready by Saturday. What time does Steve have to be at the airport?" "I think he leaves at 10:00 a.m." "That's fine. We'll be at your house at noon Saturday. Now, what kind of underwear do you wear?" "What?" she asked her face flushing. "I know it's a weird question, but costumes are important.

Most of the time porn actors are nude, but I have found that you need to start the movie with a suggestive outfit. It builds interest. Do you have any thong panties and push-up bras? Those are always good, especially if they are shear." "No, I don't have any of those.

. but I suppose I could go buy some if you think I should." "I'm telling you costumes really help. I would recommend you buy some thong panties, at least. The smaller the better.

And if you can find it, buy one of those short silk kimonos, would you? You will want something to wear between scenes or when we have to stop to fix a piece of equipment or re-set the lights. One more thing, you will need to shave." Heather felt herself flush again. "Shave? You mean. . my pubic hair?" Jason nodded. "All of it?" "No, not all of it," Jason replied. "Most porn stars I've seen are completely shaved, but I think it is sexier if you leave just a little.

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A good guide would be the thongs you buy. If you get a skimpy thong, leave just enough hair so it is covered by the thong. That's a killer look." Jason paused. He couldn't think of anything else he needed to tell her right now. He held her hands again, looked at her face, and tried to sound concerned and caring. "Heather, this is going to be a good thing. I know you are nervous and you have some doubts, but this is justs sex, and we can make it fun. No one is going to do anything to hurt you; in fact, we are going to do our best to make sure you have more orgasms than you have ever had in your life.

I'll work on a script tonight and tell you what you have to do on Saturday." "Script? You mean I have to learn lines like an actress?" "No, no," he laughed. "This is just a plan of what scenes we are going to shoot and when we shoot them. The only words you will have to worry about are lines like, 'Fuck me harder,' or 'Give my your cum." I'll let you improvise those when you think the moment is right." Heather laughed, relieving some of her internal tension, "I think I can remember those." They rose from the table; Jason gathered her in his arms and held her tight.

"This is going to be alright. Trust me. Now, go home. Be civil to Steve and pretend like you were at the School Board meeting just like he expected. This weekend is going to be great." Heather broke from Jason's arms, picked up her purse and turned to leave. "You are right, I am nervous, but I am determined to do this to prove I can. See you on Saturday." A thought flashed through Jason's mind.

"Heather," he called after her. She turned to face him. "You know that Mike and Anton are black, too, right?" "Yeah, so?" she responded. "Oh, nothing. Just thought I'd mention that."