Luke Hass erotic ass tapping

Luke Hass erotic ass tapping
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Prior: Foxy Knoxy Prior: Foxy Knoxy II Prior: Foxy Knoxy III Meredith's Ordeal Begins Prior: Foxy Knoxy IV Prior: Foxy Knoxy V (Foxy Knoxy Foreign Students Amanda and Meredith fight at their flat in a small Italian city.

Amanda goes to the bar where she goes to the back room to entertain three men who are a little rough. Done with the men Amanda waits at the bar for her boyfriend. Meredith goes out to get laid and finds Rudy, an immigrant from Africa. Amanda heads home with Raffaelle while Rudy and friends entertain Meredith.

Meredith is fucked, and then abused in the toilet. Now the thugs have her on the bed. ) Rudy slid between her legs pushing his cock inside her. Meredith looked on helpless as one of Rudy's friends ran a knife across her belly. The sounds of Rudy's cock slurping inside her cunt mixed with her screams as the knife carved an "S" in Meredith's belly. Meredith twisted but her arms were tied and Rudy had her legs firmly while fucking her with a steady hard rhythm.

The knife cut another "S" matching the first one, then made slices connecting the two. "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the scream was blood curdling as the knife slid under the cuts slowly pulling away the skin leaving a blood red S on the screaming bitch's belly. The thug stuck the skin in Meredith's mouth. She spit it out screaming. "Fucking chew it and swallow or I'll slice your neck.

He pushed the knife up against her neck and pushed the skin in her mouth. "Chew it bitch. Chew it. Chew it." All seven of the men were screaming. Finally she swallowed her own skin.

The big blood red S stood out on her belly begging for attention. While Rudy continued to fuck her his friend poured salt and pepper on her bloody "S".

Rudy buried his cock deep inside as the bitch howled then shot his load inside her as she screamed even louder. Another thug quickly took Rudy's place while Rudy took his knife and started carving on her belly next to the "S". The rapist fucked her like a rag doll while Rudy carved an "L". Rudy smiled looking at his art even as more salt and pepper was poured on her open cuts. Rudy rubbed on her cut as she fucking continued. The rapists took turns while Rudy continued cutting a "U" then a "T".

He outlined the letters and slowly pulled away the skin. Rudy looked with satisfaction at the blazing red S L U T carved into Meredith's belly. Rudy would have his final revenge as he had one last slow fuck while his friends sliced across the fuck meat.

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Little cuts. Slowly they cut. A hand held her face as tiny cuts appeared across her cheeks.

Rudy continued his slow relentless rape. The screams had ended, only quiet moans, her face contorted in pain.

ONE WEEK LATER: Amanda lay in the Italian jail cell. How did this happen? She had tried to help the police and now she was in jail. Why didn't they understand she had nothing to do with Meredith's death?

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Amanda found it hard to sleep. Her first night had been spent in a special cell. Tonight she was in a regular cell in the hard core women's section of the prison. There were constant noises. Screams and cries echoed through the gangways.

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Amanda was fluent in Italian. She could understand the taunts from nearby cells. Everyone knew who she was and they were calling her name with insults. Amanda feared when she would leave her cell. The women had screamed at her when the guards led her to her cell. Her cell could hold two, what would happen when she had another cell mate?

Will the guards protect her? Amanda jolted awake to the sound of the club rattling the jail cell. God, it seems like she just fell asleep. The women formed a line outside their cells to go the cafeteria.

They were not allowed to talk but Amanda could hear the snickers. "God, I hope there is something to eat. I have hardly eaten in three days." "They are all looking at me." Thoughts of panic raced through Amanda's mind. The line of women snaked down the barren hallways of the prison. Amanda could smell the food as they entered the dining room and the women lined up to get their meals.

"AGGGHHH." Amanda cried out as a guard pulled her from line by the hair. "Not You Bitch." Two guards dragged her to the side. They gave her buckets of water, a brush and sponge. "Start scrubbing the floor." "Please, I haven't eaten, please let me eat first" One of the guards raised an electric prod. "Scrub you Whore!!!!!" Amanda dropped to her knees in desperation. On the floor she began cleaning. Her eyes filled with tears.

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Inmates walked by her with their food trays. Laughing, they hurled strings of insults at her. "Baldeacca.!

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Figa!." An inmate bumped her, then another. "Keep working slut, yelled the guard." "AGHH no." Amanda cried as she felt the spit hit her hair.


Again and again the spit rained down on her head. "Fucking American PIG, look up PIG." The guard yelled at her. The moment she looked up more spit rained down on her. Her head and prison shirt were soaked with spit. The inmates filed past her laughing at the American bitch on her knees. The guards sat around eating and joking while they kept Amanda cleaning the floor.


Amanda looked with despair at the trays of food. Hungry, cold from the spit covering her head she continued to clean, hoping somehow this would end. Finally the guards let her get ups and led her to a backroom filled with garbage barrels.

"Ok PIG, here is your meal, dig through the slop like the pig you are.


The closed and locked the door behind them. Amanda couldn't believe it.

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In a moment she was digging through the barrels looking for scraps. Amanda was disgusted but she had eaten the refuse of the prisoners. "Get the fuck up, yelled a guard." "You are a disgusting slob." "She needs a shower." The guards led Amanda to the shower room.

There were about 20 female inmates waiting. Inmates would shower in groups, 15 minutes at a time. The shower room was an open room with shower heads on the wall. Amanda and the inmates filed in the room. "Strip bitch." A guard yelled at Amanda.

Panicked, Amanda looked around, none of the others were taking off their clothes.

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"Take them off." "Lets see some pussy." Come on show your American pretty ass." "Foxy. Foxy. Foxy. Foxy." The inmates and guards were chanting. "Take off you fucking clothes or I'' rip them off yelled a guard. Laugher, taunts and jeers filled the room as Amanda stripped.

Naked she stood alone as the inmates cheered. To Be Continued.