Step mom fucks step son while dad is out movie

Step mom fucks step son while dad is out movie
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I was driving my car down a country road one early morning when it broke down. I don't see any houses around so I start walking. Finally in the distance I see an old dilapidated farm house but it must have been inhabited because there were so many animals around. As I walked to the gate at the end of the road I didn't see anyone so I slipped through the gate and about 6 dogs from large to absolutely huge gathered around me and began sniffing and jumping at me.

I yelled hello but no one answered. As I innocently began petting the dogs, sneakily 3 people surrounded me all pointing guns at me. They must have been father and sons because one was obviously in his 40s while the younger ones looked to be 14 or 15. I began to describe my predicament and asked if one of them had a phone I could use to call a mechanic.

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None of them appeared to be listening to me, but were rather looking at me like nothing more than a piece of meat. They circled closer as I was trying to figure out my escape. Quickly the boys jumped on me and wrestled me to the ground. Then they pulled my hands behind my back and held them as their father pulled out some handcuffs and put them tightly around my wrists. Next the youngest pulled out a knife and began cutting off my clothes. As soon as I knew it, I was lying on the ground naked with 3 men around me.

One of them yelled out for someone to bring a cattle prod and hurry up about it. The next thing I see is a kid about 9 coming from a barn with a cattle prod. I start to scream in terror and the younger of the original boys pulls out my now torn panties and shoves them in my mouth making sure that I can taste my own pussy juices. I am terrified now of what is going to happen to me.

The child brings over the cattle prod and hands it to his father who replies, "Looks like we have a new farm slut now my boys." And they all act excited at the prospect of whatever is in store for me. The father looks at me and asks if I am going to obey and I nod my head vehemently yes because I am terrified. He reaches down and shocks me with the cattle prod anyway. I scream as well as I can behind my gag and he laughs.

All of the boys are laughing now as he shocks me over and over with the prod.

It feels as though I am going to die by the time the shocks finally subside. I have nearly passed out from the shocks as I feel the 2 older boys lift me up and begin carrying me toward one of the barns. They decide I can walk and set me down but when I refuse to walk, more shocks cover my ass. I decide that it is just better to do as I am told and follow them into the barn.

It looks like a normal barn except in the middle is a bizarre looking table that seems to go up and down. I am led to the table and pushed head first onto it. I am forced to lie flat on my stomach as the youngest boy crawls under the table and pulls my breasts through the holes in the table with my nipples. I am crying through the panties stuffed in my mouth as he pulls and pulls. Finally my tits are held tightly through this table as the father crawls under it with what looks to be a piercing gun.

He pinches my nipple hard as he pierces my nipple with a rather large gauge nipple ring. When both nipples are pierced, he screws the rings closed and takes a heavy chain and hooks both the nipple rings onto the chain. I try to pull up but the table is too tight and when my tits try to separate the pain shoots through them. I quickly learn that is not going to be a way out. The panties are removed from my mouth and I begin to scream. All 4 of them are laughing at my pain. The next thing I am told by the older son is that no one will ever hear my screams so I can just go ahead and scream myself to death.

My screams turn to whimpers as one of them grabs a horse whip and starts to beat my ass with it. The pain is incredible but I have no way out other than to kick my legs but every time I start to stand up, the pain in my nipples is too great.

After about 30 lashes with them laughing when I try to move, 2 of them finally each grab a leg and attach them to the legs of the table making it impossible for me to move. Then the beating starts again but this time the youngest one crawls under the table, in his hands a leather strap. He starts slapping my tits with the strap as his older brother is beating my ass and back with the horse whip.

The pain is so great that I pass out. When I come to, all of them are pissing all over me. One of them puts his dick in my mouth and demands that I drink his piss. I comply, completely scared of what comes next. There I lay completely strapped to this table when the older boy brings in a rather big dog. I am unsure what is happening as I watch him stroke the dog's cock to a full erection. He leads the dog to where I am held captive and lets the dog smell my pussy.

This gets the dog even more excited and he immediately jumps up and begins humping me. His cock is missing my pussy so one of my captors puts it deep into my pussy and the dog starts to fuck me savagely. Harder and deeper, his knot getting close to my cunt. I am screaming now, afraid of the pain of his swelling knot but eventually it goes it. I scream and scream until the middle farm boy shuts me up by sticking his dick in my mouth.

I am sucking this stranger's cock while one of his dogs rapes me from behind. The boy takes his dick out of my mouth and cums all over my face just as the dog is pumping me full of his seed. The knot stays in place and the whole family takes turns cumming on me.

When the dog finally pops out, the little's farm boy comes back with a bigger dog. He brings him around before me and tells me that I have to put the dog's cock in my mouth. I push my head away and am suddenly being beaten by leather straps from 2 sides.

I immediately stretch my tongue out to lick the dogs cock. He seems to like that and thrusts my lips apart and starts fucking my mouth. Before he can get too excited Father brings him behind me and helps him mount my already cumfilled cunt.

He helps the dog get mounted and he starts to fuck me harder than the last. His knot is also bigger. It hurts so much but every time I cry, I either get hit with a leather strap or shocked with that cow prod.

He fucks me harder and harder and finally his knot goes in. I scream in agony once more just to be shocked with the cattle prod. The larger dog finally fills me with cum and as we are knotted, once again all of these strange captors of mine masturbate until I am once again covered in cum. The next thing I hear is the barn door closing and I am left all alone.

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Dog cum dripping from my cunt and human spunk drying on every square inch of me, I wondered what was going to happen to me. What were these men planning and exactly what was a farm slut? These questions would soon be answered and my torture was just beginning. After hours had past, the 2 teenagers returned with the biggest dog I had ever seen. He came over to me and started licking me all over. He was licking all the dried cum off of me then he started licking my pussy and ass.

He licked and licked my pussy as wave of wave of orgasm spread over me. After the biggest orgasm of my life, the younger one brought the dog closer to my face where the dog's cock was just coming out of its sheath. I was in awe. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. He begins stroking the dog's dick as it gets bigger and bigger. I start screaming NO at the top of my lungs and that got me slapped in the face.

Then they lead the dog behind me and he immediately begins humping me. My pussy is raw but all protests are met with a leather strap wherever it happens to land.

This dog's cock is so big it hurts before the knot begins to form but I am learning to just take it. Then the knot pops in and I have no choice, it is too big for my tight cunt. All I can do is scream as this huge dog rapes me. The boys are standing close with their hard dicks in their hands as I beg them to make it stop. This just makes them jack off harder and move closer to my screaming mouth.

Almost simultaneously, the brothers shower my face with their hot cum. Then the dog starts cumming into my ripped pussy and the boys walk out as the dog and I lay there knotted together. Finally the dog finished his business and slowly left the building and my pussy felt strangely empty. I guess that was all their fun for the day because I was left chained and alone the rest of the day and night.

The next morning I am awoken by a new, more savage beating than the day before. My sore nipples had some kind of weights attached to them which pulled on my battered nipples and made it hard to concentrate.

Then came out the leather straps. The 2 older brothers were taking turns beating me all over. The little brother was repeatedly shocking me with the cattle prod. I was screaming and crying from the pain. Then the older one came over and once again demanded that I drink his piss. I was so thirsty I was glad to have anything at this point. I greedily drank his piss. The beating continues for an hour.

Every once in a while I was forced to drink each of their piss. I even began looking forward to it. Soon the father came in to check the progress and all he could see was welts and bruises all over my body as his youngest son was yanking and pulling on my tender nipples.

He told the boys that he was proud of them all for breaking the new bitch in. Following close to the father were all of the dogs. I only had to service 3 the day before, but there were 8 standing before me now.

All of them curious to see the new bitch. The middle brother brought over one of the smaller dogs but even he was a large breed. He positioned him near my face and started stroking his sheath to get his cock growing. As it grew, I was afraid of what I was going to have to do next, but he soon allayed those fears when he shoved the dog's dick in my mouth. Instinctively I started sucking on this beautiful dog cock in my mouth.

I had always loved dogs but never in this way. I sucked and sucked while this gorgeous animal thrust himself into my mouth. I sucked and sucked like I have never sucked before until finally my mouth was filling with glorious dog cum.


I felt like I would drink forever when he finally pulled away satisfied. The youngest boy brings me a cat. I licked and cajoled the pretty cat until his dick was hard and then sucked it like my life depended on it.

It felt so small compared to the dog dick I had just had in my mouth but I wanted to taste this cat's cum too so I sucked and sucked until he came in my mouth, gave me a little lick and bounded away.

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A bigger dog came closer next and the middle brother starts stroking him to get his amazing dick hard but leads him behind me. I am getting excited about more doggie cock but not expecting what came next.

The dog is thrusting and thrusting against the air when the brother directs his dick not to my waiting pussy but instead to my tender, tight asshole. I screamed and the beating started again.

I quickly learned to shut up. The gorgeous animal is fucking me in the asshole hard and it hurts so bad but every whimper leads to either a slap across the face or a tug on my nipples. Harder and deeper his cock goes until I can feel the knot trying to enter my asshole.

I instinctively move away and get beaten for my efforts. Finally the dog's knot enters my asshole to my screams. This gets me beaten more but the dog is still raping my tender asshole. He continues thrusting until he has filled my asshole with doggie cum. We stay knotted for half an hour stretching out my poor asshole until the dog comes loose, walks away and once again leaves me feeling empty.

As soon as that dog walks away, they bring the big dog back and have him fuck me hard and stretch me out some more with his huge knot. This goes on all morning.

Me being a bitch to dog after dog. After a while I felt like nothing more than a bitch and craved dog cock, in my pussy, in my mouth and in my ass. The beatings also continued throughout the day. I would get raped by a dog and then beaten when we were tied ass to ass.

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After the 8th dog was serviced, I finally thought I was going to get a reprieve but then I heard the father coming back into the barn. I look up to seeing him carrying an aluminum baseball bat. I thought for sure that I was going to be killed but instead, he explained to his boys that it was time for my next training.

They all immediately got hard thinking about what the bat was for. I was still laying strapped to the table with doggie cum dripping out of every hole when all of a sudden, I was brutally raped by the baseball bat.


There was nothing gentle about the way he shoved that bat in and out of my already battered cunt. He shoved it in hard and as far as he could then he would shove it farther. My screams only seemed to encourage the brutality. Once when he pulled out, he slipped and accidently shoved the bat in my ass.

That seemed to just encourage him as he then started raping my asshole with this huge aluminum bat. Tears are streaming down my face as the brothers all have their cocks out masturbating furiously.

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Each in turn came in my mouth. Finally the father pulled the bat out and told his sons that I was ready for the next step. The younger 2 brothers left the barn while the older one and the father got the leather straps and started beating my already bruised flesh. I barely heard the door open but I did hear hoofbeats on the floor.

In a panic I started begging NO but the bat came into play again and was painfully shoved into my cunt again. I feel the table begin to rise a bit and one of the brothers removed the bat. What replaced it was a huge, hard horse cock. I guess it had been a long time since the horse had gotten laid because he was thrusting hard and fast.

My mind was reeling. Was I really being raped by a horse? The answer to that question was yes.

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There was a throbbing horse cock raping my already battered cunt. When he finally came, I felt cum filling ever part of my body. I was afraid to look up. Afraid of what I might see. What I would have seen was that there may have been 8 dogs that needed to fuck me but there were 11 stallions waiting in line to rape the new farm slut.

I was completely immobilized as stallion after stallion took their turns with me. By the time the last stallion unleashed his load in my destroyed pussy, I was broken. I had already started to love my new job. After the horses were done, the big dog returned and liked me clean and then he mounted me once again and fucked that pussy like it was his own and by then I guess it belonged to him and any other animal that ever wanted to fuck my wanton farm slut cunt.