Two sexy sluts get gratified by mighty cocks of their partners

Two sexy sluts get gratified by mighty cocks of their partners
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The doorbell chimed loudly as I sat in the living room, accompanied by Mom and Elizabeth. Usually, we'd be fucking like animals right about now, but we just sat, watching some bland TV show like a regular, boring family.

We hadn't talked much all day, instead each of us brooded gloomily. We dreaded what was to come in the next few weeks; Aunt Sally and Amanda were supposed to stay with us for a while, since the two had been evicted from their apartment.

Mom invited them to stay with us until Aunt Sally got back on her feet. She had yet to tell Elizabeth and me exactly why they were evicted, but I had the feeling it was something to do with bat-shit crazy Amanda. Aunt Sally and Mom were sisters, but despite living in the same city they barely ever talked over the phone, let alone actually visit each other.

Mom used to call Aunt Sally from time to time, but she would rarely answer. I figured it probably had to do with Aunt Sally's life choices; she married her high school sweetheart, trusting him to be the bread winner, so she dropped out of school and became a stay-at-home mom.

They eventually broke up, mostly because Amanda was crazy, and Aunt Sally had to find a job to support herself and her daughter. Roughly ten years later Amanda somehow got them evicted, so they stood on our doorstep waiting for us to answer the door. "I'll get it," the three of us said in unison as we stood up.

"I guess we'll all answer it together." Elizabeth giggled. As we approached the door Elizabeth nudged my arm. "That's way too obvious." She gestured down towards my crotch, drawing attention to my massive erection bulging heartily in my pants.

I tried to adjust it to make it less pronounced, but it was barely less noticeable. "Shit, I'm just gonna hope they don't notice." I said anxiously. "Sorry baby," Mom said, "I know we only got you off twice this morning, but we didn't know exactly when they'd arrive, so we had to be ready. Try to hang in there; this is going to be a tough few weeks for all of us." Mom was supportive as always, but it was going to be tough keeping my dick soft with two sex-fiends running around with plump pregnant bellies and cock craving pussies.

"You got it Mom. I'm sure we'll have some alone time every once in a while." I responded. "And when we do," Elizabeth whispered as she clenched her hand around the doorknob, "I'm sure we can make up for everything we missed." She turned the knob and swung open the door, revealing our two temporary moochers, I mean roommates.

Aunt Sally looked similar to Mom: they were twins after all. She had the same dark brown hair as Elizabeth and Mom, but hers was cut much shorter than her sister's. Of course she wasn't pregnant, but her tits were still a respectable size. Despite being the same age, she looked slightly older, like she had been living under quite a bit of stress. Amanda resembled Elizabeth, but had a rounder face and was a little shorter despite being a couple years older.

Her hair was the same color as everyone else's, but it was braided into pigtails that hung down and framed her perky breasts.

They were decently sized, but compared to the other three they seemed almost small. I figured they would fill out nicely if she got pregnant.

Wait, what the fuck was I thinking? I pushed those thoughts from my mind as Aunt Sally crossed the threshold and gave Mom a tight hug. "Thanks for letting us stay with you on such short notice." She said graciously. "As soon as I find a new place I'll get out of your hair." "Of course Sally," Mom responded, "No need to rush, it'll be no imposition at all. We love having you guys over." Amanda looked from our hugging mothers to Elizabeth and I, and said, "Hey Lizzy. Hey Ray. Long time no see." She looked us over, and I saw her eyes meet my considerable bulge, which had yet to die down.

Shit, I had no idea what bat-shit crazy Amanda might think when she saw it. Luckily Elizabeth noticed and tried to draw attention away. "Yeah, I haven't seen you in years. You look nice; I'm digging the hair style." Elizabeth said. "You too." Amanda crossed the threshold and hugged Elizabeth. As she embraced her cousin, their stomachs pushed together.

"Wow, you've gotten big. Even for eight months in you're huge! Don't get me wrong, you still look fabulous." I didn't think it was appropriate to call a pregnant woman 'big', let alone huge, but Elizabeth didn't seem to take it as an insult. "Thanks, I try to keep myself looking tip-top." Elizabeth said.

Amanda released her grip on Elizabeth and wrapped her arms around me. "Good to see you Ray." "Good to see you too. It's been awhile, hasn't it?" "Yep, we've got a lot of catching up to do. I haven't forgotten about when we used to play as children. You were so considerate, I used to have a little crush on you." Her embrace was tight, and she leaned her whole body against mine.

As our pelvises touched, she whispered, "Wow, you and Elizabeth are both big." My face went bright red as I pulled away from our hug. Less than a minute into her stay Amanda was already saying insane shit, and I didn't know what to do to stop her. I opened my mouth, but I was at a loss for words. Luckily, Amada broke the tension herself. "I have to take a leak." She exclaimed as she passed Elizabeth and me and headed towards the bathroom. "Honey," Aunt Sally said sternly, breaking her hug, "you know better than to use rude language!" "All I said was 'take a leak'.

What's wrong with that?" "Just say you're going to the bathroom! Don't tell us what you plan to do inside!" "Fine Sally," Amanda referred to her mother by her first name, "I'm going to the bathroom." Yep, Amanda was definitely crazy.

Well, at least Aunt Sally said she would find a place to live as soon as possible, but dealing with Amanda until then might be too much to bear.

We spent the rest of the night chatting and catching up. Aunt Sally and Amanda knew about Elizabeth and Mom's pregnancies, but didn't pry into the details.

Mom only said that Elizabeth got pregnant by her boyfriend, and she herself got pregnant from a co-worker. Aunt Sally insinuated that she didn't approve of extra-marital sex, but didn't go on about it. Soon the conversation moved to more wholesome topics, and I had to listen to Aunt Sally's ideas about how girls shouldn't dress in revealing clothes and how she thought the state should double fines regarding marijuana use. It only took about ten seconds for me to get the feeling that she was a serious prude, but overall she wasn't too annoying about it.

After dinner we were all ready for bed. Aunt Sally and Amanda shared my bedroom, so I was stuck sleeping in the living room.

Our couch was pretty comfy, but there were no doors to close in the living room. In the morning the girls would all walk by and see my massive morning wood if I didn't do anything about it. I lowered my underwear and prepared to do something I hadn't done in several months: masturbate. I spit in my hand and wrapped it around my stiff shaft, slowly tugging up and down. I had a box of tissues nearby for when I came, so I was all set to go.

I imagined Elizabeth sitting next to me, doing it for me; her hand gently rubbing up and down in a rhythmic beat. I imagined her say "Wow Ray, are you really doing that out here in the open?" Wait, that last part wasn't in my head.

Shit! My head bolted to the side, where I saw Elizabeth standing in the entryway wearing her signature huge tee-shirt. "You scared me, I thought it might be Amanda or Aunt Sally." "Nope, I figured you might be going solo, so I came to help." She took a seat on the couch next to me.

I leaned back and put my hands behind my head as she started kneading my bulging head. As she rubbed, she said, "Ray, I want to talk about something real quick." "Yeah? What's up?" "It's about Amanda. Do you have any feelings towards her?" As she spoke, she very slowly slid her hand up and down, gently caressing every bump along the way. "Well, she makes me feel really uncomfortable.

Is that what you mean?" "No, it's just that we haven't seen her in years. She's really pretty now, and I was wondering if you found her attractive." "Physically she's pretty cute. She looks like a less perfect version of you." Elizabeth gave me a little love squeeze when I said that.

"But mentally, she's horrible." "She's not stupid Ray. Apparently she was at the top of her class." "That's not what I mean. She's crazy and you know it." "I don't know. The way she acts… it's almost like she's got a reason for doing what she does." "I don't know what you're talking about. Remember Aunt Sally telling us about how back when she was married Amanda would take the light bulbs out of random lamps?

Or how she would get up in the middle of the night and make pop-corn while they were sleeping? What about how she would open cans of soup and pour them on the TV?" "I don't know. They don't seem to make sense, but why would she do those things for no reason?" "Because she's crazy.

That's all there is to it." "I'm still not sure, but I have to admit; that last one was a little ridiculous. Who even thinks of pouring soup on the TV?" We shared a chuckle as my cock started throbbing harder. "I'm about to blow. Do you have a game plan?" "Yeah, stand up and face me." I obliged, letting my cock rest right before her supple lips. She continued stroking me with one hand while massaging my strained sack with the other. As she wrapped her lips around the engorged head, she teased my piss slit with her quick little tongue.

I had to give her credit on her coordination; she was taking care of everything. She pulled her mouth from my member and asked, "So if Amanda came on to you, would you take her up on it.

I mean, you obviously don't have any qualms with incest." "Probably not. I don't stick my dick in crazy." "And yet you stick it in me and Mom. We're both crazy if you hadn't noticed." "Only during sex. Amanda is crazy all the time. I wouldn't touch that with a ten-foot pole." "Say what you want, but I know you.

She'll probably come on to you; you are an alpha after all. When she does, I don't want you to be surprised." "Thanks for your concern, but I'm more concerned with how we're going to clean up the jizz I'm about to shoot all over you." She took the hint and quickly buried my cock deep down her tight warm throat as I shot load after load of cum right into her belly.

As I came, I thought I saw movement from the dark hallway, but I figured it was just my imagination and fixed my attention back on my cum guzzling sister. Once I was done spurting, I collapsed on the couch next to her. "Thanks Lizzy, I really needed that." "Of course, I'm always happy to help you out Ray." She stuck my softening manhood back into my pants.

"Just don't forget what I told you." She stood and started towards the hallway. "Goodnight Ray, love you." "Goodnight Lizzy, love you too." I said as I drifted off to sleep. The next few days went by without too much hassle. I was able to find relief at night and at work: from Elizabeth, Mom, Karen, and Trisha. It still didn't quite satisfy me, since I was cumming about half as much as I was used to, so I was a little on edge.

It was really annoying to deal with Amanda's eccentric habits, but it was surprisingly more annoying to deal with Aunt Sally's traditional attitude. She would comment on how violent the games I played were, or how the women on TV wore outfits that were too revealing. Why couldn't she just keep it to herself? Why did she have to bitch at me? Speaking of bitching, our boss Martha seemed to notice how Karen and Trisha were being friendlier with me and Elizabeth.

She wasn't very direct about it, but I could sense some hostility from her. I think she was envious of how well everyone else got along. Whenever she got the chance she'd give Karen and Trisha an earful, no matter how small their transgression. Luckily she was still taking her five-hour long lunch breaks, so we didn't have to deal with her all that much. That said, a silent rage was building up inside of me, waiting for Martha to trigger it.

Of course the annoyance of Martha was nothing compared to that of our guests at the moment. Finally, on one of our days off, about a week after the annoying duo arrived, Mom and Elizabeth had to go to the hospital for a check-up. We were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast with Aunt Sally and Amanda, just like every other morning.

"So you two are going to the hospital?" Aunt Sally asked, "I hope everything goes alright." "I'm sure it will: just a routine check-up after all." Mom said. "What are you up to?" "Still looking for a place to live. I'm meeting a real-estate agent today to see if we can find a good place at a low price, and away from any undesirable neighbors." She shuttered.

I assume she was probably thinking something racist, despite the fact that she had not yet actually made a racist comment. It was just the way she said it. "Good luck with that. I hated house hunting, but it has to be done. So what do you two have planned?" Mom directed the question at Amanda and me.

"I'm probably just gonna play some video games." I replied as I buttered my toast. "I guess I'll go out and hang around town again today." Amanda answered as she buttered her cereal. "Honey, you've been going out a lot recently; what are you up to?" Aunt Sally had been on my ass a little about what video games I played and what music I listened to, but that was nothing compared to how she nagged Amanda constantly.

That said, I could see why it might be necessary. "I'm not up to anything, I just like going outdoors. It's relaxing." Amanda defended herself. I was with Aunt Sally on this one; Amanda had to be up to no good. "Ray, if it's not a bother, do you think you could go with Amanda and make sure she doesn't do anything unpleasant?" Aunt Sally requested.

"It would be better for you than playing that video game with all the guns in it." "I don't know…" Now I was completely against Aunt Sally. Sure Amanda was probably doing all kinds of weird shit while she was away, but that was no reason to tie me up in it. It's not like I could stop her anyway. I was just about to refuse when Mom chimed in, "Why don't you go with her baby.

Surely going outside is better than lounging around the house all day." I really wanted to say no, but despite the fact that this woman was a slut, my bitch, and a member of my harem, she was first and foremost my mother, so I couldn't refuse her.

"Alright, fine. I guess I'll go." I looked over at Amanda, expecting her to put up a fight about me tagging along. Instead of arguing, or even pouting, she just looked at me and said, "I know you don't want to go, but I promise it won't be that bad. You might even have a little fun." I didn't like the way she said 'fun'. Right before they left, Mom pulled me aside while everyone else was in a different room.

"Ray, I want you to listen to me. You've gotten a lot more confident since you started fucking Lizzy and me." My face went slightly red from embarrassment. "If Amanda gets flirty with you," I figured she'd tell me to turn her down, "I want you to do what you feel is right. Amanda is a little eccentric, but she's got her positive sides as well. I'm not telling you to do anything one way or the other, but I am say that whatever you do, your ladies have your back. Follow your feelings, but consider her feelings too big guy." She gave me a peck on the lips before leaving the room, rendering me speechless.

Did Mom just give me permission to fuck Amanda? Elizabeth and Mom started out the front door, calling 'see you two later' and 'bye guys' respectively.

Aunt Sally followed close behind, giving us a considering look as she passed. "Have fun today," she said, then turned to me, "and keep a close eye on her Ray.

I know she's got some quirks on the surface, but she's a great girl underneath." She turned to Amanda, "Don't give Ray a hard time, and have fun honey. Love you!" "Love you too Sally. Bye!" She said as Aunt Sally left, then she turned to me. "So are you ready to go?" "Where exactly are we going?" I wanted to know what I was getting into. "I've spent most of my time here at a park a few minutes away. Not a lot of people go through there, so it's really peaceful." I guess that didn't sound particularly menacing, though it did seem a little boring.

No matter, I could deal with boring. "Alright, I'm down with that." I followed her lead as we trekked towards the park, since I didn't know which one she was talking about.

As we walked and talked, I realized that she seemed pretty normal. We discovered that we liked the same shows, listened to the same music, and we both shared a distaste for school, despite the fact that she was so good at it.

Then it hit me; she always acted normal when Aunt Sally wasn't around. The times when her mother was in another room, or even when she wasn't paying attention, Amanda would always act like a perfectly sane person.

Maybe Elizabeth was on to something. We arrived at the park within a few minutes; it was one that I'd never been to before. I marveled at how big the park was, as well as how secluded it was.

It had a huge playground, generic sports field, and was surrounded by a scenic woodland rife with humming insects and chirping birds.

Mothers supervised their children on the playground while a man threw a ball to his dog on the field. Several joggers could be seen pushing on against the concrete path that weaved through the area, and the grass was soft and green as we took a seat under a tall shady oak tree. "I love it out here." Amanda sighed as she leaned against the tree trunk. "It's so peaceful." "Yeah, I've got to admit; I didn't think you'd take me to a place like this." I rested against the trunk next to her.

We sat for several minutes, drinking in the sunshine and peaceful atmosphere. I never expected Amanda to have such a gentle and relaxing side to her. I desperately wanted to know why she acted so weird when she was around Aunt Sally, but I thought asking might ruin the moment.

Finally, my burning curiosity parted my lips for me. "So why do you act that way around your mom?" I hesitantly asked. "What way?" Her eyes searched mine with a dumbfounded gaze, then she smiled and said, "I'm just kidding. You're wondering why I do all that weird stuff, aren't you?" "Yeah, but weird is a nicer word than I would have used." "Fair enough, but why do you want to know?" "Lizzy and I have been talking, and we think you're faking how eccentric you always act." "What gives you that idea?" "You only act that way around your mom.

When she's not around you seem pretty normal." "Hmm, I didn't think you'd catch on so quick." "It was mostly Lizzy to be honest." "She's got a pretty good head on her shoulders, doesn't she?

I bet her daughter will be pretty smart too considering who her parents are." "How do you know her boyfriend isn't an idiot?" "Because I know you're not an idiot Ray." It took a second for her words to sink in, but once they did my head started spinning.

I knew I had to play dumb, but I was so flustered that it was hard to speak properly. "Wha- What are you talking about? Are you saying that I'm da- dating my own si-sister?" My face was completely red as I choked out my response. I desperately hoped that it seemed like anger rather than anxiety.

"Yep, and don't bother denying it. I saw you two in the living room the first night I was at your house. I thought something was going on between you, so I decided to spy a bit. It looked like you two were having a very good time." I put my hand against my chest, feeling like my heart was about to explode. "Don't worry Ray, I'm not gonna tell anyone. I actually kinda like it. You two make a cute couple, and true love shouldn't have any boundaries." The pressure in my chest lessened as my heart rate declined a bit.

I took a few deep breaths before asking, "What made you suspect us?" "It wasn't exactly obvious; I guess I just have a keen eye. You two always acted so friendly with each other. No, friendly isn't the right word.

You just seemed close. That's not right either, since you two have been really close ever since your parents' divorce. I think intimate is the right word. Obviously it wasn't outward and flirty, but you seemed to have a deeper connection than you let on.

That alone wasn't enough to bust you, but your affair in the living room sure was." She finished with a smug smile. "Fine, you caught us, but since I admitted everything can you at least tell me why you act the way you do? Do you hate your mom or something?" Her smile faded into a thoughtful grin.

"Of course I don't hate her, but I could see how you would think that. The truth is, I love my mother very much. I started acting weird back when my parents were still together. She worked so hard to make their marriage work, even though by that point she absolutely hated my father. Honestly, I hated him too; he was lazy and rude, and a total womanizer.

She wouldn't leave him though, because she thought kids needed to be raised by both a mother and a father. She has really traditional views about stuff like that." "Yeah, she kinda seems like a prude to me." "Maybe a little, but I know she only acts that way because she thinks it's best for me.


She would never leave that asshole, so I had to step in and make him leave. All that stuff you've heard about, I did it to chase him away. I knew he'd eventually get tired of it and leave us." "That's why you poured soup on the TV?" "You heard about that one?" She cringed. "Your mom likes to vent sometimes. Now it makes sense though." "Yeah, I have to admit, that one does seem especially crazy. Thank you for understanding why I had to do that stuff." "Yeah, now that I know the reason, it actually seems pretty cool.

But there's still one thing I don't understand. Didn't they divorce years ago? Why do you still act that way?" "Well, I didn't want her to think I was only acting that way to break them up, so I acted a bit eccentric afterward. I stopped the malicious stuff though, and the other weird stuff was pretty fun." "Like wishing the Sun good morning, like you did earlier?" "Yeah, just little stuff like that.

She never associated my weird behavior with intentionally trying to break them up. I kept it toned down up until I went to college. Since her job didn't pay that much, Sally had to get an extra job to make ends meet. She worked around sixty hours a week for several months during my first year at school. She seemed miserable, with compounding stress between both jobs and helping me with my schoolwork. I couldn't bear seeing her like that, so I decided to drop out. I told her it was because the classes were giving me bad vibes, because if I told her I dropped out for her sake, she would beat herself up over it." "Wow, that's really nice.

I had no idea you'd go that far for her." "Yeah, and that brings us back to the eviction. We got a new landlord and she was a real bitch if you know what I mean.

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She would jump down Sally's throat for anything. If we put our garbage in the wrong bin, or made just a little too much noise, even if nobody complained about it, she would chew her out and add a fee to her monthly rent.


Sally was late on a couple of payments a while ago and that bitch threatened to evict her if she was late again. She picked up another job again to make sure every payment was on time, but when she started coming home late because of working two jobs, the fucking landlord lady took another jab at her.

She would bitch about how Sally would slam her car door at two in the morning, and how she would have lights on 'disturbing the neighbors' at night, even though no one ever complained. And, of course, she bitched about me a lot too. I don't know why she bitched at us so much, but if I had to guess it was probably because she has a tiny dick." I chuckled at Amanda's rude humor.

"Anyway, I think she picked on us because there wasn't a man in our household, so we were easier to bully. She picked on a couple other single mothers as well." "So did you end up getting evicted because she was a bitch?" "No, I doubt she would have evicted us for that bullshit she would bitch about, but it made Sally worry, which wasn't gonna fly for me. I took matters into my own hands, and got us evicted myself." "Why?

Wasn't there an easier way?" "I tried to talk Sally into moving, but she didn't want to make me move again. She's always so worried about messing up my life, even if I'm the one who wants to do it." "So everything you do is for her sake?" "Pretty much, yeah." "Sorry Amanda." "About what?" "I always thought you were bat-shit crazy, and I didn't really like you.

Now I see you in a whole new light, and I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry I got the wrong impression." "Well, I can't really blame you for thinking I'm a weirdo, but if you're really feeling apologetic then answer me a question." "Sure, fire away." "Are you fucking Judy too?" My chest clinched up again, and my face flushed red once more.

"Wh- where did that co- come from?" I sputtered. "Oh, don't play stupid. You seem really close to her too, and it doesn't seem like a mere coincidence that she and Lizzy both got pregnant at the same time. Also, the fact that she was so vague about it leads me to believe that she's trying to cover it up.

The only problem is; I haven't actually seen you two together yet." "That's because we're not together!" I couldn't believe it was so easy for her to guess at my relationships. "C'mon Ray, we're being open with each other, remember? You can tell me. It's not like I'm going to judge you for it. I actually think it's kinda hot." I thought about it carefully; Amanda clearly wanted to know what kind of relationship we had, and after hearing about her past, I realized that she would do quite a bit to get what she wants.

Also, she didn't seem malicious at heart, so I figured it might be better to be up-front with her. "Fine," I slowly responded. "you caught us. It started with Lizzy at first. When our mom caught us, one thing led to another and she joined in. Now we even have two girls at work who want in on the action.

The four of them claim to be my 'harem'." "Holy shit, I didn't expect all that, but thanks for being honest with me. It means a lot." She reached over and grabbed my hand. Curling her fingers between mine, she added, "Do you think you could do me a favor?" "I guess." I didn't like where this was going.

"I want you to fuck my mom." "WHAT?!" I almost screamed. I couldn't believe my ears. "I know it sounds weird, but let me explain. She hasn't seemed happy in a long time. Back when I was a little girl, when she and my dad got along, she seemed so happy. I wouldn't realize all this until much later, but she loved having a man around, cooking and cleaning for him, and having sex for sure.

Once my dad became an alcoholic things started to fall apart, but in those early years she seemed so happy." "So you want me to replace him? You're starting to sound crazy again." "No! At first I was just going to ask you to have sex with her. I knew you were fucking Lizzy, and I suspected you might be fucking Judy as well, but that's all I was gonna ask of you.

But now that I know about this 'harem' you have, I thought you could make her a part of it. I don't want you to replace him, I want you to be better than him. It would make her so happy!" She finished with a dazzling smile. "Okay, let's assume I say yes.

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Do you think your overly traditional, prudish mom is going to jump on board the harem train? Do you think she's going to indulge in depraved acts of incestuous group sex and possibly even have my children? Yeah, I don't think so either." "I told you," Amanda spoke with worry in her voice, "she's not really prudish.

Everything she does is for me, just like everything I do is for her. So if she thinks that joining your harem is what's best for me, she'll do it without a second thought." "I don't see how she'd think fucking me would make you happy." Amanda paused for a moment, then seemingly changed the subject. "Ray, I don't think I told you how I got us evicted." She held my hand tighter as she slipped her free hand down her abdomen.

"I liked to sunbathe at the apartment complex's public pool." Her fingers slid underneath the waistband of her shorts. "One day, I made sunbathing just a little more fun." I was breathing heavily, eyes fixed on my cousin's gorgeous body before me. "I decided I was sick of these pesky tan lines, so I slipped off my bikini and let my whole body bask in the bright hot Sun." Her hand moved rhythmically inside her shorts, and her breathing became erratic as she tried to finish her story.

"Some of the other residents noticed, and it was making me sooo hot being exposed like that." She pulled her hand away from mine and used it to pull her shirt up, exposing her big braless breasts. They were smaller than the others in the family, but still plenty big, with beautiful pink areolas.

"I love being watched, especially out in public." She tugged her shorts down to her knees, exposing her panty-less cooch, which glistened in the bright sunlight, crowned by a well-trimmed patch of fur.

"I love the thrill of doing this out here. This is exactly what I did to get us evicted." "Aren't you scared you're going to get caught?" I asked, knowing full well that I thought this was hot as hell too. "No, that's exactly what I want. Join me, and let's get caught together." "First, tell me why you're doing this." "Because," she started, pausing to let out a strained moan, "I need Sally to join your harem, but the only way she'll join is if I'm already in it.

I'm seducing you." She finished by showering the grass with her cum, her face painted with serene bliss. "That's an interesting way to seduce someone." I said as I examined the heaping quantity of cum she had sprayed on the warm ground.

"Looks like it worked though." She replied with her eyes locked on my crotch. By now I had quite the noticeable bulge bursting against my pants. Amanda's satisfied expression reverted back to hunger as she leaned closer to me. "C'mon Ray, let me see that monster!" Our hands met at my pelvis, as I unfastened the button and she pulled the zipper.

"One sec." She said as she pulled her clothes the rest of the way off. "You do it too." "Aren't you afraid we'll be caught?" "They're not looking this way. Plus, even if we do get caught, it'll make it waaay hotter." She cooed with a devious smile. I was really nervous, but also really turned on. I decided to worry about the consequences later as pulled off my shirt. I wasn't that impressive to look at from the waist up, but I elicited a 'wow' from Amanda as I pulled my pants and underwear off.

"It's a little cold out here." I joked. "That would look impressive in a freezer." Amanda giggled, "Do you really fuck Lizzy and Judy with this thing? And look at your balls, I've gotta see you shoot!" She reached her hand over and started to stroke me gently.

I noticed her hand was still wet from her pussy juice, which provided an excellent lubricant. Leaning back against the tree, I let my worries melt away. So what if we got caught?

It wouldn't be a big deal; we would probably just run away. After a few minutes Amanda started picking up the pace. Her hand delicately cascaded against every bump and vein. Every few thrusts she would rub the tip, sending bursts of pleasure up my spine and re-lubing her hand with slick pre-cum.

"This cock is sooo fucking big; I can't wait to have it inside me." She moaned. I noticed her other hand moving against her clit, as she furiously coaxed both of us to cum. "It's beautiful too. I'm jealous of those girls keeping this a secret.

From now on I want to get fucked at least twice a day." "Lizzy and Mom might not approve of you joining the harem." I pointed out. "That doesn't matter Ray. The only thing that matters is what you want. Don't tell me you wouldn't like seeing my belly swell up with your baby.

Don't tell me fucking me and Sally at the same time wouldn't get you off so fucking hard. If you let us join, I guarantee you'll drown in a sea of pussy, and love every second of it." While speaking, she pumped faster and faster until her hand was a blur.

"Do it, fuck mother and daughter until we're full of your seed! Bloat us with your precious babies and make us your filthy cum buckets! I'll be happy if Sally's happy, and Sally'll be happy if you shove your fuck stick inside her and fill her womb with your thick hot cum!" I couldn't take it anymore, and sent jet after jet of cum blasting upwards in an arc and landing a couple feet in front of us, forming a nice pearly white puddle.

"Holy shit how much do you cum? It's still going too!" She cried as jizz still spurted up and painted the grass before us.

"Oh my god, you could fill a two-liter bottle with this! How is this even possible? Is this how Lizzy and Judy got pregnant?" "Yep, I knocked them both up in the same night." I said as I relaxed from my orgasm and let the last remnants of cum drizzle down my manhood. "And try to keep it down, the people at the park might hear you." "I don't care about that; I want this in me now!" She squatted in front of me with her back towards me and pressed her hot pink pussy against the warm red tip of my dick.

"Are you sure you want this?" I asked with genuine concern. "At first I was just doing this for Sally, but now I need it too. I've pleasured myself plenty, but I've never given myself to anyone. Thanks for being my first!" She impaled herself on me, ripping through her hymen, all the way to the bottom.

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Her body convulsed, as she stammered, "Just like pulling off a band aid." "You were a virgin?!" I asked with a shocked expression.

"Yeah, thanks for taking care of my cherry." Let me acclimate for a while. We spent several minutes with me pushed all the way up to her cervix. She laid her back against my chest and I rubbed her shoulders. Fortunately, no one seemed to notice our presence thus far, so we took our time and played it slow.

Right at first, she would wince every time my cock twitched, but over time her winces turned into moans and my massage migrated from her shoulders to her breasts. Eventually, I was gladly groping my cousin as she slowly grinded her pussy against my cock, both of us moaning and grunting at the gentle stimulus.

"Okay, I think I'm ready for you." She said softly. "Make me your woman. One of them I mean." She corrected herself. I released her tits, sliding my hands down her sides and gripping her hips. I started to pump up and down, slowly at first, but building in tempo. "Holy shit! This is amazing, I can't believe how good your dick is inside of me! Please let me feel this every day! Sally would love this too! I can't wait until your fucking me and my mom!

We can have all the threesomes you want! No, wait. You still have to fuck your sister and your own mom as well. Four girls at once, do you think you can handle it?" "I think you've forgotten about the two girls I have at work. I've already had a five-way." "Oh, right! Now you get seven! Lucky you! Or should I say lucky us?" "I think everyone is lucky with these arrangements." "Do you think our children are going to be happy living with such wild parents?" "I hope so; the other girls are already talking about fucking our daughters." "OH MY GOD!

OH FUCK FUCK FUCK! THAT'S SO FUCKING HOT!" Amanda screamed as she squirted, spraying it over the puddle of cum I created a few minutes earlier. "YES, DO IT! KNOCK ME UP TOO SO YOU CAN FUCK OUR DAUGHTER! KNOCK HER UP WITH YOUR OWN GRANDDAUGHTER! I WANT THIS SOOO FUCKING BAD!" I was close, so I pushed her forward so that she way laying doggie style and started to drill her sloppy wet cunt.

I expected her to catch herself, but she didn't expect it and fell face first into my cum puddle. As she pushed herself up, her face and tits were covered in my sticky goo. At first I thought she might be mad, but she continued screaming, "OH YEAH, FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH! COVER ME IN YOUR CREAM! DROWN ME IN IT! FUCK ME SOOO FUCKING HARD!" I thrusted even harder, causing her arms to give way and her face and chest to land back in the cum puddle.

"How does it taste?" I asked jokingly. To my surprise she licked the cum off the ground and reported, "It tastes sooo fucking good! It's thick and creamy, and sweet and salty and bitter and the best thing I've ever had! I can't wait for my mom to try it too!" I grabbed her pig tails and pulled her face out of the cum puddle, eliciting a loud scream of, "Oh yeah!

You're so rough with me! I fucking love it!" "You shouldn't be so loud. The people at the park might hear us." "That's the point!

There's a thrill in the chance of getting caught, sure. But the real thrill is in really getting caught. I want someone to walk by and see my cunt getting turned inside-out by your monster cock!" I wasn't on board with her plan, but I had to admit that getting caught might be kind of fun. Right on cue, two people turned the corner around a group of trees and came into direct view.

They were about fifteen feet away and staring right at us. "Oh my god, are they fucking out here?" One of them asked the obvious question. They looked like twins: both had light brown hair down to their shoulders, meeting their blue and white tracksuits. Both were in superb shape, probably because they seemed to be runners, and both had average sized breasts. Currently their most prominent feature was their faces, one wearing a look of stunned surprise, the other painted with fervent disgust.

I was on the cusp of pulling out and running, but Amanda had other plans. "Oh yeah! I'm getting raw dogged right now by this fucking stud!

Keep going baby! Keep fucking my cunt while those bitches watch!" I didn't think it was a good idea, but I trudged on, plunging deep again and kissing Amanda's soft little cervix. "We should go," the girl with the look of disgust stammered, "I don't want to see this anymore." The girl with the look of surprise was slow to answer. Her face faded from surprise to a faint longing as she watched me plunge into Amanda's frothing pussy.

"C'mon," the disgusted girl pleaded, "let's just leave!" "I don't know," the other girl said, "look at his thing." Her last comment was a mere mumble, a barely audible, "I bet that would feel so good inside of me." Her legs pulled together and her breathing became erratic. Despite all her moaning, Amanda was able to make out what she words, replying, "It doesn't feel good, it feels incredible!

Every bump and every vein on his horse cock scrape against my poor little snatch! See all this cum on the ground? That was his first load, and he's about to send his second right up my fertile womb!" "Interesting," the aroused girl said, "it's very fitting to be outside when you breed like animals." She rubbed her crotch as she approached.

The disgusted girl screamed, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? STAY AWAY FROM THEM!" "Don't be that way." she didn't even turn to look at her companion as she spoke. "It's not like they're hurting anyone." "Yeah!" Amanda cried through her moans. "Everybody wins with his cock! I bet you want to feel it surge inside you and knock you up too! My cousin's cock is amazing!" The disgusted girl looked mortified as she screamed, "OH MY FUCKING GOD! THEY'RE RELATED?" The other girl looked surprised again, but quickly shifted back to arousal.

"Don't be so closed minded," she said, "no love is wrong." She fell to her hands and knees in the puddle of cum, making her tracksuit a little less blue and a little more white. Face to face with Amanda, she cooed, "Go for it; get knocked up with your cousin's baby. Do it girl!" Amanda leaned forward and met her lips, sharing a kiss as my dick prepared it's second shot. "Here it goes!" I growled as my cum cannon fired.

"HOLY SHIT!" Amanda broke the kiss and screamed. "SHOOT IT IN ME! KNOCK ME UP JUST LIKE YOU KNOCKED UP YOUR SEXY SISTER AND SLUTTY MOM! I'LL GIVE YOU ALL THE FUCK BUNNY DAUGHTERS YOU WANT AS LONG AS YOU KEEP FILLING MY BITCH HOLE WITH THAT THICK JIZZ!" Amanda went limp, falling into the puddle and covering the front of her body with my cum. My cock stopped spewing, so I pulled it out and watched my seed ooze out of Amanda's gaping pussy, expanding the already considerable cum puddle.

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The disgusted girl looked crestfallen, muttering, "I can't believe this is happening; I can't believe I'm seeing this." The aroused girl looked surprised again, but smiled at me and said, "It sounds like you get around. Do you have to be a member of the family to get a piece of that cock?" "STOP!

GET AWAY FROM THEM!" The disgusted girl seemed to be at her limit. "CAN'T YOU SEE THEY'RE PSYCOS?" "Don't listen to my sister," the aroused girl said, "she's just a little jumpy." "I can't really blame her." I admitted. "Oh yeah, I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name is-" Just as I was about to say my name, Amanda jumped up and yelled, "Wait, don't tell each other your names!" We both gave her quizzical expressions, waiting for her reasoning. She looked me right in the eyes, "How hot would it be to knock up a stranger?

You'll probably never meet her again, but she'll be taking care of your baby for the rest of her life." At first I didn't really see the logic, but soon Elizabeth and Mom's conditioning kicked in.

I realized that the alpha male fucks who he wants, when he wants, regardless of whether or not she's in his harem. I looked at the aroused girl. She just smiled and said, "Lucky us, it's my most dangerous day." Amanda immediately started stripping her tracksuit off for her, explaining, "Let's call you Good Bitch, because you've been so nice and understanding. Since your sister hasn't been the friendliest fellow, we'll call her Bad Bitch." "What did you call me?" she hissed as her body shook, seething with rage.

Everyone ignored her. Having finished removing her clothes Amanda said, "There Good Bitch, you look nice and ready to be fucked." It was true; her well defined body twitched and ached to be fucked. "First, you need to get him ready and rearing.

Try tasting his cock, I bet you'll love it." My manhood was still covered with our combined cum, but Good Bitch didn't hesitate to lean down and lick up the shaft like a pop-cycle, savoring the juices along the way.

"The flavor is heavenly." She cooed, as Amanda positioned herself behind her. Amanda put her index fingers together and slowly drove them up Good Bitch's pussy, while using her pinkies to stimulated her clit.

"Good news," Amanda reported, "she's actually pretty loose. She might be able to fit you inside her right away." "I've had some experience," Good Bitch moaned, "but only with girls." Bad Bitch buried her face in her hands, clearly embarrassed by her sister's confession.

Having cleaned the rest of my shaft, Good Bitch about faced, demanding, "Alright stud, make this bitch a mommy!" I grabbed her ass and plunged deep into her love canal, quickly knocking on the door to her womb.

Amanda grabbed her head and pulled it toward her pussy, letting her slurp up the cum I just deposited. "How does it feel to have his giant fuck rod inside your delicate little bitch hole?" Amanda asked.

"Absolutely amazing! I've never felt this good before! This is so much better than my other sexual experiences!" "Why are you fucking him?!" Bad Bitch interrupted her sister.

"He just fucked his cousin! Why are you falling to the depravity of these incestuous weirdos?" "Don't be a hypocrite!" Good Bitch could barely speak through her nearly constant moans.

"We can't judge people for incest!" "Don't say it." Bad Bitch muttered as tears fell from her eyes. "Just this morning you had your hand halfway up my cunt while I licked your pussy!" Good Bitch finished. My dick twitched at the confession, causing her to squirt all over our legs as I continued drilling deep inside her.

"But his dick feels sooo much better than your hand! Fuck me harder, I want you to rip my twat apart and destroy our baby's future home! You've gotta feel this Bad Bitch!" "Don't call me that!" Bad Bitch pouted as more tears fell. "But that's what you are!

Any bitch that doesn't welcome this magnificent cock is a bad bitch in my book. I can't wait until he cums inside me!" "You're being awfully naughty Good Bitch." Amanda chided. You made Bad Bitch cry, don't you feel terrible?" Amanda shined a devious smile.

"I can't possibly feel terrible with the behemoth meat inside me! It feels too good!" "It's about to feel a lot better!" I cried as my cock erupted.


I'LL FIST HER TIGHT LITTLE TWAT AS I TELL HER ABOUT HOW HER DADDY SHOT A FOUNTAIN OF JIZZ IN HER MOMMY'S BELLY AND KNOCKED HER UP WITH A SLUTTY LITTLE SKANK OF A DAUGHTER!" Our orgasms subsided and she fell down into the cum puddle, once again adding to it with the cum gushing from her recently widened fuck hole.

I fell back against the tree, resting from the explosion I just felt in my balls. I looked towards the park to see a few heads turned our way.

Apparently they heard Good Bitch's screaming, and a few people were coming to investigate. They were still pretty far away, but I still insisted, "We should probably get going. It was nice to meet the two of you." "I'm not too worried about it." Amanda said. "What are they gonna do, call the cops? We don't have to be in a hurry." "Yeah," Good Bitch chimed in, looking towards her sister, "are you sure you don't want a turn Bad Bitch?" Bad Bitch was pacing, a look of obvious panic on her pained face.

"Guess that's a no." "Last chance!" chimed Amanda. "You'd even get a crowd of people watching, lucky you!" "Please, I just want to leave." Bad Bitch said with desperation in her voice and pleading in her eyes.

"Alright," Good Bitch conceded, "I guess I've had enough fun. What do you think the chances are that I'm preggo?" "Pretty good." Amanda answered. "He knocked up his mom and sister after the first time. "Incredible!" she said longingly as we slipped our clothes back on. "Thanks for taking my cherry stud. Good luck with your girls!" "Yeah, my pleasure. Good luck with your baby!" I kidded as we started to leave. "Your baby." She corrected, heading back down the trail she had been following with her sister.

We laughed and waved before turning away, making it out of sight just before the people from the park made it to our cum puddle. As we walked, I held Amanda's hand and chit-chatted with her. Having discovered the side of her that wasn't insane, it was easy for me to carry a conversation with her.

Well, I guess she was still pretty crazy, but this was the kind of crazy I could handle. I still had one burning question to ask her, and this seemed like the perfect time.

"So the whole reason you want to hook me up with your mom is because she needs sex, right?" "Well, yeah… that's a start, but I think she really needs a man in her life. Someone she can cook for, and clean his house, maybe even nag him a little.

Most of all she needs someone to love, romantically." "Okay, but why did you pick me? Why did you try to hook her up with a family member when it just adds another hurdle for her and her traditional mindset to jump over?" "Ray, I've known you a long time, and I know what kind of person you are. Of course we didn't see each other a lot, but when we did visit, it was obvious that you put others first.

You were kind and loving, especially to Lizzy, but even though you thought I was weird, you never made fun of me or shunned me. Not just any guy will do for Sally. She's emotionally scarred, so she needs a guy who won't ever hurt her, no matter what. She needs a guy who considers her feelings, and who will make sure she's always happy. I know you didn't see through me, but you're way too easy to read. I know you'll make her happy, now we just need to make it happen.

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We should start with sex though, since that'll have the quickest impact on her, and set her up to join your harem." "How do you plan on setting us up?

I feel like asking during dinner, 'Sally, do you want to fuck Ray? Everybody's doing it, he even knocked us all up! Wanna join the fun?' won't exactly work." Amanda giggled, "I'd like to see the look on her face if I said that, but you're right; directly asking her to fuck you isn't going to work." "Then should I pretend to be someone else, then after we seal the deal I reveal that it was really me." "I don't know; how would you pretend to be someone else?

Even if she fell for the disguise, she has too many trust issues to have sex with someone she just met." "We could get her drunk. Then she might be open to it." "Maybe while she's drunk, but not long term. We can't have her waking up in the morning regretting what she's done." "Then I'm out of ideas." "I have one, but I need you to use your rough side on this one. I don't want you chickening out because you're too nice." "You want me to force myself on her!?" "Sort of, but I'll be there too.

Try talking to Lizzy and Judy about it too. We can hold her down and have you indoctrinate her into the harem." I pulled my hand away from hers. "Sorry, but now you sound crazy again. I don't feel comfortable with rape, end of story." "But it's not rape!" Amanda pleaded. I started walking away. "I'm telling you she wants it! She might not realize it, but deep down she really wants it." "I'm sure all rapists think the same thing about their victims." "That's different! You're doing this to help her!" Amanda's eyes began to water.

"Please Ray, I know you're gentle at heart, but she needs this! This is the only way I can think of to help her!" I continued striding away as Amanda fell to her knees, burying her face in her hands and weeping. "I can't stand seeing her suffer anymore!

I'm the only one she has, and I let her down!" Fuck! Amanda was really serious about this shit. I was all for Aunt Sally being happy, but by no means did I intend to rape her on the chance that she might like it. On the one hand, Amanda went back to being bat-shit crazy, but on the other, I didn't want to see her crying like that.

Maybe I was too soft-hearted, but I walked back and knelt down next to Amanda. She raised her head from her hands, and I wiped a tear from her eye. "If you're absolutely sure she'll like it; I'm willing to give it a try." She sprung forward, wrapping her arms around me and crying, "Thank you Ray! Thank you thank you thank you! This means the world to me, and once we're done I'm sure it'll mean the world to her!" "First, before we go through with it, I'm gonna tell Lizzy and my mom about us having sex, and about your plans.

If they think it's a bad idea, I'm gonna scrap it." "Okay, but make sure they know that she needs it." "I'll tell them everything you told me." I said as I helped her to her feet. We started down the sidewalk again. "Thanks Ray. It really does mean a lot to me." We spent the rest of the day walking around town hanging out. It felt really date-ish to me, but that was alright since Amanda was actually pretty fun to be around.

The Sun was just about to disappear over the horizon when we made it back home, and since we were both really tired we called it a night. Luckily, no one was in the living room, so I was able to get to sleep. I decided to tell Elizabeth and Mom about everything the next day. The best time would be on the way to work, since that was one of the few times we had to ourselves. We were on the highway commuting to the office, Elizabeth and me in the backseat holding hands and Mom driving, when I felt the time was right.

Naturally, Elizabeth already expected me to talk about it; just as a parted my lips, she said, "So Ray, why don't you tell us what you did yesterday with Amanda." She used a mock-suspicious tone, but I could tell that she, more or less, already guessed how far I'd gone with Amanda.

That said, I wasn't going to admit it that easily. "We just hung out. It was pretty fun." I explained, clearing dissecting every detail. "How was Amanda?" Mom asked. "Did she say or do anything weird?" "No, Lizzy was right." I responded.

"What was I right about?" Elizabeth mused. I was willing to bet she already knew. "You know, how you said Amanda's not really crazy.

She was acting crazy for Aunt Sally the whole time." I went into detail about how and why Amanda had broken up her parents, quit school, and got them evicted.

"Wow, that's actually pretty sweet!" Mom chimed. "I knew it!" Elizabeth cried. "I knew she was faking it, I just didn't quite understand why. It all makes sense now, and I have to agree with Mom; Amanda is pretty cool, isn't she?" "Yep," Mom continued, "but it sounds like Ray kept his hands off her, didn't you honey?" "Yeah, of course." I said sarcastically.

I figured they already guessed that Amanda and I had fucked, and since Mom pretty much gave me permission, I also figured they wouldn't be mad about it. Elizabeth scooted closer to me, whispering, "So you didn't let Amanda seduce you?" She started rubbing my thigh, exciting my ever-ready manhood into action.

"You didn't strip off her clothes," she unfastened my pants, "mount her pretty little body," she unsheathed my cock, "and have your way with her?" As she started stroking me, Mom chimed in from the driver's seat, "I can't hear you two if you're whispering.

What are you saying Lizzy? Are you asking Ray if he plunged into Amanda's juicy little cunt? Are you asking him if pounded her cervix open and shot his seed right into her baby bag?" "I was getting to that Mom! Let me ask the questions! So Ray, on a scale of one to ten, how hard did you fuck her pussy?" She asked in the most innocent voice imaginable.

She also started stroking me faster, using her other hand to tickle my balls. "My money's on eleven!" Mom declared. "I was gonna say fifteen." Elizabeth mused. "Zero!" I lied; I was having too much fun denying it to stop now.

"Alright, fine!" Mom announced. "Looks like we're doing this the hard way." She parked on the side of the road, got out of the car, and opened the door to the backseat. "Scoot over guys!" She said as she sat down and closed the door. Now I was in the middle seat with Mom on my left and Elizabeth on my right. Both girls started stroking me, coaxing my cock to explode. "Please Ray," Mom teased, "tell mommy all about how you bred Amanda. Tell mommy how she can expect another grandchild now.

Your constant breeding makes mommy feel so old, but your cock smashing her cunt makes her feel sooo young! Do you want to smash my cunt right now baby?" "Yeah Ray," Elizabeth added, "why don't you just admit that you fucked your cousin? I want you to tell us how she felt.

Was her pussy smooth or rough? Was it deep or shallow?" She moved her lips right up to my ear and purred, "Did you knock her up with your dirty little incest baby?" "Oh fuck I'm about to cum!" "Don't you dare cum in this car young man; I just had it cleaned!" Mom said using a mock-stern voice.

"You better cum inside your little sister or you can consider yourself grounded!" Elizabeth climbed on top of me, leaning backwards between the two front seats as she slipped her pants down and let my bulbous head kiss her little pink lips. I quickly impaled her, eliciting screams as I plowed into her hot cunt. It was barley any time before I started shooting, causing her to cum along with me, screaming, "FUCK ME YOU FUCKING ANIMAL!

SINK YOUR DICK INTO MY TWAT! ACTUALLY, IT'S YOUR TWAT! EVERY PART OF MY BODY BELONGS TO YOU, YOU FUCKING ALPHA MALE!" Mom started rubbing Elizabeth's belly through her shirt, teasing, "What about your child? She's not part of your body, so does she still belong to him?" "DUH! SHE'S A FEMALE AFTER ALL! HER BODY AND MIND BELONG TO THE ALPHA MALE, JUST LIKE HER MOM'S AND HER GRANDMA'S!

FUCK ME! YOU'VE MARKED MY BODY, NOW FUCK THE EVER LIVING SHIT OUT OF IT!" I continued to hammer her cervix as her wailing became incomprehensible noise, until my balls were finally empty and her hollering gave way to heavy breathing.

Our orgasms subsided as Mom leaned her head against my shoulder, still rubbing her daughter's plump belly. "Don't forget about the old grandma; doesn't she get a turn too?" I pulled out of Elizabeth, still rock hard, and aimed it towards Mom. "I'd never forget about you, and you're not old at all. Hell, you're still having kids!" I pushed her against the door and kissed her neck, while pulling up her skirt and rubbing her hard little clit.

She was already nice and wet, so I rubbed myself on her lips for a moment, then plunged in. "Oh god yes! I love the way you fuck your mommy! So big and hard, like a magnificent stallion fucking some saggy old mare!" The sound of my balls slapping her ass could be heard with each thrust, but was drowned out when the window started rolling down and the sound of passing cars flooded our ears. I looked down to see Mom's hand fall from the window switch, and looked up to see her head lean out the window as she yelled, "Hear that everyone?

I fucking love how my son has his way with me! He pushes me over and rams my delicate little pussy, shooting cum inside me and washing off our dirty incest babies!" Elizabeth moved behind me and massaged my shoulders as I fucked our mother. Leaning her head up beside mine, she whispered, "For real Ray, how did things go with Amanda?" Since I was still giving Mom a royal fucking, I found it a little hard to speak, but I managed to mutter around my grunts and moans and tell Elizabeth my story.

I explained how we ended up fucking in the park, and even told her about Good Bitch and Bad Bitch. Lastly, I informed her of Amanda's iffy plan where I basically rape Aunt Sally. She stopped massaging me, saying, "Wow Ray, do you really think you could do that? You're so gentle; I could never imagine you forcing yourself on anyone." "I don't know. Amanda says that Aunt Sally really wants this, even if she doesn't know it yet.

I think Amanda means only the best, but I'm a little doubtful as to how much she really knows her mom. Amanda thinks that Aunt Sally has a bunch of pent up sexual frustration, and once we're done she'll be thanking us. If she isn't thanking us though… I don't know what I'd do." "I've been talking to Amanda, and I think she's actually got a pretty good grasp on Aunt Sally.

I'm only worried about you Ray; I don't want you beating yourself up once you're done. No matter what, I know you mean well." She finished and kissed my neck. "Me too baby. "Mom moaned, still fighting a fierce battle with my cock. "I raised my boy to be a motherfucking stud in bed, but a gentle and considerate angel outside it. I know you don't want to do this, but I've been worried about my sister too.

I thought she needed a man, but I knew she wouldn't look for one. I think Amanda has the right game plan here, so let's try to execute it and help Aunt Sally out of her slump!" "Alright, if I have your support then I think I can do it.

Thanks you two." "Of course! Anything for my big brother!" "Definitely! Anything for my little boy!" I was glad they were on my side, and was reassured that they thought Amanda's plan had merit, but at the moment I was more focused on the volcano in my balls, which was on the verge of erupting. "Hey Mom," Elizabeth called, feeling the tension increase across my back, "get ready for your little boy's big finale!" Mom leaned her head back out the window as my firehose started spraying, screaming to passing cars in blissful agony, "GOD FUCKING YES!



I FUCKING LOVE MY SON, AND I LOVE FUCKING MY SON!" I seriously doubted that anyone actually heard her, but her shouting naughty things like that in public definitely made me feel really kinky.

My dick twitched again inside of her, ready for round three, when she said, "Sorry baby, but we're going to be late for work if we keep going.

I'll make it up to you later." "Yeah," Elizabeth added, "especially since I'd want another round too." "Yeah, good point." I conceded, then helped the girls straighten up their attire. Mom got back in the driver's seat and we continued our commute.

"Hey girls," I said, "how was your morning?" "Great!" Karen said. "Our shower was running pretty hot this morning though." She winked and gestured towards Trisha. "Maybe you should check your water heater." I replied, winking back.

"But breakfast was delicious!" Trisha commented, discreetly gesturing towards Karen's crotch. "How was yours?" "We had a bit of hard morning." Elizabeth answered, "That's why we're running a little late." "Stop chit-chatting and get to work." Martha barked at us. We groaned and bowed to the fun-killer's wishes. The smell of sex lingered over us as we sat down at our desk and prepared for another day of tedious computer work.

It wasn't too bad, but Karen and Trisha were a little restless on their side of the table. Martha, on the other hand, was definitely off kilter because of the scent. The smell wasn't exactly pungent, so she didn't mention it. However, the faint presence of pheromones in the air had her much more irritable than usual.

Unlike our boss, Trisha was clearly aroused; she kept squeezing and tightening her legs together to keep her pussy in check. Karen suffered similar symptoms, but was also breathing heavily, audible enough for everyone in the room to hear. Both girls were rubbing their feet against mine, making sure I knew why they were horny. "Trisha, stop fidgeting like that. It's distracting." Martha ordered.

"And Karen, quit mouth breathing. I swear, I can't hear myself think right now." "Sorry!" Trisha squeaked. Karen didn't say anything, but made an effort to breathe quietly. A few more minutes went by; the former-lesbians were clearly having trouble keeping still in their chairs. Unfortunately, they accidently pressed Martha's bitch button. "Karen! Trisha!" Martha snapped as she jumped to her feet, face blazing red.

"You two barely meet your work quotas, you never finish anything without mistakes, and you waist other peoples' time by asking for help constantly! I realize that you can't help it if you're incompetent, you can't grow more brain cells after all, but is it so much to ask that you don't distract the good employees from their work?" Karen kept her eyes down, embarrassed by the long winded speech Martha was giving.

Trisha, on the other hand, burst into tears, sobbing, "I'm… sorry. I didn't mean to be… incompetent." "Honestly I don't even know how you two got hired," Martha was completely unfazed by Trisha's tears, "but if you want to keep your jobs then…" "Shut up!" I screamed, leaping from my chair. I strode up to Martha, and with my face two inches from hers I put her in her place, yelling, "What gives you the right to make fun of Karen and Trish?

You're the one who gets in the way all the time! Maybe they'd meet their quotas if you stopped bitching at them twenty-four seven!

You're disgusting, and we've all hated you since the moment we started working here! You're lazy, arrogant, and easily the biggest fucking bitch I've ever seen in my life!" Martha's face trembled with shock and fear as she fell backwards onto her chair. I lowered my face down to hers again, this time grabbing her shoulders and gripping them tightly, holding her in the chair.

"You better pull that stick out of your ass and treat those girls fairly, or there's gonna be hell to pay! Did you get that through your think skull?" Martha nodded quickly, and out of my peripheral vision I noticed her legs twitch and pull together, similar to Trisha's, but I disregarded that for now. "Good, now shut up and do your job until eleven, then go to lunch and don't come back until four." As I released her shoulders her body relaxed, sinking deeper into the chair.

Her eyes were still wide and she was breathing heavily, staring at me with a fearful expression. I walked back to my seat, not sure of the consequences I would have to face for screaming at my boss.

Surprisingly, Martha didn't say or do anything. For a while she simply sat in her chair and did nothing, but finally she went back to her work, not saying anything else.

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Karen and Trisha gave me the most bizarre looks, which were strange mixes of gratitude, fear, and longing. Elizabeth just squeezed my hand and we all returned to our duties. At eleven, Martha stood and walked hesitantly towards the door. As she opened it, she said, "Bye everyone, see you at four." She stepped out the door, pausing, then said, "Bye Ray." The door closed behind her.

As soon as it shut the room filled with noise. "I can't believe you stood up to her like that!" Karen cried. "You're such a great guy, thanks for standing up for us!" Trisha sang. "It was nothing. Really!" I said as Karen and Trisha gave each other devious grins. "Good going Ray, I bet you shut that bitch up for good." Elizabeth praised. "Why don't you two show Ray how much you appreciate what he did for you." "Really, it was the least I could do!" "Don't be so modest." Karen cooed as she slipped beneath the table.

"Anything for our hero." Trisha joined her. I looked down to see both girls tugging at my pants, freeing my flaccid member. Karen sucked it into her mouth and started twirling her tongue around the head. Trisha went right for my balls, licking and sucking until I was at full mast. Elizabeth leaned on my shoulder and enjoyed the sight of two lesbian nymphos devouring my genitals, until we felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

"I'll get it; you just enjoy your blowjob." Elizabeth said, reaching into my pocket and sliding my phone out. Reading the tiny screen, she grinned. "Interesting. Definitely going to be a very busy day for us." "What is it?" "It looks like Amanda wants to go through with the plan today after we get home." "Okay, so do we need to do anything to prepare?" "She said to come home like normal and she'd have everything ready when we get there." "Anything else?" "She said that she wants you to save enough for her once you get through with Aunt Sally." Karen removed her mouth from my cock, which Trisha immediately gulped into hers.

With her throat free, she asked, "Are you two talking about your aunt and cousin?" "Yeah." I replied. "Turns out Amanda is pretty cool." "She wants to get her mom laid," Elizabeth added, "and thinks Ray is the best man to do it." Karen flashed a toothy smile, "Well there's no doubt about that.

Have you fucked Amanda, or are you just going for her mom?" "Oh I fucked her alright." I said. "Bred her too. And didn't you say you fucked another girl?" Elizabeth asked. "Yeah. She and her sister caught us while Amanda and I were fucking. Her sister freaked out, but she really wanted it. I ended up fucking and breeding her before some people at the nearby park saw us and started coming our way." "Did you get her number?" Elizabeth seemed interested in my encounter.

"I didn't even get her name. Amanda said it would be hotter if I knocked up a complete stranger." "It does sound pretty hot." Karen said with a breathy voice as she returned to her ministrations.

Before long, I was ready to cum. "Can either of you swallow my whole load? I don't want to make a mess." Both girls looked unsure. "I can do it." Elizabeth bragged. Despite her pregnancy, she gracefully slipped into the floor and slid between the two lesbians. She took my saliva drenched cock all the way to the base without gagging, then tightened her throat, milking me for all the cum I had.

Both girls looked on with 'oohs' and 'aahs' as I shot my load deep into my sister's tummy. "Thank you for the excellent meal!" She joked after freeing my sated manhood from her lips. The rest of the work day went fairly normally, with only a few distractions from Karen and Trisha. We all came back from lunch, and though it was clear the girls had been pleasuring each other, they still wanted more action. The girls kept rubbing their feet against mine, until they started upwards toward my shin, knee, and all the way to my upper thigh.

Both girls had a foot rubbing my re-awakening member through my pants. I kept working through it, trying to fight the stimulation attacking my crotch right now.

It took a long time, but eventually I couldn't take it anymore. Feeling that familiar strain, I jumped to my feet and released my meat, looking at Elizabeth. "It's about to go again." She didn't ask any questions, or even pause, before letting me sink down her throat again and fill her with my jizz.

"Thanks Ray! I was just thinking that I wanted seconds. I am eating for two now after all!" We kept working for another hour or so, when Martha finally returned. The smell of sex was now twice as prevalent as before, but she made no comment. She sat down and looked at her computer, seeing what we had accomplished since she left.

Since we were so distracted, we'd only finished about half of what we normally would have, so I feared Martha would revert back into bitch mode. "Good work everyone." She said, surprising all four of us. "Everything looks perfect, really good job." We sat in stunned silence for a moment, unable to comprehend that our bitch of a boss was taking it easy for once. After our last hour of work, we logged out and got ready to go home. Karen and Trisha said their goodbyes and flew out the door.

I'm sure they were still very horny, and wanted to get home asap. As Elizabeth and I approached the door, Martha said, "Ray, I'd like you to stay here for a minute.

I have something to discuss with you." Elizabeth looked concerned, but said, "I'll go tell Mom about Amanda's plan, meet us at the car when you're done." She squeezed my hand and left the room. "So what's this about?" I asked Martha. "It's about what you said to me, or more specifically, how you treated me.

I've been watching you for a long time Ray. I noticed that Judy and Elizabeth both got pregnant around the same time. I also noticed that Karen and Trisha are just a little too friendly with you." My heart tightened in my chest; Martha was on to me.

"You smell sometimes. Not bad, just… smelly. I don't know how to describe it. I'm sure it's what they're all hooked on." Her face shot down, no longer looking me in the eyes. She mumbled, "I can't do this, not after what happened yesterday." She seemed to be talking to herself. I didn't know what she meant by that, but I was terrified that she was going to spread the word that I was dating my sister and mother.

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She probably knew the whole time, and chose to say it now because I pissed her off today. "The truth is…" Here it comes. Anxiety gripped my whole body as she finished her sentence. "when you spoke to me like that… when you yelled at me and called me a bitch, I realized; I am a bitch! I'm a no good, dirty, rotten, stupid cunt!" What the fuck was she saying?!

"And I realized something else to. The way you draw women, and the way you smell, and the way you put me in my place…" She pulled up her skirt, revealing her panty-less twat, shaved and leaking juices down her thighs, "I realized you're the fucking alpha male!" Did Martha go insane? Or was she just that desperate for sex? At any rate, she turned around and dropped her skirt to the floor as she bent over and cried, "Come here and fuck me like the bitch I am! I want you to breed me like you bred your mom and your sister!

I bet you fucked Karen and Trisha too! I'm sooo much better than they are! Those fucking dip-shits can even fill out paperwork without fucking it up, so I doubt they have what it takes to please a man like you! Come here and shove it up to my womb! Give me your seed and knock me up with your baby!" "Why are you acting like this?

What's gotten into you Martha?" "I want you to get into me!" "Be honest, tell me why you want this so much." Impatient, she started digging her fingers into her muff, then said, "Yesterday I found out one of my sister's fucked some random guy at the park, right in the open.

My other sister was traumatized, and I was furious. But deep down I was also jealous." She used her other hand to circle her clit, still bent over and revealing everything to me. "I wanted someone to fuck me! To breed me like a bitch! Why do all those other girls get fucked, but I don't get shit? I'm better than Karen and Trisha! I'm better than my sisters too! I just want someone to want me!" I walked up behind her and humped my crotch against hers, letting my bulge press against her sloshing cunt.

"Are you ready for it?" "Yes! Give me that cock! Knock me up! Make me a real bitch!" I leaned forward until my lips were right next to her ear, then whispered, "You are a real bitch, and you're not better than any of those girls.

That's why I'm not going to fuck you." I pulled back and started towards the door. "Ray! Don't leave!" She tried to grab me, but I brushed her off. "Wait!" I opened the door, then turned back and said, "Change the attitude for real this time, then we'll talk." She fell to her knees, defeat etched across her face as I closed the door behind me.

As we pulled up to the house, I had just finished telling Elizabeth and Mom what transpired between me and Martha. "I think you did the right thing." Elizabeth praised. "Good job, putting her in her place twice in one day." "Yep, my son is the best at dealing with women. Speaking of, I think it's time to deal with one more." Mom said as Amanda ran out of the house to greet us.

"Hey, how was work?" She asked. "Just another day on the job." I answered. "So what's the plan?" "Come inside and I'll show you" The three of us exited the car and started towards the front door. "Wait," Elizabeth said. "I just wanted to make sure. Did you two really fuck in the park?" We paused, before Amanda pressed up against me and announced, "Of course we did!" She grabbed my cock through my pants, rubbing it in front of Elizabeth, Mom, and anyone else who might have happened to pass by.

"We fucked there so we'd be caught. A couple girls came and watched our breeding session, and one of them even joined in!" "I'd been told." Mom said. "I should try this sometime. Baby, do you want someone to catch you fucking mommy?" "Maybe some other time," I responded, "right now we have something else to deal with." "Right, so what's the plan?" Elizabeth asked Amanda.

"She's sleeping right now. I've got everything ready, but be quiet as we enter the house." "Easy enough," Mom said. "By the way, I've wanted to help my sister for a long time, but I didn't know how to do it." She walked up to Amanda, pressing her supple red lips on her niece's and holding it for several seconds before pulling away.

"Thanks for finding a way to help her." "Yeah, no problem." Amanda said with a breathy voice, her face brick red. "Alright, let's do it." We creeped into the house and tip-toed upstairs, finding Aunt Sally peacefully snoozing in my bed, which she and Amanda had been using during their stay. Amanda softly walked to the closet and pulled out four belts, which she apparently had ready to go. She walked to her mother, and gently moved Aunt Sally's hands and feet to the corners of the bed.

She took her time, making sure Aunt Sally never stirred. After Amanda had her spread eagle, she attached the belts to the headboard and footboard, then carefully moved them near Aunt Sally's outstretched limbs.

Amanda waved us forward, and positioned each of us near one of the belts. I took the right arm, Amanda took the left arm, Elizabeth took the right foot, and Mom took the left foot. Amanda held up three fingers, then used them to count down.

After her last digit fell, we tightened the restraints in tandem, snapping Aunt Sally awake.

"What's going on?!" She screamed, trying to jump out of bed, but it was too late. Each of her limbs was tied to the bed, which took her several seconds to comprehend. She looked at all of us, then crinkled her face and sneered, "Is this a stupid prank? I can't believe you're in on it too Judy. This is the problem with society; people think it's okay to frighten or hurt people for their own amusement." Amanda leaned over, whispering, "Sally, it's not a prank.

We're here to help you." "Please understand," Mom added, "that everything we're about to do is for your own good." "What are you saying?" Aunt Sally cried in a feeble voice. Her face faded from seething rage to sinking fear, with tears welling up in her eyes. She pulled hard against the restraints, but to no avail. Amanda and Mom moved to pull her pants down, but as I looked into Aunt Sally's eyes I lost my resolve. "I'm not… I'm not sure… I can't fucking do this!" I cursed as I walked out the door, tears welling in my eyes as well.

I couldn't bear seeing her like that. I didn't particularly like Aunt Sally, but no one deserves to be in that much fear. I stood in the hallway listening to Aunt Sally's screams; my fists were clinched and my face was red from frustration and embarrassment. I couldn't keep my promise to Amanda. I felt someone tug the back of my shirt. I turned to find Elizabeth behind me, wearing a somber expression. I wanted to say something, but couldn't find the words.

Elizabeth pulled me into a tight hug, burrowing her head into my chest and bumping her big belly against me, holding for several moments. I wrapped my arms around her, letting the pressure from her arms and the heat from her body reassure me. Finally, she said, "I know it's hard for you Ray. Sometimes you play a dominant role, but I realize that you don't want to hurt anyone.

But look at it this way; Aunt Sally is already hurting, and you're to only one who can help her. Amanda and Mom know her way better than either of us, and they seem to think that this is what she needs. She's resisting because she's afraid of abandoning her values, but as soon as she feels it, she'll beg for more.

It's not just about pleasure, but something about your cock is reassuring. It makes us feel safe and happy. Personally, it reminds me of the days when our parents were fighting. I'd snuggle up to you and feel so much better, and robbing Aunt Sally of that feeling would be way worse than forcing yourself on her one time." She looked up and searched my eyes, then smiled and said, "Of course, we'll be with you the whole time.

We're all doing this together, for Aunt Sally." I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked back at the door to my bedroom. Aunt Sally had stopped screaming, so I felt heartened when I opened the door.

Amanda and Mom were calmly talking to Aunt Sally, who was still sobbing softly. "C'mon Sally, this is all for you." Amanda said. "You're gonna love it." "Please, just once." Mom added. "If you don't like it then we'll never bring it up again." "It's so wrong though." Aunt Sally whimpered. "You're related.

How can you have intercourse with family? That's incest!" "Of course it is," Mom chuckled, "and it's beautiful. True love can spark between anyone. My son makes my heart feel so elated whenever he's near. Why don't you let him do that for you too?" "I don't think so. Untie me Judy, and we can forget this ever happened." "What are you saying?" Amanda said. "Don't you want to be happy?" Aunt Sally didn't respond, choosing instead to hang her head in defeat. Amanda looked at me and announced, "She's ready.

I know you're conflicted, but you can do this. We all trust you Ray." Elizabeth helped me relinquish my clothes and walked with me to the foot of the bed. I noticed everyone else had shed their clothes as well; Aunt Sally's pants and underwear had already been removed, and I found myself looking at her small pink slit, adorned by a hefty mat of tangled brown hair.

I may have been reluctant, but my manhood was ready and rearing. As I climbed up and positioned myself over Aunt Sally, I noticed she was staring straight at my enormous member with disbelief. "You've got to be kidding me. That thing's gonna kill me!" Aunt Sally sputtered. "It hasn't killed us." Amanda said as she reached over and guided it to Aunt Sally's entrance.

"In fact, everyone else fucking loves it. As my engorged head parted her slippery wet lips, Aunt Sally let out a little squeal.

I found it odd that she was so wet, and for a moment considered that she could be enjoying it. No, it was probably just a natural reaction, and had nothing to do with her wanting me. I slowly pierced her, one centimeter at a time, careful not to push too hard and hurt her.

Aunt Sally's cunt was incredibly tight, so it was a long process to finally hit bottom. I couldn't believe the sensation as her walls crushed my cock. I hadn't had anyone this tight since my first time with Elizabeth. Maybe her husband had a needle dick, and apparently she'd never used a dildo in her life. At long last, I reached her cervix and Aunt Sally serenaded us with another light squeal. "How does it feel?" Amanda asked. "I bet it's wonderful!" "There's so much pressure!

I can't believe it fit! Get it out or you're gonna rip me in two!" "But you haven't felt anything yet. Let her adjust for a minute Ray, then we're gonna show her how much of a stud you are." I nodded, then looked down at Aunt Sally. I was too nervous to say anything, but it seemed she was too nervous to even look at me. She had her eyes closed tight, and a couple more tears trickled down her soft-toned face. Her pussy gradually molded around me, and while it was still snug, I could move without causing her pain.

Amanda smiled and said, "Looks like you're ready to go. Do it Ray, show your aunt how much you love her!" Elizabeth took my hand as I prepared myself, holding it tightly so I'd have a constant reminder that she was with me. Mom took notice, and grasped my other hand, letting me know that everyone was behind me. I started thrusting in and out, slowly at first, but gaining speed over time.

Aunt Sally still objected, pleading, "Please stop! I can't take it! I can't handle something like this! It feels too… too… Why does it feel like this?" "What was that?" Amanda interjected. "We're you going to say that it feels good?" "Of course not! Something as wrong as this could never feel good. It doesn't make any sense; incest can't possibly feel this good!" "I knew it! You're loving this, aren't you?" Amanda began caressing her mother's body, pulling her shirt up and exposing her ample tits.

"Stop that! A grown woman shouldn't touch her mother's breast!" Amanda took her think red nipple into her mouth, causing Aunt Sally to undermine her own words with a deep moan of pleasure. She looked from Amanda to me, and said in the most pitiful voice, "My daughter won't listen to me, but you will, won't you?

I know you don't want to do this Ray, why don't you stop and we'll forget all about this?" Amanda pulled up from her mother's teat. "No way, don't listen to her." She pulled her clothes off and climbed onto the bed, standing over her mother.

"Just keep going Ray: I'll shut her up." Facing me, she squatted down and straddled Aunt Sally's face. "Don't do this! I can't have sex with a woman! Especially if she's my daughter!" "Yes you can! That's what we're trying to show you. It's okay to feel good!" Amanda dropped lower and covered her mother's mouth with her sopping wet twat. Amanda's cunt juice washed away Aunt Sally's salty tears, replacing them with sweet womanly nectar. She screamed, but the cry was muffled by her daughter's cunt.

The vibrations from her screams channeled upwards and had Amanda moaning and calling out, "Fuck Sally, you really need to work on your pussy eating skills! It doesn't even feel like you're trying!" Amanda kept moaning, grinding her pelvis against her mother's face. "Oh fuck, I think I'm gonna cum!" The sight before me had me hot as hell, and I started pumping like I meant it. I thought Aunt Sally might be coming around, since her pussy started gushing, and my suspicions were confirmed when Amanda screamed, "I'm cumming!" She started squirting hard, spraying cum all over her mother's face, tits, belly.

Amanda pulled upwards while Aunt Sally was screaming with all she had. With her mouth clear, her words audible again, "…and fuck me harder Ray, while my daughter sprays her filthy incest cunt juice all over my body!" Her eyes opened wide as she realized we had heard her. "You're loving this aren't you?" Amanda gave her mother a bright smile. Aunt Sally took a moment to consider her next words, then grinned and replied, "Every fucking second of it." Mom squeezed my hand and Elizabeth whispered into my ear, "Nice going stud, now seal the deal and give her a fucking she'll never forget." I gazed downward at Aunt Sally's face, which had shed the pained expression she wore before in favor of a new, blissful one.

I started drilling into her twat with all that I had. My heart was relieved to see that Aunt Sally really did need this, so now it was time to relieve my balls as well. She blasted her cum repeatedly, apparently making up for the years that had passed since her last orgasm.

Elizabeth, Mom, and I were soaked by her juices, and the heavy flood she produced made it way easier for me to jackhammer my cock into her tight little muff. Amanda was still standing over Aunt Sally, captivated by the motion of my massive member, and the sound of my heavy balls slamming against her mother's ass. "Hear that Sally?" Amanda asked. "It sounds like he's gonna cum soon. His loads are seriously huge. Are you ready?" "Fuck yes!

Pull out and cover me in a sheet of jizz!" "He can't pull out!" Amanda argued. "It has to be inside." "Not today, it's not a safe day! Pull out!" "But that's the idea. He's gonna knock you up!" "What? I can't have my nephew's child!" "Why not? Judy and Elizabeth are just about to give birth to his babies. He's also knocked up a few other girls," Amanda paused for a moment, "including me." "Oh fuck!" Aunt Sally fought back against an orgasm, then cried, "I can't believe it!

He's knocking up everyone in the family, even my own daughter! What the fuck is the matter with everyone?" "Honestly Sally," Mom cut in, "look at my son and tell me you don't want him to breed you like a sow." Mom reached down and groped by balls.

"Tell the truth, because it feels like he's about to shoot." Aunt Sally stared at me for a moment, and I could see turmoil breaking beneath her eyes. She turned her gaze towards Mom, then looked upwards at Amanda, apparently finding her answer. She shut her eyes and screamed, "Do it honey! Cum inside me and make me a mother again!" "Look baby," Mom said, "you turned my sister into one of your harem bitches.

Hear that Sally, take his sperm and make him a nice baby!" I finally reached my limit, spewing a torrent of seed into Aunt Sally's depths. "FINE! I'M YOUR FUCKING BITCH! KNOCK ME UP SO I CAN HAVE MY BABY AT THE SAME TIME AS MY DAUGHTER, JUST LIKE YOU DID TO YOUR MOTHER AND SISTER! FUCK I'M SO FULL! GETTING KNOCKED UP FEELS SOOO GOOD, EVEN IF IT'S BY MY OWN NEPHEW!

ACTUALLY THE INCEST FEELS EVEN BETTER! SORRY AMANDA BUT THIS FEELS WAY BETTER THAN WHEN I GOT KNOCKED UP WITH YOU!" At last I finished pumping cum into my aunt's tender womb, so I rolled over and rested beside her.

Elizabeth quickly assumed the job of cleaning my cock, which was quickly preparing me for round two.

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Amanda laid on the other side of Aunt Sally, snuggling up against her. "Welcome to the harem. Did you like it?" Amanda asked? "Of course. I appreciate everything you've done for me. I've needed a man for so long, but I couldn't bring myself to seek one out." "I'm glad. I knew you'd never let Ray fuck you, so we had to force you. I was so scared that you'd hate us." "On the contrary, I think I've found an even deeper love you all of you." She stared longingly into Amanda's eyes.

"Especially you." She leaned over and planted her lips against her daughter's. The two swapped spit and tasted tongues for several minutes, while Elizabeth pleasured me orally and Mom touched herself and enjoyed the show. Finally, Amanda pulled away. "I'm sorry… I was always… so weird." Aunt Sally stole kisses between her daughter's words. "The only way to help you was to act crazy. I had to separate you and dad, I had to stop you from working so hard, and I definitely had to get you away from the bitch landlord.

I had to act weird in between so you wouldn't realize why I did it, and end up blaming yourself. I just want you to be happy." Amanda finished with tears in her eyes. "You've always made me happy. You're my pride and joy, and I love you so much." She finished with one last kiss, sending all the love she had for Amanda through her lips. "Now then, Ray pumped enough cum into me to knock up a whale. He needs to fill you again if we want to make sure we get pregnant at the same time.

I want to be just like Judy and Elizabeth." Pulling her mouth from my member, Elizabeth said, "It was hard work, but I got him going again. Ready Amanda? I know you like to be seen in public, but for now you'll have to do with an audience of just us." "I'm sure it'll be fine. If one of the people watching is Sally, then that's all I need." She pushed herself up and moved towards me.

I was still laying down on my back as she squatted with her back towards me, then gestured for Aunt Sally to join her. Aunt Sally sat on my legs in front of Amanda, and the two started making out again as my cousin squatted further, impaling herself on me. Elizabeth said, "Show me some love too daddy." I stuck my tongue out, signaling her to sit on my face. I buried my tongue in my sister and my cock in my cousin, as she made out with her mother.

My own mother must have felt left out, since she climbed over my belly and sat back to back with Amanda. Leaning forward, she pressed her giant pregnant belly against Elizabeth's and kissed her upper lips while I kissed her lower ones. The two used their hands to tease each other's massive milky tits, while Aunt Sally used her hands to tease my engorged balls and Amanda's little red clit. Meanwhile, Amanda scooped a glob of cum out of her mother's snatch, bringing it to their mouths and slurping it up.

The pair swapped my cum back and forth as I lay crushed under the pressure of having four women on top of me. As she squealed to the movement of my cock, Amanda moved her hands back to her mother's cunt and pushed hard into her tight wet hole.

Aunt Sally was squealing along with her daughter, and soon the two started spraying each other with hot cum, which was funneled downwards. The thick slime coated my bucking balls, which were now slapping against Amanda's clit as I drilled upwards. Soon, Elizabeth and Mom started cumming too: the viscous ooze collecting on my chest, stomach, neck, and face. Basically, these bitches had covered me with cum, but two could play at that game.

The heat of the liquid and intensity of the moment had me spraying right into Amanda's fertile womb. If she wasn't already knocked up, she had to be now.



Elizabeth cried, "Fuck yes we are! And every one of us loves it!" Sheets of cum flooded over all four of them, and a fair bit landed on me. Our orgasms tarried for several seconds after we finished cumming, so we sat back, basking in the disgustingly beautiful glow of our incestuous orgy.

Finally, we rolled over into a heap of cum covered flesh; the five of us had become one. We fell asleep like that, keeping each other warm through body heat. I didn't know where Elizabeth ended and Mom began, nor did I know whose tits were in my face, or whom my cock was pressed against. Of course, it didn't matter in the slightest.

We all loved each other, so there were no more boundaries. We awoke the next morning refreshed and recharged. My morning wood stood tall above the girls, who wiped the sleep from their eyes and saw it.

"My pussy didn't get any of my brother's cock last night," Elizabeth claimed, "so I'm going first!" She leaned back and spread herself open for me. "Fuck me Ray! I don't care if we're covered in dried cum! I want that horse dick NOW!" I pushed myself up and approached her entrance.

Most of her body was covered in either crusty white jizz or sticky girl cum, but her pussy was slick and ready to be fucked. Aunt Sally and Amanda had silently laid beside us, sixty-nining like it was a normal mother-daughter activity.

I pushed inside Elizabeth, eliciting an immediate response. "Fuck yes! I was soo fucking horny last night! I needed this! I needed to feel your fuck stick pound my cervix! Wake up your daughter and give her some breakfast!" "I hope you have some left for me after you finish with her." Mom cooed from behind as her soft hands cupped my sagging sack.

"The expected delivery date is coming up. We could have our babies any day now. Oh god yes, I love how your balls feel in my hands. I want these to knock me up again within a month of the delivery." "Me too!" Elizabeth moaned. "Let's do it in public for Amanda! She can film us getting knocked up! We could do it somewhere where no one will recognize us!

Just thinking about it makes me…" Her pussy constricted, so I lifted her legs as she came, making her squirt upwards and giving herself a facial. Mom squeezed, causing my cum factories to convulse and fire into my sister's waiting depths. "FUCKING HELL! CUM ALL OVER MY INSIDES! PAINT MY BABY BAG WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL WHITE GOO! I FUCKING LOVE MY BROTHER MORE THAN ANYONE! SORRY MOM! SORRY AUNT SALLY! SORRY AMANDA! EVEN MY OWN BABY! MY BROTHER TRUMPS ALL OF YOU!" As soon as my balls stopped squirting, Mom pulled me back and pushed herself on top of me.

"Now it's time for you to fuck me, tiger." She took my cum covered dick up her hole and rocked herself forwards and backwards. "Give momma what she wants! Give momma your big bronco dick!" Amanda pulled out of the sixty-nine and examined my spent sister. "Look at Lizzy's tasty twat. It's oozing Ray's delicious cum. Sorry Sally, I've got to get it while it's fresh!" She moved over and buried her face inside Elizabeth's leaking hole. Aunt Sally directed her attention to her sister instead.

"Ooh Judy, you look so sexy covered in your son's dried cum." "Fuck," Mom moaned, "it's so weird to hear you talk like that. You're like the slut you used to be in high school." "I've always been like this; I just couldn't let it out." Amanda lifted her head from Elizabeth's cunt. "She had to act all prim and proper for me.

She didn't want to be a bad influence. You've always been so protective of me Sally, and that's why I love you so much." "Yeah, yeah," Elizabeth interjected, "you and your mom have looked out for each other for a long time. We're all very touched and everything, but do you think you can get back to eating my pussy?" "Fine, but I expect you to return the favor later." Amanda said seductively.

"Of course! Anything for my favorite cousin." "I love our kids Judy." Aunt Sally said with a smile. "They're pretty great, aren't they?" Mom moaned as she grinded harder on my dick. "Yep, and you've got more on the way." Aunt Sally caressed Mom enormous belly. "Have fun competing with these two for their daddy's dick!" "Lizzy and I have already sorted this out. We're never competing, just sharing. It's an excellent bonding experience for a mother and daughter to share a dick.

I'm sure you felt it last night with Amanda." "I see what you mean; we weren't competing, just feeling good together." "And there's a lot more girls who are going to be feeling good with us in the future." Mom cried as I started pumping my dick up and down inside her cunt.

"My baby always makes sure he gives everyone at least one turn, that's one of the reasons why he's such a great guy." "Wow, his balls are massive!

It looks like he's about to cum again!" I started spraying cum into Mom's womb, filling her giant belly with my fatherly seed. "OH MY GOD HE'S DOING IT AGAIN!


I'LL LET YOU FUCK SOME OF THE NURSES TOO, SO PROMISE ME YOU'LL DO IT! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I NEVER WANT IT TO STOP!" We finished, and after a moment of rest we proceed to the shower to clean up.

Aunt Sally and Amanda took turns 'cleaning' my dick, while Elizabeth and Mom cleaned the rest of my body. The girls had a lot of fun cleaning each other, and Elizabeth returned the favor to Amanda.

By the time we were done, I'd cum another three times. As we dried off, Elizabeth stopped suddenly and grabbed her tummy. "No way." She said.

"What is it?" I asked, worried about my sister. "It think…" she started, but Mom interrupted. "Ooh!" She whooped, also grabbing her belly. "I can't believe it." Amanda said. "What are the odds?" Aunt Sally asked. "What is it? What's going on?" I was panicking now. "Don't worry baby." Mom said.

Elizabeth gave me a pained, but reassuring smile. "Our waters broke." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading! I really hope you liked this one too! Honestly, I'm not really into non-consensual sex, but I thought this was a good opportunity to try something a little different, and it was pretty mild so hopefully it didn't bother anyone.

I've also been thinking about trying other tags, like 'anal' 'body modification' 'lactation' 'plumper' and 'water sports'. If you want to see any of these, or don't want to see some of them, then let me know and I'll try to work with (or without) them. Those of you with keener eyes may have noticed that I changed the genre from 'fiction' to 'fantasy' because, let's face it, it's a little unrealistic.

Or maybe a lot unrealistic, but who cares in a fantasy? Sorry again about the wait for this chapter, and the next one might take awhile too since one of my classes is pretty rough. I'm thinking about starting another story in the sex stories section of the forum.

The chapters would be a lot shorter, so I could do them way more often. Let me know if you support that idea, or think that I should just focus on this for now. Either way, if you like this one then I'll do a part four. Thanks again! :)