Mere lund se maal ki dhaar dekho

Mere lund se maal ki dhaar dekho
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The Oklahoma sun was intenet on burning us out, I was thinking, as I drove up into the garage to unload my yard equipment. Mowing lawns for extra money is not usually too bad unless the temperatures stay over a hundred degrees for several days. This was the case back in 1980.

I had just graduated college and was set to join the work force as a business teacher in Ardmore.

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However, some of my old lawn accounts had called and were needing their yards done, so I relented to help them out for the remainder of the summer. I figured by the next two weeks the sun would burn most of the yards up, so I wasn't going to have to do them many more times. Just as I had finished unloading, Mrs. Baker pulled up behind me and got out of the car. With a smile and not much more on her bikini clad body, she handed me my watch that I had left on her work table in her garage earlier that day.

I thanked her for returning it and was just about to ask her in when she came up to me and kissed me on my cheek. her hands sliding down and fondling the front of my jeans.

"I think you and I should go take a shower," she said. I was alittle taken back, then caught myself thinking about how she would be in bed. She was in her mid forties, married with two boys about 8 and 10 years younger than me, and a husband who was known to be a rounder. She followed me inside and went to the bathroom and said, "I'll get the shower ready." By the time I made it in the bathroom, she was totally nude, her tits, slightly sagging, but rather goodlooking.

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Her brown pubic hair covered a most perfect looking pussy. We got into the shower together and spent about twenty minutes soaping each other down and spraying each other off.

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We took turns drying each other off and made our way to the bedroom. "You know, I have been wanting to fuck for several years," she confessed, "even when you were still in high school, I had dreams of one day fucking youi," she revealed. My hormones were kicking in as we fell onto the bed.

She eagerly kissed me on the lips. I was on top of her, my cock now aching to feel that supernal thrust into her wet pussy. There would be no foreplay.


With one of her legs on each of my shoulders, I easily slid into her hole of affection, feeling her pussy walls stretching with the complete entrance into her steamy snatch. OH, MY GAWD, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!", she exclaimed as I began a rise and fall into her glory hole. I took turns sucking here hardened nipples and eagerly squeezed her tight ass cheeks with my hands as she cavorted and groaned in ecstacy with the passion building deep in her body.

Her pussy was now sloppy wet with her joy juices as I rolled her over. With her knees tucked beneath her belly, and her ass in the air, I shoved my stifness back into her pink hotness.

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"OH, HOLY SHIT, FUCK MY PUSSY UNTIL I CREAM, OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK MY SLUTTY HOLE!!!" SHE WAILED. Her open wantonness and her pent up desires made it hard to keep from squirting my fluids all over the place, How ever, I finally fouind that sweet spot, where my desires were held in check although she was now in the middle of her third orgasm.

The soft sucking sound of climatic juices became the only sounds, other that her low moans of satisfaction at what the tempered hardess of mine was doing to her.

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Finally, I squirted my cum load deep in her pussy, just as her fourth orgasm took over. Her trembling body and quivering love hole seemingly were sucking my cock with pleasure unmatched before. Our passion juices collided deep inside her. My dick was now soft, but still inside the warmth of her still pulsating pussy. Her spasms were lessened now, but the warmness of her spasmodic reactions felt good to my softened staff. She was oozing our love juices from around her puffy pussy.

I began to easily finger her puckered up asshole with my forefinger, finally getting in to the first knuckle. I wet my other fingers from her oozing slickness and then easily slipped two of my fingers deep into her rectum. "OH, HOLY SHIT, THAT FEELS OH, SO, GOOD!!!," she groaned, still on her belly with her kness pulled up into her chest, and her ass, a perfect target for my insertions.

"Are you ganna fuck me in the ass?", she queried. "OH, YES, MA'AM!!!", I extolled. My balls were starting to fill up with cum again as my captured cock started to regain its hardness.


Her pussy was starting to quiver again in lust, as I began slow in and out motions in her fresh fucked hole. Two of my fingers were buried deep into her anus as my balls slapped a methodical rhythm on her ass cheeks. Her first release of her pent up desires almost caused me to lose rhythm. She had both hands on her hips, spreading her ass cheeks and urging me to go ahead and get my prick inside her anxious asshole.With my fingers now removed, I withdrew my sword from her swealtering sheath and began to easily insert my wet hardness into her anal cavern.

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She was now in in between pain and eroticism as she screamed, "OH, NO, IT HURTS SO BAD, BUT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD. STOP, NO, DON"T STOP, PLEASE CUM IN MY ASS, OH,SHIT, FUCK MY TIGHT ASSHOLE!!!" With each plunge into her dark hole, her hole would respond a soft sucking sound. It was delightful hearing the soft sounds of her asshole getting fucked, along with the drizzles of cum that would escape her pussy each time she reached a climax Then came the big one.

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"NO, NO,NO, OH MY_YYY!!!', she revelled as my cum shot squirted deep in her bowels. It was seventh heaven as my cock erupted its passion juice, just as her pussy spat out a load of cum.Her tight asshole forcefully expelled my shirnking member, shortly afterward her slippery snatch fliuds drizzled out her ass and onto her thighs. in a few short minutes, we were about back to normal, she insisted on another shower before she left.

Once again, I found myself getting showered off and dried off by this woman who would come over every few weeks after that and we would enjoy an afternoon of sexual delight and a few mixed drinks.

I was liking Ardmore more and more.