Teen shows body and plays with wet pussy

Teen shows body and plays with wet pussy
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Fate/Stay Night Lost master (This story is based on the anime fate stay night and for those only it for the sex skip down part 2. I'll keep making more if I get support.) 1. Introduction The young male growled in pure hate as he walked out from the hospital. His name was Natsu Aroconor, a male who is bitter for not being able to take part in the fifth Holy Grail war.


Natsu was suppose to be a magus taking part in the war but as fate may have it he was soon hit by runaway truck and knocked into coma for nearly two years.

Now he has come to find out, that the war is over and the grail is destroyed. His chance to gain a wish of his own was done for so he wanted one thing now revenge on the masters who aided in its destruction.

Lucky for Natsu he has a led, he knew of one of the magus in war and her location. Her name was llya, a homunculus girl of the Einzbern family. Unfortunately for him, she like the other masters was able to keep their servants. Hers was being the mighty Berserker the strongest of all servants. With a thing like that on her side there was no way he could make the little female pay at least not without a servant of his own.

The male soon started to make his way from the hospital into the nearby park way, and then rolled up his right sleeve as he activated the magic within him. A wave of energy formed within is body then shot his arm into the earth creating a magic seal. As the flashes of lights faded the command seals of master formed on Natsu arm as he started at the male who had appeared before him. The male was covered in mass of darkness the made him look like death.

He stood up and slowly spoke in timed tone of voice. Hello master&hellip. I am you Assassin.

…an assassin servant… I was hoping for one of the three knight class at least…owell your better than nothing. Natsu said sighing knowing thou assassin were fast and could hide their presents they had nowhere near the power to take on berserker class servant.

Sighing he tries to think of plan on what to do with his new servant when suddenly assassin dashed by him in flash then appears behind Natsu.

He had large monstrous claw for arm that was glowing purple and had fingers the seemed like knights, which now wrapped around the neck of young teenage girl. She was staring at us master what should I do with her? As Natsu prepared to speak he looked struggling woman, she had large beast giggling up and down with hardening nipples poking out her jogging outfit, indicating she was just running around the park when she noticed the light show. Natsu couldn't help but feel 15 year old cock expand in his pants.

Duo to being in hospital his body was grown skinny making him only 170 pounds about and giving him thin body build, his hair was blond in color that flowed down to his neck sense he hadn't cut it for 2 years. Assassin lower her Natsu spoke out before assassin followed his orders and brought the woman till her breast were in front of Natsu face.

Natsu soon let his hand wonder into her shirt feeling nothing but her soft skin, she tried to scream but assassins grip was too tight of her gather enough air.

Natsu just pushed his hands against her massive mounds jiggling them up and down in each of his hands; they felt so heavy he wouldn't be surprised if they were double DDs.

His fingers thumbed against her nipples pushing down on them soft as they almost sunk into her skin, she moaned and screamed at the same time. Soon the young master couldn't hold himself back he looked at assassin who was having his head viewed down to the long pants the woman wore around her. Natsu seeing his servant memorized figured it was time for them both to have some fun. Assassin undress and put her down it's time to have some fun.

Part 2. The servant heard these words then nodded with hidden embracement, as he let the woman down gentle placing his claw on her collar. Then with swipe of his finger the woman's mounds come bursting out of her suit which now cut open making seem more like a jacket. Both males stared at the breasts of traumatized female. Soon Natsu let pure instinct takes over as his head went down on her left breast.

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His mouth wrapped around her nipple he starts to sink his teeth into her flesh and his tough lashed around the sweet pink skin. Assassin watched his masters taste the sweet melon before he allowed his large claw of right hand around her other breast completely crushing it causing the female to scream in fear and pleasure as assassin rubbed his fingers around causing breast to squirm about like a water balloon.

Minutes passed at this toy game play when the woman began to scream more loudly. Natsu snapping out his dream like stated looked at her in fear knowing sooner or later someone will catch him. He had to put her stop these. Assassin shut her up now!!! Assassin didn't seem to pay any mind which made Natsu think about using one of his command seals when suddenly from assassin back he saw strange sight. It was dark black tentacle, it seemed about 2 inches thick, and completely smooth and covered in a dark grey substance he thought was slim.

It slide into the female's mouth then started to move up and down. The female could only now gag as the black object moved up and down her throat ramming deeply into the back of it before pulling back out her mouth.

Natsu could only gasp in surprise as he looked at these develop meant. Assassin…how did you&hellip. I have magical abilities sure…because of them my bodies are combination of demonic parts I can use and form at will. Natsu just nodded in shock remembering stories of golden servant who thou fought with which would make him a Saber servant, shot them at his targets like arrows making in fact an archer. Natsu grinned at these releasing Assassin must have been demon magus that was hitman gaining the right to be assassin instead of caster servant.

So in other words an assassin who can use demon magic. Natsu laughed to himself as the black object went speed up is pasta slowly into the female's mouth causing Assassin to gasp for air. Faster and faster it went into her making the sick sounds of it pop in and out go through the air before Assassin groaned. Out of the tentacle shot wave let grey cum instead of white, it filled the mouth of the woman who was struggling to swallow it all.

As assassin pulled it out another blast coated her face in the grey semen. Natsu was now rock hard at these sight, his cock poked hard against his shorts. He need to relief himself now. Soon the male unzipped his jeans showing 8 by 3 inch iron rod. Natsu just smirked seeing his new found growth before turning his smiling face towards the jogging pants. His fingers reached over slowly then he put them in to her pants and hooked around her pants. With one smooth pull he exposed her soaked tunnel.

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Part 3 The young male looked at the exposed tunnel; his hard one brought him so much pain he knew he had to shove it in. Within moments the male allowed his dick to rub against her entrance way, slowly it slides into her till the head was submerged.

Taking deep breath Natsu allowed his cock to go slamming deep into her entrance way, the woman was ready to scream out in both pain and pleasure when suddenly assassin had two new tentacles blast their way into her mouth. The woman's throat took them in quickly duo to their slim and the cum left within her mouth. Each of them were going back and forth in a pumping motion when one tentacle pulled back the other one pushed its way in giving no time to react as she gasped and moan on the two foreign objects.

Meanwhile Natsu cock was working his cock back and forth in her slowly after his first deep thrust. Slowly his cock rammed its way deeper into the woman till it was at the spot its thrust had reached. Natsu smirked leaving his cock in there not, moving an inch as her virginal walls closed in on his cock making him moan in pleasure.

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His hands reached to her butt cheeks clamping down on them before as her black raven hair rubbed against tips of his knuckles. Soon he began his ramming against getting faster and harder causing her to try screaming but couldn't release it.

The black cocks in her mouth not even allowing the slightest sound to escape but groaned emotions. With whatever resists gone at these point, the young woman grabbed her mounts and started to twist nipples hard as way to pleasure herself farer. Her breast bounced back and forth with as she teased her soft pink skin. Assassin seeing these had two more burley tentacles come out from his wrist then shot around her breast, like constructors they slowly squeezed her mounds tightly making them flap upward in the air before be trapped.

The tips of these tentacles turned into the flower bud shape, that slowly opened around her nipples letting them rub them. The woman released her breast in pleasure be suddenly the flowers close in on them and begin to pull and suck. She groaned happily feeling the flowers buds pull up and down starting to drain her large gallons of the milk slowly. Her body arched it's self in the air allowing the three cock pounded her too deeply into her.

Natsu's cock smacked right before the entrance way to her womb while to black tentacles were lashing around in the walls of her esophagus. This wave of sex went on for about 10 more minutes before all three of this sex bang groaned in pleasure. Natsu soon began shooting a large loud into her womb, while at the same time the girl let out her own orgasm.

The two waves hit each other and flew throughout the womb. Natsu took deep breaths feeling his cock warmed by both their hot liquids. While assassin himself shot barrage of cum streams deep into her.

The wave of sperm soon over the woman's mouth she tried to take it all in flowing from the sides of her lips. Both assassin and Natsu pulled out staring the young woman who was gasping for just as they were.

Natsu knew that his cock was spent and figured the same of assassin but then was shocked to see the smaller tentacles going back into his body, then the burley tentacles unless her nipples showing them now swallow bright red and dripped out small amounts of milk drunken by them.

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Assassin looked at this young woman smiling before suddenly out form his back shots a final pair of cocks; these time the same width as his masters.

The first on slide into her pussy with snake like strike while the other one began to rub her third only remaining hole.


Too tired to release what was happening the woman could only scream with the last of her strength as the tentacle went squirm into her tight ass. Assassin's cock simply began to move in pumping motion just like the ones in her mouth one in, one out.

Back and forth they raced the sound of smacking her as they black objects ravished her lower body. Part 4 Natsu just stared in amazement as he saw the cock ramming their way through these female's fuck holes. Her worn body bounced up and down with each thrust as she gasped weak moans into her air.

Then with sudden surprise the twin dicks come out then face the woman, who slowly forced up her arms then started to rub the dicks. Her fingers rubbed against the spilt in the head each time they moved up towards them, before sliding down a few inches. Both of the cocks started to pulse causing assassin to groan out in pleasure. The woman went up to the heads then squeezed them tightly before a spray of cum shot out.

Each of them almost like fire horse sprayed down her whole torso in layer of the grey cum, slowly down to only drips of it.

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The slim covered girl reached up and kissed and licked both heads clean before falling down flat on her back her eyes slowly shutting. Assassin pulled his to cock back into his body. Natsu stood their amazed wondering what else his servant could do before getting a horrible idea.

He found way for his revenge in assassin unique magic.

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Assassin…help me fix these girl up, then get ready to go. We are heading to the library then to Einzbern castle.


Illyasviel von Einzbern is waiting for us. Natsu laughed wickedly to himself knowing how he would make this young woman suffer and with assassin at his side not even her monstrous servant would be able to stop him if all things went to plan.