Bestemmie fantastiche e dove trovarle

Bestemmie fantastiche e dove trovarle
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I left the art room and walked home. When I got there I found my three sluts waiting for me at the door.

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"I made you dinner son." I nodded and went to my room, I got completely naked and walked over to the table and saw the normal three places set. "Sarah and Tammy you will sit with me today." My mom got an excited look on her face.

After the three of us sat down and I felt my mom's lips on my head swirling her tongue around it. Then she shoved her whole face down to my pubic hair. She stayed down there the whole meal. I made sure to hold in all my cum because I had a surprise for her. I made the three of them go to the bathroom and wait. I filled three large glasses with my cum then made three taco shells then I came in the shells put meat on them and came on them again.

I called them back and made them eat their meals. While they were eating I went to Tammy and lifted her hips up, she continued as if nothing was happening I saw that she wore a thong under her skirt that was so short that her pussy lips showed.

I pulled my hand back and smacked her ass.

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I left a red hand mark on my 12 year old sister's ass, I repeated this five times. Then I tapped her ass lightly so that I could watch her big firm ass shake.

I stood behind her and let my head rest just inside her pussy. I reached around and started massaging her 36Cs (all the girls in my family were blessed with amazing bodies from a young age).

Her breathing slowed down and got heavy.

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I whispered in her ear, "I told you no panties right Tam?" "Yes" she was on the verge of tears from my teasing so I decided to tease her a little more and tweak her nipples. She let out a little yelp "So, why did you wear panties?" "I forgot.

I'm sorry it'll never happen again I promise." "Good, I'll go easy on you this time because your new to this, but next time you're gonna get the full punishment.


Understand?" "Yes," she really was new to this she'd only started about a month ago the other two had been doing this since I'd discovered my super dick powers back in sixth grade. I let them finish their meal and went to take a shower.

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I finished up and went to bed. As I was falling asleep Sarah came in and lifted her skirt that matched her sister's showing me her pussy with a slight pubic trail.


My dick was tenting the blanket so she came over to me and lifted the blanket up she put her hands on my chest and lowered her pussy down my dick. She lifted herself and dropped down she did this slowly for a few minutes before I grabbed her hips and made her ride my dick quickly I watched her 32D tits bounce in my face. I grabbed her big firm ass that was twice as big as her little sister's.

I leaned her forward and popped a tit in my mouth then I drowned her womb and eggs in cum. She knew I wasn't done so she went under the blanket and took my whole 10 in.


length and 3in. width without any trouble I didn't cum for twenty minutes and when I did painted her throat with cum until she couldn't breathe then I filled her mouth. I put her on the floor and painted her body with my seed there was absolutely no flesh showing.

Then I put my dick in her ass and fucked her brutally as she screamed for mercy, an hour later her bowels were filled with cum and I painted her backside the same way I did her front. So when I went to bed most of her insides were drenched in cum and her outside was completely covered with cum.

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She looked like a huge cum stain on the floor. She'd passed out about ten minutes before I finished so she was drowning in cum, literally but I didn't care so I went to bed and left her that way. I guess I'd been sleep fucking again because when I woke up my mom, younger sister, Jeanne, and a bunch of her nympho friends were in a huge pile all looking as bad as or worse than my older sister.

All of each of their holes was gaping. To be continued.