Rasiert Thai Pussy von schwarzen gefickt

Rasiert Thai Pussy von schwarzen gefickt
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Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest Tags: brother and sister incest A brother finds he really loves his sister in more ways than one then . View Author's Copyright Information Forbidden Fruit Tastes Sweetest. The sun beat down upon the weary traveler, the heat full of humidity dried up all the moisture in the air, including the last dregs of his self esteem. With his head hanging low, he fumbled for the collection of his keys, only to find the door was already open.

"Is that you Kevin?" a beautiful spoke from within. He instantly recognized the sweet sonorous voice of his beautiful younger sister, the envy of any model and the joy of many a guy. "Sorry bro, I let myself in. My shower is not working. Hope you do not mind," she called out. "Not at all sis. Make yourself home." Kevin walked over to the pantry and took out a bottle of Jack Morgan's 'Spicy Rum' and poured himself a tall glass and sat at the kitchen table, staring into mid air as if in a trance.

By the time his sister arrived downstairs he was on his third glass.

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"What's the special occasion bro?" He offered her some. "No thanks Kev; I am not really a spirits drinker.

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Perhaps some red wine?" "Sure Terri, I think I have some left over from last weeks house warming." He found a nice bottle and poured her a glass.

"Thanks darling," she kissed him on the cheek and sat down. "I've been dying for good drink for ages. All I have left at home is water and a can of very flat ale. Oh yeah, that's what hits the spot. So what are we celebrating?" "We're not." Kevin poured himself yet another glass and drunk it down straight.

"Shit what's the matter?" Terri reached out and rested a soft gentle hand on his looking deep in his eyes she recognized the sign of a broken heart. "What happened? Is it about Melinda?" Kevin looked up and gazed in his sisters lovely brown eyes.

Truly she was a gem, her smile could lighten up the weariest soul, and what a beauty. "Yes it is Melinda. She said tonight that it is not working out. For her that is. The bitch!

She says she wants us to stay as friends!" "Shit Kev, I'm so sorry." She leant over and gave her brother a long hug. He could smell her sweet womanly scent and feel her gentle breasts against his chest. Kevin sighed. No time for fantasy. "Yes it's over. All over." He poured himself another glass. "That bitch. I put my all into this fucking relationship. I can't even believe I was getting ready to propose to her. I'm a bloody idiot!" "You're not Kev. Hell, you are the sweetest kindest man I know, you don't deserve to be treated like that." Several glasses later he was feeling much better.

'Damn' he said to himself, 'why did Terri have to be his sister?' She was so soft and gentle and incredibly gorgeous. A real knockout. He loved everything about her from the gentle curves of her luscious lips, to the way she swept back her lovely brown hair when flirting. If she was not his sister he would take her in his arms and kiss her till they both melted into one. Terri moved the conversation to other things and soon they were remembering happy times together.

He smiled. She really knew how to lift his spirits as well as other things. 'Damn, I can't think that way of my sister,' he thought. "Whatya thinking about Bro?" "What do you mean?" He blushed at his thoughts. "Sorry Terri I was thinking of the last time we made love. Melinda and I, I mean." "Really?" He eyes lighten up and a sexy smile appeared.

"Make love eh? So you both must have been serious. Normally the guys I know would fuck until they got themselves into a serious relationship then it suddenly becomes making love.

I prefer the word fucking. More sexy and down to earth." Kevin laughed. Terri certainly knew how to make you feel better. "Sure I love fucking too. Not just screwing." "Oh really? So what else does my bro like?" He was surprised she even asked. Maybe the alcohol was making him feel horny, but he would definitely have loved to show her. It had been several years since he started lusting for his younger sister.

Who wouldn't? She was a goddess. She had all the right curves, soft sensual hips and breasts that would make a man drool for, and legs that just flowed to heaven. Shit she was hot. "Huh what do I like? Hell Terri, I love it all. I enjoy seducing her, taking her gently into my arms and kissing her sweet lips, running my hands through her long hair." "What else?" "Looking into her eyes, caressing her all over, and kissing her neck." "Ohhhhh my brother knows how to treat a lady.

I love having my neck kisses it gets me so hot. What else?" Kevin was enjoy telling his sister all this. Little did he dare to mention this was what he had longed to do to her, but he continued. He closed his eyes picturing it. "After kissing her for awhile I would run my hands up your sexy thighs, er her sexy thighs slowly undressing her. Kissing lower and lower down her neck until I am just above her breasts.

Then slowly teasing her breasts with sweet kisses." Terri sighed, her eyes closed. "Then I would run my tongue slowly over her hardened nipples, slowly savoring them, caressing her breasts all over. Softly running my hands down her sensuous body. Sucking on her nipples slowly at first, devouring one and slowly tweaking the other." "Oh God Kevin.

Take me now." Kevin instantly woke up.

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"Pardon?" He opened his eyes any saw his sister playing with herself. Instant hard on! "What are you doing?" "Don't be so naive Kev. I have lusted after you long enough; I certainly know that you have been thinking the same. The way you have looked at me at times, especially when swimming. I'm not blind you know. Hell I see you are hard already. Now cum over here and give your sister some of that." "Shit Terri, we are talking incest here. We can't." "Can't be damned.

I am so bloody horny, and I know you are. I don't give a fuck that you are my brother. I want some of what you've been talking about. I want that sexy body to lie on mine as do all those things and much more." "As long as this isn't a pity thing." "Pity my fucking ass. I'm sorry Melinda treated you like shit, but I have wanted to fuck your brains out for ages. Hell, why I must have been in your shower for a good hour thinking of it.

Knowing that my brother has been naked in there got me so wet. So come on! Give me some loving." Kevin needed no prompting. She was right, he wanted her and bad. He knew it wasn't because she was drunk; she had barely touched her wine.

She really lusted after him after all. His dream was coming true. He walked over to his sister and led her to the bedroom kissing her softly all the way.

Soon they were both naked next to one another kissing and fondling, sweating and moaning. "Oh Kevin, you certainly were not lying about what you like doing. I hope you do more because you have got me so wet." "Really?" He reached down between her legs and slightly touched her pussy, gently shaved with a little bit of bush. Just the way he liked. "My God sis you are wet. So nice." She spread her legs open for further access. "My God Kev, that feels so good." "Haven't even started sis." Before she could say anything, he slipped down and down, kissing her slowly up her sexy thighs closer and closer to her aching pussy.

His tongue slowly tasted her moisten lips and she let out a contented moan. Damn he loved licking pussy. Soon he was devouring her, his tongue teasing her sex, slowly sinking into her moist wet pussy. "Fuck Kev. That's it baby. Eat my pussy. Shit that's good, you're fucking great. Hell I have wanted this for ages. Don't stop I am going to cum again.' Kevin started to lap away at her flowing juices, the sounds, the scent of her ripe pussy, it was driving him wild.

It took all his self control from wanting to leap on her and to fuck her hard and long. Soon he was flicking her clit with his tongue faster and faster, stroking her pussy lips with his fingers.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, God you have the juiciest pussy Terri. I could devour you for ages." "Hell I hope not! I want that cock of yours. I mean, hell bro you eat a great pussy but shit, I want that gorgeous cock in me. Damn Melinda was bloody stupid. God you are making me cum so much. Shit bro!" She shuddered.

"Fuck me now bro. I need that cock in my pussy. Fuck your horny little sister. Screw my brains out. Damn you are such a tease; I love it you were getting me so hot just talking to me about what you like. I want your cock." Before he knew it she had climbed on top of him kissing him all over as he ran his hands through her sexy long hair.

Easing her self on his hardened cock. "God that's what I've wanted. You feel so good in me." She started to slowly rock on him. Soon she was moaning wildly her hair thrashing around as she fucked his cock.

Kevin placed his hands on her tight little ass and thrust with her. "Both of them were sweating and fucking like mad. 'Damn my sis is a real slut,' he thought. 'I love this. God, this is what I have wanted for ages.' She moaned loudly as he thrust deep in her pussy. 'Bloody Hell, my sister riding my cock is fucking wonderful.' He slapped playfully her ass. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's nice does my bro want to take my ass and fuck it like wild?" "Shit you like it up your ass too? Damn you are a dream.

But first I want to be on top." He lifted her off and climbed on top of her. Looking deep into her eyes full of love and a lot of lust, he slowly kissed her again. She sighed once more as again he nibbled on her neck. This time he slipped his cock in at the same time. How intense. She started thrashing wildly, Terri moans increased even more. "Oh yeah fuck Kev that's so good." "About to get better sis!

He lifted her up and wrapped her sexy legs around him as he thrust in deeper still making her juices overflow., and slowly lower his head and started devouring her breast and he slid his cock in and out in time to his sucking.

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This time more expletives were heard. He hardly would have believed the things she was saying. "Fuck! Fuck me you bastard! Fuck your slutty sister. Give my pussy the pounding it deserves. Shit I can't believe I have cum so much I have lost count. Mother fuck, you're fucking amazing. I wish I had liquored you up ages ago. Hell if I didn't have you soon, I would have jumped on you are raped your sexy ass." After ten minutes fucking like this they moved positions since she longed to suck his cock and he longed to see her take it in.

She slowly opened to mouth and her soft lips slowly caressed his aching member making him even harder. Terri let her tongue glide up and down his shaft and teased the head of his cock, slicking the slit tenderly.

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"Oh Shit sis, you are fucking wonderful. More please more." She gave him a sexy smile that said to him 'about fucking time' and took his cock slowly into her hot little mouth., savoring him till his eyes rolled back.

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She sucked cock like the sexy lusty goddess Venus. It's one thing to have your dick sucked on, but by someone who enjoyed giving it as much as the receiver is a bonus. It's like your first blow job that you had behind the back of the bike sheds with your first girl friend but times ten better. When Kevin saw it was his dear younger sister sucking his hard cock it became a hundred times better. "Oh fuck, hell sis if you keep that up I will blow my load." "Well, honey, I am not complaining.

Give me that sweet cum for your sister." "Ohhhhhhhhh my &hellip. Yesssssssssssssssssss. Sis while I would love to I want to savor you a little more before I explode." Terri immediately stopped. "You want to do more?" "Hell yeah.

I want to slip my cock in your tight sweet ass and fuck you hard and long." Terri moved quickly and soon was on all fours pointing at her sweet ass, wiggling it to indicate she was ready. "Yes bro, fuck my ass, fuck my sweet slutty ass. Ram that hot cock in me." "Oh yes. But first you need a good spanking." He gave her ass cheek a good hard slap with his hand.

"Oh shit Kevin." "My sister has been very naughty lusting for her older brother with out telling me for ages." Smack. "Ages of me fantasizing of me screwing my little sister." Slap. "All those naughty thoughts that would rack my brain." Smack. "Then all the guilt I got because of all those wrong thoughts about you." Smack smack.

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"Ages." SMACK! "Wanting to make a move on you, sneaking around to see if I could find your underwear or something. And you wanted to fuck me?" He smacked her continuously till he ass was quite red. "Terri's waggled has stopped. "I'm sorry Kevin it is just that…&hellip." "No need.


I am not mad just a little frustrated, but I am doing this for you." "I beg your pardon? I mean hell I like a little ass smacking from time to time but you really went to town. You have something in mind?" "Sure I do. Though the smacking of your sexy ass was a real turn on. I want your ass red sore so I can fuck you hard.

A little bit of pain and a lot of pleasure." "Fuck Kevin, you are a naughty one." She wiggled her reddened butt. "Now don't just stand there take my ass, as pump that big fat cock in it. Fuck your sister up my hot ass. I want a good ass fucking! I want it bad! Don't make me beg!" "Mmmmmmmmmm," he chuckled, "now I think about it that's not a bad idea." "You horny bastard……&hellip." "Only kidding sis," he slipped behind her pressing his hot cock against her red hole and slipped in.

Soon he was pumping nice and hard and Terri was moaning like a wild animal. What a turn on! Kevin pressed hard against her thrusting his cock in, soon slamming her hard. "Holy shit sis, fuck I am going to cum." "Then cum bro, cum in my whorish ass. This ass that has lusted for your cock.

Give it to me. Now, now, now." "I would love to Terri but not yet. Maybe later, but I want to cum in front of you. I want to give my sister a pearl necklace." Terri turned around and smiled she knew what he meant. It was an English slang term for haven't your tits cum on, the drops of semen looking like sticky pearls.

It really turned her on to see who brother blow his wad all over her tits. She lifted up her tits and offered them to him.


"Yes, fuck my tits and let me see that cum bro. I want my pearl necklace!" Kevin slowly placed his aching cock between her ample heaving breasts as slid up and down till he could not stand it. "Oh shit, here I cum sis. " "Yes baby cum on me tits; I want to see you blow." Terri started getting very excited as rubbed her boobs up and down his cock till he let out an orgasmic cry and squirted hard all over her.

He seemed to pump and pump. It was a lot of anxiety he had built up. She leant down and licked her tits licking some of his hot cum. "Mmmmmmmmmmm thanks bro." "Your welcome my lovely sis, your welcum." They fell asleep in one another arms totally satisfied and in love and lust forever.