Lovely teen knows the superlatively good way to get her stuff done

Lovely teen knows the superlatively good way to get her stuff done
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This is my first story. Sorry if it's long or slow. Any constructive criticism is always welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

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It's funny how life works out sometimes. You'll be going along doing one thing and bam an accident turns your life upside down. Sometimes those accidents lead to something even better. That's how it happened to me. My name is Rich and seven years ago I worked as a pipe fitter.

Then a fall from a platform changed all that. I injured my back and could no longer do the heavy lifting required to keep working as a pipe fitter. That's when fate stepped in and changed my life forever.

For the better I feel but tell me what you think. Here's how it all started. My neighbor Jan had come over to check on me one day. She knew I had been looking for a job and her work was hiring.


"You should really come and drive a bus up at school" she said. I told her that I didn't know if handle dealing with all those kids. "It's easy" she assured me, "most of the time you don't even know they're there. They either listen to their I pods or they are on their cell phones.


You should really give it a try; you'd be great at it." So I agreed to go check it out. Little did I know where that decision would lead me. I already had a chauffeur's license so with just a couple weeks of training I had my school bus license. They started me out on a route that nobody else wanted.

The kids were terrible I was told, but if I could stick it out for a little bit another route would be open soon. Well the very first day I understood what everybody was talking about. The mouths on these kids were something else. I had two young girls sit behind me and start talking about sex right there on the bus. I was stunned these were middle school girls sixth to eighth grade talking about sex like I wasn't even there. One was a redhead and she was telling her friend how her boyfriend liked to go down on her and call it spelunking.

Her friend a cute little brunette talked about how her boyfriend never went down on her, he just wanted blowjobs all the time. I couldn't believe my ears.

What were kids doing in school these days? I didn't remember talking about those kinds of things when I was in sixth grade.

As the days passed I started to get to know all the kids by name. I posted all the bus rules in plain sight for all of them to see and soon I started to get them under control. I'd hand out soda or suckers once a week if they were good and it made all the difference in the world.

Since I lived a mile from the school I worked at I ran into my kids all the time outside of school. At the gas station, the store etc.

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Soon I started learning more about their personal lives. Most of them had family problems and just wanted a friendly ear to listen. I became that ear and that's how I met Chavina. Chavina is a beautiful little seventh grader with beautiful Carmel colored skin.

She has long black hair that reaches past her shoulders, and the most stunning brown eyes I have ever seen. Her mom was living with a man that wasn't her dad and he had a daughter of his own. Her name was Andi and she was always in trouble. She was suspended from school three or four times a year, and she was always in detention. This took up so much their parents time that neither one had time for Chavina. She started sitting behind me and talking to me one day after she had seen me out on my motorcycle riding that weekend before.

"Mr. Rich I love your motorcycle it's so cool" she said. I told her it wasn't anything special just and old Kawasaki Vulcan, but it was fun to ride. I asked her if she had ever ridden on one before. "No, but I would really like to" she replied. "Would you take me for a ride on your bike Mr. Rich? Please!" I don't know I told her.

We'll have to see. I could get in trouble for that you know. "Oh my parents wouldn't care they don't pay any attention to me anyway" she said matter of factly. I don't know what made me do it but I agreed to meet her at the gas station by her house that evening and take her for a ride. She flashed me an incredible smile and thanked me over and over again before she got off the bus.

I finished my route and went home. I cleaned up and grabbed my extra helmet and headed for the gas station. I really expected her to not show up, but there she was waiting for me when I pulled up.

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She started grinning from ear to ear and came running up to me. I smiled back handed her a helmet and explained to her how to climb on the bike.

She hopped right on and we headed off down the street. There was a park a few miles up the road, so I figured we would ride up there and back. She squeezed me tightly as we rode pressing her chest tightly against me, holding on for all she was worth. I thought I would give her a little thrill and gunned it as we turned off on the road going to the park.

The engine revved she squirmed and squeezed me even tighter if that was possible. In all too short a time we were at the park. "Can we stop?" she asked. "I'm feeling a little funny" she said. I didn't want her to get sick down my back so we pulled over.

She climbed off and walked over to a table by a group of trees and sat down. I walked over and sat next to her and asked if she needed to get sick and apologized if it was my fault for gunning the engine. She blushed and told me she didn't need to get sick she just felt funny. "What do you mean?" I asked her not understanding. "Well" she said blushing as she looked at me. "When you gunned the engine back there I got and incredible feeling between my legs. It was like I was ready to cum right then and there, and it was so overwhelming that I just had to stop for a minute." Ohhh I said looking back at her.

Sorry about that I was just trying to make your first ride exciting. "Don't be sorry you definitely made it exciting, I just wish you would make it more exciting for me." I asked her what she had in mind and when she told me you could have scraped me up off the ground I was so stunned. "Make love to me" she replied staring straight into my eyes. "What did I Just hear you right?" I asked.

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"Yes you heard me right, and please hear me out" she pleaded. "You see ever since I moved here two years ago I've been an outcast. Because I'm mixed race and nearly everybody here is white everybody pushes me aside and ignores me.

I want to be held, touched, kissed, and have all those things done to me that every other girl wants at my age. Please don't say no. Please!!!" Looking down into those big brown eyes I couldn't stop myself. I leaned to her and kissed her ever so gently on the lips. It was like an electric shock going through my body. She kissed back softly at first then with more passion, running her fingers though my hair and pulling me tightly against her lips. We kissed for what seemed like hours our tongues exploring each others mouths.

When our lips parted I knew it had only been a few minutes but those few minutes were incredible. This little seventh grade girl was giving me feelings I had never felt for any woman before.


As the night set in and darkness fell all around us I asked her if she really wanted to go through with this. She kissed me again and said "yes more than anything I've ever wanted before." I went over to the bike and pulled a blanket out of one of the saddlebags.

We walked back to a clearing on the other side of the trees and I laid out the blanket. When I turned to Chavina she had stepped out of her shorts and slipped off her t shirt.

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There she stood in front of me in just a hot pink bra and panties. The little cotton bikini kind and against her carmel skin it looked so incredibly beautiful. I pulled her close to me and gently laid her down on the blanket. I slowly started to kiss my way down her body. From her lips to her neck I kissed ever so slowly teasing her as my hands gently cupped and squeezed her breasts through her bra.

Her nipples starting to stiffen at my teasing strokes. Sliding my hands behind her back ever so gently and unclasping her bra, watching as her breasts are revealed to me for the first time.

Her areolas are a rich dark brown with nipples that are standing out at least half of an inch. Her breasts are actually larger than I had imagined at least a c cup. She moans softly as start to lick and kiss back forth from one breast to the next making sure to pay extra attention to her very sensitive nipples.

As she lays back her eyes closed in ecstasy taking in all the new feelings she is experiencing, I start to run my had gently up and down her thighs. Slowly working my way higher and higher circling her pubic mound but not touching it. Hearing her moans get louder and louder as I tease her more and more. Her panties wet now with her flowing juices I catch the sweet smell of her womanly scent on the breeze and it drives me crazy.

I begin to kiss my way down her stomach. Kissing her wonderful little camel toe through her panties, I continue kissing down her thighs. Kissing from side to side working my way down past her knees I reach up and start to slide her panties off of her hips.

She arches her back gently raising her hips up to make it easier for me. Sliding them down her soft legs and off of her ankles I toss them to the side. Finally getting to take in her totally naked body. She has just the finest covering of hair on her beautiful pussy and it's just as black as the hair on her head.

It's a truly gorgeous sight laying in front me smiling up at me. I begin to kiss my way back up her legs occasionally flicking my tongue across her thighs as I go.

As she begins squirming and moaning I begin to kiss all around her incredibly beautiful pussy. Her scent fills my nostrils instantly making me harder than I have ever been. I start teasing her my tongue tracing up and down her outer lips flicking lightly from side to side. Her moaning becoming more vocal and guttural now. She begins begging me to stop my teasing. "Please Mr. Rich. Please eat my pussy! You've got me so wet and I want to cum soooo bad. Please lick my pussy. Please!!!!" Not being able to hold back much longer myself I dive in tongue first getting my first real taste of her.

She tastes so clean and sweet like honey.

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She's so wet that her juices are already running down into the crack of her ass. I circle her clit with my tongue and she goes off like a bottle rocket grunting and moaning. "Oh my fucking god yes!!! Oh yes eat my pussy it feels so fucking good! Unghhhh ohhhhh fuck yes!!!!!!" I start to tongue fuck her pussy as she grabs me by the hair forcing my head against her thighs.

Wrapping her les around my head her ass begins bucking up and down off the ground as she rides one orgasm into another. Her juices covering my face as I desperately try to keep up with overflowing pussy.

"Oh god yes Mr. Rich" she hisses through clenched teeth. "So fucking incredible! Feels so ahh ahhh AHHHHHH GOD YESSSSS!!!!! She screams as her body is wracked her most powerful orgasm yet.

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Her body stiffens and starts to shake uncontrollably underneath me then she goes limp and silent. She has cum so hard that she passed out. I crawl up next to her on the blanket and start to slowly run my finger through her hair.

As my hand gently strokes her cheek her eyes start to open and she looks into my and smiles and says………… To be continued if there's any interest.