Lycra Arsch sehen durch Leggings daniella Englisch

Lycra Arsch sehen durch Leggings daniella Englisch
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( I'd suggest watching Taimanin Asagi and Taimanin Yukikaze to understand better.) Chapter 1: The new Lord Black. When he had first met the mysterious woman known as Oboro, he had not known what to make of her. After all a woman( no matter how beautiful she may be) who appeared before you in a tight fitting Kunoichi outfit, wielding a pair of VERY sharp fist claws would make any man nervous.

Having such a woman pledge herself to one's self was perhaps not something any man should allow. But in the end, she had. And he had accepted. She called him "Black-sama". Apparently it was the name of the father he never knew. He was dead. He didn't really mind whatever it was that she called him. Not after she had thoroughly beaten up the gang of 5 bullies that had been threatening him since he started High school.

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It was an amazing yet scary sight to see ten strong men get beaten up by a violet haired and violet eyed beauty in a tight fitting red skirt suit that showed off all her curves in all the right places as her silk stocking covered legs sent bullies flying with sharp and heavy kicks that broke many a bone.

The image of beauty was only broken by the sound of 5 pairs of testicles being burst under the sharp red heels of his professed servant. It was only then that he had realized this woman's true nature as she gently led him away from the now destroyed males. It would show throughout the whole time she was with him. Arrogant. Cruel. Selfish. Vindictive. Violent. And yet utterly devoted to her master. As well as being an utter whore for him. And thus began life for 18 year old Ryuzaki Black, Demon lord.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Ryuzaki walked quietly into his apartment in the more affluent part of Dark isle, the mysterious island that had appeared just next to Tokyo seemingly overnight.

It had taken many brides and exchange of favors to get the island ready, many a demon hoping it would be a safe heaven and their den on earth. They were wrong.

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Where demons emerged, They followed. TAIMANIN. ANTI-DEMON NINJA. Needless to say that the demon and the ninja who hunted them were really hateful of each other.

Their wars were legendary and much talked about by both factions. Any demon caught by a taimanin could expect months long torture for information followed by painful death. Any taimanin caught(as they were mostly female) could expect a thorough brainwashing and experimentation program, coupled with high end prostitution and unrestricted Breeding with all type of demon scum to bolster morale and replace lost demons with high quality, taimanin bred babies.

These offspring would no doubt inherit their mother's beauty and abilities while keeping their demon sire's lust for evil and destruction. Finally having birthed enough demon children, the taimanin would be dolled up in their ninja wear and auctioned off to the highest bidder, acting as trophy wives/bodyguards/sex slaves/Breeders to their new owners.

Their brainwashing was irreversible as many had discovered.


A demon had once released a captured and braiwashed taimanin of 34 years from his service, a real beauty of a MILF if anything.

He had just left her on the roadside with the order to go home. Having no other life but sex and prostitution in her brain since her capture, the mature ninja beauty had returned to her still searching son and that very night as he received her joyously, proceeded to fuck him hard till morning light, insisting he drop out of school as she sold her body to rich old men in the daytime, stealing their money from their bank accounts unnoticed before proceeding to buy a whole island for her and her son, living off the island and the stolen money as the former taimanin fucked her son to oblivion, bearing his children by the womb full just as she had done for her former demon master.

Any assassins sent by those betrayed old businessmen would only find quick death at her hands, Irreversible sex driven, brainwashed slut-whore she may have been, but she was a talented taimanin in battle. If her son noticed any of her abilities, he said nothing.

He was too busy breeding her. It was one of the few happy ending stories that came out these situations. This was how it was.

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And so it would continue. One side gaining more that the other once in a while, but never forever. And so it would continue. Just as it would now that the new lord black had come.

Though Only half demon, he was obeyed without question due to his bloodline. Under his fresh attitude, hands on approach and reward scheme to his most loyal of minions, much ground had been gained.

He had been informed of the capture of the taimanin Asagi Sakura and he was eager to begin her conversion to his cause. The more skilled taimanin he had under his control, the more status and power he would gain while also giving him added protection and more followers to his cause. For now though, he could rest and relax. And by the way oboro was looking at him as she appeared in her ninja outfit, it would be very enjoyable…&hellip.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Her red lips gave his cock a deep kiss and came away covered in thick precum. "Mmmm, Black-Sama." She cooed, her tongue flickering out under his foreskin to clean up the Thick smegma she found, giving her master's unwashed dick a thorough bath in her hot spit.

She had been the one to request him not to wash his dick for the last two days, oboro wanting the pure musk and smell of her young master all over his cock. And now she feasted on his heavy, thick dick cheese, savoring each munch and swallow of his chewy smegma like a special and expensive treat.

Her tongue drew circles on his tip before her gloved fingers drew back his skin to reveal the hard head underneath, dripping his thick precum. "Ohh, Black-Sama, it's perfect.


Allow me to please you, Black-Sama." She said, her lust and devotion evident in her voice as her mouth slipped over his cock and she began to suck and blow him hard. "Fuck! Traitorous slut! Suck it! Suck my cock!" Ryuzaki groaned in pleasure as Oboro's cheeks flushed and her fast suction on his cock increased, moaning whorishly as she took his length down her throat fast.

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She suddenly let go, her mouth moving from his cock to go down and let her ruby lips latch onto his seed filled balls, balls that would get a vampire baby on a fertile womb. A baby that would rule the dark isle after her master's death. Her mouth took in one of his cum bags, slurping it around in her mouth and giving it a bath in her hot spit before moving to the next one, rolling the cum heavy stone in her mouth like a succulent fruit.

Without another word, he pushed off his balls and began to jack his cock at her slutty face as she moaned and begged.

"Yes Black-Sama, give me your seed. Shower my face with your thick cum, Black-Sama!!" Her words set him off, his cock spewing it hot and thick load onto her open mouth and tongue, covering them with his seed.

"Mmm, Black-Sama, so hot and fertile. Your seed is so strong, Black-Sama, so virile." She said in an almost broken, pleasure filled voice as she began playing with the seed in her mouth, rolling it around in her mouth as she savored her prize and swallowed it obediently. He had to wonder how thorough her own brainwashing had been at the hands of his father had been to make such a strong women nothing but a putty slut in his hands.


She suddenly took him up and threw her master onto his bed, Ryuzaki landing on his back as she began to crawl towards him, spreading his legs apart as his eyes widened. What was she?&hellip.

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His fingers curled as a soft wet tongue suddenly began licking his outer asshole, two soft lips latching around the small hole in a deep kiss that would no doubt leave a lipstick stain as her warm tongue probed his little hole before pushing at it, demanding entry into his ass as she gave him a proper rimming.

She began pushing half his waist up, leaving his lower in the air with his legs at his sides as her gloved hands began stroking his thick dick as she continuously French kissed and probed his ass, a vicious glare on her face as she literally cleaned his ass in exchange for his cum. And cum he did, her strokes and rimjob proving too much as he spurted thick ropes of seed onto his chest, a delighted mewl coming from Oboro's ass cleaning mouth as she gave his puckered hole a last kiss and let his legs fall as she moved to his chest to begin slurping up and swallowing his seed.

With a gentle kiss to his chest, she then went to the bathroom to freshen up. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& She found him waiting, crawling onto the bed beside as she began reverently kissing her young master's body, a man younger than her by a large margin. Yet, the mature 32 year old traitor Taimanin worshipped his every move.

He moved his hand to where the opening in her ninja attire revealed her ready pussy, his fingers beginning to fuck her in and out as he captured her ruby lips with his own and began to kiss her hard, stopping her moans of pleasure. His fingers were soak in wet as he did her, her pussy leaking juices as his fingers probed her hole, finally relenting as she came hard.

"BLACK-SAMAAAAA!!!" She cried as she broke their kiss, her screams of pleasure filling the house. Without missing a beat, he was on her, parting her legs and plunging deep within her pussy as her eyes widened and another orgasm tore through her system as he began to fuck her hard, her fishnet stocking clad legs wide apart in the air and her toes curling as he began to fuck his very authority into her willing cunt.

"You are mine, Oboro. I could leave you in the gutter this very moment and you would still love me, wouldn't you? You would still love your master!" He snarled, his lips crashing into her own as her pleasure grew. His words were true to the core. Oboro was no longer a Taimanin but a bodyguard and sex sleeve for her master.

She would only be happy when the very world was in his hand. "Black-Sama, Black-Sama&hellip." Was all she said, his words reaching her very soul as he fucked her more, his cock reaching the deepest part of her cunt and her pussy welcoming the conquering tool of her master as he used the traitorous Taimanin whore his father had left him.

He would use her to her full potential in each and every way. "You will be my wife, Oboro. You who found me first will be my mate&hellip." He said, continuing to fuck her cunt as her violet eyes widened.

To be Black-Sama's mate and wife&hellip.! "I will use you to bring more Taimanin to my cause. You will capture and break them till they are nothing more than glorified bodyguards, Assassins, prostitutes and breeders to my cause. And you will start with the Taimanin my men have captured, Igawa Sakura!" He said, a low moan slipping through Ryuzaki's mouth as Oboro's pussy clenched at the name. To think Black-Sama was giving her the chance to brainwash Asagi's sister into her master's personal cum dump!

Oh how she would enjoy this and praise her master for years for his generosity. The look on Asagi's face when she saw her own sister, bloated with Orc offspring as she was slowly broken would be a cherished moment. She began to kiss her master's face in adoration. "I am yours, Black-Sama! Yours! Ask me for anything and it will be yours!" She said in reverence, her legs wrapping around Ryuzaki's waist unconsciously. He grinned. "Open your womb to me Oboro. Open your womb and take my seed! Bear me an heir worth to the empire I will build.

Give me a strong child to take over from me and prove your loyalty." He said as he began pounding at her very cervix which opened up to half his cock before closing around it and massaging him to orgasm.

"Take my seed, Ex-Taimanin slut!" He roared as his thick seed began to paint the inside of Oboro's womb white with fertile sperm, his cum traveling up her tubes to breed her eggs as she came and came again, her face taking on an Ahegao expression as her master bred her with child, her tongue lolling from her month before it was grabbed by her master's mouth and replaced back into her own as her master passionately kissed her as he came. When he finally pulled away, his thick splooge shot from her conquered womb as he dialed a number a number on his phone.

"Ingrid? Yes, it is me. Begin the Taimanin's training.

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Oboro will join you in two days to see the results. Let the orcs have her, maybe breed a baby or two on her, and a bout of prostitution if she proves stubborn.

Know doubt her sister will follow so you will have another to play with, though you will leave her to Oboro.

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I will soon proceed to take Under Eden as well. I hear they have four Taimanin they haven't broken and I want them for myself.

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I shall speak with you when I need you next. Goodnight." All was going to plan.