Cute stepsis sucks and fucks hard dick in pov

Cute stepsis sucks and fucks hard dick in pov
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this is my very first story.soo let me know what you think My name is Jonathan, and this is my story, I'm seventeen years old, 5 7" 58 kgbrown sandy hair and brown eyes and I have more than average looks but I'm kinda shy and tend to mainly hang out with my two best friends. Jimmy who was basically the brains of the group, he was two months younger than myself but taller, he was 5 9" 59 kg with a similar build of muscles.

However, the girl and beauty, if I may add, was Becky, 6 months younger than me, 5 4" and a body that made up for her height and some, b-c cup breasts brunette with greenish grey eyes and a well formed ass, but she wasn't a bitch, rather the opposite and people resented her for it.

They showed this resentment by spreading crazy rumors about her. Anyway one day while at much the three of us were hanging out at the cafeteria having a great time, laughing at our own private joke, when out of no where I feel a hand rub against my crotch, I instinctively looked over to my right at Becky; she giggled and removed her hand.

She enjoyed teasing me and knew I hated being teased. I usually just shrugged it off, but this time, however, it was different. I reached under the table, hoping not drawing too much to us, and groped her inner thigh just brushing her pussy over her tight jeans; she gave a sharp breath intake as I did this that got jimmy curious. He stared at her, then me with a questioning look and before he could pursue the topic with her any further she left the table as to avoid him.

We finished up our lunch without her then went to our next class. When we finally reached our last period of the day, which we all shared, a rather unusual thing happened. She was unusually "forward" with me and I could see the loathing in jimmy´s eyes. When she got up to use the restroom so did he. 20 minutes later she ran back in the room.

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I had no idea what he did but she came back barely restraining her tears, she grabbed her bag then left the room with out a wordeven before the teacher could react. When I questioned jimmy about it he seemed evasive even though it was obvious he did something to her. After school officially broke off Jimmy and I decided to walk home together, when walking past the public park I saw Becky, she seemed upset so I wanted to go check up on her.

Jimmy however acted as though that was the last thing he wanted to do so I ditched him and jogged over to her. She wasn´t as bad off as I thought, she just seemed to be having a silent crying session, so I approached her and asked if she was okay and if I could sit next to her, she just have a quick nod before hiding her face again.

We just sat there for what seemed like ages before I decided to break the silence.

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"It was jimmy, wasn´t it? What did he do?" I asked her. She didn't answer at first so I was about to continue pursuing the subject when she interrupted me.


"He came on to me, I was so scared" " she was starting to break down again so I moved over and put an arm over her and pulled her into a hug. It was a good 5 minutes before she was able to continue, I could tell that she needed to tell someone so I just listened. "He pulled out his penis and told me to give him a blowjob and said that If I didn't he would beat me up and rape my asshole after school!" "He made me take all of him in my throat before fucking my face quickly" I was boiling by now with anger, he was just next to me a while ago and he acted like nothing was his fault!

"He nearly choked me when he came in my thro…" I stopped her and told her that it was going to be okay and that I would take her home then we would decide what to do, but I WAS going to be paying Jimmy a visit. I was not a weak person and I could easily take on Jimmy and he knew it. I took her to her place, greeted her parents then took her up to her room to get her to take some rest.

When I made to leave her grip suddenly tightened around my arm, this shocked me because I thought that she had fallen asleep. Stay with me, she asked I don't want to be alone.


So I stayed and comported her with my presence. W e sat like that for what seemed like ages before she fell asleep in my arms and I stayed with her because I didn't want her to wake up alone. The next day she stayed inside, and I asked her parents if I could spend the weekend with her so I could be there for her, when they agreed I left for my place to get some change and my tooth brush. It was a few days before she recovered enough to leave the house and hang out with me.

I confronted jimmy in school the following week and told him to leave her alone and that our friendship was over, he didn't seem too content taking my warning so a fight broke out. By the end of the fight, which oddly was not interrupted, we both had a few cuts and bruises but I came out victorious. Becky and I became even closer since it was just the two of us, and Jimmy had even gone so far as to transfer schools to a boarding school a few hundred miles away.

A month later while Becky and I were hanging out with Becky a the park I caught myself staring at her Boobs, which was awkward since I had never thought of going out with her, I wasn't even sure she felt more than friendship. This thought kept returning every time we hung out, but even thought I really wanted this I didn't want to ruin our friendship, so I forced this thought to the back of my mind when she caught me staring at the Boobs, I quickly covered and became intently interested in something on the ground.

When I looked back I was surprised to see her lips only inches from my face, I tried to pull away but her hands caught the back of my head and pulled me in to a deep kiss. When our lips met I felt and electric shock run through my entire body and by the way she reacted to the kiss I knew that she had just experienced the exact same feeling. When that feeling faded a more tranquil one replaced it, It seemed like we were the only two people in the park, and the birds stopped chirping almost as though they sensed the importance of the moment, the wind froze in it midst, almost as though Mother Nature respected our harmonious aura.

They I felt her tongue part my lips and slip into my mouth, this brought me out of my daze, and I massaged her tongue with mine as I felt her explore every inch of my mouth then our tongues found each other and they caressed each other, mine following hers back into her mouth where, I in turn, explored hers. When we finally broke apart the world seemed to resume its previous demeanor.

We were both light headed and we both just looked at each other. After a while he broke the silence. "That was intense", "yeah" but I don't want to ruin what we have. I don't want to either but do we really want to ignore how we both obviously about each other because we are too scared to try?

This just means that our friendship has reached the next level of commitment, and besides, I have wanted this for a while now, she said blushing. I guess you´re right, I said just before pulling her into another kiss.

We spent the week completely inseparable in school, we ate lunch together, we hung out together and we even skipped classes together. Then the weekend arrived and my parents were going out of town so an asked Becky if she wanted to come over for the weekend, she agreed and said she would be at my place at 7pm since my parents were leaving at 6:30pm so we could be sure that they hadn't forgotten anything and our plans would be uninterrupted.

When she arrived we decided to just order some take-out and watch a movie to get the night started. At one point in the movie it got to a explicit love scene between the two main characters and I could see out of the corner of my eye that Becky way rubbing her panties under her skirt, this sight got me semi-hard knowing that she was feeling horny. So I leaned over and kissed her on the lips while guiding my hand over hers till I felt her moist panties and began rubbing them up and down her slit till she was panting then I made my way down her neck to her blouse which I hastily removed quickly following was her bra giving me a perfect view of her breasts which looked even more beautiful now than when covered, they were perky but not too perky as to not demand any attention, she had pick nipples which now stood erect because of the current situation.

I took the left nipple into my mouth slowly licking the tip while sucking as much of the top as I could then slowly nibbling on her nipple which elicited a soft moan from her before I switched to the right nipple to do the same. I could feel her panties completely soaked now and I stopped the circular motions I was making with my hand then began kissing my way down to her pussy.

Her body arched against the touch of my kisses as I got lower to her more sensitive area when I reached her pussy I paused for a moment to admire her magnificent lips. She had a light musky smell that was just tantalizing; it looked as though she had shaved just before coming over so she was completely bald this just made the raging hard-on in my pants even harder, if possible. I then dove in there, intent on causing her as much pleasure as possible, I licked her labia all along before slightly brushing over her clitoris causing her body to suddenly jerk forward then I spread out her labia and got a proper taste of her juices which were just fantastic.

I took several more long licks teasing her clit before she couldn´t take it any more and pushed my deeper in between her thighs causing my nose to hit the nub of her clit every time I probed her with my tongue, I kept going deeper silently hoping to find her hymen intact and I was not disappointed, only about 4 inches in and I encountered her barrier.

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As I continued to eat her out her grip suddenly tightened to the point where I couldn't breathe though her convulsing body as I was smeared with her spasms, "I´M CUMMMMING!!" she screamed, she flowed and flowed until I felt sure I would pass out then she went limp breathing heavily. I quickly caught my breath then sat down beside her where she slowly caught her breath, which took some time, before she was capable of phrasing her sentences properly.

"That was incredible". I could never make myself cum so hard!" "I´m happy to be the one to give this to you" It was only after this time that she realized the boner threatening to poke a hole in my boxers, "whoa! I completely forgot about that I better take care of it now" "Can we go upstairs first? It's getting kinda uncomfortable here" "plus I don't want to have to go very far for the main event" Okay, let's go she said pulling me off the couch and up the stairs, both of us hastily undressing and by the time we reached my room we were both completely naked.

I stood in front of her with my 6" cock standing at attention, she pushed me onto my bed then trailed her way down my abs to my cock which she took in her hand and began stroking it slowly at first but then faster and without warning she engulfed as much as she could which was around 4 inches. Then she started bobbing her head up and down on my shaft while licking the bottom of my shaft with her tongue every time I was almost out of her mouth.

The sensation was completely unbelievable, I couldn't believe how good this virgin was with cock sucking, I later learned that she had used the internet to find out what to do since she didn't want to be caught unprepared (I know, weird right?). she continued to slowly taking in more of my length with every thrust until I felt her throatshe started gagging as I passed through her throat all this time I could feel the pressure building up in me but the feeling of penetrating her throat was just too much.

I yelled out to her "I´m CUMMMING!!" just before I blew my load down her throat, she tried swallowing but it was just too much and she started choking so I pulled out and shot my last to spurts on her face, one hitting her left cheek and the other hitting her chin which then trailed down to her tits.

She took my softening cock in her mouth and sucked it clean and just when I thought she was done she began tracing small circles over the head of my cock and within no time at all I was back to my former 6 inches I was surprised since I had just come only a minute ago.

I pulled her up and lay her on the bed before kissing her on the mouth, I could taste my own cum in her mouth and doubtlessly she could taste hers in mine and so we kissed she was actually moaning into my mouth because of the intensity of the kiss, she was shuddering under the kiss and after what seemed life a life time we pulled apart. "Now THAT was intense" she said "I nearly came again" "I could tell, now, are you ready for the main event?" "Oh god yes, I need you inside of me".

She pulled me on top of her and parted her legs so that my hips were massaging against her hips and my erect shaft was probing her labia.

I took her left nipple into my mouth and sucked on it slowly letting my teeth graze against it on occasion she was almost hyperventilating now but when my cock spread her pussy lips apart to gain entry she screamed out in ecstasy clamping down on the head of my cock which was only about two inches into her depths.

Before she had a chance to recover I pushed further in bent on reaching her hymen and popping her cherry. She was so tight that I thought I would blow my load before I would have the chance to give her an orgasm with my cock. After about 4 inches I found her hymen, it was flexible enough to not break with the first gentle thrust so I pushed harder plowing through her hymen and embedding all six inches in her causing her to elicit cry of pain that told me to hold still and not move.

We lay like that for a few minutes with her legs around my butt and arms around my back in a full embrace.

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I soon found her slowly gyrating her pussy against my cock with her eyes closed and I was soon following her lead which then accelerated to me pumping my shaft in and out of her wet hole while she met my thrusts with her own. After about ten minutes the sensation became unbelievably congenial, our sex scented the entire room and I could feel her pussy start to clamp down on my cock as her moans slowly became louder and before she could even cry out in warning she exploded onto my throbbing shaft this was enough to send me over that edge and it did.

I exploded only seconds after her filling her womb with my sperm as I felt her own orgasmic fluids leak down past my cock and onto the bed probably staining it but that was the last thought on my mind. We just lay there my cock quickly becoming flaccid and slipping out of her satisfied pussy. It was another ten minutes before she broke the silence.

"I think I love you" "That's the orgasm talking" "Well then my pussy loves you and what my pussy wants my pussy gets" "Well then in that case I love you too, now do YOU want another round?" THE END

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