Ich machte ihn für Betrug entschuldigen

Ich machte ihn für Betrug entschuldigen
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To all the people who leave positive and constructive (even some criticical) comments. Thank you. Some events that you would never have considered happening, happen. Reality can be better than the fantasies over which we masturbate, but aren't fantasies fun?

My step sister was two years older than me, we weren't close, not really having much in common other than the fact our respective parents had married. Sophie, in the two years I had known her, had grown from a "puppy fat" kid to a gorgeous teenager, she reminded me so much of someone famous but for the life of me I couldn't place her, the puppy fat was still a little evident but in all the right places.

Without a doubt she was one of the best looking girls in school, long blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned legs. Sure I had fantasised about her but she never wanted anything to do with her younger step-bro and made it very clear.

At 14 I was of course, hormonally, very interested in the teenage female form, even if it was my arrogant sister, if it was female I wanted to see it naked! Unfortunately the opportunity never presented itself, until… One weekend our parents decided they were going away for the weekend, unusual but they said they needed the break, kind of like a second honeymoon.

Sophie insisted that we wouldn't need anyone to sit for us as she was old enough to look after the two of us. No argument from me as I knew that our paths wouldn't cross all weekend as I had been invited over to a friend's. Last minute I was told that my friend was ill and it wouldn't be a good idea to go over, so that left me at home with my sister. She made it quite clear that I was to keep well out of the way as she would be having a friend over.

"A friend" I thought to myself, I didn't even know she had a boyfriend. Parents gone one whole hour and the door bell rings. Sophie jumped up and ran to the door, "Make yourself scarce" she instructed, giving me a filthy look. I slowly got up and made my way towards my room, making sure to be slow enough to catch sight of our "visitor". To my surprise it wasn't some spotty geek of a boyfriend but Madeline, one of Sophie's girlfriends.

Why the two of them were friends escaped me, Madeline was the total opposite to Sophie. She was far more mature and had a reputation as a slut. She had long raven black hair and a body to die for, her booty stuck out, rearwards, as much as her boobs stuck out in front of her, "hour glass" didn't do her justice. She was fully made up and looked well beyond her 16 years of age.

I again received the deathly glare from Sophie, as I made my way to my room. "Hiya squirt" shouted Madeline as I disappeared from view.

I just blushed and entered my room, closing the door behind me. Having a girl as hot and with such a sexy reputation say "Hiya" was enough to make ne break out in a broad grin.

I jumped on my bed and thought of Madeline, this led to the inevitable boner. Well what the hell else had I to do, all alone? Stroke my cock of course! An everyday, or should I say many times a day occurrence. After "jacking off" I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up I was still on top of my bed but it was two hours later.


I heard the faint sound of laughter and a clinking noise. I made my way to my door, quietly and opened it to hear more clearly the girls laughing and giggling.

I crept along the corridor and peaked around the corner to see the girls had helped themselves to a couple of bottles of wine, both empty. They were sprawled back on the sofa in a state of relaxation/intoxication. I got down on my belly so that I could pear around the corner but be hidden by the small lamp table.

I could see the girls but they couldn't see me. The girls were swirling around half empty wine glasses as the talked and waved their arms about, also both were positioned so that there butts were so far forward on the sofa, that they were nearly off it. To stabilize themselves they both had their legs splayed wide open, this gave me a partially restricted view up between Madie's thighs and I could just make out her panties.

She was wearing a short denim skirt, the hem barely covering her privates when she stood, let alone when she sat down. Sophie however was wearing jeans, even though I wouldn't have been able to see as far up her legs, had she been wearing a skirt, I cursed my luck Their conversation, inevitably got around to boys and screwing, the jist of which, it transpired that Madie was still a virgin!

Who would have believed it, the so called local slut still a virgin! Sophie admitted to being a virgin too but that was no great surprise. The conversation then got around to masturbation, Madie admitted to regularly playing with herself, Spohie, reluctantly, to doing it occasionally. As they confessed I saw that Madie's left hand had wandered down onto her exposed left thigh, she started to slowly stroke the inside of her leg and then slide onto her crutch.

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"I'm feeling really horny right now, are you?" I heard her say to Sophie. Sophie, big grin on her face disappearing as she saw what Madie was up to, to a huge gulp of her wine, finishing the glass, involuntarily raising herself from the back of the sofa and looking up Madie's open legs. "My god your playing with yourself" she blurted out as she saw the other girls fingers trace themselves between the folds of her pussy through her panties.

Madie just closed her eyes, mummered and said "I'm sooo horny". Sophie appeared to be in such disbelief that she craned her neck around even further to see what Madie was doing. I, of course was in heaven, watching a hot horny bitch touching herself, my boner was pressing down onto the floor, making it uncomfortable for me to continue to lay on my stomach, however I wasn't going to give up my vantage point. Madie opened her eyes, noticed Sophie watching her and said, "Aren't you going to join me girlfriend?" her right hand sliding onto Sophie's thigh and up towards her crotch.

I was expecting Sophie to go ballistic but the wine was obviously having an effect.


Without much ado she unbuttoned her jeans, slid down the zipper and, raising her butt up slid her jeans down. She was wearing a bright pink thong that didn't do a very good job of covering her private parts.

She jumped back into the same position as Madie and with her right hand started to slip it between her legs, rubbing herself. Madie, biting her lip, saw Sophie joining in and smirked, "Go girl" she said as she again closed her eyes and continued to stroke herself. I watched enthralled as the two girls pleasured themselves. Madie again opened her eyes, turned to face Sophie and asked, "Have you ever let anyone else touch you &hellip.there?" motioning towards Sophie's crotch. Sophie opened her eyes and looked quizzically at Madie, "No have you?" Madie grinned and said "Me neither but I bet it would feel real different".

With that said she reached out her right hand, slid it down over Sophie's belly and under the waistband of Sophie's thong. In doing so she pushed Sophie's hand off herself and seemed to cup Sophie's pussy in the palm of her hand. "Oooh you feel so hot and wet" she said as she licked her lips as she started to rub Sophie's pussy in her palm. Sophie, a little astonished, reached out with her left hand and slid it under Madie's panties.

"What's good for the goose" she said as she now had Madie's pussy in her palm. "Your so wet and hot too… but it feels kinda different, you know having someone else touch your pussy". Madie just nodded, shut her eyes again and concentrated on stroking Sophie's pussy. Sophie returned the compliment and both girls stayed like that for what seemed forever until, Madie suddenly slipped a finger up Sophie's love tunnel.

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Sophie gave a sharp intake of breath before forcing one of her own fingers up Madie's pussy. I was getting a right eyeful of treasure, boner aching but I wasn't going to move. No Madie did though, she slid off the sofa and crawled, on her knees, between Sophie's splayed legs, puzzled Sophie looked down at her friend, wondering why Madie hadn't continued the pleasure she had been giving her.

It was then that I saw Madie sling Sophie's thong down her legs. Sophie raised her butt off the sofa to help, whether subconsciously or not?

One wet thong went flying through the air as Madie tossed it aside. She then slid her hand up Sophie's thigh, turned her wrist and slipped two fingers into the sopping girls glory hole.

"Aaaaargh" grunted Sophie, on the invasion of her privates, reaching down with both hands, pushing Madie's shoulders back. Undeterred Madie started to slide her two fingers in and out of the blonde girls pussy. Sophie relaxed back against the sofa, breathing deeply. Madie, seeing her prey had given in to her started to finger fuck her friend, fast and furious.

It didn't take long for Sophie to kick her legs, grab Madie's shoulders again and I heard a sploshing sound as Sophie reached orgasm, shouting out as she did. Sophie's breathing calmed down after a while and Madie sat back next to her, "Your turn", she instructed the blonde. Sophie, still calming down after one of the most intense orgasm she had ever had, smiled and took a similar position to that which her friend had been in. Unfortunately my view of Madie's pussy was obscured by Sophie but my imagination and what I could see, along with Madie's moans and groans let me know what was going on.

I also noticed how pear shaped Sophie's bare ass was as she squatted between her friends legs, I could just make out her pussy lips, hanging between her legs and not much evidence of pussy hair. Sophie's elbow was going ten to the dozen, just as Madie's had been earlier when Sophie placed both her hands on Madie's knees and I saw her head go forward. Madie sat up in surprise and screamed, "Lick me, lick me" almost astonished at the blonde head bobbing between her legs.

"Shit" I thought to myself, my sister is a "Lez", she's licking another girls cunt, she's gotta be a lesbian! The sight made my cock throb like it had never throbbed before, I just had to go and take care of it. I quietly snuck back to my room and beat off. It only took seconds, literally for ropes of cum to spew forth, shooting up my belly and chest.

I wiped myself down and drifted back of to sleep. The following happened whilst I was back in my room, I later found out, roughly, what was said: Madie reached her orgasm with Sophie's face getting covered in her cum juices.

"Wow Soph.

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what made you do that?" questioned Madie. Sophie stood up, turned and flopped down next to her friend.

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"I don't know" she replied "it just seemed natural&hellip.does that mean I'm a lesbian?" Madie smiled back at her, "I don't bloody care if you are going to do that, it was incredible". She took Sophie's head in her hands and gave her a passionate kiss. Sophie returned the kiss, just as passionately.

"Are we lesbians then?" asked Sophie again. Madie pulled back from their embrace, "Well I like boys…and I want to try some cock, so I don't think so, what do you think?".

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Sophie looked across at her friend, "Well I never dreamed of doing anything like that before. I've always fancied boys and never even considered doing anything like that". In unison they both shouted "It must be the wine" and collapsed in fits of giggles. When they had finished laughing Madie rose up on to her knees, lifted her T-shirt over her head, undid her bra and threw it on the floor.

"If we can agree to blame the wine then whatever happens tonight, the wine gets the blame!" as she reached over and started to remove Sophie's top. Sophie assisted her and soon both girls were naked and exploring each others bodies, during which time Sophie asked, "Madieline, are you really still a virgin?" Madie replied, "'fraid so, I know I'm a flirt and all that an d I know I have a reputation but to be honest I'm scared witless about having a cock inside me".

Sophie looked at her friend before asking, "What you mean about getting pregnant?". "Shit no, I've been on the pill since I was twelve!" Madie responded, "It's just that I'm a bit tight…you know…down there and&hellip." She didn't need to finish.

"Well why don't you try a small cock first" Sophie reasoned. "And who do you know who's got a small cock?" Madie asked mockingly. Both girls again fell into fits of laughter. Madie suddenly stopped shot a "I've an idea" look on her face and suggested "What about your little brother, he's only 14, I bet his cock isn't that big yet?" Sophie didn't look astonished by her friends suggestion, she seemed to ponder for a moment, mulling the thought over in her mind.

"I don't know" she replied, "I've never thought about it". That was the conversation over, both girls went quiet, gathered their clothing and made for their beds.

I found out about the conversation a few days later but thought it appropriate to include it now to explain: Sometime during the night, whilst I was asleep, I started to feel very horny. I was more asleep than awake, somewhere in nowhere land but I knew my cock was hard and throbbing.

Not only was is hard and throbbing but I suddenly became aware that it had a hand around it and it wasn't mine! I opened my eyes, at this sudden realisation and in the half light saw Madie, kneeling at the side of my bed, around about my midriff, duvet back around my knees. She had my cock in her right hand and was slowly wanking me to erection, I could even feel her hot breath as she exhaled, which was erotic in itself.

"Oh my" I heard her mumble to herself as my member became engorged with blood. She noticed I was awake, brought a finger to her lips and whispered "Shush", as she continued to pull the length of my cock.

"You're a lot bigger than I thought you'd be". She whispered. Undeterred by my awakening she slowly moved her head, laying it onto my stomach, blocking my view of her hand tugging my cock. It was then that I felt the incredible sensation of her putting the tip of my cock between her lips, her moist hot lips, her tongue on my "Bell end".

Shit it was incredible! Then the feeling of her sliding my cock further into her mouth, her saliva coating my cock, her hot wet mouth, her cheeks pressing along my shaft. All I could do was groan in approval. I knew that if she continued this I would cum in seconds. Madie took my cock from her mouth and in what seemed like a semi drunken stupor climbed onto the bed to straddle me, kneeling on the bed facing me. "Oh well might as well finish what I started", she seemed to mumble to herself as she took hold of my cock and placed the tip between her pussy lips, rubbed my cock head along her slit and then put it at the entrance to her pussy.

The heat emanating from within her felt as though she was on fire inside her body. Then she did it, she thrust her hips down and impaled the first couple of inches inside her, no hymen, I thought, but boy was she tight and so bloody hot inside.

She stopped for a moment, grunted and then pushed further down onto me, half my cock now inside her. Placing her hands on my stomach, for support, she dropped again, now impaling all of me inside her. I looked down between my legs, I couldn't see any of the, expected, blood nor did I feel any hymen breaking but there again I had never shagged a virgin before, no, I had never shagged anyone before, so I didn't really know what to expect.

She let out a low guttural groan, holding herself steady with her arms. Then pushing on my stomach she started to slowly lift herself off me before violently impaling herself down again. The skin on my cock-shaft felt as though it was being either ripped off or burnt, although lubricated by her ample juices she was just so tight. After a couple of repetitions of her earlier actions she got into a rhythm of bouncing up and down on me.

Her pussy seemed to relax enough for me to slide a lot more easily inside her. I took the opportunity to reach out and grab her swaying boobs. I could, even in this faint light, make out the contrast between her deeply tanned body and her much more lightly tanned breasts, where her bikini had kept these marvels from getting sun burnt.

Her nipples were dark brown and although not huge, were as hard as my cock. I flicked my thumb over them and then craned my neck enough to be able to take one into my mouth. Greedily I slurped and sucked on it. Madie put both her hands around my head, grabbing my hair and pushing me harder onto her breast.

I ,now having my hands free, moved them to cup that wonderful booty of her, cupping her cheeks in my hands, well as much of them as I could. Her bobbing up and down on me was becoming faster and longer, my cock now penetrating deep within her. I used my hands, still cupping her wonderful booty, to help lift and lower her onto me, accidently my index finger slipped onto her rear entrance hole. As this happened her pussy clamped tighter around my cock. Thinking that she had enjoyed this "little accident", I continued to finger her ass, even coating it in the juices swimming along my cock and popped the tip of my finger inside her rear passage.

She obviously was enjoying it as she bounced up and down on me with renewed vigour, exhaling loudly as she filled herself with cock. I felt my balls tighten, I wanted this to last forever but knew I couldn't. My whole cock seemed to swell inside her and as she "cood" and "aaarghed" I exploded within the depths of her pussy. Madie grasped the back of my head, nearly scalping me, as she too flooded my cock with her own cum juices. She sat still on me for a while, panting short breaths, still gripping my head firmly.

She looked me in the eye, moved her face towards mine and planted a sloppy kiss on my lips, then buried her tongue into my mouth for a "French kiss". She climbed off me, withdrawing my now semi erect cock from inside its' pussy cage, wincing as the tip plopped out of her.

She stood at the side of the bed, once again brought her finger to her lips and "Shushed" me as she made her way out of the room. I watched, in awe, as I saw her booty sway away from my, staggering a little, I don't know if it was the drink or the shagging!

Chapter 2. Next morning I woke up with a big grin on my face and memories of the previous night. I heard the girls up, donned a pair of boxers and made my way to the kitchen. Both girls were eating cereals but with their heads in their spoon free hands. They both grunted "Morning" but kept their faces down to the table. Madie finished her bowl, got up, kissed Sophie on the forehead and said, "Gotta go, see you later".

Then she gave me the biggest grin, pointed a "trigger" finger towards my groin and said to me "And I'll definitely be seeing you later", as she sashayed out the house. Sophie, still sat at the table, in her robe, gave me a puzzled look, "What was that all about" she quizzed me, referring to Madie's comment. I played the innocent "Dunno", I replied, turning my head to the door which my first conquest had just left by.

"Well someone seems to know something" Sophie said as she looked at my groin. I noticed her stare and then looked down, boner poking stiffly out the top of my shorts. (Subconciously the little fella must have been still thinking of last night) I smirked self confidently. Sophie's intuition kicked in, "You didn't" she said in shocked disbelief, "You didn't" she repeated. "Oh my god, you did…didn't you, you screwed Madie last night!" half in statement and half questioningly.

I gave her a mock look of being hurt by her accusation, raised my eyebrows, gave a wry grin and replied, "No I didn't screw Madie last night", pausing for effect, "She screwed me!" "Oh the bitch", Sophie exclaimed, then, still glaring at my crotch continued, "But…but you haven't got a small dick!" As if astounded by what she saw. Now I'm not the most well hung guy, I'd like to say I'm just shy of 7" and thick, probably from all the tugging my cock gets!

Against my slim frame though, I have to admit my cock probably looks bigger than it actually is. "It…it looks huge!" She blurted out. Stammering her words and shaky on her feet Sophie raised herself off the kitchen stool and made her way towards me.

Her robe wasn't fastened as tight as it should have been which gave me a good glimpse of both cleavage and thigh, this causing the old todger to struggle free even more frantically from it's confines.

Sophie stood there just in front of me, open jawed, looking down at my cock, still peeping up from the waistband of my shorts. Her gaze rose to mine and we stood looking each other eyeball to eyeball, (we were actually the same height).

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That's when it struck me, her blue eyes, pouting lips, golden hair, she was a dead ringer for a more valuptious, teenage Claudia Scheiffer! "C'can I see it?" she stammered. Full of a new found confidence I casually replied, "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours" almost mockingly. Sophie, as if in a dreamy daze slowly opened her robe and let it fall off her shoulders. I stepped back a bit to admire the vision. There stood in front of me was the most beautiful blonde I had ever seen, perfect in almost every detail.

Clear, slightly tanned skin, slender shoulders, breasts which were ripe and full, capped by the pinkest nipples, a trim stomach and slim waist leading to broad, curvaceous hips and long slender legs.

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Her pussy was covered only by the sparsest of downey fine blonde hair, almost invisible, and her pussy lips only modestly protruding between her legs, I could just make out the folds of her inner lips peaking out between them. As if to break my own awe, Sophie said "Well", gesturing me to remove my boxers.

I removed them, almost staggering into her, regained my balance and stood in front of her. Again our eyes met and we gazed into each other.

I felt the palm of her hand press my erection into my stomach as she laid her palm against my throbbing member, her long slender fingers almost touching my balls. Our eyes never left each others gaze as I slowly slid my own palm down, from just below her collar bone, over her full breast, cupping it in my hand.

It was full, heavier than I imagined it would be. I racked my thumb across her nipple and she gave a sharp intake of breath through her pursed lips. Still our eyes stayed transfixed as I slid my other hand down over her stomach, traced my finger through her labia and cupped her pussy. She gave a little shudder as I traced my finger over a small protrusion at the top of her lips, not knowing but quickly realising that that was her clitoris.

Her pussy lips were already moist and I could feel the intense heat from inside her body as I continued to stroke my finger between her pussy lips. Not stopping our fondling we both, simultaneously leant forward and kissed. It was a gentle kiss, a couple of pecks really before becoming more passionate. I removed my hand from her breast and placed it over hers, cupping her fingers around my cock shaft and simulating the stroking movement for her. She soon understood what she should do and took up the task on her own.

I returned my hand to her breast, rubbing her pussy with my other. Our kiss had now turned into an eyes closed tongue fight. Passionate breathing and rapid fondling. "Oh Jack" she mummered "Please". She didn't finish her sentence, she didn't need to. I led her to my room, laid her on my bed and climbed next to her. Our hands resumed their former positions and actions, our mouths as well.

We fumbles and felt, stroked and rubbed for ages before I decide to take things a little further. Kissing her under her chin, down onto her nipple, briefly sucking and nibbling before making my way down over her stomach to the peachy mound between her legs.

I parted her thighs a bit more, admired her most private of places before letting instinct take over as I put my open mouth onto her pussy, licking my tongue the length of her slit. I'd never licked or tasted pussy before so it was all new to me, however I was in heaven and her juices tasted like nectar.

I slurped my tongue up and down her crack, savouring every last drop of her juices and my saliva mixed. Sophie had her arms back above her head, slowly writhing like a snake in slow motion. I suddenly remembered about last night, with Madie and decided to try something.

Something which if you had asked me a day earlier I would have said was disgusting. As I snaked my tongue down her pussy slit I continued the journey to her bum hole.

I'd expected a horrible taste but it wasn't. Sophie gave out a low groan and clamped her thighs around my head as I attempted to probe her rear orifice with my tongue. "Oooh.Jack" she whimpered each time I reached her clitoris, as I lapped her, followed by just "Jack" and a quick exhalation of breath, as my tongue probed her rear.

Before long Sophie was rolling instead of writhing, her legs were all over the place. Again they clamped my head and she screamed, "Aaaaaaargh……aaargh&hellip.aaargh", as she reached her climax. She pushed my head away from between her legs. Held my by the hair on top of my head and screamed at me, "You…you&hellip.aargh". before calming down, loosening her grip and letting go of me. Sophie pulled me up to her and started to kiss me again.

She pushed me onto my back and made her way down my body. She took hold of my cock, looked up at me and then put my dick in her mouth. Who would believe it, two blow jobs within 12 hours? Alright Sophie had never sucked cock before and to be honest it wasn't as good as I remembered Madie's attentions the night before but she scored bonus points for effort.

(Hey now I am an aficionado of blow jobs.lol after just one! Well one and a half). Sophie tugged at my cock with a little too much gusto, caught me with her teeth a couple of times but soon had the old balls boiling. I shot my load right down her throat. She swallowed and gulped as fast and furiously as she could. Even though I knew I could wank three or four times in quick succession, mostly not even loosing my erection, I never remember having so much cum shoot out of me.

Sophie finished her lapping of my cock, brought herself up the bed to face me and smiled. Not saying a word she kept hold of my cock and we both drifted back off to sleep.