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Bianca hot blonde Czech Girl at Saboom
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"The Blooming: A Young Girl Discovers Her Love for Pussy" As Tamara entered the woman's restroom at the mall, she wasn't sure what was wrong with her—why was she going here, again?

However, deep inside, she knew why. Her thoughts nowadays seemed to always be about sex and to be centered on other women---generally, older women; women her mother's age! She entered a middle stall that she had used many times before.

The slits on both sides of the door were quite wide, and anyone who cared to look, could easily see inside. She dropped her white shorts to the floor and just stood there—nude from the waist down. She admired her smooth boyish frame. She was probably a little on the skinny side, but everyone—men included—seemed to like it, so she didn't care.

Her bony hips stood out on both sides, and her little pudenda was puffy and round. Although she'd turned 13 last month, her pubic mound was still only sparsely covered in fine light brown hair barely a quarter of an inch long. Tamara sat down on the toilet and comfortably spread her legs.

Lunchtime wasn't for another 15 minutes, so the local business crowd wouldn't be here for at least 20 minutes, so she had time to day-dream, and she knew exactly what memory she wanted to indulge in…her first time.

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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Boca Raton, Florida July, 2005 - Two years before A Family vacation Tamara's fascination with sex---and older women—had begun a couple of years ago when she was only 11 years old and while she and her family were camping in the Everglades National Forest outside Boca Raton. Then, like now, she'd gone to use the women's restroom. It was just around dusk and while sitting on the toilet she'd heard someone come in to the bathroom and then take the stall next to her.

She'd tried to be as quiet as possible hoping that the woman wouldn't be aware that she was there, but that didn't happen—in fact, as she now knew, what the lady said on that hot July night would remain forever in her brain. She had sat there and listened to the woman say the most awful things: nasty, dirty things, and they were things about her own daughter, too!

It had all began with a low, almost guttural moan. Then, another and another and another until she heard the woman exhale a long sigh and begin to whisper. "That's it, honey, oh yes, use your little fingers.

Just flick it. That's it. Touch it nice and slow. Flick mommy's big clit, dear. That's it. See how rubbery and soft it is? Wouldn't you like to kiss it? No, it does; it tastes so good! Here, open your mouth, here's a taste of mommy's juices." Then, for a few moments the moaning returned and then there was an interval of silence until the woman began talking aloud—almost wanting to be heard. "Hmmmm, that tasted good, didn't it? I thought you'd like it. You want more?

Okay, here let me show you where the good juice comes from…I'm gonna show you my secret place&hellip.ohh, so pink, huh? This hole is filled with the same kind of juice.

You want some more? Use your tongue, yes, that's it, stick it right in the hole. Now, how does that taste? Yeah? I thought so, just keep licking me…ohhh, honey, you're such a good pussy licker----just like your big sister! She's been licking mommy's loose slit for years, and now she does all her teachers at her school! Mmmmmm, I bet you're gonna be just like her!

Oh honey, let mommy kiss your slimy face." Tamara sat there frozen to her seat—not moving a muscle to avoid making any sound at all. However, her ears were alive with this new "secret" knowledge. The woman continued, "You know, little girls make the very best pussy eaters. Yes, it's true. Their little fingers can probe all the right places---pussy, ass, mouth, and back again. Little girls are loved most of all by mommies—in fact, all older women know how sweet little girls are because they were little girls once, too!

So, when you please a mommy-woman it is special because only mommies know just how special little girls are." At this point Tamara was beginning to get very curious about just who this woman was; she wanted to take a look but didn't dare make a sound and give away her presence.

She felt a strange twinge in her gut, one that kind of hummed and throbbed its way down towards her pussy. It seemed the woman's words were having their effect on her, too.

However, she knew that she had to remain perfectly still so that the lady would go on—she wanted to hear more. The moaning was louder now, and then the woman said, "Ohhhhh, darling, my little flower, that's it, slide one more in.

See, now you have all four fingers in mommy's big, sloppy cunt---I call it a cunt because its so red and raw&hellip.and juicy, too. Aren't you a good little girl. Hmmmm, yeah, wiggle those fingers, hmmmm, ohhh, yeahhhh, that's great.


Mommy's cunt is so wet and sloppy. You wanna give me a taste of my own pussy? Yes, of course, hmmmmm, that does taste good! That's right, you taste it, too.

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All mommy's girl-goo, so good! Okay, Shelly, now it's time to make mommy come, okay? You just put your tongue right here, remember the nub, here, see how pink and rubbery it is, just lick it up and down. That's it, hmmmm, yeah, ohhh, yeah, you're a natural dear. Just there, oh yeah, ohhhhhh yeah, honey, ooohhhh yeahhhhh." At this point, the lady's voice trailed off and Tamara could detect the sloppy sloshing sounds coming from the other side of the partition.

Tamara's own pussy slit was throbbing and was getting decidedly wet, and though she felt like touching it, she knew she couldn't, for now. The lady's moans turned to grunts and then a loud and long groan that sounded almost animal-like.

Tamara leaned slightly forward and could see the lady's long thin legs stretched out in front of her And then it happened, the floor around the toilet was being splashed with some kind of wetness. It looked like the lady was peeing on the floor.

Big dollops of water, or something, had landed on the concrete near the lady's feet. Tamara had quietly leaned down even further to get a better look; it was amazing, some of the stuff was even running off the side partition and dropping onto the concrete floor between them.

Then the lady continued her little talk. "Oh honey, you're such a mess! Look at you. You have mommy's girl juices all over your pretty face. That's right, give mommy a kiss.

Mmmmm, mommy tastes so good, doesn't she? Now, we'd better get outta here before daddy wonders where we are!" That was the last thing the lady said, but Tamara could hear her pulling toilet paper from the roll and then watched as her hand, holding the wadded up roll, wiped up the mess on the floor at her feet. Tamara, realizing she might be seen, lifted her own feet up and held them that way until she could no longer see the lady's hand under the partition.

She heard the lady unlatch the door, go to the sink and tun on the faucet to wash her hands. She then walked over to the end of the counter, right in front of Tamara's stall to get a hand towel to dry her hands. When the lady turned to go out, Tamara thought she saw the lady's eyes dart toward the thin opening between the doors, but she didn't stop and she didn't say anything, so maybe she hadn't seen her sitting there. Tamara also saw the lady's short and brown hair tied in a red scrunchy---she'd easy to pick out, she thought.

Tamara didn't know what to do. She thought she should leave, but she didn't really want to go back to the camp ground right now---not with her brothers and sisters there to pester her. Besides, she had this buzzing between her legs she needed to satiate.

Tamara leaned back on the water closet and spread her legs a little. When she looked between them, she could see a little drop of dew clinging to her outer lips. She was wet, very wet. She lightly touched the sticky substance. It clung to the pad on her index finger. She brought it closer to her face to look at it.

It was clear and kind of shiny, and definitely, slick. She spread it between her forefinger and thumb, and then she smelled it. It wasn't awful like she was thinking it would be. Then, knowing what the woman had said, she stuck out her tongue and just placed the tip of her finger there. She swirled the substance in her mouth. It tasted kind of strange. It was both sweet and a little bitter. Also it was kind of tangy—a good kind of tangy—citrusy. Tamara spread her legs a little wider.

She was only 13, so she was still very thin with only a wisp of hair on her pussy. As she spread her legs, she saw her pussy open a little. Her lips were quite large for a little girl and hung down a quarter of inch or so—each was slightly pink with a ridge of brown on the edge. Feeling very naughty now, she slipped her sandaled foot out of her shorts and brought her heel up to the toilet seat—now her cunt was gaping wide.

Little Tamara was getting very horny and that sticky finger that had just moments before put her girl-juice on her tongue was now tentatively probing her slit.

She closed her eyes and let her sandy-brown bangs close over her brow. She thought of the woman…and her girl, Shelly. Ohhh my, she was a naughty mommy, Tamara thought, and now, Tamara wanted to be naughty girl, too. Feeling especially wicked, Tamara brought her other foot up onto the toilet seat, letting her knees fall outward. Her legs were now spread about as widely as they could go. She smiled as she stuck her middle finger in her pussy and when she did, a zoom when right through her.

She quietly gasped. When she'd played with herself before, it had never felt this good. She slowly pumped her middle finger in and out and felt her stomach tighten into a knot.

Oh, yeah, so this is what it's about, she thought. She let her head fall back feeling it roll from side to side; her eyes were closed and with her other hand she reached up to her bikini top and undid the clasp between the cups. She shucked it from her shoulders and heard it hit the floor near the toilet. She now felt totally free, totally fucking free! Her pussy was on fire, and she liked the feeling---this nasty girl, slutty naughtiness.

She'd be doing this again, she thought. Then, she began to mumble&hellip. "Oh, gawd. I wanna lick you momma, I wanna lick your mommy slit. Pleeze let me, please? I'll be good. I'll lick you real good—I want your juice." Then Tamara slipped her hand under her butt and felt her pussy from the underside. She liked this even better—she could fuck herself with her thumb, and it rubbed the front of her naked pussy on the inside---vibrations were going off like firecrackers in her gut.

"Ohhhh, ughhhhhh," was about all she could mutter for a few minutes as she continued to thumb her newly discovered G-spot. Both hands were now working on her fresh pussy meat—thick, wet, distended lips throbbing like a live wire between her legs.

There was also a very heady aroma in the bathroom now---aroused young cunt pervaded the whole place. Tamara was so lost in her own lustful reverie, she didn't hear someone walk into the restroom. All Tamara cared about now was taking this whole scene to the ultimate limit.


She whispered, "Ohhh yeah, mommy, spray my face, spray me mommy with your juice. Shit, mommy, fuckin' pee on me! Yeah, I'm a dirty little slut mommy. I wanna eat your sloppy fuckin' cunt, mommy!" Tamara's brain was so fogged up with lust that it took what seemed like minutes to register the reply from the woman standing before her stall door, staring through the crack between the doors at the little girl's naked loveliness.

All she had said was, "mommy's here." Tamara slowly realized that she was no longer alone. Her head slowly came up, eyes now open and peeking from under sandy brown bangs but with heavy lidded eyes.

She couldn't shake her lust, not easily, not even after being discovered naked in a public toilet with her thumb jammed in her girlish twat. But, she did see something she recognized: the red scrunchy! It was the same woman—she'd come back! Tamara had instinctively closed her legs when she knew someone was outside her door, but when she saw the scrunchy, her knees got loose again, and her thighs opened, flopping outward in a lacivious display of beautiful girl-cunt.

Tamara watched a pair of denim shorts hit the floor outside her door. She then watched the woman pick them up and toss them over the locked stall door. They hit the floor with a thud right in front of the toilet. Tamara put her feet on the floor and took a look. Besides the shorts, there was also a delicate thong made of thin transparent material---the kind that barely seems to be "there" when you're wearing them—each was there right between her legs.

"Pick up the panties, little girl." Tamara heard the woman say. Tamara, almost unthinkingly, obeyed. She reached down and lifted the wispy fragment of cloth from the denim. She held them between her thumb and forefinger and looked at the woman's body displayed in the crack of the door. She could see through the crack that the woman had on a yellow tank top that she had one hand under—obviously feeling a breast or nipple, while the other hand's fingers were busily swimming in the wetness between her legs.

Tamara held onto the panties. She could feel that the triangle at the front of these dainty panties was still very damp. Then the woman spoke again. "Taste them," she said. Tamara closed her eyes. She suddenly felt very dizzy as if she were about to fall off a great cliff. Her loins, which had seemingly been on fire before, were now a blazing fury. However, she smiled.

Her lips seemed heavy and began to hang open, and she felt her tongue thickly snake between her lips. She looked up at the woman, who had now moved so that Tamara could easily see that she had at least two fingers intently dipping into her own sloppy folds.

The flat of Tamara's tongue took a long luscious swipe of the wet triangle. She was surprising herself---it almost seemed like a stranger was doing this, but she couldn't stop herself, and, she didn't want to. She sucked on the material, moaning all the while until she whispered so lightly the woman barely heard her, "finally, mommy pussy." The woman just groaned, and then added, "Ohhhyeeessss, my little bitch!

Jezuzfuckin'christ----you are a nasty girl." Tamara then saw the woman remove her tank top and toss it over the stall door as well.

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Tamara laughed and shook her head in disbelief, saying, "Shit, mommy-dear, you're fuckin' naked in public." "Yyyyyeah???? I don't fuckin' care." "Someone might come in and see you staring at me…a naked little girl sitting on a toilet." "Uh huh, a naked little slut with a wet pussy and panties in her mouth, that girl?" Tamara just smiled, and said, "You taste sooooo good." Tamara then put her face into the panties and inhaled deeply. She added, "and, you have a very nasty cunt smell, too!" "You're gonna smell this, too" the woman said as she turned around, bent over, and spread her ass cheeks.

Tamara could see the lady's woman-crack and the delicate puckered star at the center of her dark line. "You'll like this even more," the woman said, holding her ass cheeks apart. "Fuuuccckk!" was all Tamara could say. She loved the look of the woman's tight ass cheeks and long tanned legs. Tamara took the wet panties and smeared the goo of the woman's wetness all over her face.

She knew her face smelled like pussy and now she wanted to smell like ass. She stood up, hesitated for one brief second, and then slipped the latch over watching the door slowly and inwardly open. The woman stood up, slowly turned around, and took in the full sight of this long and lithe little girl with sandy blond hair tied in a pony tail and who had a devilish glint in her eyes.

The little tramp was chewing on her panties—they hung languidly between her lips, and with one hand she was rubbing up and down her puffy slit and the other was pulling on the little cone of her girl-tit. The woman was 40, but you'd never guess it.

She was toned and taught everywhere----'cept her cunt; that was loose from lots of use, but she didn't care. It was no longer snogging cock—it was for strap-ons, dildos, and the four-fingered club devotees that she had come to love. Tamara only came up to the woman's neck, so she was at eye level with the woman's tits which were still full and perky. The woman's tits had rings through the nipples that glinted in the late afternoon light. Tamara's mouth watered at the sight of them.

"May I?" the woman said, indicating her desire to enter the small stall. "Be my guest," Tamara replied; however, she didn't step back. The woman stepped forward, and as she did so, Tamara felt the woman's tits graze the flesh of her lips. Tamara shivered, feeling a kind of swooning in her abdomen—she wanted nothing more than to suckle the long rubbery nipples of the woman's breasts.

As the woman reached for the door to close it, Tamara said in a husky whisper, "leave it open." The woman cast an eye at Tamara who had now re-seated herself on the toilet and once again bent her knees and put her heels on the toilet seat—she lewdly spread her thighs and began rubbing the pink crevice of her pussy with the woman's panties. Tamara was zoning out. She was drinking in the feelings of this amazing spectacle, but as a participant.

She looked up at the woman and whispered, "juice." "Ohhhh,baby wants juice, does she?" The woman's hand reached down and dipped two fingers in her cunt.

She pumped them in two, three, four times—good and hard—and then pulled them out. They were now wet and sticky, and as the woman held them up and spread the fingers, you could see a thick sheen on them—and stringers of goo hanging between the fingers.

"Good enough?" The woman said, as she watched the transfixed face of the little slut on the toilet nod in approval. "Wanna suck?" "Yessssss." Tamara hissed. The woman stepped forward and smeared the nasty slime all over the girl's lips and cheeks before pushing them into the girl's pink mouth. Tamara gagged a little, but didn't stop sucking. Then, without warning, the woman pulled her fingers out of Tamara's mouth creating a loud pop that echoed in the empty bathroom.

The woman leaned over and kissed little Tamara, who was so dazed that she just opened her mouth and received the woman's invasive tongue. However, she came alive with the kiss.

She began to hunger. She kissed the woman back, wildly and with abandon. The woman looked at her and asked, "more?" Tamara laughed, drunk on the whole thing, she just closed her eyes and said, "yessssssss, ohh god yes!" The woman stepped over Tamara's legs and stood on both sides of the toilet seat. She was now straddling Tamara's abdomen, and her bald pussy was a mere inches from Tamara's face. Tamara's eye's fluttered as she felt the rumbling of an orgasm roiling through her gut----soon, very soon, the juice.

Tamara let go of her own girl-cunt to reach up and pull the woman's pussy down onto her mouth, whispering, "more, more, more." She wanted nothing more than to smear her face with the wet folds of the woman's thickly protruding lips. Tamara loved the woman's taste. She stuck her tongue between the woman's spread petals----slurping up as much of the woman's pungent nectar as her tongue could find.

Tamara also noticed that the woman's clit was so large it was a like a fat, little penis and it bumped up against Tamara's button nose as she continued to plunge her tongue into the woman's hole. Tamara felt the woman's hand on the back of her head as she pulled her face even deeper into her pussy while saying, "that's it, keep licking me you fucking teen-slut." The woman's tone had taken on a noticeable change.

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It had gotten angrier and bossier, but Tamara didn't really care; she didn't mind being told what to do by bossy-mommies who had beautiful pussies she could tongue!

Just as suddenly as she had felt her faced pushed up into the woman's gaping cunt, she felt it being pulled back. The woman yanked down on her ponytail pulling her face up. "Open your mouth, slut." Tamara obeyed. "Wider," the woman commanded. Tamara opened her mouth wider as she watched the woman drool a long string of spittle into her mouth.

Some of it landed on her lips and the side of her mouth, so the woman scooped it up and smeared it into her mouth. "Just one more kind of juice, my lovely. Now, swallow" Tamara gulped it down, but she really wanted to swirl it around and taste it. She definitely hoped there'd be more to come. "Now, open up" the woman said, a bit more kindly this time. Tamara could feel the woman's probing fingers on the inside of her mouth, running two fingers over her teeth and gums, feeling her tongue, pushing hard on the inside of both cheeks.

Tamara watched the woman's face; she could see her smile as she invaded the pink insides of Tamara's mouth with her two fingers. "So fresh and pretty," the woman seemed to mumble, and then added with a certain glee, "and so ready to violated." Tamara felt the woman's fingers leave her mouth, and then watched the woman place her right foot up on the toilet roll dispenser attached to the partition wall. She was opening up her wet gash with one hand while thrumming her clit with the other.

"You want mommy's juice, huh?" Tamara nodded and laid back, spreading her own legs even wider. "You want to get sprayed little bitch?

You wanna good wettin' by your slutty mom? The woman's fingers were dancing even faster in her folds. "Hmmmmmmm, yessssss, mommmmy," Tamara whined, being the good little teen-slut she now knew she wanted to be.

"Ohhh yes, ohhh, fuckin' yes!" The woman's eyes rolled back in her head as she felt her cunt begin to ripple in contraction after contraction----"ohhhhgawwd, shit, yes, dammmmmmitfuck…" the woman's fingers were a blur before Tamara's eyes.

Tamara opened her mouth and waited for the juice, and she didn't have to wait long. "Ugghhhhhhyesssshitfuckuggh" and then there was a fountain of juice erupting from between the woman's splayed cunt lips. Spurt after spurt of girl cum splattered Tamara's face and eyes, her budding breasts, her navel and across both of her thighs. She was literally drenched in the hot syrup of this strange woman's pussy---a pussy she knew she never wanted to leave.

As the woman caught her breath, she looked down at the little tawny haired waif of a girl sitting spread-eagled on the toilet seat between her own legs.

The brown-eyed nymph was contentedly scooping up her squirt with her fingers and sucking it off—one finger at a time! The woman sighed and thought, "this one's special." Tamara looked up at her new mommy and said, "more?" The woman smiled and felt her pussy tingle once more. She felt like a good mommy now. She'd given her little one just what she'd wanted, and now she really didn't want to deny her little girl anything, at all. So, taking Tamara's head in her hands, she said, "come to the fountain, my baby, come to the source." Tamara felt her nose sluice through the wet folds of the woman's aroused cunt.

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Tamara's face became the woman's trowel, her nose rutting in the sticky folds of the older woman's cunt, but she didn't mind one bit---it was so wet and warm and it smelled like…like, well, pussy—a new smell for sure, but one she definitely liked.

She could leave her face there forever, she thought to herself while dreamily slurping up the last vestiges of the woman's sauce. "That's it, be a good girl, clean mommy up." Tamara felt the woman caressing her hair and face as she continued lapping up every trace of goo that clung to the folds or hid in the crevices of the woman's puss.

As Tamara began to finish, she felt the woman take hold her face, cradling it in her hands while looking down at her. "Now, little Tamara, that's right, I know you're name. I have a little assignment for you. At midnight tonight, I want you to get out of your tent—the one you share with your brother and sister—and go to campsite #33; it's right around the bend on the main road from yours campsite.

It's not my tent, and I'm not going to tell you whose it is, but you're to wear two things…two things only: your red baseball cap—with your very cute pony tail out the back of course and your hiking boots with the white socks showing just at the top—nothing else—okay? I think you'll be so pretty this way, don't you?" Tamara shook her head up and down, still a little groggy after all that had happened, but it finally dawned on her what the woman was saying, so she asked quietly and shyly, "So, Miss, you want me to walk through the campground at midnight, naked?" The woman smiled, "Yes, do you have a problem with that?" Tamara's eyes wandered down the woman's torso, over the woman's well-exercised flat stomach—sizing up the shiny bauble attached to her belly-button ring, then ever-so-slowly downward her eyes went until they rested on the still drippy petals between the woman's legs.

Tamara licked her lips, and said with almost a slur, "Notta problem." "Good, my little one. Now, we should get out of here before someone sees us." They each wiggled into their shorts and put on their tops, and for the first time there was a slight awkwardness in the air. As Tamara adjusted her cap, the woman peeked out of the stall. "The coast is clear." The woman then shooed Tamara out the door as they both straightened their clothes one more time in front of the stall.

They would leave separately so as not to be seen together by suspicious eyes. However, as the woman made her own way toward the door, she quickly peeked into the stall opposite where she and Tamara had had their tryst and was surprised to see a woman inside. This woman, a teenager herself, probably not more than 18 to 19, was sitting on the toilet—bare-assed naked, and she had her infant daughter with her—both were naked—and her daughter was suckling one of the young girl's breasts.

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The woman cradled the infant in her well-toned arms. The older woman, who now stood in the doorway to the restroom, turned to Tamara and made a motion to indicate that someone was in the stall beside them. Tamara wasn't sure what to do. She wanted to get out of there for sure; this was crazy! However, she couldn't resist peering between the slats between the doors as she stood there.

She couldn't make out the woman's face, but she could certainly see one side her body—the full upturned breasts, slender arms, and nice hips. Since Tamara couldn't see the woman's face, she knew the woman wouldn't be able to see hers either; however, the young woman must certainly have known she was standing there—not moving and thus, quite obviously peeking in at her. So, Tamara was pleased when she saw that the young woman spread her legs a little bit—enough to let anyone who cared to see that her cunt had just been through a work-out.

It was obscenely wet, red, and swollen and bald. When Tamara took the chance to try and see the woman's face, she caught the girl's brown eyes looking back at her and heard her whisper, "thank you." They both shared a smile, and as Tamara turned to walk out of the bathroom; she knew without a doubt that things had definitely changed--she'd changed, and the change was good.

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