Chubby blonde is willing to give her

Chubby blonde is willing to give her
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Shit, I think everyone needs to tell their virginity story. This one isn't your mushy gushy love one, and I won't even pretend that it didn't hurt. This story is 100% true, and not made up, some of the conversations are from memory, but you'll notice I won't use dialogue a whole lot.

Enjoy. Spring Break. The time to party and have the best time of your life. Time to hook up with as many people as possible and go home and not worry about a thing (unless you're a girl and could get pregnant). Thankfully me and my friends had plans this spring break, we were going down the coast of California. It was me, my friend Lucia and Andrea and her boyfriend Luke. We took the convertible BMW, so thank god we were traveling in style.

Arriving to our first destination, the streets were packed with cars, music blaring from every possible angle, young people everywhere with beer's in their hands and nothing but swim suits on.

I know spring break was maybe for straight people to hook up, but I sure as hell will try my hardest to find some hot guy's to fuck. When I say I'm a virgin, I'm both, never fucked, never been fucked, never even sucked a dick before, but I've gotten a BJ before, so thank god I'm not completely inexperienced.

Andrea, Lucia and Luke immediately ditched, I was what they called the designated driver. Tonight was my night to stay sober anyways, tomorrow I planned on getting fucked up, but whatever, Mountain Dew and Red Bull it was for the night.

Walking around on the beach was insane, there were to many people, there was absolutely no spots to take, after searching we finally found a spot next to a group of guys, shirtless douchebags, with their hats on backwards, clearly straight, Lucia and Andrea were checking them out, which made Luke jealous and mad, needless to say Andrea and Luke walked off together, leaving Lucia and me. Which Lucia wasn't really good company, she found some tall blonde beach stud to walk off with.

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Damn, not even a few hours in and I'm all alone. Oh well, time to start my hunt for some hot guys. Of course they're everywhere, I decided to get a drink from the bar. Up there, I ordered my drink and I went to go pay the bartender and he actually said it was already paid for by him, pointing to my left a guy waved. I walked over, we made small talk, turns out he was ditched by his group of friends also. I got a gay vibe from him, at least a strong bisexual vibe. He was my first man on this trip.

He offered another drink and we got to talking more, eventually he casually invited me up to his room. I got so nervous, I wasn't dumb, but I agreed. Why not. He said his name was Drake. He was a pretty good looking guy, a little shorter than me, maybe 5'9, good body, maybe 160lbs, some upper abs, pretty good pecs, dark brown hair, short and wavy, I never actually got a look at his eyes, he wore some sunglasses, which was fine.

I was the first to walk into the room, hearing the door shut behind me, I knew what was going to happen, its time. He didn't lose no time either, as soon as the door shut, he grabbed me from behind, and began to rub my body, this was pretty hot, kissing the back of my neck, grabbing my dick which made it spring up into action, I'm 7.5 inches cut, I felt his dick press up against me. It was thick as fuck!!

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Maybe 6.5-7 inches, really really thick, huge mushroom head, I got on my knees to suck it, and I swear I could only get the head into my mouth, it was that big, it was insane.

But in no time, he was sucking my dick, he was so good at it, the way his tongue moved across my head, I nearly blew my load twice into his mouth, it felt so good.

Now you're probably wondering, who's going to top and bottom, well before I knew it, he got on his knees and offered I fuck him. So I'm top this go round.


So its time to lose my fucking virginity, nice. I grab a condom, some lube, lube it up, and get behind him, I'm so excited, what will it feel like, after searching for the whole for a second, I finally found it and began to push my dick in him. Wow. The tightness level was amazing, he felt so good on my cock, sure it took me a minute to find my rhythm, but once I got going, I thought I was doing pretty good for a beginner.

I turned him on his back and put his leg on my shoulder and shoved my dick in him again, watching his face in pleasure, biting his bottom lip, moaning, thank god for porn and knowing what to do. I grabbed his hips and began to plow him, god I couldn't get enough of his tight ass.

It was so amazing. I realized I was actually pushing his head into the headboard of the bed, I felt kind of bad, but at the same time, didn't really care, cause It felt so good. He was jacking off his dick which was pretty fucking hot.

Watching his abs flex was so hot. I was so close to cumming like 5 times easy, but I held off, I could feel my balls turn blue, it was time to cum. I got on my back and he got on top of me, and began riding me, that's it, I couldn't hold this position much longer without cumming, he got maybe 6 pumps before I pushed him off and blue my load on his face. I've never came so much in my life, I even shot past his face, it was so hot, then I felt him spurt and it got my back, pretty hot.

I didn't know what to do after, like, do I cuddle or what, I decided to at least put my shorts back on and clean up. After some awkward goodbye's, I finally left, knowing I'll never see him again, but it was hot, I was actually proud of myself. Believe it or not, I took a picture with him, haha!! I still have it too. So, I was going to take pictures of the guy's I fucked, OK, no problem, One picture so far. I want at least 5 more before this trip is up!! The rest of the night was uneventful, in the sex way, I partied and listened to music, watched some intense crap, enjoyed the night.

The next day we made our way to our second destination, which was about an hour away from the first.

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We pulled up to the hotel, we planned on staying 2 nights here, sure enough, party everywhere, people everywhere, skin hanging out. I caught an eye on a gay bar type of deal, only way of knowing was the crazy amount of rainbow flags and hot guys sitting out front at it. I'll hit there tonight I thought. And I did! My goal was to get fucked, plain and simple, it's time to lose that virginity.

Later that night, I walked into the gay bar, bumping music, hot bartender, great drinks, whats not to enjoy? There he was. I spotted him. This beefy muscular guy, almost Christian Grey status, chiseled strong jaw, great dark hair, piercing eyes, he was in a suit, maybe a little older perhaps 30's, scruff on his chin, this man knows what he wants, and he wants my 6'0" 170lbs.

He walked over and introduced himself, Bryan. This suit almost seemed a little out of place, like he came out of a business meeting, but I went with it.

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He was mature, bought me a drink, and we hit it off really good. I actually got his number too, and to this day we continue to chat every once in a while, even added me on facebook, Yes!! Anyway, back to the story, he bought me a drink, and I knew he was horny, he kept touching my arm and leg.

My dick was so hard the whole time. He kept saying how hot I was, my body was hot and what not, FINALLY he offered to get out of here, I agreed almost a little to quickly!! We went out front, got into his car, Audi I might add, gorgeous car, and he took me back to his place, which was actually a short short drive, perhaps 5 minutes, I could easily walk back to the bar later that night if I wanted.

Walking up to his apartment, it was pretty nice, again, wasting no time, we began kissing. Deep kissing, god, I didn't even have a chance to breathe, his tongue was all over my mouth, he finally gave me a breather when he began kissing my neck and working his way down, he sat me down on his bed, gave me the best blow job ever, so much suckage pressure, so much better than the previous night's BJ, I thought my dick was about to pop off, it felt so good!!

Fuck it, I came in his mouth, he swallowed every drip and got up, undid his pants, and I remember him saying "My Turn" and he grabbed my head and pushed me towards his dick.

Pretty nice dick too, Really thick, maybe my size, 7.5", I remember his balls were gigantic, and hung so low, I couldn't help but suck on them, which he twitched and moaned so load when I did, god they were huge, I miss those balls.

Finally he sat me on the bed, I was on my knees, I didn't think I'd like a rim job, that's just me, I thought he was grabbing the condom or lube or something, but nope, he put me on my knees and began going to town on me. It tickled so bad, haha! But at the same time felt really good, he also stuck a finger in me, I remember him saying how tight I was, and how hard he was going to fuck me.

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Perfect. Come to think of it, I don't think he put a condom on, I didn't really get a good look, it felt like skin on skin, warm like skin, not rubbery or slippery, the friction was pretty intense, but he lubed it up really good.

Finally the moment has come to fuck me. I felt his head push at my hole.

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Damn, it sure feels bigger than I remember, The head slowly pops in, and that was the most uncomfortable feeling ever. He pushed the rest of his dick in slowly, and moaned so loudly.

He must of thought I wasn't a virgin, cause he immediately starting plowing my ass with no regard whats so ever. I had to say "slow down" on several occasions, which he did for a minute, but quickly picked the pace back up, he wasn't giving me any mercy.

The pain was astronomical at first I'll admit, god it hurt so bad, it was uncomfortable in every position possible, doggy, missionary, it felt pretty god when I rode him though. I jacked off as I rode his cock, I came on his abs, and that feeling of a dick inside your ass while you cum, insane!! I remember my legs were shaking, well he wasn't done with me yet, he layed me on my back, and kept pumping away for another good 10 minutes, he pulled out and put his dick in my face and grabbed my head, motioning for me to suck it, I did, the taste was weird, which made me think he didn't wear a condom, or maybe he did and the taste I was tasting was the condom, anyway, he blew his gigantic load right down my throat, it made me gag, it was so huge, warm, and sticky, so salty, that's just from the alcohol he was drinking.

Hottest moment ever, he moaned so loud when he came, I think he even screamed. Amazing. By far the best night of my life. I took a picture with him, and he was really cool, again gave me his number and added me on FB.

Nice guy. If I'm ever in Cali again, I will be hitting this man up definitely!!! They say you walk funny after being fucked, I don't think cause of your ass, but mostly cause your legs feel like jello after a good fucking, but it quickly wore off. 2 guys down, I want some more. I feel like fucking tonight. I set my sights out. The 3rd man was quite a blur actually, I was drunk as shit and honestly it was a quicky in the bathroom, the bathroom of where, I don't know, I'm assuming a bar.

Looking at the picture I took with him, short blonde hair, his eyes are closed cause of the flash, I looked like shit cause I was drunk, he looked like he had a good body, I don't know his name though, I remember fucking him over the toilet and cumming inside, oops, must have forgot the condom, I hope he was clean, yeah I got checked out when I got back, squeaky clean, thank god.

But the 3rd man is down, I got a picture with him, hell yes. Time for our 3rd destination. Lucky number 3. Who was I going to fuck tonight.

The parties on the beach were bumping, the bon fires were raging, the music was blasting, everybody was having a great time. His name was Justin.


Younger looking guy, claimed he was 19, I pray to god he was, but he looked fairly young. He was at a bon fire, struck up a conversation with me over a beer, finally I offered I take him to a more quite place, he seemed pretty nervous, but agreed. I got in the BMW, drove him to this dark alley, haha, I think I scared this guy, but he nervously leaned over and gave me a BJ, it actually sucked pretty bad, wasn't that good, but we got in the back, threw on a condom, and started to fuck him, I didn't get to see his dick, I felt it, it was maybe 6 inches, not really thick.

I remember him moaning in pain a lot like I had the night before, but I wasn't letting up, I plowed his ass so hard, it was so tight, tighter than the ass I fucked earlier in the week. He must have easily been a virgin, or close to it, or my dick was just to big for his tight tight ass.

Eh, fuck it, I slammed his ass so hard, he was screaming in the back of the car. I finally pulled out and grabbed his head and practically face fucked him, he was gagging and pulling away, oh no, I'm cumming, you put your mouth on my dick, I rammed his skull pretty hard too and blew my load while he deepthroated my dick, fuck yes, he gagged and coughed, but he looked up and smiled, so that's good. He didn't cum, he pulled up his shorts, and I took a picture with him, he was pretty shy, but I got one!

4 guys down! Actually the same night I got another man to fuck me. Almost a little blurry but I remember him quite well. Number 5 here we go. Tyler. Pretty cool guy, pretty hot, he told me he was bi. We went up to his room, and he fucked me, I remember him pretty good, his pubes were pretty bushy, trim your junk dude, but he was hung, the biggest dick so far, a good 8 inches, normal thickness.

I remember, he smelled so good, but he fucked him, and god, his 8 inches plowing deep in my ass hurt like a son of a bitch. But I bucked up, and rode the shit out of him, I came on his stomach, it wasn't much, giving I came earlier in the night, but cum none the less, he pulled out and came on my back, it shot pretty far up, I was actually amazed, and we made out a lot before I left too, there was a lot of body contact, he was almost curious about my body, he touched every inch easily, but he said he had to go meet some friends, so I left, I took a picture with him, pretty hot guy.

Dark brown hair, good looking jaw, he had some facial hair on his chin, pretty gnarly, was pretty itchy when we were making out too, but he was hot all over. Number 6, the last guy, the last stop on our road trip spring break party bus.

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I was pretty worn out but it was the last day, and I needed to find someone to have sex with, at first it seemed pretty hopeless, the night consisted of me being alone, drinking alone, and buying my own drinks, damn, but I found one.

Conner. The only guy that kept me company at the bar, the bartender. Older guy, again 30's, some graying on the sides of his hair, short dark hair, pierced ears, facial, full on beard actually, but it was a short beard, mostly scruff, my height, maybe a few inches taller. I remember him the most because I remember a gold ring on his wedding ring finger…but, didn't question it, I needed somebody to fuck.

He took me back to his place, smaller trailer actually, bare minimum, but we wasted no time. Immediately began to kiss, he stripped me down and ate out my ass, I sucked his dick, he was about 7 inches, uncut, so my first time with an uncut dick, nice, kind of weird, but whatever. He asked me to eat his ass out, I guess I could try. I did, and the taste was really, well, gross, haha, not going to lie, but I did, and fingered him, I could feel his prostate, god he twitched when I played with that, it was hot.


Who was going to top and bottom, well truth is, we flip flopped. Something in me was just raging, I needed my cock, in his ass, right now, I stood up from eating his ass, and I just spit on my cock, and I rammed it in his ass, the scream he let out was so loud, but I fucked his ass good and hard, Pounded the fuck out of him, that's it, I just blew my load in him, it was pretty quick actually, maybe 15 minutes of slamming.

I blew my load in his ass, and he made me eat it out, which was, again, pretty gross, but hot at the same time. I did it. Well he layed me on my back and he threw my legs on his shoulders and he shoved his cock inside me, no condom, by this time, it was feeling pretty good, not to bad, his dick hit my prostate just right, it made me tighten and flex every muscle, it felt mind blowing the way he hit it, must have been the curve of it or something, but damn, He blew his load in me, which felt really weird, and wet, I think every gay man experiences this, that weird feeling, then it sort of leaks out at the end, its pretty hot actually, he layed on top of me for a few minutes, breathing heavily.

I took a picture with him, and made my way back to the hotel room. I'd say that spring break was the best spring break I've had so far, 6 guys down, 6 pictures taken on my phone.

Losing my virginity was a great experience, I had a great time, the guys had great dicks and knew how to fuck, the kissing was hot, the guys were hot, the experience was just overall hot.

Yeah, I didn't make it special and full of love, but I enjoyed my first time(s), I don't regret a thing. It was funny Andrea and Luke both said "man, why are you walking funny" when we left, best memory ever about the whole trip, but I had a good time.

And suggest that any gay guy, go to California for their spring break, and have the best sex of your life, something about having one night stands is pretty hot, even though I'm still talking to one of them, that's not the point. Hope you enjoyed my experience story, I look forward to reading yours, in the comments below if you'd like to leave your link to your experiences, I'd be happy to read every single one of them.

I love feedback!