Teen gay twinks free online movies xxx Afterward he checked out my

Teen gay twinks free online movies xxx Afterward he checked out my
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It all happened in late Sept. It was a Saturday night. I was clocking out from my shift at work. My boss told me my ride was there. I looked up and to my surprise it was Michael. Michael was dating my friend Lynn. I asked him "What are you doing here?" he said "Lynn asked me to pick you up because she is working late tonight." I said "Ok that's cool.

What time does her shift end?" he said "11:30". Which was 2 hours away. On the ride to their apartment I could stop my mind from going wild and crazy. All I could do was think about naughty things I wanted to do to Michael. When we got there we hung out for a while. We started flirting with each other. Then to my surprise Michael leaned over and kissed me.

My body responded immediately. I could feel my nipples growing hard beneath my clothes. I wrapped my arms around Michael's neck and pulled him closer so I could deepen the kiss. I drove my tongue past his lips and into his mouth.

He moaned in response.

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I could feel the wetness growing between my legs. I kissed him harder. His hands started to move down my shoulders.

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Slowly his hands found their way to my breasts. He gently squeezed them. I let out a deep moan from the pleasure of it. His fingers found my rock hard nipples and started to lightly pinch them. It sent shivers down my spine. As he continued to play with my nipples my pussy grew wetter by the second.

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Slowly his hands traveled down my stomach to the waistband of my jeans. He unbuttoned them and slid his hand inside. When his fingers grazed my clit I screamed with pleasure. My pussy was so wet and on fire that he easily slipped 2 fingers inside me. He started sliding them in and out of my pussy.

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It felt so good. I started moaning and screaming " Oh yes. Right there. Fuck me with your fingers. I want more. Harder. Faster. Oh yes!!!!" As my orgasm hit like a lightning bolt through my body he held me until I came back down to earth. I looked him in the eyes with a devilish grin and said " My turn now." I kissed him.

I shoved my tongue in his mouth over and over again. then I slowly started trailing kisses down his neck to his chest. My eyes watching his face the whole time. I of that." I kissed the head of his dick. He moaned as I ran my tongue down his massive dick and back up.

I looked into his eyes as I encircled his dick with my mouth.

Sliding him in my mouth inch by inch until I had all 8 1/2 inches in my mouth. I slowly started picking up the pace as I slid him in and out of my mouth. I could tell he was getting close by the sounds he was making and the faces he was making. So I increased the pace even more. That did it. He lost all control and started pounding my face.

Faster and Faster. Then I felt his cum shoot down my throat. "Mmmmm you taste delicious." I said. He said "That was amazing. I had better get cleaned up before Lynn gets home." About 30 minutes later Lynn got home from work. Michael had gotten cleaned up and went to bed because he had to work the next morning. Lynn and I sat and talked for awhile. And I have to admit I was still very horny from my previous round with Michael.

I sat there staring at Lynn. A million and one things went through my mind that I could be doing with her other than just talking. She was sitting there watching the TV looking so beautiful. I sat beside her on the couch just so I could get closer to her. I slowly leaned in and started kissing her neck. I wanted to get her in the mood because I wanted her lips on my pussy so bad.


She smiled at me and asked "Have you ever been with another woman?" My face blushed at her question. I looked down and said "No.

But I have wanted to." She took control of the situation from there. She lifted my chin with her fingers looked me in the eyes and said "I find you so damn sexy. I have wanted to eat your pussy for a very long time." I smiled and said "No time like the present." She wrapped her hand around my neck and kissed me deeply. Our tongues were darting in and out of each others mouths. I could feel my pussy getting even wetter.

I wanted her so bad. She then started trailing kisses down my neck. She paused long enough to remove my shirt and bra. She resumed kissing and licking her way from my neck down my shoulders to my breasts.


When she reached my rock hard nipples she sucked one in her mouth and pinched the other with her fingers. "Mmmmm. That feels good." I said. While she continued to suck and play with my nipples her other hand unbuttoned my jeans and slowly pulled them off of me. She slowly started trailing kisses from my breasts down my stomach to my pussy.

When her tongue slid across my clit the first time I screamed with pleasure. She licked my clit for what seemed like eternity. She paused and asked "Do you like the way that feels?" "Oh yes!!!" I replied. She said "You haven't felt nothing yet then." At that exact moment she slammed 2 fingers inside my dripping wet pussy.

The pleasure was so intense that I orgasmed immediately. As she slammed her fingers in and out of my juicy pussy her tongue was steadily at work on my clit.

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She was trying to lick up all of my pussy juices that were coming out. I grabbed her by the head of her hair trying to get closer to her tongue as she slammed her fingers inside me harder and faster. My orgasm hit me like a tidal wave. When I opened my eyes I saw Michael standing at the door with his massive dick in his hand. He had been watching the whole thing from the hallway.

As I lay there collecting some energy back. Lynn stood up and walked over to Michael. She pulled him down into a deep kiss. She asked him "Doesn't her pussy taste so sweet?" He replied "It tastes delicious on your lips." They started running their hands all over each other while they kissed. Lynn then dropped to her knees in front of Michael. She took that massive dick all the way down her throat. She started sucking Michael's dick at a rapid pace. This had me hot and horny all over again.

So I got up went over to them. I told Lynn "Lay down on your back." she did as I told her too. I wasted no time. I dove right into her pussy. She was so wet already that I slid 2 fingers insider her pussy.

She moaned from the pleasure of it. When I sucked her clit into my mouth the first time she went wild. She tasted like peaches and cream. Michael was so worked up by the sight of me eating his girlfriends pussy that he came up behind me and slid his dick all the way in with on hard thrust. I screamed at the intense pleasure/pain.

As he started pounding away at my pussy from behind I sat my fingers to the same pace slamming into Lynn's pussy. She screamed as her first orgasm hit. I lapped up all her juices. I didn't stop pounding away at her pussy with my fingers. I continued to lick and suck on her clit. She was tossing back and forth under me. As her second orgasm hit so did mine.

We screamed together with pleasure. Michael pulled out of my pussy and said "Trade places, NOW!!!!" We did. the instant I layed down Lynn slammed 2 fingers inside my pussy and started sucking and licking on my clit. I could tell when Michael entered her wet juicy pussy because her breaths on my pussy became shallow. As Michael pounded away at Lynn's pussy she continued to slam my pussy with her fingers and suck on my clit.

The pleasure was so intense that all three of us came at the same time.When it was over the three of us lay there holding each other and talking.

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We all came to the agreement that the three of us would get together often to do this again. We also agreed that Lynn and I could have each other any time whether Michael was there or not. Which is for another story all together. sexgoddessss