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Oily hawt sex wih hawt oriental
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Little Piggy-8, Double Detention Day 5 Friday Little Piggy woke up in the morning with a stretch and a wiggle and an 'mmm.' She looked over at the ball bag laying next to her bed and wondered if Coach was going to give her a ride today. This made her squeeze her knees together and groan. She was thinking about what the teachers said and the note she brought home.

Letting them know she might be a little late coming home.

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Her father interrupted her train of thought as he stuck his head in her door and said, 'Come on. Get ready. I'll drive you to school today.' She felt let down thinking she would miss a ride with Coach Gray. 'You don't have to do that dad. I like the walk.' she replied quickly. 'There's no discussion honey. Your mom and I talked about the note from your teachers and your detention.

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We need to talk.' he said flatly. Then her mom's voice came from her closed bedroom door, 'Listen to your father, dear! You and I can talk tonight.' Little Piggy sighed, 'Ok mom.' She got herself up and into the bathroom where she loosened the training belt a little and played with the strap. Wiggling the prongs around in her folds and pucker until she shuttered.

Then she tightened the belt back up making her legs shake. Once in the car she struggled to keep her composure as dad drove out of the driveway and started down the street. She gasped as every bump in the street jostled the prongs around.

'Honey? Are you ok?' her dad asked. 'I'm ok. It's just been a lot of work at school lately.' she grinned to herself. 'That's what we wanted to talk to you about. This detention.' he started. Her stomach had butterflies and she went flush in the face. After a little pause he continued, 'We know school can be hard. All the distractions. Boys and girls can be mean and selfish. All the repetition, having to practice the same things over and over until you're numb.' Just then the car hit a pothole and she almost jumped out of her seat.

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'Oh!' escaped her lips. She recovered by adding, 'It's not that bad, really.' 'Still your mom and I want you to know how proud we are of you.' 'Your teachers are very happy with your progress. They say you are a fast learner.' he continued. LP was thinking 'You don't know the half of it.' She wiggled in her seat and looked over at her father's lap but quickly turned away trying to hide the building sensations caused by the road bumps. She couldn't keep her mind off his man meat and how she rode with Coach Gray yesterday.

They hit another bump driving her to jerk and twitch. Her father continued as he turned into the parking lot, 'We are thinking of what we can do to reward you for sticking with it.' They drove over a speed bump making her whimper under her breath. 'Maybe we can meet your teachers with you.' he said hitting another speed bump. 'Oh!' escaped her lips again.

Before she could recover they hit another and she shook all over. The car jerked to a stop. 'OK, we're here. We'll talk more later. Just remember your mom and I really love you.' her dad said looking at her with a smile.

She put on a cheerful smile and said, 'I love you too, daddy. And mommy too.' Then she gathered her things and carefully scooted herself out of the car and stood on her wobbly legs. Waving at her father as he drove away waving back at her.

'Whew.' she thought to herself as she wobbled off to class. School went quick. She remained focused in classes and her homework was graded highest marks. She felt proud of herself. Her school work had improved and she felt less distracted by the other kids, their gossip and games. By the end of the day she was looking forward to detention but she was sad to think it was her last. She arrived to find Mr. Newnen sitting in the classroom checking papers at his desk.

Her desk was out there as well. She remembered the first time she had his dick was under that desk. He didn't look up, 'We'll start out here today.

Coach is instructing others in my office. We'll join them in a little while.' LP walked to his desk with a curious look. 'You know what to do.' he said still not looking up. She peeled off her panties and her skirt and folded them on his desk then went over to sit in her desk. She felt pensive but trusted Mr. Newnen and Coach Gray. She wiggled on the chair a little and twitched, her folds and pucker anticipating what was to come.

Their cocks in her mouth and between her legs. She moaned quietly and ground her hips into the hard familiar seat. 'Why don't you start with your ball?' he said looking up at her finally. She could hardly wait and got up immediately to trade the training belt for the ball.

Rocking away near his desk she moaned and groaned building up a great spasm. The tremor shook through her body and she sat up squeezing the ball between her legs. She looked over at Mr. Newnen whom was watching her with a smile. 'Would you like to hide under my desk?' he recommended as he slid his chair away from the desk. His pants were missing and his cock was glossy sitting between his hairy legs. She shuffled herself and the ball under the desk. Wedging the ball against the back of the leg space she leaned her head forward and Mr.

Newnen rolled his chair back under the desk. LP drew his dick down her throat. She rocked and twitched as she pumped him in and out. When she got him all the way down she snorted. Then she heard an echo. She was busy with the ball and his dick. Her excitement was building as she rocketed to another huge spasm. She snorted again and she heard the echo again. This time she opened her eyes and looked up. Mr. Newnen was looking down at her. He reached down and cupped the back of her head pumping in making her snort again.

This time she heard Coach groan from the other room. Mr. Newnen asked her, 'Have you been behaving yourself? Any other dicks besides ours?' Her eyes opened wide. 'Yes?' he insisted. She nodded against his man meat in her throat.

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'Someone at school? One of those boys maybe?' She shook her head 'No.' He was pumping with his hips when he asked, 'Then who?' Her eyes again went wide and her eyebrows raised. 'Your father?' he suggested. She didn't know how to reply. She felt embarrassed even while she had his cock all the way in her throat.

Her rocking had stopped and she was thinking about the night before when she was in the same position with her dad's dick. The noise in the other room was obvious now. Mr. Newnen looked at the door and said, 'I think we should change positions.' He instructed her to remove the ball and get on all fours with her head against the closed door into the private office.


He put the ball on the floor between her arms. Then he slid into her pussy folds. She gasped and twitched. As he was pumping in and out he reached up and turned the doorknob. The door eased open and she could see through just a crack.


Coach Gray was pushing his dick into someone. Mr. Newnen changed his pace to match the Coach's. LP was excited. She remembered looking through her parent's door just last week. This made her jerk and shake. She kept watching. The door opened wider. Now she could see someone laying on the desk where she had been all week long.

Mr. Newnen kept pumping in time with Coach sending shivers through Little Piggy's body. Her eyes rolled back and she felt weak. The door opened further. That's when she heard a snort. Like her mother when dad was all the way in her throat. She opened her eyes and there where Mr. Newnen usually stood was her dad. 'Oh daddy!' she shouted and her spasms overcame her. Coach Gray and her daddy were treating her mom like they had treated her all week.

Her mom was thrashing with spasms. Coach pumped and pumped then looked at LP with that leering smile. Her father looked over on a big thrust that caused her mom to snort like a pig, 'Don't worry baby.

You're next.' Little Piggy collapsed down on the ball. She heard Mr. Newnen say, 'Did you notice the initials on your ball?' He kept pumping into her and she tingled and jerked. She raised her head a little to focus on the ball. There on the side of the ball in felt pen were the letters 'BP.' 'Big Piggy.' responded Mr. Newnen, 'Your mother. That was her's before we gave it to you.' Coach pulled out and walked over to LP, kneeling in front of her he stuffed his huge dick right down her throat.

Little Piggy could taste her mom on his meat. It tasted just like herself. They sandwiched her between them like so many times this week.


Now her mom and dad were watching her get stuffed. They watched her jerk, twitch and spasm. The dicks pulled out leaving her breathing heavy and twitching. 'Come here honey. Come lay on your mommy.' LP responded and quickly wobbled over to the desk to lay on her mom. They squeezed each other and LP could feel her mother twitching under her. Her mom slid her legs between her daughters and spread them apart. Mr. Newnen stepped up between her legs and slid in her pucker causing LP to gasp and stiffen.

'Oh.' was all she could say. 'Well baby, now it's my turn.' said her dad and he stuffed his dick right through her lips and down her throat.

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Little Piggy was tinging and jerked with each deep stroke. Then she heard her father say, 'I'm glad the lights are on this time so I can watch you enjoy my cock.' Coach slid up next to her father and put his against LP's face rubbing it there. Then he pulled back and slid it in her mother's mouth all the way down her throat. Now mother and daughter were both jerking and twitching with three big dicks pumping away into them. Everyone stopped, letting LP and her mother calm down.

Then they pulled out. LP and her mother climbed off the table. Her mother grabbed the ball and quickly climbed on rocking herself to a quick spasm.

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Then Coach stuffed his huge dick back in her mother's mouth. LP watched in excitement as his dick disappeared into her mouth and her mom rocked and twitched on the ball. Her father called her over.

He was laying on a yoga mat on the floor. 'Sit here.' he said pointing to his stiff meat. 'Oh yeah.' cried LP. Jumping across his legs she dropped right down on him.

He groaned and ground his hips up into her. She twitched and almost collapsed and her father put his arms around her. Mr. Newnen bent down behind her and slid into her pucker again and they both pumped her little body to a huge spasm again. The room was filled with groans and snorts as Coach pounded mom's throat with his big meat. Her dad was deep inside pumping LP in rhythm with Mr.

Newnen. In and out until she cried out, 'Oh daddy!' with a huge spasm and collapsed limp on his body. She lay there catching her breath when she heard Coach Gray call out, 'Get going young lady. We're not done yet.' She instinctively got to her feet and looked around for him.

He was rocking in the office chair. Her mom was still rocking on the ball.

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Her eyes closed and her body twitching. LP wobbled over and took her position, slipping her legs through the arm rests and taking his cock between her folds. Coach grabbed her waist and pushed her down. LP quivered and gasped. Mr. Newnen got in his place and slid his dick into her pucker. They started rocking and thrusting. Then she felt another cock at her mouth. Her eyes popped open and there was her mother and father smiling down at her, his cock rubbing against her cheek.

Through her daze she smiled and shook, 'I'm glad you're here daddy. And mommy too.' 'Us too baby.' he said sliding into her mouth and down her throat. Little Piggy was swimming as her body was twitching with great spasms at each thrust.

They took turns thrusting. First one then another, then another rocking her in the chair between them. Then they pumped together until they all squirted at the same time. She felt a glow as her body was feeling each of them swell and squirt over and over.