Keep cumming into that oily teen ass big boy

Keep cumming into that oily teen ass big boy
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I awoke just after 2am to the feeling of my cock being squeezed and stroked. Kyrie was laying there with her head on my chest staring down as her hand worked up and down my stiff member. She stared at it intently as if she couldn't get enough of playing with it. I smiled to myself and took my hand and gently brushed her hair back over her ear. She raised her head and smiled up at me her eyes shining brightly. Stretching up she kisses me softly on the lips. "Thank you" she tells me. "For what?" I asked.

"For being you' she said. I hugged her tightly to me and kissed her forehead. "I should be thanking you" I tell her. "It's not every day that an old guy like me get's the chance to make love to a gorgeous young woman like you." She tapped me lightly on the chest.

"You're not old. You're a handsome caring man that I love very much" she told me. She scooted up on the bed and kissed me passionately, her tongue invaded my mouth and danced with mine.

I reached out and gently cupped her firm young breast and ran my thumb softly around her nipple. She moaned into my mouth and kissed me harder. Our lips parted and she looked into my eyes and with a devilish grin asked "are you ready to give me my next lesson now?". How could I resist her?

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Her lithe young body pressed tightly against mine. Her body heat burning into me. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" I asked her. She responded by sliding down my body and softly kissing the head of my cock. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes. "I've never been more sure in my life" she told me.

I quickly gave her a few tips on how to give a proper blowjob including making sure that she didn't neglect my balls. She was a little slow to pick up the fine points, but she was so enthusiastic. She was kissing and tongueing me all over. It took her several minutes before she took much more than the head into her mouth, but when she did.Oh my God!!! Her mouth was like a furnace. I have never felt such heat from a blowjob in my entire life.

She sucked ever so gently at first, but with a little coaxing and encouragement she soon started sucking harder and faster. Before long she was working more and more of my cock into her incredible mouth. She had a decent technique, but her passion more than made up for any short comings she had in other areas of her oral skills. I wound my fingers into her hair and began to pump her head up and down on my cock. She never resisted she just moaned around my cock sending shivers up and down my spine.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I tried to pull her head from my cock as I cried out "Oh God I'm gonna cum!

Oh my fucking God yesssss!" She refused to take my cock out of her mouth, and soon started choking on my cum. As she pulled back to cough the last of my load shot across her face. She looked so incredibly hot at that second. My sticky white cum in contrast to her amazing carmel skin was a sight I will never forget. When she finally caught her breath she looked up at me. "Did I do it right?" she asked me almost ready to burst in anticipation of my answer.

"Honey you absolutely fantastic!" I tell her not lying in the least. Her eyes lit up and she bounced up and hugged me fiercely. "Do you mean it? I mean reall really mean it? You're not just teasing me are you?" she asked. "Never" I told her.

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"I would never tease you about that. That was the most incredible blowjob I have ever had. You were great and you'll only get better with practice." She grinned at me and asked "is that an offer?" "Anytime you want to practice you just let me know" I said. We snuggled up together and soon we were making out hot and heavy again. She might not have had experience before tonight, but she was ready to make up for lost time.

We made love again with her cumming three more times before we finally collapsed exhausted. We slept into the early afternoon the next day. We got out of bed and I suggested we shower up before I took her home. This was yet another new and exciting experience with her. She walked into the bathroom ahead of me her incredibly firm young ass swaying in front of me.

She glanced back over her shoulder, grinned and gave me a seductive little wink. Her skin was perfect from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. That perfect carmel complexion. Her gorgeous brown eyes.

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Her shoulder length flowing brown hair, and she was here naked in front of me. How did I get so lucky? I started the water and we climbed in together. I grabbed the soap and began to lather her up.

I started at the top of her chest and slowly worked my way down to her incredible tits. They seemed to defy gravity and her nipples stood out immediately at my touch. I felt her body tremble under my touch. Turning her around I slowly soaped my way down to her amazing pussy. Those silky smooth light brown lips with just a triangle of hair.

I soaped her up well letting my fingers slide between her hot wet lips and play with her clit. She grabbed onto my free arm tightly as a body shaking orgasm tore through her body making her knees weak. I then turned her back to face me. I reached around and began to soap up her ass. It was even firmer and more incredible than it looked following her in. My cock was now throbbing and standing at full attention.

She reached down and started to stroke me. I knew I would have to stop her soon or I would cum right in her hand. So to distract her I told her it was time to rinse her off. I removed the shower head from its holder and begin to spray the hot water all over her body. As the soap washed away from her body I knelt down in front of her and kissed her right on her outer lips. I inhaled her scent now so fresh and clean. I let my tongue dart out and taste her wetness. In minutes her juices were flowing across my tongue.

I leaned her back against the wall and gently raised one leg onto my shoulder to give me better access to her hot wet pussy. She braced herself on my shoulders as her second orgasm of the day rocked her body. She was moaning and gasping uncontrollably. I slid a finger inside her and began massaging her g-spot. She began thrusting her hips at me. Sucking on her clit as I worked her g-spot furiously she started screaming out.

"OHHH MY FUCKING GOD UNCLE MIKE! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! YESSS YESSSS YESSSSSSS I'M GONNA.I'M GONNA.AHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Her body convulsed and she actually squirted across my face. I had never been with a squirter before and it surprised me at first, but I quickly recovered and slowly licked, kissed, and sucked up every drop of her juices. Standing back up I kissed her deeply. She ran her fingers through my soaking wet hair and pulled me tightly against her.

As we broke our kiss I reached down and picked her up pinning her against the wall I slid my cock into her oh so hot pussy and began to pump into her slowly. Doing my best to tease her and make this last. I slowly pulled out so that only the tip of my cock was still inside of her then inch by agonizing inch I eased back inside of her.

Her legs clinched around me tightly and she began to hunch her pussy at me trying so hard to get me to fuck her faster. "Is something wrong?" I asked her tauntingly knowing damn well what her problem was. "Please Uncle Mike.Please." she began to beg. "Please what?" I asked her. "Please fuck me Uncle Mike.


Please!" she begged me even more. There was no way I could deny her.


Not that I wanted to. I began thrusting into her harder and faster. Our bodies slapping against the wall of the shower as we fucked each other with abandon. I could feel her pussy clutching me tighter and tighter with each thrust. Our bodies joined together passionately like we had been made for each other. Within minutes we had worked ourselves into a frenzy.

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The sounds of our sex echoed off the walls around us making the whole scene even more erotic. Before I knew it we were both at the point of no return. We both grunted and groaned and cried out as we came together.

Her spasming pussy clamping down on my cock squeezing it over and over again. Milking my cock for every drop of cum I had left. She bit down onto my shoulder and moaned loudly as her orgasm rocked through her body. As we came down from our high and our bodies finally seperated we held each other tightly.

We rinsed off and got out of the shower and toweled each other off. We finally managed to get dressed and eat brunch a short time later. After we ate I brought up the subject we had both avoided but knew we would have to deal with at some point. "I guess it's time that I have to take you home huh?" I asked her. "Yeah, mom will be expecting me pretty soon" she replied. "I wish you could stay here longer" I told her gazing into her beautiful eyes.

"I'll find an excuse to come by as much as I can from now on" she told me. When I pulled up to drop her off she leaned over and hugged me and gave me a quick kiss. "Thank you for everything Uncle Mike" she said ever so sweetly. "You know it's a good thing that this is our little secret" she said smiling devilishly.

"Why's that?" I asked. "Because Kelcie has a major crush on you, and she'd die if she knew what we did last night" she told me.


"I won't say anything though.unless you want me too" she said then winked at me. "Think about it" she said then hopped out of the car and ran inside waving at me as she closed the door.

It looks like I have a hard decision ahead of me I thought as I drove home. A very tough decision. To be continued?