Busty Jelena Jensen Gets Girlfriend Off by The Pool

Busty Jelena Jensen Gets Girlfriend Off by The Pool
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My name is Dillon and I'm bored. I never imagined my life as an executive administrator to be a whirlwind of excitement, but this is getting out of hand. I can handle not having the most glamorous job in the world, however to come home and be even more bored than I am at the office, is starting to get to me.

At home waiting for me every day is my longtime girlfriend, Veronica. A very beautiful and once interesting woman. However every day has become the same grind, I come home and attempt to kiss her hallo. She then coldly turns her cheek towards me and tells me that dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Dinner is eaten in front of the TV, after which I do the dishes and she goes to the country club. I think the whole time we say not more than 20 words to each other.

I've tried changing things up, by offering to cook, or going out or suggesting fun things to do together. Every once in a while she bites but mostly I get the cold shoulder. I'm not a country club person and neither was Veronica when we met.

Through the years this has changed. Our jobs and incomes got bigger. Big enough, to receive an invitation to a private club. I go every once in a while to play squash or use the fitness facilities.

Veronica on the other hand has embraced the country club lifestyle. The outfits, functions and gossip. Lots of it. Who does what to whom and where. She used to tell me every detail. After a row one day, where in I made clear, I was not interested in all that noise, she's gone quiet about the whole thing.

While she's at the club I do some work, watch TV, and most days, porn. Mind you, I watch porn but only once or twice a week do I masturbate. I watch it for the distraction, browsing through porn-sites trying to find that one scene that'll illicit a response.

Most days I can't find whatever my caveman brain is looking for. I used to hide my on-line activity but now, it's gotten to the point that I stopped clearing my browser history. In fact, I hope she finds it, it might spark something in her. I've tried everything else. Long massages, going down on her for ages, foreplay in which she is completely uninterested.

When I try to talk to her about it, I either get called a perv or given a brush off, like, I'm tired. I'm starting to give up. But not easily swayed I decide to give it one more big try.

A plan for Friday night. The morning starts like any other. I get up at five to go to work, leaving Veronica asleep. On my way back from work I reserve an extravagant hotel room, with a romantic view and large Jacuzzi bath, I also buy some flowers and her favorite chocolates. My plan is to pick her up from the club and whisk her off, for an evening get away.

On coming home I sneak into her car and put the chocolates in her glove box. Giving her the flowers, she replies that they're nice but it so wasteful because they'll just wilt and die. "Strike one, swing and a miss." During dinner there is a conversation, but it centers around the flowers and about how she and her friends formed a committee, to have the club stop buying flowers and start using plants as decoration.

This all to help the environment. My response, that the club should turn the golf course into a park to help the environment, does not go over well. After dinner and in a bit of a huff, she leaves. Five minutes later, I text her to look in the glove box. I get a response saying that she'll just have to exercise more to burn of the fat. "Strike two, another swing and a miss." My resolve is waning but not gone, so an hour later I get in my car and head to the club. Veronica usually does not spend more than an hour on the tennis court.

When I arrive I ask the concierge where I might find Veronica, but he tells me he has not seen her. Not wanting to spoil the surprise I send a text asking how her tennis game was and if she's at a table with her friends.

I get a response back that the game was fine and she's having an ice tea. On my way to the bar, I run into one of her friends, who in passing says, "Dillon, long time, you and Veronica should come to the club more often, we miss you guys." This stops me in my tracks. I try to respond, but by the time my brain has processed this information, she has turn the corner. I head to my car and my mind immediately goes to an affair. It fits, the disinterest in me, the terrible sex and every night going out and lying about where.

Using a lie about being drunk and forgetting where I parked my car, I find out from the car track company where it is. It's on a street I know, but not wanting to draw anymore conclusions I just drive there. I park at the end of the street and walk up. My suspicions are realized when I find her car. It's parked in front of the house of one of our mutual friends. Brad and Mary van Hooyten. He's a big wig lawyer and she's a socialite country clubber. Mary's probably at the club right now. I move towards the house and decide to go around back.

The backyard is lit up. Hiding behind one of the bushes I see two people in the hot tub, Brad and Veronica. It looks like whatever amorous activity they were up to is done. "Strike three, you're out." Something turns in me. I should be hopping mad, I should go over there and kick his ass and yell at her, but I simply don't care. I stand there realizing that it doesn't hurt me to see this. It actually feels liberating.

I had been starting to doubt myself and my ability in the bedroom. I snap a picture of the scene, so that when I confront her I don't get five rounds of denial before the truth comes out. I then turn around and leave. Relieved and with a new found energy I walk to my car. When I get in I decide not to go home but to the hotel. After checking in, I briefly consider either going to the bar and trying my luck or perhaps try to find an escort service.

Neither feels right, so I run the bath and watch a basketball game from the tub. When I'm dried off and lying in bed, I get a little antsy. So I order some pay per view porn and decide to get some relief. I flip through a few scenes and finally land on one with a woman who has a rubenesque quality. She gets taken every which way and seems to enjoy it. When the couple climaxes, so do I. Ropes of cum shoot from me and onto my chest.

It's the best orgasm I've had in months. After some cleanup I fall in a deep sleep. When I come home the next day, there is barely any surprise. I tell Veronica that I was working late after which we had some drinks and so I stayed over at a motel. If she can lie, then so can I.

This explanation is excepted without any question. "So, what are you gonna do?" In his backyard, my best friend Jerry is flipping burgers and knocking back a beer. Our standing Saturday, meat, beer and sports afternoon is in full swing. "I dunno." "Ditch the bitch. Come live the single life with me!" "Thought about that, obviously, but it feels incomplete somehow, not sure how to describe it." "You need some revenge, my friend." "uhm." "Yeah!

That's it. Find some chick, bang each other's brains out and then decide what to do with the bitch." "Veronica is not a…" But I correct myself. I share a look with Jerry. "I get it man, you've been together since college, but she's been banging this guy for how long?" "No clue, but a while now, I guess." "And during this time did you guys ever, you know?" "Not often and never very well." This kills the conversation.

And we go back to the beer, meat and sports. At the end of the evening Jerry tells me, "he, mi Cassa et su Casse, dude. If you ever need a place to crash." "Thanx." When I arrive back home I find a note from Veronica telling me she's at the club. "Right, sure you are." Just then my phone chimes in with a message. It's from Jerry. He sent me a link. I go to my computer and open it up. It's a dating site for people who are already in a relationship.

Parttimelover.com A second message from Jerry reads that he scored some nice trim on this site. To my observation that he's single and this website is for people who are not, he simply replies, "so?" Curious, I create an account. And after paying a fee, I start to browse the available profiles. At first I'm a little disappointed because all of the photos are either body parts or taken from the neck down.

It dawns on me however, that due to the nature of the site this does make sense. I find some profiles that peek my interest. So after I upload a picture of myself and fill in some details, I start reading more in depth into the profiles that took my fancy.

The site offers the sending of a 'wink' to someone. This seems harmless enough so I pick three ladies and wink away. After having done this I notice that all three ladies have one thing in common. They have the same body type as the woman from the porn video the other night.

While reflecting on this, a small sound alert tells me I've been winked back. A lady named boredwife329. The photo in her profile is of a wonderfully curvaceous woman. She's wearing a body hugging blue dress, which comes down to just over her knees. Married for 11 years and no kids. The only other physical descriptor are her brown eyes. Her profile description is quite short and tells me that her husband barely pays her any attention and she's seeking a man to spend some time with.

Even though this is not much to go on, I'm interested enough to find out more. I open up a chat window. "Hi there. How are you?" A minute goes by, two, five and just when I'm about to give up. "Hi. A bit bored, but otherwise fine.

You?" "Bored, but fine, I'll share that sentiment." "What brings you to this site?" Wanting to keep some anonymity I don't reveal the whole truth. "A relationship that has lost every spark. Even after trying multiple times to reignite it, she barely notices me anymore." "Wife?" "Not married, but been together for 14 years now." "Sounds similar to my predicament.

Hey, I'd love to talk some more, but I have to sign off now. Speak to you soon." "I'd like that. Have a nice day." "Thank you, you too." With a small chime the chat window closes. Feeling that my first outing in the on-line dating world resulted in a conversation, short but a conversation non the less, I call it a success and plan on logging back on later.

I rub one out while looking in the BBW section of a porn site. But mostly I get turn on by the thought of removing the blue dress and having passion filled sex with the woman on the other side of the chat window.

I keep checking the site the rest of the day and the following Sunday but not until late in the evening does the blue dress reappear. She sends me a message apologizing for still being unable to have a longer conversation with me. We make an appointment for the next evening.

The workday crawls by at a snail's pace and to top it off Veronica takes her time fucking-off to the 'club'. The whole day, all I can see is that body in the blue dress. When finally, I'm alone I rush to my computer and log on. She's there waiting for me. In the conversation that follows we talk about our lives and our significant others. She tells me that her husband almost never wants to have sex with her anymore.

I reply by saying I didn't know men like that existed. This is funny to her. I elaborate how I found out about Veronica's indiscretion and tell her I don't have a good reason why I haven't left yet.

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She tells me that she does not suspect her husband of having an affair to which I reply that I didn't suspect Veronica either. We end the conversation with the promise of chatting again the next evening and then talking about what we might want from each other. I end my day the same as I did yesterday and imagining and hoping she's doing the same. When Veronica slides into bed next to me, I tell myself to have a little fun with the situation.

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"How are things at the club?" "Fine." "I might go with you tomorrow. See if I can beat Brad at a squash game." "Oh, uhm…" This is almost too much fun. "Brad won't be there. He and Mary are in the Vineyards." "Funny, I think I saw Mary on my way home today." "Must have been someone else, then." "Must have been, good night." "Good night." Once more the workday was cruelly slow.

The upside however was a note from Veronica giving a club related reason for her absence. If she was still trying to keep her affair a secret, she wasn't doing a very good job of it.

Both her tennis and golf gear were still in the garage. For her, the consequence of getting caught are minor, she has her own money and we share no debt.

But through the grapevine I once heard that mr. van Hooyten did not make his wife sign a prenup. The photo I have on my phone could be very expensive for him. After turning on my computer I give neither of them any more thought.

What I am thinking about and had thought about all day was how to best formulate what I wanted from boredwife329. I knew, but would it scare her off to just come out and say it? With the familiar ping the chat window opened and the usual greetings where exchanged, after which the conversation remained quiet for a bit. Both of us nervous, or at least I am. "So,…" I started.

"… what we want," she finished.

I decided to take the lead. "I'll be very honest, I'm not looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend thing, but I'm also not out for some revenge fuck because of my situation with she who shall not be named. What I would like and what I've missed for so long, is a passion filled evening and or night with a woman." I hit enter after typing the message and hold my breath. "I want to see your face." Oke, not a direct no or fuck off.

But not the response I was hoping for. "Meeting just a body does seem strange. I can't believe I'm typing this but, let me take a selfie. Would it be rude of me to ask you for the same?" "No." "Would you." Before I can hit enter.

"Working on it." I run to the bathroom to check if I wasn't too big a mess and snap a picture. I upload it to the site which has a feature for sharing photo's in private. I then share my selfie with her. "One selfie." The site is quiet for a while. Finally I get a message that a picture was shared with me. I open it up and am greeted by a pair of light brown eyes and a disarming and beautiful smile.

It fit with the photo of her body and as I imagine them together I get a picture in my mind of a gorgeous and sexy woman. My mind wanders for a bit, a ping gets me back to reality. "You're cute." "Thank you, you are quite stunning." I get a blushing smiley face in return.

"I would very much like to meet you." "I would like that as well." "How about we meet in Zakruder park. We can go for a stroll and see if we like each other in 3D." "Sounds good to me. How about Friday at 17:00, can you make that?" I'd have to get out of work early, but for this, I'd quit if need be.

"I can." After that the conversation went on about the day's events and a discussion on what was going on in Syria. Not sexy, but the tension that came with the start of our conversation was gone and we could just talk.

She is very intelligent and well-read, which makes having a conversation easy and effortless. It was all very enjoyable, we even send each other a new selfie while making a funny face. Just before we signed off I got a little bold. "I hope I'm not too forward but there is a hotel next to the park&hellip." This was the same hotel I was in three nights ago.

But, nothing. What felt like 10 minutes of nothing. My mind was racing. "You fucked it up! So close, you dumb motherfucker!" Then even worst, she signs off. My heart sinks into my shoes. Just before I throw my computer across the room in frustration, I'm stopped by the site's message chime. Someone has shared a photo with me. I click and there she is. A wicked little smile on her face and winking at me.

I immediately reserve the very same room in the hotel. So one week after I failed to rekindle the flame with Veronica and found out about her affair, I would be back in the same place with a new woman. Whom I just realize, is nameless to me.

I had used Dillon in my screen name, she is still Ms. Boredwife329. The next night I complement her on her extremely funny, winky face prank, which she also finds ever so amusing. I apologize for not asking her name before now. "Sandra." "And you're Dillon, I'm assuming." "Yes I am. Nice to meet you." "You as well." I hear Veronica's car pulling in the driveway. Much earlier than expected. "I have to go. I'll be on-line tomorrow." "I can't tomorrow.

Other plans." "Then we'll see each other Friday." "Looking forward to it." "Me too." Just before Veronica enters the bedroom I'm signed off. "Doing work in bed?" "Yep. Did they burn down the country club?" "Huh?" "You're home early." "Oh. haha very funny." Then something odd happens.

She gets into bed, snuggles up to me and in a sultry voice asks how my day was. All the while stroking a finger across my chest. My mind goes to the worst possible explanation for this. Mister Brad wasn't available tonight, so I'll have to do. I think not! No more disappointing sex. "My day was long and trying.

I've got a scull splitting headache and am dog tired." That, or a form of that, have been my marching orders for the last 2 years. Clearly recognizing her own line, she wishes me a good night and starts reading a book.

The next evening I tell Veronica that I'll be working late again, same as last Friday and that I'll stay in a hotel. For a second, I think I see a glint of excitement in her eyes. I wonder what that means.

It could be her thinking, that she might be able to spend a night with Brad. It could also be nothing. I haven't seen excitement in her eyes for so long I probably wouldn't be able to recognize it anymore. In either event I'm ambivalent towards the whole thing. I hope she has fun, I honestly do.


When she's left the driveway I grab a backpack and start packing for tomorrow. Clean shirt, underwear, socks. The usual stuff. When I'm done I stare at the pack wondering if I've got everything. With a chuckle I realize I don't. I get into the car and drive to town. I'm about to do something which I haven't done since college, buy condoms. Under the florescent glow of the all night pharmacy sign I park the car.

I don't remember being this nervous the last time I did this. As I walk in I notice the place is deserted, save for the teenager at the counter. I pace through the aisles until I find the right section. Fuck me. a lot more choice from when I was young. I go for a pack that looks like the regular stuff. I also pick up some breath mints at the counter. After I've paid, the teenager says, "have fun, dude." With a polite smile I thank him.

I remove the plastic rapping from the box and take out a set of two condoms. I rip them apart and put everything in the pack. This'll save me time fumbling when I want to be doing something else. Back home I place the backpack with my new purchases in the trunk of my car and go to bed. Thinking of Sandra and her wonderful features it doesn't take long for cum to shoot from me onto a waiting towel I had at the ready.

As they all had been the last few days, this day at work was once again agonizingly slow. Ducking out at 16:00 I got in my car.

The suit pants I'm wearing are a problem. They are incapable of hiding how excited I am of meeting Sandra. With some acrobatics I change into a pair of jeans while still in the car. Traffic is mercifully light, so I arrive at the park a half an hour early.

As I park the car my heart starts racing, because it looks like I'm not the only one who has arrived before our agreed upon time. On a bench in the park with her back to the parking lot sits a woman of familiar body type and hair color in a blue dress.

My jeans strain under the pressure applied to them. Not a religious man I plead with any and every god I know to let that be her. Even from a distance she looks amazing. I pop a mint and exit the car. To the left of me looming large over the park is the hotel, in front of me my prize. I walk towards the bench. The closer I get the more familiar the dress looks.

I had been studying it for a while now. The gravel on the road makes a stealthy approach impossible and just before I'm next to her the woman turns.

Sandra greets me with a warm and welcoming smile. We exchange Hi's. As she stands I walk up to her. Facing, smiling we look into each other's eyes.

Standing a few inches shorter than me, I could kiss her forehead by bending forward only slightly. She's as beautiful as I'd hoped she'd be. I break the silence by saying this.

She thanks me and we move in closer for a hug. Moving her head to the side, she lays it on my chest. As our arms find comfortable positions around one and other, she whispers, "it's nice to meet you." "It's nice to meet you too." Our embrace loosens enough for our eyes to meet. She's beaming and I'm sure I'm doing the same. We take a step to our side and walk into the park.

Not much is said. We talk about being early to avoid traffic and the usual how was your day nonsense. I put my hands in my pockets and make a bow with my arm. She takes it and casually we stroll on. Every minute or so I look down at the beauty in her sexy blue dress, as she looks up at me. We share a smile and she leans her head into my shoulder. We stop at a bridge across a little river.

The foliage hangs low so that even if the park wasn't nearly deserted, no one would see us. We both stare down at the water for a second and then turn toward each other. Looking into her eyes we inch closer. I feel her breasts on my body as our arms slide around our backs.

When we can move no closer I tilt my head down and she meets me on her way up. A second later our lips touch. Very softly we make our first kissing motion. My lips gliding over hers. With every second that passes the kiss becomes more intense. More pressure is added and when our lips close and open again we meet pressing hard.

I have a hand on her lower back pulling her into me and one stroking her hair. She meanwhile is pulling me into her. Our kiss lasts. It's wonderful and the closest I've felt to a woman in a very long time. When we break, Sandra's eyes stay closed for a few seconds and I read ecstasy on her face. When they open it is accompanied by a smile. She starts humming the shoop shoop song. "ohuhwo. it's in his kiss, that's where it is." "Funny lady." "I want more." I lean down but she says no.

"I want more of you. The park is nice but,…" There is no need to finish that sentence. Arms locked we head over to the parking lot. We get our bags and head into the hotel. The lady at the desk tells us about the restaurant and breakfast and then wishes us a pleasant stay. To be honest I only heard every other word. The lift takes us to the top floor. Once there, only three doors of which 1003 is ours.

Once inside Sandra looks around. She starts in the bathroom with the huge tub and shower. I open the curtains and stare outside while she does her little tour. She finishes by wrapping her arms around me from behind. "This is a very nice room." I turn to meet her.

"Glad you like it. I've had dreams about you in this dress. You are stunning." "I've only worn it once, to take the picture. I wanted to save it for this occasion." We kiss again.

My hands, braver then the last time, feel her from the top of her head to as far as I can reach below. Her ass feels magnificent. At the same time as I round her globes, our mouths open and tongues touch for the first time.

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Ever so slightly at first. Deeper and deeper our kiss becomes. I notice that we are starting to breathe a little heavier. When we break our eyes meet again. Sandra has her hands gripped at the bottom of my shirt. She starts pulling it out of my jeans and then releasing a few of the buttons to clear it over my head. Her hands go for my naked torso. We kiss again but I soon break it off, turn her around and pull her in close. I shower her neck with kisses all the while, hands move from her stomach up towards her breasts.

The combination of me cupping her and sucking on her neck is her first break and she lets out an audible moan, after which she stumbles a little forward. I catch her and pull her close again. Stopping the kisses and moving my hands to her back I pull the zipper of the dress down.

When it can't go any further, I slide the two sides off her shoulders and then down. The dress sticks around her waist.

Turning Sandra again, I kneel in front of her to help the dress slide over her hips. It falls to the floor and I now have free reign to kiss her stomach. While my lips enjoy the soft skin, her hands caresses my head and neck.

I look up and see her breast clad in a sexy bra which while looking down, match her panties. I tilt my head up and I can just about kiss the underside of her breasts. Sandra motions me to stand, I do and our lips meet again. My belt is opened followed by my jeans. Finally no longer held back by the restricting fabric I feel an urgent sense of release.

I kick off my shoes and Sandra moves my pants down my legs until they fall to the floor. Stepping out of them requires two steps back.

I remove my socks and am left standing in only my underwear. I gaze at the beauty standing before me. Her soft features, the horney look in her eyes, perfect bust, hips and legs. While I'm ogling her, she's removing her shoes. When done, we can both look upon one another from a slight distance.

The look in her eyes does not diminish, from which I extrapolate her firm intention to continue. She offers me her hand and I take it. A slight surprise, that I am not led to the bed but bathroom and into the shower. She turns on the water and then backs into me. I know what she wants. I unclasp her bra and she lets it fall to the floor.

Then her panties are mine. As they fall south I get an unobstructed view of her ass. It's like the rest of her, wonderful. I stand, from behind embrace a now fully naked Sandra. My hands go where they want to and to my excitement when they take a hold of their target it is met with an encouraging moan.

I slowly massage her breasts, clamping her nipples in-between my fingers. While kissing her neck I feel her hands move behind her and grab onto my last remaining piece of clothing. She starts pulling but can't get an angle on them. In frustration she moans, "take them off." She steps forward, away from my embrace and into the shower cabin where she is engulfed by steam.

It is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. She turns and motions to follow her. Not that I needed the invitation but swiftly kicking off my last remaining garb I hurry in to meet her. I close the cabin behind me and join her under the warm stream of water. Our embrace is made difficult by my friend who is standing at full attention. With a gleeful look in her eyes, she takes him in her hand and says, "it's nice to meet you too." We spend what seems like forever exploring each other's bodies.

I touch every inch of my new lover and she does the same to me. Lust takes over and I want to please her. With her back to me, I push her into the wall and kneel behind her. Literally kissing her ass, a hand moves from her knee up to her thighs and where they meet I linger. I caress her lips, first outer then inner. When I feel her breathing quicken, I insert a digit, let it rest at the opening for a second and then push further.

I have every intention of keeping this up until she cums but she turns and commands me to my feet. "If you kept doing that, I would fall down." "I promise to continue when we are in a more horizontal pose." Smiling a wicked smile she says, "now let's see how you do on your feet." Now she pushes me, against the wall and starts kissing down my torso ending up on her knees in front of my very excited cock.

She begins by lightly kissing, which turns into kisses with suction and ends up with my head being engulfed by her mouth. What she does next is hard to describe but the combination of suction and her tongue is mind-blowing.

I lose all sense of composure and self-control. What finally does it, is what I see. I look down and the site that greets me, are her eyes looking back with joy in them.

For she who shall not be named, this task was always a chore, a sort of payback for the time I spent on her nethers. However Sandra looks like she is loving the pleasure she's giving me. I warn her too late to stop but in time for her to pull back and I explode. Shot after shot land on her face and bust. My legs give in and I slid down the wall to the ground. I look at her smiling face, covered in me.

She kneels over my lap and comes in close. Closing her eyes she hangs her head back and arches away from me. The cum is washed from her body. I say, "I'm sorry for the," and then motion my hand over her face an breasts. "Why, didn't you enjoy it?

" "I'm not kidding when I say, that was the best blowjob I've ever had." "Thank you, I enjoyed giving it." From this I infer she had no problem with where I ended up cumming. In the shower it's probably less gross. We're kissing while still on the floor of the shower. I've moved away from the wall so her legs are now wrapped around me.

The water is pouring over us and we are in heaven. A wet sex filled heaven. It's time to leave when my friend starts poking away at a place he's not allowed to go yet. We dry off and this time I take her hand and lead on.

The curtains are still open and the last of the spring sun is beaming in. Because we're up so high with no other buildings around us we let the sun be part of our lovemaking. I lay her face down on the bed and my lips and hands start pleasuring her body. From her neck to her toes she gets kissed and massaged.

Every once in a while when I move from pleasuring below the waist to above it, my cock slips in-between her cheeks. Sandra, already breathing heavy, has an audible reaction to my cockhead slipping past her rosebud. When I can't take it anymore and my patience runs out, I whisper in her ear to turnaround.

Sandra follows my command and when she's on her back, I lay myself on top of her, keeping my weight on one of my elbows. Our lips lock and I feel her talented tongue again. The most amazing part is what she does with the rest of her body.

Wrapping herself around me touching, feeling, scratching and clawing. It's so wonderful when your partner is there with the same desire to please, as you.

As heavenly as this all is, I do feel I owe a debt to this lady, one I am most eager to repay. I loosen myself from her embrace and kiss my way down. I of course pause at the magnificent mountains of her body, where I give her the first taste of what my tongue can do. Taking time to solidify the erection of each nipple, Sandra writhes in joy of what is being done to her.

I think to myself, "if this is the reaction I get from sucking on her nipples, what must happen when I start to play with her pussy?" I decide to find out. On the way down I discover that her bellybutton is ticklish, which is fun and good for a laugh.

Sandra writhes around and giggles while I torture her by licking the sensitive area. Showing mercy I move down and reach her well maintained pussy. Bushy on top and trimmed at the sides. In anticipation Sandra grabs two fists full of covers. I position my head in-between her legs and take my first whiff followed by my first lick. Slowly my tongue moves from her entrance up to her clit. There is a sharp intake of air when the tip of my tongue flicks over her most sensitive area.

I move down and concentrate on the outer and inner lips. Moving in and out of her. What I witnessed when I played with her nipples is amplified by what I'm doing now. My tongue is as deep as it can possibly go. And every indication that her body is giving me says, "please don't stop, please give me more." I shall. Removing my tongue from her inner folds I proceed with slow and gentle licking, up to her clit.

Her muscles tens up and I hold my tongue pressed down on the clit until she relaxes. When she does I start moving up and down. From this point her orgasm is an oncoming freight train, unstoppable.

She releases the bed sheet and pushes me down on her. My hands are holding her down onto the bed so I don't lose traction. Sandra's body starts to convulse, her every muscle contracts and she moans out, "oh god!" My mouth is full, so I can't tell her that it's not god but just me doing this.

She keeps going for some time. When I feel her start to pull away a little I release her clit and lightly lick her lips. When most of the convulsions have stopped I kiss my way back up to her, needing to be careful not to enter her, for our friend does not yet have his silicon shield.


When I get up to eye level I say, "and I enjoyed giving that to you." Giving her some time to come off her high, I climb of the bed and quickly reach for my pack. I rip out one of the condoms and open the packaging.

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"Give it to me." She takes it from my hands and puts it on the head. Then using her mouth she pushes it down, using her hands for the last inches.

"Good, now come here." We start out with the basics. She spreads her legs and I move in. leaning over her on my hands I position myself at her entrance. I look in her eyes and wait for her final permission. Sandra gently nods and I move forward. Her lips spread and make room for me.

We keep our eyes locked on. Hers are screaming pleasure, I'm sure mine are doing the same. I thrust forward until I feel my pelvis touch hers. I'm all in. I lower my body onto her and our lips merge. As we start to dance we are now as close as two lovers can physically be.

Her hips meet my thrust and I switch from her lips to her neck and breasts and back again. Never the same twice, keeping her guessing. Her closed eyes and open mouth create a facial expression of beautiful agony. Pushing myself up to see more of it she lifts up her left leg over my shoulder.

This gives me leverage to bear down on her even more. It becomes even more enticing to look at her face as tiny muscles twitch and alter her expression constantly. I've missed this so much. The simple beauty of a woman in pleasure. My rhythm picks up which is such a welcome thing for Sandra that she digs her nails into my arms arches forward and orgasms.

It's less intense than the first one but no less welcome. For a few seconds she opens her eyes and finds me staring back. "This is soooo good, thank you, thank you, thank you." I stop her from speaking by connecting my lips to hers and having our tongues communicate directly. When we separate, she gives me one final smile and closes her eyes again. I move her raised leg toward her other and turn her on her side.

In this process I lose contact and slip out. Looking at me in displeasure I move in close and re-enter. Immediately her look changes back to the pleasured pain expression I was enjoying. This position gives me more control over my thrust and once again I increase my pace. Because of her perfect blowjob, my orgasm is far off, her third is setting in.

Minutes pass while I control the pace and through that her body. When I start to feel myself get closer I change it up one last time.

I turn her away from me and onto her knees. Sandra doesn't resist an inch and follows my every lead. I now have the beautiful view of a gorgeous woman kneeling in front of me. Her ass proudly in the air waiting for my thrust. I don't keep her waiting. We connect again and dance on. I become a little more dominant by collecting her long brown hair in one hand and pulling her to attention. She resists so little that I think Sandra's not here right now and her erotic submissive twin has taken over.

Once more I feel and see her body start to orgasm. I raise my free hand above my head and when I think she reaches the high point, I bring it down on one of her cheeks. The sound of flesh hitting flesh fills the room, this is followed by a yelp and a loud moan. All this helps me to boil over and I too cum. I release her hair and grab onto both hips. I accentuate every convulsion that my cock makes with a deep thrust. This primordial behavior is made useless by the protection but it feels good non the less.

Spent, I gently fall forward and force Sandra onto her stomach. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her neck. Much to her dismay I exit from her. This action turns her around. Our eyes meet and we share our first post coital kiss. It's long, slow and deep. "I'll be right back." I hear her whisper, "no." I stumble out of the bed and head for the bathroom to dispose of the evidence.

As quick as I can, I hurry back into her embrace. Our arms lock around our bodies, legs intertwine and with her head buried into my chest we remain like this. Breathing slows, the heartrate goes down and our muscles relax.

This quiet embrace after sex feels like laying on a cloud. It feels so comfortable that it's like we've been passionate lovers for years. When we're fully relaxed we make eye contact. Nervous smiles are exchanged neither of us knowing what to say. I decide to avoid the heavy topics for now and ask if she would like to take a bath with me.

She smiles and whispers, "yes." Once more breaking the embrace of this angel, I kiss her on her forehead and tell her that I'll run the bath and get her when it's ready. Before I leave I loosen the covers on the bed and lay them over her. The bath fills surprisingly fast. Within minutes it's ready and I head back to collect my lover.

I take her hands and help her up. "I'm a bit wobbly." Holding both her hands I guide Sandra to the bath. We step in and I lie down first. Making sure she doesn't fall over, I help her down as well. She's on her back comfortably resting on my chest.

Her breast stick out of the water, so I wrap my hands around them. After a nominal time of soaking, Sandra speaks first. "How was that for you?" "That was everything I hoped for and more." "You are a wonderful lover.

I'm so glad we did this." "I was wonderful because of you, this was a takes two to tango situation and because of that it was amazing." "That's nice of you to say." "This is the best I've felt in years." "Me too." We leave the conversation there, for now and enjoy our soak and the connection of our warm bodies.

"My fingers are getting wrinkly.

Nice blow job from fattie

I think it's time to get out." "Sadly, I agree." While drying her off, I kneel in front of her to get between her legs. A sharp breath of air in hailed by her tells me, to be extra sensitive.


I am, and when she's dry she takes care of me. When we're both bone dry I take her hand a lead her into the bedroom, where I turn off all the lights and stand her in front of the window. Standing behind her I wrap her up and kiss her gently on the nape of her neck. In the distance we can see the lights of the city. Standing there, stark naked with her close to me, a fear creeps in my mind.

Not enjoying that feeling I just come right out and ask, "are you staying the night?" She turns around with a confused look on her face. "Of course I am. What makes you think I would want to leave." Relief sets in and it must have shown on my face because her expression changes to a smile.

"I wasn't sure what your plans were." "Well the most immediate plan is food, because I'm starving. After that I want to spend the rest of the night like this.

Naked and close to you." "That sounds like perfection to me." We get dressed all the while kissing and giggling like schoolgirls. In the process, Sandra opens up my pack, retrieves the condoms and places them on the nightstand. "In case the mood takes us." "I think there's a good chance that it will." Just before we're ready to go outside, I stop her and gently nudge her against the wall.

Kneeling, I run my hand up and under her blue dress. When I find the fabric of her panties I pull them down. When they reach her ankles she steps out of them one foot at the time. With the tiny piece of cloth in my hands I stand up to find a puzzled look on my lovers face. I pocket her underwear and say, "you'll get those back later." We share a naughty smile.

Taking her hand we head down to the restaurant. We interact like lovers would in public. Touching and holding hands, smiling at every eye contact and when we think no one is watching, stealing a kiss. We wolf down our meals, all the while making jokes about how much we exercised and so rightly deserve them. "We'll need lots of protein." With a fiendish smile Sandra says, "I've already had a nice shot of protein today." My mind immediately goes back to the shower and I remember the sight of her face and bust covered in my cum.

I look at her with a questioning frown on my face. "The first wave found its way into my mouth. So I swallowed. As far as cum goes you taste quite nice." "You don't taste so bad yourself." "Thank you." "No no, thank you!" A burst of laughter erupts from us.

And as for me, my friend begins to rise again at the thought of her liking my cum. With dinner over, we head back to our room. Once inside we quickly undress and fall onto the bed into a naked embrace. That's when the urgency stops. We simply enjoy the closeness of our bodies and when it feels like neither of us want a more intense coupling, we get under the covers and turn off the lights.

Somewhere during the night I stir in my sleep and wake. In my arms is still my new lover, laying peacefully with her head on my chest. When I close my eyes, images of the past day flash before me. The first kiss on the bridge, seeing Sandra naked for the first time, her eyes looking up at me while having my cock in her mouth and so on. All the way up too now. I'm getting excited again, my heart starts to race and my friend is raring to go. First let's find out how deep she's asleep.

I hug her tight and kiss her forehead. No reaction. Once more, but this time I roll her off me a bit. She moves but does not wake. I free myself from her arms and move down. I get myself in position and start kissing her vagina the same way I had before. It doesn't take long for her to react. The moonlight coming into our room illuminates her face just enough so I can see her eyes opening.

When they do I double down on her clit. Her breathing goes from zero to sixty in under eight seconds. Writhing in pleasure as before, I stop before she cums. I move up the bed quickly and pick up the protection. Putting it on myself this time, I bend down to give her clit a few more licks.

Unlike before, I give Sandra no time to adjust or prepare herself for what's coming. Her eyes and mouth widen in shock, surprise and pleasure. Quickly I increase the tempo and we start enjoying our bodies, early in this morning.

The moonlight adds an additional element of mystery to our lovemaking. Her eyes tighten shut and her breathing becomes erratic. An orgasm is not far off. "I'm cumming!" I keep my rhythm, giving Sandra another release.

Her eyes go wide open and stay that way. Also her left leg starts trembling after she comes down a little. It doesn't stop.

When I slow my pace to help her with the leg, she digs her nails into my arms and stares at me intently, indicating that this was not what she wanted. I go faster again and she releases the grip and the stare goes to a less intense level but remains locked on mine. Throughout this session we have yet to kiss.

When I lean down to try, I get the same reaction as when I slowed. It's clear now, keep going until you cum. I do grab her hands and pin them down over her head. This meets with her approval and gives me a better angle for insertion. In this position we fuck until my blood begins to boil and I cum.

I end again with thrusting down hard. All the while holding her gaze. It is incredibly sensual. When I'm all cummed out, she allows me to kiss her. Her leg is still trembling. When I look up again she closes her eyes and pulls away. I let her go and she rolls up into a ball.

I don't want to leave her, so I pull off the condom stuff it back into the wrapper and throw it in the trash basket. I place my body behind her and wrap her up.

She turns quickly and we fully embrace. I whisper, "that was intense." Other than a acknowledging grunt, I get no response. Entwined we fall asleep. Waking, I am greeted by a the light of the morning sun shining on the far wall, plus another sensation. A pair of lips clamped around my cock and a tongue, pleasuring it. When I look down all I see is covers moving up and down. I pull them up to get a better view.

I'm greeted by the same pair of eyes as last time. As before there is no sense that she'll stop until her job is done. In no time at all, the pressure in me becomes too much. I tell her I'm cumming but this does nothing to slow her down. Having cum so many times already, instead of a flood there is a drizzle. Sandra however does not release me until every drop belongs to her.

"You are the best alarm clock ever!" We erupt into laughter. Still giggling we crawl back into each other's arms. "Good morning" "Yes it is." "Sleep well?" "Yes, but someone woke me up during the night and screwed me senseless." "How rude! Where is this lark, I shall give him a stern talking to." "That's oke. I just took care of him. He won't be bothering me for a while." "Well good. I'm very glad he is taken care of. Especially in the manner in which you did it." "I'm happy you approve." "Oh I do.

Speaking of taking care of something…" I roll Sandra on her back and head down, but she stops me. "No, no, no, please. I'm very sensitive and can't handle another tongue lashing right now." I get her meaning and come back up. We lie awake for a while just enjoying the morning after a night of unbridled passion. "I would like another bath, please." Happy to oblige I pop out of bed.

While the tub is filling I take care of some business and when I'm empty and the bath is full I get Sandra out of bed. She's more stable on her feet then last time, so we get into the large tub with ease. "This is so much fun." "What, the bath?" "No everything! You, this room, the sex, you and did I mention you?" "You did." "Oh and the sex.

Did I mention the sex?" "Yes, you did." "It was fantastic. The way you're dominant and gentle at the same time. The way you take me because you want to, it's all so,… just so." "Glad you liked it as much as I did." "I haven't been able to loose myself like that in years." "You do go somewhere else at a certain point.

Like last night, when you held me in your gaze." "Or when you were pulling my hair while taking me from behind. When you spanked me during my orgasm I thought I would pass out. Pretty sure that if you'd done it again, I would have." "To hard?" "No! I loved it. For future reference, I like a little spanking.

But yeah, I do loose myself. It's only happened a few times in my life. And last night, twice. It's just all. you know." "I do. I missed what we've done, for so long. Someone to be this passionate with it's just, well you know." She responds with a smile and wiggles her body into mine. This gets a response from our now mutual friend, which doesn't go unnoticed. Sandra turns around to face me and our lips lock. She moves seductively over my body which brings my cock dangerously close to its most desired target.

Then Sandra moans in frustration and stops. "I'm so sorry. I really want to do this again but I can't. My pussy has been manhandled by an expert, twice in a short period of time and if we do this again, I'm not walking straight for a week.

I will ease your hardness, when we get out of the water." She puts her hand around my cock and licks her lips. "Next time you'll just have to fuck me in the ass when my pussy is over sensitive." I look at her with a raised eyebrow. "Ever done that, with a girl?" "No." "Would you like too?" "Yes." "Good." "Is that enjoyable for you?" "If it's done right and I have no doubt you'll be able to do so, yes, very much!" "Then, my very best effort you shall have." With the offer for anal sex and a reference for a next time made by her twice now, I feel very secure in saying, "so, we should make plans for the next time then." "First thing we do when we get out of the water." We leave the bath and enter the shower to rinse off.

Sandra keeps her promise. On her knees, she treats me with an entrance to her mouth. Her amazing talent forces another orgasm out of me. For me it's pure heaven. Sandra tells me that she loves the fact that I'm so pleasured and she's the one, providing all of it.

When dressing I find the panties I took off her in my pocket. When I try to give them back she tells me to keep them as a momentum. I stuff them into my pack along with the condoms. Plenty left for next time. Next weekend is Easter, which would be a nice chunk of free time, would it not already be filled with family obligations on both our sides. So we have to wait two, long agonizing weeks before we meet again. Sandra says she'll pick the place and all I have to do is, show up. Leaning against her car, we make out a little in the parking lot.

One final kiss and a promise to text later, she drives off. I head to Jerry for beer, meat and sports, a much happier man than last week.