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Sex vor der klasse
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Day 2 Part 1 Madame X awoke the next morning, eager to go play with her new slave. She looked into the surveillance monitors from Katie's room and smiled as the girl stood there helplessly. The dominatrix already had the cameras from filming porn, and she thought it would be a good idea to install them so that she could keep an eye on her hostage while she wasn't around. "Good morning, Katie," Madame X said as she walked into the cell.

"Did you get any sleep last night?" The captive shook her head. "Well I didn't sleep very well either. I was too excited to sleep. I'm sorry that you're not enjoying this as much as I am." Madame X looked down and saw a huge puddle of drool on the floor beneath her slave. "You made quite a mess, didn't you?

Perhaps I should punish you for that." Katie mumbled something and pleaded with her eyes in objection. Her mistress laughed. "Okay, I won't punish you. I'm feeling particularly nice today, so I'll let it slide." The captive was certainly relieved to hear that. "Now if I take this out of your mouth, are you going to be good?" The young girl nodded approvingly. She absolutely hated that ball gag.

Madame X removed it and threw it aside. She was really starting to like the girl and desperately wanted to taste every inch of her body, but she knew that she must refrain. She wanted her slave to be starved of closeness and affection, and this meant not touching her hardly at all.

"You really are beautiful, you know that?" the dominatrix said, running her fingers through Katie's soft, blonde hair. The girl grinned shyly. "When's the last time someone told you that you were beautiful, Katie?" "I don't know, Mistress." "If you don't know, then it's been way too long.

A girl like you should be told that at least once a day, every day. You're just so gorgeous!" Madame X walked over to her so that her slave could feel the breath on her ear as she spoke, "I want you to submit to me so that I can pleasure you all over your body." She softly kissed the young girl's earlobe, and a stream of excitement shot through Katie's body.

The captive wondered how she could be so aroused by the situation. She didn't even like women, and she hated her dominatrix for kidnapping and torturing her, yet she still found herself craving Madame X's touch.

The woman pulled herself back and noticed Katie's uncomfortable squirming to try to remove the dildos from her body. "Would you like me to take those out of you now?" "Yes, Mistress," the young girl replied. "We say 'please' and 'thank you' in this house, sweetie," Madame X stated. "I'm sorry, Mistress. Please take them out." "Are they really THAT uncomfortable?" Katie began to whimper.

"Yes, Mistress. They hurt. Please take them out of me, Mistress." She was nearing her breaking point. The dominatrix saw the tears forming in her slave's eyes. "Are you going to cry now, honey?" Madame X began to feel pity for the poor girl, yet she was aroused all at the same time.

"Okay, I'll take them out. You've suffered with them long enough." The woman began to remove the device that was holding the dildos in place. "Now when I take these out, you may feel a strong urge to pee and/or poop. Try to hold it in for a minute, so we can take care of it, okay?" "Yes, Mistress. I'll try." Madame X pulled out the fake cocks. "Ah!" Katie cried.

"Mistress, I have to go really bad!" Her captor pulled out a bucket and held it between the girl's legs.

"Go ahead now, honey." The slave felt awkward going in front of her mistress but eventually emptied herself. "Good, now what do you say?" the dominatrix asked.

"Thank you, Mistress." Madame X smiled. "You're welcome, sweetie. I'm gonna go get rid of this. I'll be right back." The woman walked out, then returned a few minutes later with the empty bucket and a glass of water for her slave. "Are you thirsty?" she asked, advancing toward the young girl. "Yes, Mistress." Katie took the straw and greedily started sucking it down. "That's enough for now," Madame X said, pulling the cup away after only a few sips.

Her parched slave still had the straw between her lips. "Drop it! It's for your own good. The more you have now, the less you'll get later." The captive reluctantly let it go. "Thank you, Mistress." Madame X was very pleased with the response. "How polite of you! Here, you can have another sip." She held up the glass to her slave for about a second.

"Thank you again, Mistress." "You're welcome. I'm glad you're learning so fast." The dominatrix smiled and set the glass down. "We've had a very pleasant morning so far, haven't we?" "Yes, Mistress," Katie agreed. "And we can continue that IF you agree to submit to me.

If not, then I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you. Now, is there anything you'd like to ask me?" Katie shook her head "no." The captive's stomach was aching from hunger, her throat was extremely dry, her legs were beginning to shake from having to stand up for so long, her pussy and asshole were throbbing, and her whole body still stung from the last night's beating; but the girl refused to give in. She realized that it was probably a stupid thing to do, but she still had a little bit of fight left in her.

Madame X laughed. "My oh my, aren't you a stubborn little thing? I guess I'll just have to beat you a little more then. It's really too bad. I hate to have to damage such a beautiful girl, but you leave me no choice." The dominatrix picked up the belt that she had used on her slave the previous night. "Remember the last beating… how much that hurt?" "Yes, Mistress." "Well that was me going easy on you.

Today's going to be a little more painful I'd assume. Especially since you're already sore from before." Madame X slapped her captive across the stomach with the belt. "Since it's gonna hurt so much, I'll be nice and let you scream as loud as you want. Does that sound good?" The leather made a loud crack as it struck Katie's left breast. "Ahhhhhh!!! Yes, Mistress," she replied as she cried in pain. The dominatrix pulled her captive's arms above her head and secured them there with the rope, then began torturing her with the belt.

The young girl's cries echoed through the whole house for about the next ten minutes while she was being abused. Madame X breathed heavily as she continued striking her insubordinate slave. "Would you like to say anything to me now, Katie?" she asked. Tears were streaming down the girl's face, and her body was writhing in agony. "No, Mistress," she muttered. The dominatrix angrily belted her slave across her bruised ass, ignoring her cries of protest. "Uhhh!

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Please stop, Mistress! Pleaaaaase!" Madame X didn't let up, instead hitting her even harder. "You know what to say to make me stop.


You're just too fucking stubborn to say it!" Katie began choking on her tears. She was in a full-blown meltdown, but somehow didn't give in. "Help me! Oh god, please help me!" she pleaded, but her captor was unrelenting. Eventually the dominatrix started to tire of beating the young girl, so she decided to torture her slave in other ways.

She pulled out some clamps and fastened them to Katie's small, pink nipples. "Ahhh! Fuck!" she yelled as they squeezed her nipples tight. Madame X tugged on them sharply, and her slave cried louder in objection. "You like those, sweetie?" the woman teased.

"No," the girl sniffled. The dominatrix pulled them again and didn't let go. "Is that how you address me, you dirty little whore?" "Ahhh! No, Mistress! I'm sorry, Mistress!" "That's better," Madame X said, releasing the clamps from her grasp but leaving them on her captive's suffering nipples. "Now spread open your legs so I can hit your pussy." Katie reluctantly obeyed, knowing that she had no choice in the matter. The young girl bellowed vehemently as the pain in her crotch became more excruciating than anything she had ever felt before.

That is, at least until what Madame X had in store for her next. "Let's take off those pesky nipple clamps, shall we?" she said as she shifted the blows to her slave's breasts. The dominatrix struck the clamps repeatedly with the belt, trying to urge them to fall off of the young girl. Katie could barely even scream it hurt so much. She thought she was going to pass out from the pain, but then the clamps finally popped off, sending another mind-numbing surge of pain through her weakened body.

Madame X watched as Katie panted hopelessly, trying so desperately to put her own suffering out of her mind. The dominatrix was rather impressed at how tough her slave was proving to be.

She couldn't believe that the girl still hadn't submitted after all the torment she had endured. The captive couldn't even see straight. Every inch of her body was in absolute agony as she stood there in front of her mistress. Blood was dripping from several spots where the belting was so severe that it tore through her delicate flesh. The young girl closed her eyes and wished death upon herself for an instant before she decided to keep fighting.

"Look at me, Katie," Madame X commanded. The battered slave managed to open her eyes for her mistress. "You're very strong. You've certainly proven that to me. But do you really think you can win this way? If you keep this up long enough, you'll die down here. Don't be stupid, honey. Just tell me what I want to hear, and I'll stop torturing you so much." The young girl didn't speak.


Madame X slapped Katie across the face with the belt, angry at her lack of submission. The captive was too numb to even react. "Alright, stand up on your toes," the woman commanded, but the girl remained motionless. "Okay, if you won't do it on your own, then I'll make you," the dominatrix declared, pulling on the rope that was tied around her slave's neck. She secured the rope so that Katie had no choice but to be on her toes. The captive could barely breathe, even when she stood up as high as she could.

"I told you to never disobey me, you fucking bitch! Now you stay like that until I get back!" Madame X yelled with frustration, walking out of the room.

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Katie doubted how long she could stay on her toes. Her legs had not only been beaten severely, but also had not been given any rest since she was taken captive.

After a couple minutes, the girl's legs began to shake tremendously, and her oxygen supply was completely cut off for a moment as her feet slipped to the floor.

She managed to push back up onto her toes and suck in some air before she would pass out. Katie eventually couldn't stand up any longer and let herself down, completely closing off her windpipe. Madame X had been watching the whole scene unfold from the surveillance monitors upstairs, waiting for her slave to give up. The dominatrix came into the room just as the girl was about to asphyxiate.

"Would you like me to help you out?" she asked. Katie was relieved to see her mistress and struggled to nod or form the word "yes." Madame X knew that she wanted her help, so the captor lifted up her slave by the waist enough for her to regain her airway.

"It's alright, I gotcha. Now set down your feet. You can do it, honey." The dominatrix let the girl down onto her toes, but Katie couldn't hold herself there and immediately slipped back down. "Come on, you're stronger than this," the woman assured her as she lifted her up again.

"I'm gonna set you down, and I want you to stay on your toes for another minute, and then I'll let down the rope, okay?" Madame X had finally pushed her slave to the limit, but still wanted to push even farther.

She lowered the girl again, and Katie found the strength to stay up for the required sixty seconds before her captor gave some slack to the rope, allowing her to drop to her feet.

"Good girl. I knew you could do it," her dominatrix praised. Katie coughed and gasped as her lungs were finally permitted to expand to normal size. "Now what do you say to me for helping you?" "Thank you, Mistress," the girl wheezed. "You're welcome, sweetie. Have a sip of water to help you recover." Madame X gave her slave a quick drink, then lowered her arms and handcuffed them behind her back. "I'm gonna leave you alone for a while, but don't think I'm not still watching you.

Be good, and don't make much noise, okay honey?" "Yes, Mistress," Katie agreed. "Mistress… I know I'm not supposed to talk unless you give me permission, but can I please ask you something?" Madame X smiled as she looked into her slave's sweet, innocent eyes. She thought that her captive was finally going to surrender. "Sure, sweetie. What would you like to ask me?" The young girl's body wanted her to submit, but her heart wouldn't let her. "Why are you doing this to me, Mistress?" Katie inquired as she began to cry again.

Madame X looked befuddled. Truth be told, she had no good answer to that question. The dominatrix really did feel bad about beating Katie so severely, and the girl's tears just added to the woman's own frustration. She desperately wanted to comfort her captive and give her a hug, but she couldn't show weakness like that.

The woman briefly looked her slave in the eyes, turned around, and walked out the door without saying a word. Day 2 Part 2 Madame X took the next several hours to regain her composure and figure out what to do next. The dominatrix didn't want to damage her slave's body too severely, but the girl just wouldn't give in.

The woman hoped that the extreme hunger and lack of sleep would help to drain the captive of her insubordination, but so far that had not worked very well. However, she was sure that Katie's strength was running low now, and the young girl would be forced to submit to her soon. The slave cringed as she saw her captor pulling the table back into the room.

She remembered that particular piece of furniture all too well and hoped to never see it again, even though she realized that wasn't very likely. Madame X strapped her captive to the table before slapping her ass repeatedly, turning it bright red. The woman lusted after the beautiful slave lying before her, her hot ravished body shaking intensely, seemingly calling out the words "fuck me" to her captor.

Katie moaned, partly in pleasure and partly in frustration, as her dominatrix began fingering her pussy. "You like that, honey?" she asked playfully. The young girl shook her head "no" and mumbled under her breath. "I thought I told you not to lie to me," Madame X calmly said, lifting up her slave's head by pulling on the neck rope.

The captive gasped for air as she began to choke from the taut rope. "I'm sorry, Mistress," the girl said between coughs, "I like it." "That's right. My finger feels good in your tight pussy, doesn't it?" "Yes, Mistress. It feels very good," she shamefully confessed. Madame X released her hold on the rope and positioned a dildo at the entrance to Katie's pussy.

The captive instinctively clenched to try to grab it. "Haha! You really want this cock in you, don't you?" the dominatrix asked. "Yes, Mistress." She hated to admit it, but it was the truth, and she knew that was what her captor wanted to hear. "Well if it's what you really want, then I'll give it to you." The woman said as she eased the large dildo into her slave's pussy and reached for another dick to shove in Katie's anus.

She secured them there with a strap from the table, leaving them penetrating the young girl painfully deep. "Ahhh god! Please, Mistress, take them out! Ohhhhhh, they really hurt!" her captive hopelessly pleaded. "No," Madame X responded, returning the ball gag to the girl's mouth.

"You said that you liked them, so I'm going to let you have them… for a very long time." Katie began mumbling profanities and battling against her restraints.


The dominatrix picked up the belt and proceeded to beat her slave's legs, ass, and back until the girl started crying. Katie knew that she was defeated, but there was still a small part of her that actually thought that her mistress might take pity on her and stop torturing her, and she wasn't about to give up on that dream. Madame X, however, had no plans of quitting until her captive fully submitted to her will. She finished with the beating and fastened the young girl's neck rope up so that she could no longer rest her head on the table.

Spittle began running down Katie's chin and neck, as the gag in her mouth made swallowing difficult. "I'm gonna leave you like this for a while now, honey," said the dominatrix, slapping Katie's ass one more time before lightly stroking the young girl's cheek.

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"Have fun… and don't choke yourself. Who knows if I'd be able to save you this time." Madame X locked the door and went upstairs to watch her squirm, only planning on intervening if her slave was in real danger. An hour passed, and the neck rope was becoming unbearable. Katie didn't know how much longer she could keep her head up high enough to breathe. Her whole body was absolutely worn out beyond anything she had ever experienced before, and the only thing keeping her conscious was the intense pain and fear of strangulation.

Her head would begin to drop, and she would be forced to pull herself back up time and time again. No one and no thing had ever pushed her so hard in her whole life, and she was starting to discover her true strength.

Madame X left the girl suffering by herself for several hours. The captive could no longer even feel the cocks shoved into her ass and pussy by the time her mistress returned, but she was still fully aware of the ball gag torturing her jaw and the rope around her neck that had nearly killed her several times now.

"How you doing, sweetie?" the woman asked casually as she walked in. Katie grunted some kind of negative response, causing the dominatrix to laugh. "Well that doesn't sound very good.

Maybe a nice beating will make you feel better." Madame X walked over to fetch her belt and turned around just in time to see her slave's head drop down, cutting off her air completely. "Now what are you doing, honey?" she asked. "Do you think I'm gonna help you out?

Well I'm not, because I know you have the strength to lift up your head." The woman walked in front of her captive so that the girl could see that she had no plans to rescue her.

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"Go ahead, kill yourself," she dared. She knew that Katie didn't have it in her. Sure the slave was suffering excruciatingly, but she was not suicidal… yet. The captive pulled up her head just seconds before she would faint, in utter disbelief that her mistress refused to save her.

Madame X understood that the girl was just playing a game, trying to see if her dominatrix would show her any mercy, and she was certainly not going to give her slave the upper hand. "See, I knew you could do it," the woman said. "In fact, I bet you can hold up your head for another hour. Don't you think so?" A look of fear arose in Katie's eyes, the unmistakable look of fear of one's impending doom.

Madame X smiled and belted her sharply across the back. "If you don't think you can do it, then you better submit to me, otherwise you'll be dead. Long strings of drool leaked out of the girl's mouth as she tried desperately to protest. "Will you submit, Katie?" the dominatrix asked sternly. The captive didn't move or make a sound, for the first time actually considering giving in. The pain in her neck was nearly intolerable, and the idea of having to hold it up for another hour was more than she could bear.

Madame X bent down slightly to look into her eyes and repeated slowly, "Will you submit?" The young girl noticed that while her dominatrix certainly appeared threatening, she also saw something strangely gentle in her eyes, almost loving and tender.

Katie closed her eyes and nodded in defeat. Somewhat surprised at her slave's response, Madame X took a moment to recover before lovingly saying, "Open your eyes, sweetie." Her captive reluctantly obeyed.

"You're going to submit?" The girl shuddered and nodded again. The woman smiled as she reminded her, "Then you know what you have to say." She took out the ball gag to allow her slave to speak. "Now tell me what you'd like to do to me." Katie didn't speak and instead began crying. "Do you remember what you're supposed to say?" the dominatrix asked, wiping a tear off of her captive's cheek.

The young girl nodded shamefully. "Then you better say it," Madame X threatened. But she couldn't. She just couldn't say the words, so she remained silent.

"Alright then, you dirty little whore," the woman responded angrily, replacing the gag into the girl's mouth. Katie shook her head furiously, trying not to allow the restraint back in. Once secured, the captor began firmly beating the slave with the familiar leather strap. Madame X was furious with her slave at this point and took it out on the poor girl's ass and back, tearing them open in multiple places until constant streams of blood trickled down her abused legs.

The girl screamed through her gag the whole time, but her cries only seemed to fuel her mistress' vicious behavior. "Now you have another hour, starting now, to hold your head up so you don't choke.

I will not come help you no matter what, so don't even try it! I hope that you're still alive when I come back, but if not, it was your own fucking fault!" the woman shouted. She slapped her captive hard across the face with the belt and left the tortured girl alone to suffer. Katie's whole body was completely throbbing and almost ready to pass out from the pain, but she knew that she couldn't.

Even though the punishment was incomprehensibly terrible, she was still determined to survive the ordeal. Madame X didn't even watch her slave on camera this time. She honestly wasn't going to come to the girl's aid, even if she was going to die. The woman came into the room an hour later as promised and was happy to find that Katie was still fighting. "So does your neck hurt?" asked the dominatrix. The captive hadn't even noticed her mistress' presence until she said that.

She looked up at the woman and pleaded with her eyes to let her down. Her body was shaking intensely, threatening to collapse at any moment. Madame X went behind her slave and pulled on the neck rope, causing the girl to start choking and pointlessly gasp for the air that wasn't allowed in. "Never lie to me or disobey me again!

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You understand?" the woman said intimidatingly. The girl's head began spinning; she was seeing spots; her face was turning blue; her lungs were closing; she felt sure it was the end. Somehow, she managed a nod, and her dominatrix let go of the rope, then walked over to the pulley and let down Katie's head.

The captive's neck was so stiff that dropping it down actually hurt more than keeping it propped up, but she was still grateful to be able to relax her muscles. "Does that feel better now, sweetie?" Madame X asked tenderly, leaning against the table and running her fingers through the girl's feather-soft hair.

The slave nodded affirmingly. "Good," she replied. "I don't like hurting you like that, honey, but your bad behavior left me no choice. Now let's get all of this stuff out of you." The dominatrix began removing the dildos that she had placed in Katie's ass and pussy several hours earlier, then unstrapped her from the table and returned her to the standing position with her arms above her head.

Lastly, she removed the gag from the girl's mouth and gave her a little bit of water to drink. The liquid felt wonderfully refreshing to her parched throat and tongue but reminded her stomach of how hungry it was. "Now I'm gonna ask you this again… and really think about it before you answer this time… are you going to submit to me?" Katie tried to process all of the possible answers that she could give. "Fuck you," was the first thing that came to her mind, but she decided against that one.

She thought about saying "yes," but she was still too stubborn. The beaten, exhausted girl finally replied, "I'm sorry, Mistress. I… I can't." Perturbed, to say the least, Madame X picked up the belt and struck her slave sharply across the face. "You are making a serious mistake, honey," she firmly stated. Katie knew it, but she didn't care. The dominatrix paused, and her tone softened, "Why are you making things so hard for yourself?

You're just being stupid, and I know you're not stupid. You're forcing me to hurt you, and that's not what I want to do." The girl noticed a look of sadness and longing in her mistress' eyes as she stared intently at her. The woman walked up next to her and softly kissed her neck, sending a warm shiver of excitement surging through Katie's body.

For some reason beyond her control, the captive was actually beginning to lust after her dominatrix. Madame X felt her slave's desire and couldn't help but smile. She knew that her plan was working and that the girl would soon give in. "I'm going to beat you a little more with the belt, Katie," the woman calmly stated. "I don't want you to make a sound.

If you can get through this without making a single noise, then I won't leave the dildos in you tonight. But if I hear anything come out of your lips, even a loud breath or a soft moan, I'm gonna put them in. Okay, sweetie?" The captive was afraid to say a word, so she just nodded in compliance.

"You can speak, honey. The beating hasn't started yet. Now do you think that you can take this beating silently?" "Yes, Mistress… I'll try anyway. Please don't put those things in me tonight," the girl begged. "I won't… unless you make a sound. Would you like the gag in your mouth to make it easier?" "No thanks, Mistress. I hate…" Katie was scared to finish her sentence. "You hate what?

The ball gag?" Madame X inquired. "Yes, Mistress. I'm sorry, but I hate the ball gag. Please don't hurt me, Mistress," she whimpered. The dominatrix laughed. "Sweetie, I'm not gonna punish you for saying that. Why would I?

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I wouldn't like the thing either. You drool all over yourself… it's kinda humiliating. Besides, I don't want you be afraid to tell me things like that. Just be honest with me." The girl questioned, "I'm sorry, Mistress… but you told me to not speak without your permission." "Yeah… well you can ask for my permission, as long as you do it politely, okay?" "Yes, Mistress." "Alright, Katie, spread your legs for me please.

Your ass and back have taken enough beating for one day." "Yes, Mistress," the slave agreed and opened her legs. Madame X smiled at her captive. "You're a very sweet young girl. Please don't make a sound during this because I don't want to punish you," she said and began belting her thighs. Katie remained perfectly silent as her legs and stomach were beaten. Then the dominatrix warned her, "Okay, I'm gonna hit your pussy now," and proceeded downward to slap the girl's most sensitive area.

Nothing escaped from the captive's lips. She wouldn't allow it to, determined to give her pussy and ass hole some much-needed rest that evening. She gritted her teeth, bit her tongue, and did everything else she could think of to be quiet. Madame X finished up with the beating and smiled. "Good job, sweetie. That was very, very good. You can talk now, Katie." "Thank you, Mistress," she panted. "You're welcome, honey.

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Here, have the rest of your water now." The girl sucked it down quickly. "Thank you, Mistress." "You're welcome… again," the dominatrix replied. "Mistress… I need to go to the bathroom," Katie said quietly.

"Alright, let me get you the bucket." Madame X fetched the waste receptacle and allowed her slave to go. "Sorry you have to use this, but it would just be a pain in the ass to take you down, let you use the bathroom, then bring you back." "It's okay, Mistress.

I understand," the girl sweetly responded. She finished up, and the woman disposed of the contents of the bucket, then returned. "Now you need to be honest with me here… If I don't put the gag in your mouth tonight, will you be nice and quiet for me?" the captor asked. "Yes, Mistress!" Katie exclaimed hopefully. "Alright, good. I'll leave it out then. But if I can hear you, I'm gonna come down here and put it in. And I'm gonna fill your holes with the dildos. Understand?" "Yes, Mistress.

Thank you." Madame X took down the girl's hands and secured them behind her back. She left the rope around the slave's neck with enough slack to not restrict her breathing, but to only give her a few inches to move around, forcing her to remain standing.

Katie was becoming aroused, catching whiffs of her captor as she moved around her and feeling the woman's strong hands skillfully position the girl however she pleased. The dominatrix' desire for her slave also intensified, and she walked up so that their lips were only a few inches away from each other's, teasing the girl and daring her to try to kiss her mistress. Madame X leaned over and whispered "goodnight" in her ear. Katie's excitement grew as she felt her captor's warm breath on her skin, and she turned her head to taste the woman's lips.

The dominatrix moved away before her lips reached her and left the room in delight. That was exactly what she wanted her slave to do!

Katie was left alone, now with sexual frustration added to the long list of things she was feeling. She had never been so tired in her life… or so hungry, and the pain she felt was gut-wrenching. Her legs felt like jelly, and she the neck rope was burning her skin from rubbing against it for so long.

She was absolutely miserable! Yet she found herself desiring her mistress more and more by the second and couldn't wait until morning so that she could see her again.