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Watch Turboslut Hailey Young Get Dick Drunk Over Lefty Larue During Gangbang
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"Do ya hear that ladies?" I yelled as the band was just finishing their set. "That's the sound of FREEDOM! My phone has not rang all night!" Kara rolled her big Chestnut eyes and turned slowly with and her teeth gritted to Ann and Sheila. "Yes, Layla, we hear it." Apparently I didn't notice it was the 7th time I asked that question. Honestly, I didn't give a damn. I had spent enough nights at home crying during short term breakups with Scott.

I am going to enjoy it while I could just like he always does. My selfish thoughts interrupted by Ann tripping on the chair and stumbling into me. As she caught her self I looked up found myself staring at her perfect C cup tits in my face. Wow. Never noticed how nice they were before. "Congrats on those beauts." I said while leaning in trying to plant my face in her chest. Denied. She smacked me upside the head playfully and smirked. Being so glad to have a girls night after our split I had taken a few too many shots.

I got to do, drink, and say what I wanted and was on a roll. "I have to work tomorrow." Sheila whined.

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Ann quickly added, "Me too!" They were always out for happy hour and could care less about staying out to celebrate anything that didn't have the focus on them, I thought to myself. "Alright girls, pay yours tabs. I have to pee." I sang. I was already on my feet and focusing on walking straight as I could to the bathroom. I squinted and focused entirely too hard on my posture and foot placement and was actually proud once I made it into the bathroom without missing a beat.

Thankfully! I sloppily leaned into the wall relieved to have no one looking once in the bathroom stall. "Oh thank god." I said as I ripped off my black skinny jeans and red lace thong.

"Whew. I love these underwear. So glad I wore my matching bra. So what if no one will see them. Me, myself, and I. HOT and so are these panties." I drunkenly thought to myself. I checked my phone, checked the mirror, washed my hands, and did everything else I needed to do to get myself ready to go back out to the bar with my friends and finish up my victory lap around town.

I walked through the smoking section, past the pool tables, and rounded to the glass door back to the opposite end of the bar where my gals were sitting. My eyes squinted and I looked around the room quickly. Maybe too quickly for my drunken state. I waltzed back over to where we had been sitting and hopped up in the bar stool and ordered another beer. I looked around more intently finally and realized they were not playing darts, pool, not at the jukebox, could not have been in the bathroom of course.

They left me. Those fucking bitches left me. I sat and talked to the bartender for a bit. The place had cleared out a good bit for the moment. I heard the door open in walked in a guy who waved to the tender and walked back into the kitchen. I asked who he was and the bartender explained that he was a conductor that stopped in a few years ago because the train tracks were right behind the bar and he came back every chance he could to pick up a late meal.

I asked for my tab and went outside to call a cab. Sat on the patio and waited. I squinted and looked at my phone. 1% battery. Fuck me. Just then I heard the door open. Feeling a little frisky I cat called to the tight ass that walked by me. "Hey sweet cheeks." I looked up while smirking. The footsteps stopped and i dared to look the target in the face. He was lanky but muscular and had a chiseled jaw and cheekbones and the brightest green eyes.

Once the look of surprise left his face he gave the playful look back and said, "Where ya headed?" "Home I suppose" I said with a shrug. He took his time looking me up and down and tilted his head to the side. His expression unreadable he said "Care to share a meal and a coffee?" It was getting chilly out and I knew I could go for a meal. I figured why not? I was having a good night until a few minutes ago. Maybe I can end it with some good conversation and good food.

Okay I said and followed his lead as he walked towards the train. Once in the cabin he popped out the boxes of food and fixed up the coffee, grabbed a mug and split it for us.

Dig in he said while sitting down. He took a few bites and just sat there staring at me. Not in a creepy way. just like he was curious and content. I finished my half of a sandwich and he said "Good girl"I smiled and thanked him and was about to open my mouth to start small talk and he asked me quickly enough that I stopped and listened. His voice was that kind that demanded respect and soothed you at the same time. "Do you like being a good girl?" What aw shit here we go. This is going to get weird and Ill be leaving soon I thought.

Shit. What a waste. No one says that and can actually go anywhere with it ever. Sigh. "I would love to be a good girl for the right person." I teased not expecting him to say anything of interest. He did just that and just looked at me a smiled. "drink some coffee, finish up what food you want and then we can talk." He walked out. Meh, maybe he had to piss. Whatever. Just then I realized there were headlights but couldn't see anything else really.

Hmm, guess it was my cab.

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I could always call another. So I sat and enjoyed my meal. A few long moments later he returned and saw that I was done with what I wanted and he said he was going to just save his for later and cleaned up the boxes and set them to the side on the floor. I could see he was fit through his clothes. His beard a bit scruffy, but full, and it suited him well. When he turned back to me he took a few steps closer and surprised me by whispering and staring me in the eyes.

I thought for a second and then realized he had really asked me what I thought he had. "Do you want to be a good girl?" I blinked hard a couple times and thought, fuck, been here before.

Am I about to get roughed up? I tried to hide my reaction but I must not have been doing a good job. Before I could respond he whispered again. "Do you want to be a good girl? I won't touch you unless you ask me to." His voice was so soothing and strong. I lost my momentary fear and simply said "Yes." FUCK what am i getting myself into this time? I leaned back in my chair to look at his face and he still had no expression. Hmm, for someone who wants to get kinky he seems like such a neutral being just standing there.


Then he came to me, knelt, and kissed me. Kissed my neck and started to make his way down to my collar bone while holding the base of my head and the top of my neck in his hand. Oh so perfectly. Not too light to make me get goosebumps and not to rough to make me run. Just enough to quickly make me wet. Wet so quickly for him. My my my. This may end well after all I thought to myself as I placed one hand on his jaw and one on his shoulder blade lightly pulling him to me for encouragement.

"Lets see what you can do, Mr. Conductor. I want your hands on me." I whispered to him. He looked up momentarily and his eyes lit up.

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After a few nibbles at my collar bone and a few light nips at my neck he stood. I almost wished I had said anything because it seemed my words had changed his pace. Shit. I thought things would get hot but seems I was wrong. "Breathe" he said sweetly. "Don't forget to breathe." I nodded. He knelt and started to remove my boots. He sat on the floor and began massaging my feet and told me to close my eyes. I listened. "Oh who gives this kind of attention to a good quick time?" I asked trying to not moan from the amazing things his hands were doing to the muscles in my foot.

"We have some time. I know the schedule. I will have you spent by the time you leave. I prefer to be memorable. Do you understand?" I nodded. I didn't want to talk. I liked hearing him. His voice alone did it for me. He moved to the next foot and I melted. Amazing. I thought this was going to be reckless and hard and mind blowing and leave me wanting more. But THIS, this was what i needed. "You won't be able to help yourself.

You will tell your friends all about this tomorrow. You will have to rub yourself over the edge for a long time thinking about what goes on here. You won't want to be anything less than my good girl again." I kept my eyes closed and just relaxed and listened. As he removed my socks and began sucking and kissing and licking every inch of my feet I tried to not pull away as best I could. It tickled so much but god damn I was getting wet.

He knew just where to tease and please and put pressure. His hands switched around and around as one would hold my foot or ankle and the other would massage and caress my calf and up my thigh to my hips.

Everything was getting everything it needed that he touched. He let my feet be done when they were done. He had to of felt the huge difference he had made. They felt like new. I opened my eyes to take a peek. He was looking right at me as he slowly got on his knees. "Close your eyes and just breathe dear." He said soothingly as he reached for my hips and began to work his magic hands on loosening them up from a tightness I didn't realize was there until it began to go away.

I wanted it all I wanted to feel him all over me. But he didn't go for it. I was ready.

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He knew it. What was he waiting for? As he stood I expected him to drop his pants. He made no such move. He took a couple steps back and asked me again if I was ready to be his good girl. I said, "yes." I was so relaxed and was so wet I just wanted him to strip me and take me already.

"Take off your jeans." YES! i thought. Here we fucking go. I opened my eyes and tried to not take them off too fast due to the excitement I had for this. If he could do what he did to me with just the moments he was touching me with his hands he had to be an amazing fuck, right?

"Take off your shirt". I stripped it and threw it across the room gently as my fingertips slipped out of the last part of that fabric was removed from me. I stood there for a second and decided I would take it upon myself to get things going and went to move towards him. "No." he said gently. I stopped and began to wonder what the deal was as he was about to make me wait too long and have to work to get me back to where I had been.

"Move your panties to the side and play with your pussy like a good girl, please." I don't know why he said please like I had a choice because his tone made me so comfortable with doing such an intimate thing in front of him that I couldn't have said no if i wanted to. As I reached with my left hand I took the time to ever so lightly rub my swollen and heated lips that needed a mans touch so bad.

"Listen." he said gently. I popped my eyes open and stared back as I Gently pulled my bit of lace that was there and made sure to drag it across myself and my wetness before sliding my right hand down my hip to my belly and finally straight down to my aching clit and on to my lips. I spread my pussy juice all over. Stuck my fingers into myself and bit my lip. I needed more. I wanted to cum already. He finally broke his stare and watched while giving a slight nod and said "Good girl.

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Keep being a good girl and you will have what you want. Good girls get rewarded." He must have seen the change in my mindset at that point. He knew I was there. He watched as I continued to play for a few minutes. All I could hear was myself breathing.

Then he said it, "Cum." As I rubbed my clit hard and slowly I shook and whimpered and finally let out what almost sounded like a growl. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to stay standing. I splashed all over the floor all down my legs and on my feet.

As I panted and my clit screamed he said, "Breathe. Don't stop." I continued wishing for him to come to me and fuck me like i needed him to. Pick me up and just fuck me. Bend me over I don't care. I played and played and teased myself again. "Cum." he said so simply. How did he know I was there?

No one could read my body like this man. I came again. This time no holding back I moaned and screamed and yelled and cussed. I was so ready to cum on his dick. I looked at him while biting my lip and trying to catch my breathe. "Good girl. You ready for some more fun?" He asked as he continued to drink me in with his eyes. "Yes. Please. Yes." He came to me and gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced.

I was weak for him, I wanted to be his good girl so bad. I was ready to do almost anything for this stranger. I followed his lead as he let me go as quickly as he had devoured me and spun me in one smooth movement that had me on my toes. I started to bend at the waist wanting him to strip and enter me but he instead told me to stand up. He said "up you go my girl." And bent and pulled my legs up so I was in a seated postition in his arms and he gently put me on the counter.

I bent over to give him a good view and shook my ass ever so slightly at him and turned back to look and check if he was enjoying the show. He was now looking at me like he wanted to jump on me and take me and not stop until we were both nothing but a pile of body and cum and concentrated breathes and afterglow.

He said "Sit." I looked at him with a confused look on my face. I followed his eyes. Just then I realized he had me positioned over a control that looked similar to a gear shift. I smiled and looked back at him with lust. "Yes. That's the look. Good girl sweety. Have a seat please." I had always wanted to do this but never had the nerve. I scooped some juice from my still dripping pussy and rubbed it around and asked him if he would throw some spit on the knob.

He smiled finally. He knew he had met his match at this moment. He knew he was in for a good time.

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He looked surprised and pleased. I wanted to give him what he wanted and more than what he thought he wanted. He slowly came over and put a hand on the top of my ass and layed his face on the back of my neck and kissed me. He spit in his other hand twice and I could tell he was moving it all over the knob that awaited my pussy. He slid his fingers in and out of me a few times and I could feel his breathing change as I fought himself to not take me right then and there.

He felt so nice in me I yearned for so much more of him in so many ways but I wanted to please him. I was lost. Lost in our own world. Our own time. He backed away slowly and said "Sit my girl." I lowered a hand to the knob and slid my knees further and further apart until I felt the coolness on my lips. "Wrap my pussy around it. Sit." He said and I did just that. Oh it filled me in no way I had ever felt before.

No dick, no toy, no nothing had ever felt like this. The naughtiness of it and the newness of it turned me on so badly I couldn't help but slowly move up and down on the knob. He came behind me and pulled my bra down and I cupped and teased my tits. I didn't even care to look and see if he was pleased bc I was pleased and thats all I cared about as I fucked this cool object that my pussy gripped and throbbed around.


I was so wet and needed to cum. Just then I realized I could see us in the reflection of the front window. He was biting his lip and loving the view he had. I could feel his rock hard cock against the small of my back and in between my ass cheeks with each rise and fall I made. I reached back and held him to me by his shoulder I grabbed and my hand slid. I grabbed the back of his neck and slid again. I loved how his skin felt under my hand that was still wet with my juices I wanted to touch him everywhere.

As I continued to move up and down on the knob he grabbed my hips and helped me along quickening my pace slightly. I ground my hips on the metal and on him. He was panting himself. "Cum." I groaned and shook and couldn't help myself. It was as soon as he said the word at this point. I was all his. I was shaking so hard I could barely move anymore. I was wearing down and he could tell.

"Come here and be mine." He said as he helped me raise myself up and turn around to sit on the counter. "Breathe." He repeated again as I struggled to compose myself. He walked to the corner and grabbed a bottle of water for me. I chugged it and winced as some of the coolness escaped my lips and ran down to my still exposed chest. He licked it up and again found my mouth while I wrapped my legs around his strong sides.

"Take me, I have been so good for you. Please be inside me." I begged as I tried to convince myself I could handle more. I needed him. NOW. He smiled and his mouth found mine again as he rubbed me from my hips to my ribs and relaxed me even more. I tightened my legs around him and shoved my tounge further and explored his mouth and he returned the gesture with pleasure.

I pulled back and bit his lip and sucked as soon as I had released it. Then he was ready. "Do you want your reward now?" He asked. "You have been the best girl. Such a good one." I couldn't speak I kissed him and nodded my head and gave a "Mhm." without letting go of his mouth.

He moved, shimmied and I heard his pants hit the floor. Game time. I smiled into his lips and then backed away so I could rip his shirt off of him and before it hit the ground he was back on me.

He yanked at my panties and I heard the fabric cry. One more yank and I felt them give. He pulled me to him by my shoulders and i slid easily the couple inches that he wanted me closer as I put my hands down behind me and watching his jaw drop and his brow scrunch as he slammed into me that first time filling my pussy better than anything that had ever been in me. I gasped and grinned and screamed "Yes! Fuck your good little pussy." He looked me in the eye and began throwing long deep strokes into me bottoming out each time causing me to claw into him and get closer and closer to the edge of cumming each time.

Finally he spoke through gritted teeth and said it. "Cum." I screamed and exploded. I had no control anylonger. I was his good girl. I faught to keep myself up on my hands and not collapse on the controls beneath me. I came and came and it felt like the sensations and shaking would never end. I throbbed around his cock again and again.

He smiled and began pounding again. "This is my best little pussy. It's so good and it's mine." He said as he watched himself go in and out of me. "Cum." I didn't think I had anymore in me anywhere.

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I don't know how but I came again and thought I might pass out. Then I felt it. His dick was ready. He was almost going to cum. He was so swollen in me.

In my already sore little pussy. I grabbed his chin and made him look up at me and said "Fill my good little pussy up. I need all of you in me right now. Cum in your pussy." I begged. He could take no more. He shook and rammed his dick into me one more time and I could feel his heat and seed.

I smiled and held him closer and tighter with my legs as he shortened his strokes and just yearned to stay deep in me as he tried to catch his breath and steady himself. We exchanged a kiss and leaned into each other for a bit. A kiss to an ear. A nibble to a neck. An eyebrow. A shoulder. We knew it was time. I gently gave him the sign by pushing his hips back and made my way to putting my feet on the floor with him helping me keep my balance. My legs were still shaking and weak.

I gave a small laugh and smiled. I walked around picking up my clothes and went for my ripped underwear. Before I could get my hands on them he said, "Those stay.

I will call your cab." I turned around to see him grinning. We finished our now cold coffee and he ate. We chatted for a while and found we had a lot in common but we agreed to not exchange numbers.

I was on my way out when I saw headlights and he turned me around for one more kiss and we had our hands on each other again. I had to go this time.

I was not waiting for another cab. I needed sleep. I was done. "Maybe in another lifetime." I said. "Thank you for tonight." He kissed my nose and said, "Ok my best girl." And let me walk to the cab. I beamed for the next few days without so much as a passing thought of my breakup with Scott. All I could do was grin and think of my night of being a good girl. Just as was promised.