Tight Teen European Pussy Swallows Huge Bat

Tight Teen European Pussy Swallows Huge Bat
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The original story He was easy to talk to on the telephone, and he really made her open up for what she expected from this contact. His goal for the meeting was very close to those of hers.

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He had ordered her to go to his place, in two days, the next Friday evening, to be at his door at 8 o'clock and just walk right in, because the door would be open, but what really gave her a bit of cramp inside the stomach, was the dress-code he had given her! The long coat was no problem, but what she was allowed to wear underneath, made her get both hot and cold. He had said that she should have high heel shoes stockings and a girdle and a bra the showed her nipple's and nothing else!!

The more she was thinking in those terms, the more she could feel that his order had some influence on her inside. And the next day it was even worse at her job, she had to go to the toilet several times to take care of the heat building up between her legs. It was a long night and all kind of things rushed through her head, would he respect her limits, would he be the man he had told her he was, and all of it mixed with several times, were she just had to give herself a climax.

On that Friday, she could hardly concentrate at her job and decided to leave a couple of hours early. Back home she undressed and took a shower, a long one, and those feelings from the night came back and she had to do something about it.- He really had made her think in terms of sexuality, it was as if anything but that was unimportant.

Making the last adjustments to the hair and the make-up before leaving made her pull herself together. She could feel that her pussy was wet and ready for what may come. The trip to his address was like in a dream, she was unable to remember it, and only the feeling that everybody could she what she was going to do!

Reaching the door to his apartment made her take a deep breath before she dared to open the door and step in. The entrance was not big and the door to the living room was closed.

Ten small candles enlightened the room and there was a big buckeye of red roses and a note telling: "Take of your coat, and take this blindfold and put it on, then you tap on the door to the livingroom!" Trembling she put on the blindfold and taped on the door, well knowing that now she was entirely under his mercy. She could hear him opening the door, and that split second before he talked to her and took her hand, she really felt how naked and vulnerable she was.

He led her into the room, there was sensual music in the background, and the room was nice warm. She could smell his aftershave and that it was a mans apartment.

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He left her in the middle of the floor, and said: "Turn around slowly, I what to see all of your beauty!" Then she was aware of his hands searching gently all over her naked parts, she was trembling under this treatment, it was as if the blindfold had made her more sensitive and every little thing was much stronger.

Feeling his hands working their way up her thighs almost made her come. As he reached her pussy and took that under treatment very light it was almost unbearable, she could not help telling he: "Do something about it." Instead he led her to another place in the room, she could feel that she was standing behind an armchair, and he made her bend over, with the underarms on the handles of the chair.

He tied her arm to the chair, and made her spread her legs, then he tired them as well to the chair. There she was with her naked ass pointing backwards unable to do anything but waiting for him to take action. He lifted her head, and made her kiss his fly before he opened it so she could kiss his underwear. She could smell him very clearly through the fabric and she could feel that the whole situation had made him ready for action.

He took it out from the panties and made her open the mouth and such on it. He moved it gentle in and out of her mouth, as his hands caressed her back and ass. He drawed himself back and she could feel that he was going behind her. She could feel his finger playing with her clit, her pussy and her ass. He really knew what he was doing, nursing her clit with very soft touches, wetting his fingers inside her hot vagina, playing with her G-point, and going on inspection inside her asshole longer and long in.

She could feel how open her holes were, and she was not surprised, when she could feel that he had taken something bigger that a finger and gently forced it up her ass.

Something like a dildo or perhaps a butt plug? -Then he attacked her pussy and clitoris with a thump and finger, She could not control herself, and she had to let the orgasm take over.

He untied her and made her take of his clothes, still blindfolded. Not an easy task, not knowing really what he was wearing. She started from below.

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Working herself upward, feeling ad kissing every new naked part she could find. It was just heaven to take his panties down, and release that hard cock and hard balls of his. She could not help taking them into her mouth and suck real good at them.

He stopped her before he came, but she could feel that she had brought him very close to the point were he could not stop.


She was asked to finish the undressing of him, and so she did. Slowly and all the time she kept in some contact with his cock. When he was undressed he kissed her and she could tell from that kiss that he would not let go of being close to her, and she was right.


He made her bend over and she could feel it was the dinner table or something like that, he had made her bend over with the face down, and then she could feel his hard cock entering her pussy. Oh what a relief at last he did something about it, not that his finger job has not been good, but that hot feeling of a pulsating cock inside and the balls slapping her clit nothing could be better, and in this situation with the thing in the ass mowing in every time he went all the way in her vagina, she was just in heaven, specially when he started to move faster and harder, as he neared his climax.

After he had come he kissed her long and tender, and then he took away the blindfold and she saw him for the first time. What a luck that she had dared to take the challenge and meet him under his conditions. "Now it is time for something to eat and have some champagne." He said. She could see that he had prepared a dinner for two at the kitchen table and that the champagne was already on ice.

As she sad down at the table, she was remembered by her ass, that the plug still was in place.


He had prepared many small dishes, all good stuff. And he was very at paying her attention. She really felt relaxed, and ready for what may come next, she was sure that there would come more exiting things during the night. She felt secure for the moment, but there was something in his smile, that told her that he had more ideas that should be tested.

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The plug made her feel sure that it had something to do with her ass. She did not say anything in that direction although they were talking about sex in many variations. He led her from the table and into the bedroom, she could see that he had placed some rope at the pillow, and she began to feel hot inside again, though she never really have been dry in the pussy during the dinner, the reminder in the back made sure that she did not forget.

He took one of the ropes and tied her hands in front of her and then he ordered her to lay down on the back, he crossed her angles and tied them, so she was unable to stretch out her legs, then he put a string between the angels and her wrists, and turned her around head down in the pillow, with the ass pointing upwards.

He took something from a drawer and by the feeling as he put it into her vagina, she believed it to be a dildo, but no it started vibrating, a he went hunting her sensitive spots inside. She felt good and in the seven heaven, and hopped that he would never stop, but he did.

Instead of the vibrator he placed some balls on a string into her vagina, she could not help moaning as he did, it was really a new experience, she had a strange feeling inside, filled up and the he started moving the plug in her ass. He took it out and instead she got the vibrator in the ass. It was running and he moved it slowly in and out, causing it to get in contact with the balls in the other hole, and transmitting the vibrations to who know where.

She was unable to think the only thing in her mind was an intense feeling of a climax growing up. The contractions of her vagina as she came moved around the balls and she experienced something she had never experienced before. He untied her shortly after she had come, but only to tie her up again, but this time, with a big pillow under her stomach, legs and arm spread, she was still recovering from the last orgasm, as he started to drag out the balls, she was turned on again.

He placed his cock in the opening of her ass, and he got easily in, she could feel that he went all the way in. He started slowly moving in and out. She could feel his heartbeat in his cock, and she had to be in that game moving towards his movements, as he got more and more exited and moved faster and harder.

She just felt like one big pussy, that could not get enough. But all good times come to an end, she could not help coming and far away she could hear and feel that he came too!

He led her to the bathroom and turned on the shower, they went together and she enjoyed, that he could not keep his hands form her pussy, so she kneeled down and started to kiss and suck his balls and cock, and he showed his thankfulness by getting a hard on again.

In bed again it was just nice to lay arm in arm and do it the old fashion way, and fall asleep close to each other.