Le encanta q se lo meta por el culo y por el choro

Le encanta q se lo meta por el culo y por el choro
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Anne is my son Luke's college girlfriend. Luke and Heather flew to Dallas on Thanksgiving break from college, Luke thought I was still out of town. They settled into my condo for the week. The doorman called me telling me that Luke and Anne were staying at my condo. "Shit!" Anne said out loud as she realized she forgot the towel Luke left out for her in the bedroom.

Good thing no one is home. She runs quickly around the corner into Jock's room and froze. There on the bed is a man she could only guess to be Luke's father.

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I handed her the towel wordlessly, and she quickly wraps it around herself, realizing that her boyfriend's father just got a good long look at her naked. " Umm I suppose you're Luke's dad." She managed to get out. She feels the blood rushing to her face. " I am. Do you care to explain why you're using my shower?" I ask as I stood up.

I towered over her short 5'1 frame and suddenly she is scared. " W-well I'm L-Luke's girlfriend. And he invited me to spend the week since you were away. H-He had to leave really early with his brother, and told me I could sleep in. He said you weren't going to be home until later." I gave her this look like I didn't believe her, like she is some nutcase that breaks into people's houses and uses their showers. " Call Luke. He'll tell you." " Why did he invite you over if he knew he was leaving in the morning?" Wow, ok I'm going to get the third degree, She thought.

" He wasn't planning on it. Vance's friend couldn't help him out at the flea market today, something about his wife being sick. He conned Luke into helping him. We had plans today." Heather looks at me defiantly as she does have permission to be here and she is not doing anything wrong.

" Luke's new girlfriend huh?

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He hasn't mentioned you." "He was waiting until Thanksgiving. Was going to bring me and introduce me to everyone at once." She said. It is my idea; She hates meeting her partners' families and like to just get it all over with in one shot. " Oh, I see. Well I can see what he sees in you" I said, looking at her with the same fierce look but with something a little raw underneath. Anne remembers Jock said that I had been divorced for a while.

Anne wonders when the last time I saw a girl naked in front of me. " What you mean?" She asks nervously. " You know what I mean." I came closer reaching out for the towel. Anne didn't realize I was reaching for the towel, stepping back just as I grabbed it.

As she is holding it loosely in front of her, I'm able to easily pull it completely away from her body, leaving her once again completely naked. " W-w-what are you doing?" Stepping back again as I step closer.

" Just admiring" I said. " Then again maybe a little more" Anne went to step back again and hit the wall. She is cornered. I came closer, put one hand on the wall beside her, blocking her only escape as the other side was the closet.

My other hand reached out and cupped her breast. " This isn't right. I'm your son's girlfriend." " Don't worry, pet, I'm just sampling." She smiled as I pinched her nipple between two fingers twisting and pulling at it.

Anne can't believe she is getting turned on by this. Then again, sex with Jock always makes her super horny for the next few days because she can't get enough of him. But this is crazy!!! It is his father!!! Anne suppresses a moan as I squeeze her nipple harder. Her breathing is getting heavier, and I bend down taking her nipple into my mouth, holding it gently between my teeth flicking it with my tongue.

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" You like that?" I ask as I press myself against her body. Anne gasps as she feels my hard cock against her. He was huge! Anne knew then that she had to have me. Jock would never have to know.

Anne simply nodded in response letting me continue my explorations. " Don't worry. This is just between us darling." I whisper in her ear as I reach around to grab her ass pulling her into me.

Anne is soaked at this point, and just wants to have me inside her, but I won't let her take control. I run my hands over her body, pressing myself into her making her crazy with desire. Her eyes are closed as she lets herself get lost in lust and is jolted when I pull away from her without warning.

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When she opens her eyes I'm undressing myself. Anne watches as article by article came off and I became as naked as her. I then came back to her and she almost lost it then when she feels my cock, hard, hot with desire, on her skin. I kiss her neck as I wrap my hand in her hair and with a subtle movement pushes her to her knees. Anne instantly took me in her mouth.

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Moaning on my cock as she took me deep in her mouth, bobbing her mouth up and down, taking a little more of my cock each time. She pulls me out swirling her tongue around my head. Anne hears me moaning and my breathing getting heavy. She took a breath and took me all in her mouth so that she feels me in her throat and her nose is pressed tight against my body.

I moan loudly and she fucks my cock with her throat. I pull my cock from her mouth, pulling up to her feet spinning her around into the bed. Almost falling as I push her onto it, she brought her knee up onto it. I push her farther as her other knee came up and she turns to look back at me as my two fingers buried themselves inside her. She groans as they slip in easily. She has been aroused since entering the bedroom naked finding me there. Her tight cunt is wet, slippery as I probe it. She looks back over her shoulder at me as I pull out.

I wrap my fist in her hair, pulling her head back. I growl in her ear, my hand hard on her ass as I pull her cheek to the side, displaying her to me. She pushes back at me, a challenge of my hold on her and a drive to get my monster hardness in her at once. I push her forward, my grip in her hair keeping her head back.

" You want me to fuck you Anne? Your cunt is all nice and wet for me, you want this fat cock in it?" My hard shaft smacks into her anal ring, sending shock waves through her. " Fuck me with that thing, show me what you can do." She glares a challenge back over her shoulder at me, in spite of the pull on her hair. " Go on, bury it in me." She curls her lip, showing me her teeth and I let go of myself, yanking her head back around. " I'll fuck you when I'm ready Anne.

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Beg for it. Tell me how you want this fat cock in your pussy." I push her shoulders down, arching her cheeks high in the air and opening her cunt to the air. I slide my cock up against her swollen lips a few times, sending shock waves through her again, making her jump.

" Beg for my cock Anne." It rubbed up and down her lips. Shiv lunged back for it, wanting it inside her. She felt a slow drop of moisture run down her thigh; it had been so long since she'd been filled. "Fuck me damn you! Yes, I want your cock inside me! Drive it into me you bastard, quit fucking around and FUCK ME!" She felt the head just inside her entrance. His hand slapped her ass hard before she could drive back against it again.

"Just the head bitch, just the head, that's all you get." He moved it inside her, up and down.


His hand in her hair shoved hard down on her shoulders, keeping her from moving. "Beg me, tell me you want it. Your cunt is so wet, so hot…you want this cock in your beautiful cunt, don't you bitch?" He moved it around her entrance, teasing her. She snarls reaching back between her legs, finding my cock spreading her lips, wrapping her hand around it, pulling me into her as she pushes back on me. My hand slaps her ass, hard enough to make her gasp. " No you don't, you hungry bitch, you get it when I give it to you!" I resist her pull, smacking her ass again, another spot.

She feels her skin glowing red under my fingers as I trace them around the reddened area. " Stroke my cock with that hand, and tell me how bad you want it." I'm driving her crazy, her hunger growing out of control. She let herself sink into it, wild with need.

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" Ohh fuck…please I want your cock, please please fuck me…" a moan came from her throat as her hand traces my shaft, so rough with a cob web of veins, and throbbing hot, so fucking big! She should be afraid of the damn thing, but she just wanted it. Her wrist presses her clit rolling across it as she strokes me, still trying to pull me inside her. I groan as my hips slam forward, my cock stretching her wide, impaling her until she cries out. My head stretching her tight depths until pain merges with pleasure before my hips slap her ass.

The skin burning a dim glow behind the explosion of heat inside her. My hand in her hair wrenching her head back as she arches her back harder, tightening around the shaft inside her. I start thrusting into her, long slow strokes, making her feel every inch invading her again and again.

" You like that Anne? You feel so good, so hot and tight. Such a nice fuck you are. Tell me how much you like it. Talk to me Anne." " Fuuccckkk…" her breath shuddering out of her with the word as she drags it back in and the monster fills her robbing her thoughts. " So good, it feels so fucking good, yes fuck me, fuck me hard, I love your cock, ah fuck yes, fuck me hard, please more…" words babbling from her lips between moans, she didn't care what she said as long as I keep moving in her.

Her hand stroking me from underneath, feeling her lips stretched tight around my straining hardness, feeling me sliding in and out of her.


Then my thumb presses against her ass, wet, I must have licked it. It presses in as she pushes back against it, relaxing around me as I varied the pressure, slipping into the muscle ring slowly. She is shaking, the incredible sensations magnifying what I'm already doing to her. " You like that don't you? My little bitch, wild little bitch is my slut now…you want it don't you?

Like it this way, like what I can give you." I'm slamming faster into her, driving hard into her depths as my thumb slides in and out of her ass. She groans and cries out, slamming back against me, jumping as I slap her ass again.

She presses her fingers in frantic circles over the hard button between her lips. " Fuck! Aah gods fuck me! Harder dammit! I want all of it, all of you…grrraahhfuckk meee!" She screams and spasms around me, her walls locking around me tight like a vise as I pull back and drive back into her again. She buries her face in the sheets, biting them as I never slowed. Her moans and cries muffled by the bed as she came hard, bucking against me as my hand locks her shoulders against the bed, leaning my weight on her and grunting as I move over her hard and fast.

I pull my thumb from her ass and reach forward, grabbing her breast and curving my body over her ass high in the air, grinding myself into her. My cock filling her over and over, her slick cum letting me move easily through her tight walls.

She screams again as I keep her cumming, driving inside her again. She feels me swelling as I grunted over her, faster, hand in her hair and on her breast pulling her to me. " Fuck cum for me, fill me with it.aah fuck more, cum in me please!" I arch up from her, my cock stretching her deeper as I grow thicker and harder and groaning. She screams once more as my climax fills her with cum, milking my cock for all it is worth.

I pull out of her, standing up and push her forward, climbing on to the bed behind her again and laying down with her, rolling us to our sides. We lay silently, breathing hard, letting the shakes slow as we came down. My hand trailing slowly down over her skin.Once I reach her small perky breasts I grope them. As I did I align my cock with her pussy. Anne kept saying that we shouldn't be doing this again.

I let go of her nipple long enough to tell her that she can leave at any time but that she would be leaving as she is. She is soon begging me to fuck her again. I'm all too happy to oblige. As I enter her I sink balls deep in one stroke. She is so wet that even as tight as she is there is little resistance.

I'm soon slamming into her again. I'm slamming into her when she told me not to cum in her pussy again as she is not on the pill. I slam into her a little longer until I'm close. I pull out after few minutes moving the head to her ass.

She screams " NO!" I ignore her and start pushing harder into her ass. Once inside, I stop for a moment. As soon as she starts relaxing, I shove the rest of my cock in her ass. She cries out again which only spurs me on more. I slam into her ass for 10 minutes before I unloaded in her. I stayed in her ass until I softened and slip out.

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She is still crying when I open the closet and tossed her clothes to her. I told her to get dressed, but that she is to call me when my son is not around for a repeat performance.

She wipes the tears from her eyes and nodding her agreement.