Teen Sex with Hot Teen Creampie

Teen Sex with Hot Teen Creampie
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TERESA'S BIRTHDAY FANTASY, Teresa and I loved getting each other off. We could, and did ask each other to do many different things. One of her fantasies she wanted me to do was a striptease for her on her birthday. Then, well let me tell you what happened.


Teresa called and told me what she wanted for her birthday, for me to do a striptease for her. I agreed, and then she said the conditions were, first that I couldn't cum (NO SEX) for the prior two weeks.

She said she wanted me to have a full load of cum. Second, That while I was stripping I couldn't have a hard-on. I told her I'd try, but no promises on that. Just thinking about all the nasty things we did for one another gave me a huge erection. She set up a room for that day, and I showed up ready to perform.


I went to the front desk at the hotel and they sent me to her room. As I entered the room I turned on the boombox and I proceeded to dance. She was dressed like a slut. She wore the same dress she had on the first time we fucked. A white tight fitting dress, with a very nasty deep V down the front. It showed off her big tits perfectly and she knew it.

She was also wearing a pearl choker necklace and earrings. As I danced & stripped I had to think of anything but her, try to dance sexy and not think about sex!

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It's not easy! I danced and stripped down to my shorts as she sat on the edge of the bed watching me with her bedroom eyes. Then she got up and put both hands on my cheeks giving me a deep passionate kiss, then dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled down my shorts, taking my still soft cock in her hand. That was it, My cock turned hard in seconds right in her hand. The look on her face was absolute lust as she loved watching me turn hard. She started stroking me at her face, her face was just inches from my now hard cock.

As she stroked me I could feel her hot breath on my cock. Then she said, "You're a male whore aren't you?" I said nothing. Then she said, "I love male whores like you." "All those women, now it's my turn." She kissed the tip of my dick several times. Then still gazing at my cock, she reached down and pulled the deep V of her dress apart and her big beautiful tits popped out. Teresa stroked my cock hard at her face… Her breathing was now very heavy and the whole time she just gazing at my cock.

While she continued to jack my cock she was saying, "I love big hard cocks." "I love male whores." It was like I wasn't even there as she was so focused on my hard cock. She jacked me until precum was oozing and ready to drip from the tip of my cock.

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The closer the precum came to dripping the lustier the look on her face became. Just before it dripped, Teresa stuck out her tongue and licked it off, savoring the flavor.

Then she sucked my cock into her mouth. This woman could suck! After a while she turned me around and sat me on the edge of the bed. Kneeling down she squeezed her big tits around my cock and started to titty fuck me.

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Up & down she worked her tits. We both watched my cock slide between her tits, up to her chin, then back down between. I think she was enjoying it more than me. I put my arms around her and pumped her tits.

It felt so good, I loved her big tits with her silver dollar nipples and she knew it. She loved to tease me with them as I had kissed & sucked them many times before. I told her if you keep that up, you'll be wearing another pearl necklace. She said, "Good, but not yet." She got up and told me to lay on the bed.

She climbed on top on me as I laid there watching her. She raised up took my hard cock in hand, lined it up with her hot asshole and sank down on it.

As my cock slid up her ass, she tilted her head back saying, "OOOH YEA." as it went in. Sitting straight up, arching her back with her boobs sticking way out, my cock filled her bowels.

She loved her anal sex! She rode up and down, her wonderful ass doing its magic on my cock. She knew I has watching her as she fucked herself in the ass putting her hands under her tits & held them out. After working her asshole on my cock, she leaned forward, one arm supporting her & the other holding those big beautiful tits right in my face. I started sucking her big hard nipples as she rode me. I loved it as she pushed them into my face and then pulled them back, but never breaking suction with my lips as I sucked & fucked her.

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Then she rolled over telling me to get on top of her straddling her chest. I took my position and laid my cock between her tits. She again pushed them together around my shaft. I loved fucking her tits like that. As I fucked her tits she was talking really nasty to me. Saying, "I love your big hard cock baby." "Fuck my tits, fuck my tits good, before you fuck my face." She knew I loved nasty talk, and that I wouldn't be able to keep from cumming if she continued to talk nasty.

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She then made her lips into an O shape as my cock slide up between her tits into her mouth with each stroke. Saliva strung from her wet lips to my cock as I continued to fuck her tits & face. Then teasing me she started saying, "Fuck my tits, fuck my face, feed me your cum." Over and over, "Fuck my face & feed me cum." That was it, I couldn't hold back anymore. I grabbed my cock and jacked it feverishly at her tits and face.

Once again she said, "Feed it to me baby, feed me cum." The look on her face told me she was lusting for my load.

I told her, "Open your mouth & close your eyes." She did as I asked. Her last words were, "Feed me." and she open her mouth with her tongue sticking out. I started cumming in big thick spurts. The first waves went onto her titties splattering across her chest, coating her big nipples.

The next shots went into her open waiting mouth. I jacked my cock at her face until I was done shooting. She laid there reveling in my cum, she loved it all over her.

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She took her finger and slowly smeared my jizz over her lips. I took my cock and smeared jizz around & around on her errect turned on nipples. I looked up at her sperm dripping lips, she was blowing little sperm bubbles, then she licked the cum from her lips.

In a lusty voice She said, " I love hot sticky cum." "It tastes so good." Teresa looked so beautiful glistening like that.

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She was reveling in it, as she gently stroked my cock. Went we were finished we got into the shower to get cleaned up. We finished showering and kissed each other as we dressed.

She told me she wanted me to do that again just like that. She kissed me deeply one last time and then left quickly as she had to get back home before her husband missed her. All comments are welcome, Especially from the ladies…