Emo gay porno xxx videos Alonzo even has time to get in some warm

Emo gay porno xxx videos Alonzo even has time to get in some warm
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The 5th Thursday finally arrived. I had to make myself drive the speed limit. I was a mess. I was consumed by Natasha. I felt bad about cheating on my wife but obviously not bad enough to stop. I was as good to her as always; maybe even better because of guilt. Always had sex with her when she wanted and always waited for her to "tell" me to cum. I just could not stop think about Natasha. If I could find a way to become her bitch permanently without hurting my wife. I was still very much in love with my wife.I was just consumed by Mistress Natasha.


I forced myself to calm down and entered her foyer and stripped, as usual, folded my clothes and went into her living room. She sat naked, at the edge of the sofa: "Come to me pet and sit before me." Her legs were spread wide and her limp cock and low hanging balls deliciously hung toward the floor. I sat between her legs and stared at her jewels. She smiled down at me and commanded me to open my mouth.

She forced both of her balls and the tip of her cock into my mouth. I groaned and closed my eyes for a moment then I began to suck them as best I could. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an empty gallon jug of spring water. Apprehension gripped me and she pulled herself from my mouth. "I am your Goddess." "Yes, you are my Goddess Natasha." "I think I shall call you Nikki from now on.

How do you like that? MY little pet Nikki? My sissy Nikki? My slut Nikki?

My little girl Nikki? My slave Nikki?

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My bitch Nikki?" I was on fire and would surely cum! "Yes Goddess--Nikki." She reached down and stroked my cheek and cupped my chin, "I own you Nikki." I nodded my head.I could not resisit her.


I felt doomed. She produced another gallon jug of water and began drinking it, "I have had to pee badly for about thirty minutes now Nikki." My eyes widen with fear. "Suck me pet.suck Mommy's cock." I opened my mouth and leaned forward and sucked the head of her limp cock into my mouth. I loved this feeling of her growing while in my mouth. Her cockhead swelled, filling my mouth and I slurpped and sucked thinking if I made her cum.

"Do not try it. I will cum when I want to. For now your job, bitch, is to make me hard." I nodded my head and began to suck as much of her cock into my mouth as I could.

I pulled bacl so just the tip was in my mouth then sucked about eight or nine inches down my throat then back to the tip again.

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My eyes watered as she greew to her usual huge hardness. She told me to hold out my hand and she spread KY on my fingers, "You know where that goes pet." I rubbed KY on my asshole while she moaned and groaned and drank water.

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She began humping my face and eventually her balls bounced against my chin. I could feel my throat bulge and I would sometimes gag from my jaws and throat being stretched by her giant cock.

Finally she ordered me to my hands and knees, ".and get that ass high in the air!" She spread my ass-cheeks wide and I felt her cock at my asshole. With a steady push she stuck her entire cock up my ass. I gasped and dropped my head to the carpet.

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I could hear her drinking water and then she fucked my ass a few strokes, buried her cock balls deep up my ass and held my hips.

Aaaahhhhh burst from her mouth and I felt my bowles fill with her piss! Oooohhh God hissed from my mouth and my asshole constricted around her cock. She slapped my ass and I loosened the grip of my sphincter. "Higher pet!" I raised my ass as high as I could and she shook her cock while still inside me. I felt my asshole stretch and prayed I could hold her piss; I just knew I would be punished if I cut loose on her carpet.


She pulled her cock from my ass, "You know where the bathroom is slut." I jumped up and awkwardly ran to the toilet. A huge load of her piss gushed from my ass and I was ever so grateful I had given myself an enema before I came to her.

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She continued drinking water and filled my ass with her piss again. By now I knew she would be pissing clear. "Come here and suck my cock dry.

Mommy wants her girl to eat Mommy's cum!" I knelt before her and opened my mouth. She humped my face for I don't know how long, shoving her cock balls deep down my throat. Pulling it back until just the head of her cock was in my mouth then back down my throat.

Our moans danced with each other and she finally grabbed my head and began filling my mouth with ropes of her cum. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could until her balls were drained. She continued to hold my head and I realized, just as a spurt of clear, sweet tasting pee filled my mouth.

I closed my eyes and gulped, seemingly forever, until she moaned and the last drop of piss rolled down my throat. She stood up and forced me to open my mouth, stuck her semi-hard cock in my mouth and she pissed one more time. I just knew I would bust from all the piss and cum in my gut. "Aaahhhh yes.good girl!

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Drain me pet.drain me." I was delirious, thought I would pass out and I knew I could not refuse her commands. She grinned and this time she kissed me before I left, her tongue danced in my mouth like a magic wand.

I could not remember driving home.

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All I could remember is the Goddess that now owned me.