Beauty worships fellows lusty lovestick with her face hole

Beauty worships fellows lusty lovestick with her face hole
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I was 13 when my parents died. One moment I was the cherished daughter of loving parents and one drunk driver later I was homeless wondering what had happened. Mum and Dad were great but they had never saved or planned and so there was no money to keep up the rent on the apartment and everything I thought we owned was actually only leased so there was nothing.

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I had no family so rather than take my chances with foster care I ran away. I was rather clueless so living on the streets was incredibly scary I was terrified. My first night I found a sheltered shop door and settled down only to be dragged out by the hair as this was someone else's place.

I cried my heart out as I settled into a gutter; what was to become of me. My parents had been very strict so if I had no clue on how to live on the streets, I had even less clue of the dangers that surrounded me.

I must have managed to doze in the gutter because I woke to find a man on top of me trying to poke his tongue into my mouth while his hands were ripping at my clothes. I tried to scream but the man's mouth covered mine and despite my efforts I felt his hands on my bare skin. He was a big man and I was only tiny so before long he had managed to remove the top half of my clothing, exposing my tiny breasts.

His hands squeezed my nipples and I thought I would die from the pain. His was thrusting his fully clothed pelvis into me and he continued pushing his tongue in and out of my mouth and mauling by breasts. My terror continued as one of his hands worked on undoing my jeans. I tried my hardest to kick and squirm. I did not want to be naked in a gutter and this was not how I wanted to loose my virginity. I wanted to fall in love and wait till I was married. My parents had taught me my body was a temple and I should only share it with the man I would marry no one else.

I tried to yell but he was just too strong so despite using all my strength my attacker managed to remove my jeans with one hand and now I was completely naked in a gutter with a huge man on top of me and despite my lack of worldliness I knew I was going to be raped and my parent's dream for my magical wedding night was about to be shattered by a stranger who smelled like urine and body odour With me naked he used his weight to hold me down while his hand assaulted my previously untouched private areas.

His huge finger started poking into me and when he was met with resistance he stopped kissing me and looked into my face. "I got me virgin?" He grinned widely at my terrified face.

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"I always wanted me a virgin and you is so pretty little girl. But I'm not going to break you with my finger you get Big Jack so you remember me" He removed his fingers from my pussy and then reached down and undid his own jeans.

I felt a huge hard object pressing into me and realised this must be his penis. I cried and started to yell. "Please no I am only a child please I am not ready for this please someone help me" I heard the sound of approaching people and cried with relief. "Please help me I don't want to be raped please help me" To my horror all I heard in response was laughter - male laughter.

The men that had gathered were actually encouraging my attacker and I realised with absolute terror I was in danger from more than just the man on top of me. "Hey guys she's a virgin.

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Look at her. Big Jack is gunna destroy that sweet little cunt right here in the gutter " He lifted himself off me and revealed my fully naked body to the increasing audience. I tried to cover myself and close my legs but he pulled my ankles up and spread my legs wide so my virgin pussy was exposed for all to see.

"Please I beg you my parents just died I have no where to go please don't hurt me" My begging caused a ripple of laughter. I wondered how much time I had till it happened. I didn't have long to think. Without any further comment my attacker kicked off his jeans and pushed his penis toward my pussy. "Shit mate you will kill he with that thing that's gotta be 10 inches maybe you should warm her up a bit" "Don't get soft guys little girls who sleep in gutters deserve Big Jack" and with that I felt the pressure on my dry virgin pussy increase.

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I sobbed as the last link with my past was about to be destroyed by this man and "Big Jack". My heart was breaking and the heartache was larger than the fear I should have felt. He pushed as hard as he could and holding my legs as wide as they could go I felt my opening give a little and then only pain incredible pain as his huge cock pushed its way into my tiny virgin opening ripping me as it entered.

The pain must have caused me to black out. When I woke I wondered for a moment what had happened and then I registered the burning pain of my ripped vagina and knew I was still being raped.

I tried to talk but realised quickly my mouth was sticky with a foul tasting substance and looked around. My attacker was standing above me naked with Big Jack in his hand. I was confused until I realised there was another man raping me and I wondered how long I had been unconscious and how many of these men had been in my body.

I registered my vagina was making a squishy sound as the cock moved in and out and remembered from school a man ejaculates when he has sex so I knew at least one man had filled my virgin cunt with his filthy seed. I began to feel sick as I realised this was also the substance in my mouth and I cried as it dawned on me there had been a cock in my mouth. How gross. "So she's awake fellas we will all have to have another go so she remembers" "I got it all on film mate but don't let that stop you would rather fuck the little cunt conscious so I can hear her scream.' "Please no please stop I can't take this please let me go." I begged while the man inside me suddenly started thrusting hard and fast filling my once virgin body with more filthy seed.

"Well I could go another" he said as he stood up. "But it's getting light so let's move her somewhere more private. He looked down on me and spat on my face. 'What sort of little slut lets lots of men fuck her in the gutter look at the cunt how many she had?" "She was a virgin when I found her about 3 hours ago you came along later mate pick her up someone but get a shot of her cunt look at that blood, cum and I think the filthy slut pissed herself." "A virgin??

Man so has anyone had he ass yet?" I started to scream both with pain and with what they were suggesting as I was pulled to my feet. They laughed as cum gushed from my cunt and then someone picked me up as my legs failed to hold me. "There's a squat down the street take her there but no one touch her ass Big Jack is going first again.


You can all go slops and get it all on film we can make some dollars." I was too dazed to fight tears were useless my fate was sealed.

These men had raped me taking my virginity filling my mouth and pussy with their filthy cum and now my anus was to be the next victim. I wished I had died with my parents maybe if I fought back they would kill me and then I could be reunited with my loving parents. "Hey lets make her a whore we can make lots of cash from this cunt how old do you reckon she is? 16? 17? Finish breaking her in she got no family no one will be looking for her and then we can make her do anything what do you reckon guys?" There was lot s of laughing as they all agreed with this plan.

I was lost my life, my future was lost. And I was only 13 years old. No one wanted me except these men so I was to be their whore I sobbed noiselessly as I said good bye to the life I once knew and wondered how long it would be before I died.


I hoped it would be soon. I sent my mind to a place a peace and tranquillity as I was bent over a table and my legs opened.

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I felt spit land on my anal opening and then rough fingers scooping cum from my cunt to rub on my ass and then I screamed as 'Big Jack" once again ripped my tiny body but this time oblivion was not granted and I stared silently at the laughing men as I felt every inch thrust in and out of me turning me for ever from child to whore.

Hours later and after more men than I can remember had left their seed in my body I was lying on my side silently sobbing.

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I felt arms around me as "Big Jack's' owner embraced me from behind and kissed my ear "I know we hurt you baby girl but I will look after you and you will never be raped in a gutter again you are mine now and you do right by me and I will look after you. Now sleep and rest tomorrow you start earning your keep" "I I I 'm only 13 I don't want this I'm just a kid' I sobbed hoping for some kindness but quickly realised I had made a mistake when he laughed " Man this gets better and better do you know how much the sickos will pay to fuck a child?

That video will make us rich!! Tomorrow we move into a hotel man I am so blessed! I felt him fall asleep and thought of running……&hellip.but where would I go.

He was all the family I had. I felt strange comfort from his huge arms around me and fell into troubled sleep as I wondered what it was that "whores" do and who the sickos were; tomorrow I would find out…&hellip.till then.