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Part 1 My Parents split up when I was 4. My Dad and I floated around a while before we settled down in a nice neighborhood. I was 5 by that time and really glad that there was a boy next door my own age. His name was Ian and his Mom was really nice. Mrs. J made cookies and lemonade for us and would even help us build forts in the backyard.

When I was 11, I remember seeing her on her back porch from my bedroom window. She was taking off a t-shirt to reveal a bikini top. I saw her breasts bounce and the smooth skin of her stomach, the curve of her back as she tossed the shirt aside. She was wearing cut off denim shorts and I got my first real hard on. This was the woman who tucked me in at sleepovers, who bandaged my scraped knees, who helped me build a volcano for the 4th grade science fair.

She was like a Mother to me and here I was dreaming about her touching me. That went on for years. I'd sneak glimpses of her from time to time.

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Once I volunteered to mow their lawn for extra cash, she was weeding her flower beds and I got to enjoy the view of her gorgeous round ass in cut offs again while she was knelt down out there. Now here I was, 17 and about to be a Senior in high school. Ian and I were still friends and a couple of the other guys would sometimes joke about his Mom being a MILF.

He took it in stride I guess, but somehow I knew that if he thought any of us would actually do his mom he'd be pissed off.

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I'd dated other girls, but had never gone far with them. They just didn't add up to Mrs. J. Today, he'd invited us all over to play a new game he got for his 360. I watched from my window and saw him leave in his car. Probably to go pick up the other guys who lived across town. I knew this was my chance. My Dad was working in his office upstairs and didn't notice me leaving early. I hopped the fence and went to the kitchen door giving a little knock before turning the knob. She was standing at the sink washing breakfast dishes.

"Hi Mrs. J." I said with a tentative little smile. "Oh, Joey, you're early.

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Ian just left to pick up the others." She raised an eyebrow at me, and gave me a smile that made my stomach flutter. "I know, I uh.well Dad's working and I just wanted to get out of the don't mind do you?" I asked, worried now. "Not at all. Mr. J's gone for the day and it's just me and an empty house. I like company." She dried her hands and leaned on the counter.

I had been watching her, she was wearing this blue dress, kinda reminded me of a waitress in a diner sort of. It showed her legs and had a V neck, no sleeves so her arms looked so smooth. She lifted an eyebrow at me and shook her head, " there something on your mind? I'm not stupid. There's a reason you came over here early today." I was frozen, was she on to me?

Did she somehow know? "I uh.well." She approached me and patted my shoulder, "I've heard some of the things you boys say about me. I'm not deaf, and I'm sneaky. Having girl trouble Joey?" My mouth went dry, I couldn't get my eyes off of her chest.

"y-yeah. kinda." She lifted my chin, "eyes up here Joey." she looked into my eyes and there was a moment where neither of us said anything at all. She was so close I couldn't help it, I'd wanted her for years and she'd probably slap me stupid for this! I put my hands around her waist and pulled her against me as quick as I could. She gasped and I locked my mouth over that pretty little O of surprise.

Mrs. J squealed at first and her hands pressed against my shoulders, then to my surprise, she relaxed and started kissing me back. Her lips were so soft and firm, her hands roamed over my back and her breasts were pressed against me. She let out this soft moan as I stopped for breath. She didn't let go of me tho, so I didn't let go of her either.

"Joey.why did you do that?" "Why did you kiss back?" I asked. She blushed and moved away. I took a few steps and reached for her hand, I caught it and pulled her back. "Where are you going? You're not gonna kick me out?" "No.I'm going down the hall to my room. Because I don't know how to answer you." She said, her face flushed.

She ran her fingers up into her hair and walked out of the kitchen. I followed her down the hall, dropping my bookbag on the couch as I passed it. "Mrs.


J.I'm sorry. I're like." a mother to me? no I couldn't say that. A dream come too corny "The most amazing woman I've ever known and I couldn't help it." She paused at the door of her room and shook her head looking back at me, "Joey.that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard you say, but I'm old enough to be your mother and I'm.well.I'm ashamed to admit that I've been watching you for years.

You've grown into such a handsome boy, you remind me of Mr. J when he was younger." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, she thought I was hot too! She wanted me! "Mrs. J.why deny this? we both want it right? I'm not gonna tell anyone and you're not gonna tell anyone." I stepped right up to her at the door of her room and reached out with a shaky hand to touch her arm.

"Joey.this is." she paused and I didn't want to wait for a no to come out of her mouth, I grabbed her again and kissed her. She squealed again and tried to push at me for a minute, for some reason that just made my cock jump even more.

I pressed my hips forward grinding against her, pinning her between me and her bedroom door. She moaned and wriggled, then the door fell open and we stumbled inside. The kiss was broken and she panted for breath. I kicked the door shut behind us and she looked at me for a second. "Joseph.I think you're a wonderful boy." she said as she backed away a few steps. I stripped off my shirt.

She said she'd been watching me, .she wanted me and I knew it. I just had to try and remind her. "Oh my god.look at you." her hands flexed and her eyes went softer, they almost glazed and she licked her lower lip. "Mrs. J.c'mon." I murmured. She dropped her hands to her sides and shook her head, but she didn't move away. I stepped over to her and took her hands, I raised them and put them on my chest. She let out a low moan and splayed her fingers out over my pecs, then she rubbed my chest and whimpered.

"Oh Joey.honey." she sounded so torn as her hands roamed over my bare skin, on my shoulders and down my chest to my stomach again, she lingered, her fingers at the waist of my pants. "Mrs. J.don't stop. I won't tell anybody.I Promise." I murmured against her ear as I leaned in and kissed her neck. She shivered and moaned, her fingers unfastened my jeans and I started on the buttons on the front of her dress. The top buttoned down to her waist. She panted softly and as she pushed my jeans off of my hips I was opening the top of her dress.

Her breasts were there, bare in front of me except for a light blue satin bra, I could see her nipples were already hard under that thin film. I gripped her shoulders, pushing her dress aside, I was a virgin but I'd seen porn movies, I knew stuff you were supposed to do. My mouth might have felt a little clumsy to her, but she didn't seem to mind when I started kissing her breasts. She was shorter than me and I was bent forward to reach her. She moaned softly and put her fingers in my hair.

"bless your heart Baby, you're so tall.come here." she murmured with a little laugh and backed toward the bed. She smiled at me softly and shed her bra as she backed away. She left it on the nightstand and beckoned me forward. Her dress was crumpled around her waist and her bare breasts made me think of mermaids for some reason.

I shucked my jeans and boxers off. She let out a little gasp and her eyes went wide when she saw my dick. I don't think she was expecting it to be fully hard or a healthy 7 inches long. I smiled at her and climbed up on the bed with her. She welcomed me and lay back putting her hands in my hair again, pulling my head down to her breasts.

I couldn't believe this was happening, I licked at her nipples and she gasped out a little moan. "Oh baby, suck 'em for me." she said breathless above me. I didn't really have to be told twice, I sucked a nipple into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it, sucking it like I used to suck my thumb when I was little. She squirmed under me, cooing with pleasure. "Oh yes yes." she moaned and tugged at my head, I did the same to the other nipple and she arched her back, thrusting her breast up under my mouth.

I tugged at her dress meanwhile, pushing the skirt up and running a hand over her thigh. Her legs were already parted a little under me, I pushed them farther apart and felt for her panties. She lifted her hips under my hand and I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. "Mrs. J.I want you so bad." god that sounded stupid, but it just came out of my mouth against the skin of her breasts.

She laughed shakily and lifted my head. I saw her face and she was flushed, she nodded. "Joey, baby, I want you hurry. Ian will be home soon." she urged me and wriggled to take hold of her panties and peel them off of her hips. I helped and leaned back to raise her legs in front of me, peeling them up and off her ankles.

She lowered her legs on either side of me and reached to grasp my dick, her hands were strong and knew what they were doing. She guided me to the pussy I'd been imagining for years and it was better than I'd ever dreamed. I sank into her slow and she was incredible.

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Hot and steamy wet, she clenched around me, making herself tight and I groaned. She let out this low moan that made my balls feel tight. "Joey baby, fuck me, fuck me." she groaned and gripped my arms. I braced my hands on the bed on either side of her head and started to pump my hips, sliding in and out of her. God she was everything I'd ever dreamed she'd be and more! She lifted her hips under me, matching me stroke for stroke.

"ohhhh.shit Mrs. J.I've never." I panted as I felt that familiar tightness growing in my balls, they were churning and wanting to cum. "don't worry baby.just.ohhhhh fuck! harder.hard as you can baby!" she urged me on. I fucked her harder and faster, I thought my heart would bust out of my chest and then she screamed my name and I felt her gush over my balls. She clenched so tight around me and her muscles quivered, it set me off and I shot a load deep inside her, pumping over and over as it didn't want to end.

I finally fell forward and she rolled us to our sides. She stroked my face and kissed me, "Oh you made an old woman feel real special today." "Mrs.'re not old. You're.perfect." I murmured back at her. She smiled and then we heard a door open down the hall. Our eyes went wide and we froze there on the bed.

"Oh shit." she whispered. "Mom! I'm back! Hey.Mom?" It was Ian and I could hear the others with him. Ronnie and Jack had often joked about Ian's Mom being hot too, but I'd always figured they were just joking. What would they say now? We were caught for sure! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 Mrs.

J scrambled to get her bra and put it back on. She looked at me wide eyed and scared. I understood. Ian was a big boy, he was taller than me and built like a quarterback. Ronnie and Jack down the hall noticed my bag. "Joe's here." I heard Jack say.

I scrambled off the bed as quiet as I could and groped for my jeans and shirt. "Mom! Joe!" Ian called out and Mrs. J was trying to get her dress buttoned back up. I barely had my jeans back on when the bashing knock came at the door. "What the fuck? JOE! if you're in there with her I swear to god!" Ian's shoulder rattled the door and Mrs. J piped up in a panicky little voice. "Ian! stop it right now! It's not even locked." her hands shook as I stood up. Ian opened the door and saw his mother sitting on the bed, her dress wrinkled and her face flushed.

And then there was me on the other side of the bed with my shirt off and my hands still on the waistband of my jeans. Ronnie and Jack stood back in the hallway, their jaws dropped. "Dude!" they managed to exclaim in unison. Ian's face was red, livid is a good word for it.

"Joe, what the fuck is this? You fucked my mother?" Mrs. J spoke up, "Don't you yell at him! It is none of your business." she hissed and stood up, approaching him to point a finger in his face. "Mom! I know you mess around on the computer with guys when Dad's not home, but my friend?

Hell why not all of'em!" He knocked her hand away and advanced on her, backing her up against the bed again. "Ian, cut it out! It's not like that.Hey! don't talk to your Mom like that!" I came around the foot of the bed towards them.

"Ronnie, Jack.get in here." Ian growled. "Ian! Stop this!" Mrs. J protested as Ronnie and Jack stepped into the room. It was getting crowded in there fast.

Ian took hold of her hands and raised them up over her head. "Cut it out Ian!" I shoved past Ronnie but Jack caught me. "You lucky shit." Jack hissed in my ear. I elbowed him in the ribs. "Ronnie, get over here and get her arms behind her back, Jack hold him." Ian barked orders like the team leader he was. Ronnie went over and took hold of Mrs. J's wrists and pulled her arms behind her back. Jack held onto me by the elbows. "Take them what you want. I'm.just not dealing with this right now." Ian shook his head and walked to the door.

He stopped to punch me in the face. "You are such a perv.all 3 of you. You want her, take her. And I don't wanna hear another word about it." I heard Mrs. J scream at him when he punched me. I staggered down the basement steps with Jack right behind me. Mrs. J was cursing like a sailor as Ronnie forced her down the steps too. "I will not be raped in my own house, this is ridiculous." she was muttering.

Jack shoved me against the couch as Ronnie came down the stairs with Mrs. J. "Grab that roll of tape man." Ronne said to Jack. He wrapped an arm around Mrs. J's throat and pinned her against his chest. Jack left me at the couch and went to pick up a roll of duct tape. I didn't like this one bit, in a way I thought Mrs. J was mine so I tried to get the tape away from Jack. Jack's shorter than me, but he's stronger.

We wrestled with each other for a few minutes before he pinned me on the floor and taped my hands behind my back. "Jack, dammit! You're supposed to be my friend." I grumbled and rolled over trying to sit up. Jack took the tape to Ronnie.


Mrs. J was furious, her face was lit with a deep blush and she squirmed in Ronnie's hold. "Boys, doesn't have to be like this." "Jack, shut her up." Ronnie said with a gleam in his eye. Jack took hold of her face and kissed her. Ronnie kept the tape in one hand while he reached around and started unbuttoning her dress. I heard Mrs. J moan, pinned between them, she tried to push Jack away. I could do nothing but watch. In a few moments, Ronnie had stripped her dress off, she was not wearing her panties, they'd been left behind in the bedroom.

Seeing her naked again had my cock twitching. Ronnie got her bra off too and in seconds Jack's hands were all over her breasts, fondling her roughly. Ronnie then ripped at the tape and he and Jack held her still and taped her hands behind her back too.

Mrs. J was flushed and embarassed at this turn of events. She didn't say a word, just sorta whimpered as they led her to the big couch in the middle of the room. "I don't want Joey's sloppy seconds.get him over here. We'll let him clean her up." Ronnie chuckled as he pushed Mrs. J down on the couch on her back. Jack came around and picked me up. I was dragged around to the couch. Ronnie stood over Mrs. J and spread her thighs apart with his hands on her knees.

"Come and get it Joey." Ronnie smirked. Jack shoved my head down and I was almost smothered in juicy pussy. I could hear her start to moan as I licked and sucked at her moist folds. I lapped at her clit and her hips writhed under my mouth. "Listen to that, damn.Mrs. J you are one hot Mama." Jack grinned and over the sounds of her moans I heard his zipper and the rustle of his pants coming off. Mrs. J's sounds were muffled suddenly as Jack thrust his cock in her mouth.

Ronnie leaned down, his hand still on the back of my head, and started sucking at her nipples. Jack was groaning as Mrs. J's mouth wrapped firm around his cock. I had her licked clean but then I could taste fresh juices starting to ooze from her.

She was liking this! She moaned around Jack's cock and her body writhed on the couch under us. Ronnie grasped her breasts firmly in his hands and nibbled at her nipples.

"Never seen tits this god, how's her mouth Jack?" Ronnie asked. My head was released but I wasn't about to stop, I tilted my head up a little and growled into her pussy, lapping and flicking my tongue against her clit harder and faster.

She let out a higher pitched sound and panted around Jack's cock. " gotta try it!" Jack smiled and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She panted and groaned, looking up at Ronnie.

"Yes baby.give it to me.I wanna.oohhhhh god.I wanna taste it." Mrs. J moaned and licked her lips. Jack pulled my head up and pushed me off to the floor.

He took my place between her legs as I watched Ronnie guide his half erect cock into Mrs. J's mouth. She latched on and started to suck him, working her head back and forth on him. It was amazing to watch. Then Jack took hold of her legs, holding them apart while he thrust his hips forward, plunging his cock into her. She arched her back and moaned around a mouthful of Ronnie's cock. My own cock strained at my jeans watching this, the beautiful Mrs.

J bound and used on the couch, a cock in both ends and she was responding like a true slut. Jack didn't take long. He pounded against her, quick humping until she screamed and bucked around him, cumming while he shot a load inside her. Ronnie shuddered and pulled out of her mouth with a gasp. "Holy shit, she's hot as hell.Jack move." Ronnie stepped back, his now hard cock jutting out and twitching.

His was smaller than mine by an inch but just as thick. Jack pulled out of Mrs. J, cum still dripping from the head of his cock. Mrs. J panted and moaned, opening her mouth and nodding to Jack.

"More baby." she said softly. Jack came around to her and offered his slowly shrinking cock to her. She licked at him, lapping away the cum mixture while Ronnie leaned forward over her and with a wriggle of his hips found home, sinking into her with a groan. He fucked her slower than Jack, "Goddammn.I can't believe she's this tight.oh my god." He slapped at her tits and smiled while she sucked Jack's cock hard again. "fuckin' slut MILF, jesus Mrs.

J you are the best I've ever had." Jack was groaning again, holding her head still while he fucked her mouth. I crawled forward on my knees and leaned in to suck at her nipples again. She twisted and moaned beneath us, her body moving with each thrust Ronnie made. The sounds she made were amazing, little moaning whimpers and deep groans, I could hear the smacking of Ronnie's body against hers.

"Ah.fuck.Jack I got an idea." Ronnie groaned and slowed down. I raised my head too and Jack stopped, leaving his cock deep in Mrs. J's mouth to keep her quiet. She never stopped sucking him. "What man?" Jack asked. "Joey.did she suck your cock earlier?" Ronnie asked. "No.we kinda skipped that." I murmured. "You'll get your chance Joey.I think we should all get a hole and fill her up." Ronnie grinned. Jack smiled back and pulled his cock out of Mrs.

J's mouth again. Jack had the shortest cock of the 3 of us, but his was by far the thickest. "How do we do it?" Ronnie eased out of Mrs. J and got off of the couch. "saw this in a porn once.

Help Joey up to the end of the couch, put him on his knees there." Jack did and I was positioned right over Mrs. J's head, she looked up at me with rosy red, swollen lips and looked a little scared, but turned on. She turned her head and nuzzled against my leg. Then Ronnie picked her up and turned her around. "Now Jack, get Joey's pants open, then lay down on the couch." Jack's thick fingers fumbled with my zipper and pulled my pants open, he made a face, "Do I gotta get his cock out for him?" "His hands are behind his back, yes.

Unless he wants to cooperate, then you can cut the tape off." Ronnie lifted a brow at me, holding Mrs. J against his chest again, he stroked at her breasts and along her side.

"I'll cooperate man.promise." I said. Jack breathed a sigh of relief and dug a knife from his pants pocket on the floor.

He reached behind me and cut the tape. Hands free I was able to deal with my own cock, thank god. Jack lay down on the couch, his head kinda between my knees, it was weird, but then I figured out what Ronnie was doing.

"Go on now.get on there." Ronnie said and guided Mrs. J back up on the couch. He guided her until she was straddling Jack's cock, then he shoved down on her shoulders and she groaned. Jack took hold of her hips and wriggled his hips under her, she panted and whimpered. Ronnie got on the couch behind her and bent her forward, keeping a hold on the tape around her wrists.

"Go on Joey, give her what she wants." Ronnie said. I braced my hands on the arm of the couch and thrust my hips forward, doing it this way kept my balls from hitting Jack in the forehead.

She opened her mouth eager and licked at my cock. I gasped and then she sucked me in, holy shit I couldn't help whimpering myself.

Her mouth was just.dear god so perfect. Her tongue was doing things to my cock that I couldn't even figure out but I was amazing. Ronnie patted her ass and with his cock still wet from being inside her, he used a finger to gather some extra cum to lube her ass, then pressed his cock into her nice and slow. I could tell the difference in how she started to whimper and moan around my cock.

It made it vibrate and felt so fuckin' good! Once Ronnie was firmly in her ass, Jack started to hump under her, Ronnie started slow, groaning at how tight her ass was. Mrs. J was grinding her hips in time with their thrusts, moaning and groaning as I couldn't stop my own hips from starting to move.

What a sight we must have made, fucking her in all 3 holes at once, and her loving every second of it. Jack was groaning out words beneath us, "Hot as hell, god love ya Mrs. J, that pussy is so fuckin' good.oh yeah ride me, ride me! fuck yeah." Ronnie was panting behind her, "ah fuck, fuck.milf slut, ya love having my cock up your ass? oh yeah, you do, damn tight ass.shit I'm gonna fill you full of cum Mrs.

J." I was near out of my mind, I could hear it all and her mouth was sealed tight around my cock. She whimpered and moaned at us, I reached around to put a hand on the back of her head, locking my fingers in her hair.

She screamed around my cock and bucked. I looked down to see that Jack had tilted his head just right and had locked his mouth hard around one of her nipples. "Oh god.yeah guys.make her scream.make her scream!" I groaned. Jack could take no more, and started humping under her like mad, panting and grunting then rocking his head back with a shaky groan I knew he had blown another load in her.

Mrs. J responded with another muffled scream that made me start pumping my hips against her mouth a little harder. Ronnie had hold of her hands for leverage and once Jack was done, he pulled her hands back tight. Jack was sighing under the rest of us, petting her breasts while Ronnie and I finished. Ronnie with the leverage started fucking her ass harder and faster.

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As Jack's cock shrank out of her, Ronnie's pull made her rise off of him. She started bucking back against him, moaning like a bitch in heat. Jack watched her breasts sway in front of his face and laughed soft and low.

I think he was getting sleepy or something. My thrusts must have gotten a little too vigorous because she suddenly gagged and Ronnie pulled her back hard. She opened her mouth and coughed, I noticed there were tears on her cheeks, then she raised her head and opened her mouth again for me.

Her body moving as Ronnie started to pant and grunt like Jack had.did I sound like that? She'd almost choked on my cock.something about that just turned me on to no end.

I was so close. Ronnie's hips suddenly bucked forward hard and she screamed around my cock again, all I needed to burst in her mouth, my hips jerking over and over as I spurted cum down her throat.

Her body was going crazy. She was bucking and twisting like a wild pony! She was cumming like crazy! Ronnie was panting as he thrust a few more times. "oh shit. oh shit." Ronnie groaned, sweat beaded on his forehead and chest.

I panted and let her head off of my cock. She licked at her lips for a moment, then fell limp on top of Jack, her eyes closed and her breath slow and steady.

Jack wrapped his arms around her and held her while Ronnie and I got off the couch. Cleanup was pretty simple. I cut the tape from her hands while the other two were getting dressed. I sat on the couch and put her head in my lap, petting her while she rested.

Jack and Ronnie were kinda dazed after that. They lounged on chairs just watching her. She stirred after a few minutes and looked at us. "You darling boys.I've dreamed of this so many times." she patted my leg and smiled, content. "What Ian doesn't know has never hurt him before.anytime you boys want to come back and see me, I'd be more than happy to do this again." Jack, Ronnie and I all grinned and almost in unison replied, "You bet we will Mrs.