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Gay black porn free nude emo movie Josh Ford is the kind of muscle
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Being the new kid in school is never fun especially in high school. My names Deana,My names a mixture of my parents names dean & hannah. I've got my moms dark hair & my dads blue eyes, I think it works well for me because the boys all seem to like it.

Ever since puberty hit me, my curves got a lot more fuller in all the right places, the best part of my body has to be my boobs, there not DD huge, but they seem to have everybody's attention. Anyways back to my story. It was the first day of school & I was already late, I had to make sure I looked good I mean first impression's are always important right?

I was a Sophomore this year. It took me a while to finally get to my class, i could barely open the door my hands where full with all the new books that where handed to me at the office, I walked into class greeting my teacher, "Sorry I'm late" She just smiled at me "Class this is our new student Deana, everybody be nice to her & help show her around,try & find yourself a seat" & with that she carried on speaking.there was only one seat open at the back of the class, I slowly walked towards it being extra careful not to trip over any bags.

My jeans got caught on the edge of some girls table & it tore when I tried to move forward this caused me to jerk & accidentally drop my books, it landed at some guys feet, he quickly got up to pick them up before I could "let me get that for you" he said & handed them back to me "Thank you" I said. My cheeks went red, the girl who was sitting by the desk where my jeans got torn got up to cover me, apparently people could see my crotch from the side.

"I've got extra pants in my locker we should be about the same size,put your books down & we can go get you changed" she said smiling. I did as I was told.

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As soon as we walked out & the door shut I heard a few whistles behind me. "Don't you just hate how perverted boys are" she was now rolling her eyes. "Oh I'm Keara by the way, Don't mind them" she laughed.


"Uhmm. Thanks for helping me back there, how embarrassing was that" I covered my face. She laughed "you're totally hot & those pants cover to much of your body anyways, Did you see how all the boys couldn't keep there eyes off you?" I was now smiling, we finally stopped in front of her locker.

She fiddled with her lock for a bit & it finally opened, she quickly looked thru her small pile of clothes, "oh shit, I only have shorts, hope you don't mind?" She turned to look at me "ohh thank you, anything would be better than these" I smiled. We quickly went to the bathrooms to go get changed, the shorts where a little tight on me, they showed off my camel toe too "you look great Deana!

Probably better than I ever looked in them" she eyed me " really? I think they look a little. You know revealing" I was now looking at the mirror "Don't worry the guys will love it on you." I followed her into class, all eyes where on me now, the girls gave me mean looks & the boys seemed to be undressing me with there eyes.

I sat down & tried my best to focus, a few minutes later the bell rang & keara showed me to my next lesson. Design. She left me & I was now on my own.

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I was a little early so there where a lot of free desks, I sat down at the end of the class & unpacked my bag. some guy walked in, I recognized him from our previous class, he was pretty cute, curly blond hair, green eyes, he was tall & a little buff, he had dimples & a sexy smile.

He slowly walked up to me" mind if I sit next to you?" He said, it took me a while to stop day dreaming about him "well?" He said bringing me back to reality, "uhmm yea sure" I said almost too quickly.

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He put his bag down & moved his desk closer, "I'm charles" he said looking at me. I turned to look at him now, His eyes had me in a trance "N-Nice to meet you" my cheeks went red again, he gave me the cutest side smile. Some girl walked in, she was really pretty, she had long blond hair, and a stunning figure, "Hey charles you still on for this weekend?" She said "uhm yea, I'm definitely down.

Mind if I bring my new friend along?" He turned to look at me "uhhh yea, sure any friend of yours is a. Friend of mine" she looked me up & down then left. "Ohh its a party this weekend you busy?" He said "I actually have pla." "Great I'll pick you up at 7:00 on saturday" he said interrupting my sentence.

We spent the rest of the lesson in silence, it was a pretty chilled lesson, the bell rang and I got up "that's if I let you know where I live" I got up & left, the rest of the day was great I spent it with keara & some of her friends, they where all pretty nice.

Finally the day was over, I wasn't really used to the area so finding my way back home wouldn't be easy, I was just about to leave the school when charles shouted out to me to wait for him. "Hey, funny seeing you here again" he said "well it is school, you'll be seeing me here a lot" I said smiling like an idiot "you already headed home?" He said "yea, I'm not really familiar with this place I might get lost" I said "is that your indirect way of asking me to walk you home?

Cause I don't mind." He said, my cheeks went red, "come I'll show you around" he said giving me a wink."thanks, I think the roads called honeydew" I said walking towards him "ohh that's like around the block from here, I stay around there too in my own apartment"he said, "oh you stay alone?" I asked "Yea my dad decided to move in with my step mom on the other side of the country & I didn't want to change schools.

I'm guessing that was a good decision cause it led me to you" he said looking at me "ohh shut up" I shoved him "your such a flirt" he laughed "But have you seen yourself?

I can hardly keep my eyes off you" he said. "Ohh I think I can spot my house from here" I said trying to change the subject, we walked in silence for a bit " I live down between those apartments, number 161 if you ever need to talk" he turned to look at me "thanks" I said giving him a hug. "Now that I know where you live, I'll be here to pick you up at 7:00" he turned and left before I could say anything else. The rest of the week went by pretty fast,Charles was really sweet to me, always making sure I never got lost & he walked me home almost everyday.

I got home on friday, I was gonna finish up my work & watch a movie, I was in my room listening to music when charles walked in, I was a little stunned "h-how did you get in" I said turning down the music. "Y-Your mom uhh let me in" he said trying to look away "ohh I said grabbing my gown, I had on shorts and a top that went over it, which practically made me look like I was wearing nothing "Sorry" I said "I-I was just wondering if you wanted to go grab pizza or something?" He said "That would be great, I-I guess we could order in.

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Or something?" I said "Something sounds great" he smiled at me, we both laughed. "Do you like comedy's? Tonight's dance night & my mom probably won't be back till sometime tomorrow." I said, I handed him a pile of DVD's to choose from "hmmm how bout we check out a horror movie" he suggested " I don't knoooow, I'm not really a fan." He laughed "You scared?

You could always snuggle up to me if it made you feel better. You know you want to" we both laughed " whatever let's go downstairs" I put the DVD in & wrapped a blanket around us.

He moved in closer to me & wrapped his hand around me. "Okay you two the pizza money's on the counter, call me if you need anything" she winked at us & walked out. Charles finally stopped drooling over her & turned his attention towards me "wow you look a lot like your mom" he said, " funny I get that a lot" I replied pizza arrived & we ate it up quickly.

The movie was really creepy, I kept covering my face every now & then, he laughed "ok you're clearly not enjoying this" he said turning the T.V off. He was now sitting across from me I put my legs on the couch & his hand brushed against it "Your really cold" he said taking my foot into his hand slowly massaging it making it feel warm "how does that feel?" He looked up at me "G-Greatt" I said "Your really beautiful you know that?" He said, I laughed " No seriously, & you deserve to be told that everyday." He reached for my other foot.

"Wait your not in a relationship right?" He paused & looked at me "uhmmm no. haven't been in one for a while, how bout you?" I asked "Nope" he said, massaging my foot, he kissed my foot slowly all over.

This gave me chills.


"You like that?" He sucked on my toe a little, I let out a soft moan. He let go & moved in closer. He was starring at me now.

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I must have been sweating because he wiped my forehead for me. "Ain't you boiling under that thing?" He asked "Ohh" my cheeks went red, I slowly started to loosen it & I finally pulled it off me, he swallowed hard & focused his eyes back on mine, he moved in closer and kissed me on my forehead. Before he could move away my hands where by his cheeks pulling his lips towards mine, his tongue felt warm against mine, I couldn't stop from smiling half way through the kiss, he pulled away & started kissing my neck.

I let out a soft moan & started panting, his hands brushed over my breasts sending tingles all over my body. My hand was rubbing his erection through his pants, for a moment I stopped, I didn't want to do it like this right away. He could sense this so he stopped & pulled away. "I'm sorry Deana" he said breathlessly, "I shouldn't even be here" he got up "Don't say that I was to blame too" he was by the door after a few moments "I-I uhh have to go, see you tomorrow at 7:00, I'll call you?" He said "S-Sure" he smiled then left.

I went up stairs to get ready for bed, I had just got in bed when my phone began to ring "Hello" I said, It was charles, "hey I just wanted to C-check up on you" he said, I let out a soft sigh trying to sound a little more sexy "I'm Good" I said "Oh great, you don't feel weird or anything?" he said "no not at all, I couldn't control myself" he laughed "I just wish I could have taken care of you." I said there was a long pause before I realized what I had just said "I-Im sorry, that came out too quick" I said "Its okay, I kinda wish I could too." "I mean, let me treat you right first" he said into my ear.

"I'm kinda turned on right now" I said & reached out for my vibrator "Ohh" he said 'Buuuuuzzzz' "what's that?" He said "u-uhh nothing really. " I said trying to keep my breath sounding even "ohh you playing with yourself?" He laughed a little "How does it feel?" He asked "G-G-Goood" mmm I let out a soft moan "its been a while since I felt the real thing" I whispered into my phone.

He took a while to reply, "Just imagine it being me" he said. "You almost there yet?" He asked "uhhh just a few more thrusts" I said "It feels so good, my pussy's so wet chaaarles, I'm about to cuuuuuuuuuum, uhhhhhh" I let out a soft moan into his ear breathing deeply "Thanks charles" I said trying to calm down.

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In a few moments I heard him moan into my ear "uhh Fuck Deaaanaaaa" he said panting "Did you just?" "Yeah" he said interrupting me "uhh See you tomorrow Deana, sleep tight" he hang up in my ear before I could reply, I turned off my vibrator & passed out "Goodnight Charles" I said to myself before sleeping.