College male locker room sex and watch gey gay porn with young beauty

College male locker room sex and watch gey gay porn with young beauty
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Doctor's visit turns out to be more than routine check up. It was on a Tuesday afternoon that I had a routine check up at my Dr's office, the normal blood pressure check and questions to get a clean bill of health for my work. I was dreading going because of the Doctor I normally see, he's the old school type that's in the room for five minutes and then out and another wasted afternoon sitting in the room for 2 hours for just five minutes of his precious time. The nurse calls my name and I go back to the waiting room.

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She's not very attractive and I enter the waiting room and sit down and she starts with all the routine things nurses typically do, taking my blood pressure and temperature and then asking me what the reason for my visit was for today's visit. I proceed to tell her here for work to get check up. She says the Doctor will be in shortly. So I sit waiting on the old man of the doctor I usually see, when I hear a voice outside the door that is of a woman's voice, very soothing voice and sexy sounding.

I vividly start thinking in my head "man wish that could be the doctor seeing me today" a few minutes pass when the door opens and walks in the voice that I was hearing outside minutes before and was I very happy to see what my eyes were seeing. There she stood wearing the white doctors' coat with the stethoscope draped across her neck, black dress pants that were snug fitting and a red button down silk blouse, showing a little cleavage and black high heels.

She was around 30 years old sky blue eyes, 5'8 and 125 lbs and long blonde hair and very attractive. Every mans dream of what they want their doctor to look like.

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She says hello Mr. Young I am Dr. Sikes and I'm filling in for your regular doctor today, As she's looking over my chart She proceeds asking me all the questions She suppose to ask and starts to examine me. I began to survey her and can feel the crotch of my pants starting feel with excitement by this point.

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As she doing her examination on me, I can smell her perfume and glance up at her size C breast I can see through the cracks of the button down blouse and see she's wearing a black bra, I'm really starting to get turned on, my cock isn't hard to full erect but it's starting to swell inside my jeans.

I see her glance down to my crotch and a little smirk goes across her face, as she knows what she's doing to me by turning me on. She finishes up with her procedures and says to me, I have to step out for one minute and I will return with your paper work. When she leaves the room I adjust my cock to where it's not bulging in my jeans, saving me from the embarrassment of having a hard on from the thoughts of what I would want to do to heras if it would ever happen.

She comes back into the room with paperwork in hand and tells me everything looks good and gives me clean bill of health. She ask, will that be all I can do for you today?, I reluctantly say I think so but in my mind I was wanting say, I want to fuck you.

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As I get ready to get up from my seat she says to me, I have forgotten to give you hernia test. I thought oh no she's going to see my semi hard cock and know that I want to fuck her. She ask me to drop my trousers and says she will do a quick check.

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I slowly drop my trousers to reveal my clean shaven semi hard 8 inch cock to her. I look at her with disbelief to notice she has a big smile on her face, she says I need you to turn your head and cough when I tell you to. As I turn my head I feel her soft, warm hands touch my balls, my cock twitches and she notices it's starting to grow just inches away from her face.

She says to me, "my you're quite large, I bet you have plenty of girlfriends" I reply telling her that I just got out of 3 year relationship a few weeks ago. She says to me that she hasn't been in a relationship and that she hasn't had sex since med school, at this point I'm really starting to get hard exposing myself to her with all 8 inches of my member staring her right in the face.

She looks at me with her blue eyes and ask can "I suck your cock?" I'm in shock now, I reply by saying "you're a doctor and you want to suck my cock? She says "yes it's so big and I am really turned on by your big cock this close to me and all I want to do is put it in my mouth" What if your nurses walk in or hear us?" I ask.

"They have left for the day" she replies Then yes you can suck my cock, I say to her.

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She starts stroking my member slowly with it feeling so good coming from the hands of a beautiful sexy Doctor that in my wildest dreams I would have never thought would happen. She puts my hard cock into her mouth slowly sucking and stroking it at the same time.

It feels so good as my cock is indulged into her mouth, she slides the whole 8 inches in deep throating it like a champ never gagging once. I can feel my balls starting to twitch as I'm feeling the urge to blow my load in the sexy Dr's mouth. As she's working my cock over with her mouth, she has one hand in her pants working her pussy. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and says my pussy is dripping wet and puts her finger in my mouth and says "taste my pussy" I want you eat my pussy.


She sits up onto the examining table and unbuttons her blouse revealing the black bra and perfect breast, and unzips and removes her skirt revealing her pussy gleaming from her juices as my cock was rock hard, now. I knelt down on my knees and starting licking her sweet juices and clit, she moaned and was fondling her breast.

She was and the verge of cumming on my face, she said "don't stop, please don't stop fuck me with your tongue, suck my clit" I could feel her legs starting to tremble as I dove my face deeper into her sweet pussy when she let out a moan and her legs clinched around my shoulders "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." She says in a loud but quite way so no one outside the door could hear in case they were still in the office. She replies now "I want that 8 inches deep inside my hot wet, pussy now" I pull her off the table and bend her over the table and slide my 8 inches in slowly to let her feel all of it.

She groans and says "oh your dick feels so good inside me, fuck me hard with it, I want you pound my pussy hard" I start slowly fucking her from behind in long slow strokes, grasping her hips I start to pump faster inside her wet tight pussy.


It was so wet and tight, she moaned from the rapid pumping of my hard 8 inches diving deeper into her hot box, please don't stop I want you to make me cum, as I continued to fill her with all of my rock hard dick she began to tense up saying to me Im going to cum in just a few more pumps she pulled off of my dick rubbing her clit fast and she exploded squirting her juices all on to the examining room floor letting out a scream of excitement.

I knelt down and began licking her wet pussy and sweet juices that she just released from her clean shaved hot pussy, cumming once again as I lapped up all her clit. She raised up off the table and stood up completely naked except for her open blouse and bra, she removed her blouse and sat me down, take hold of my cock and slamming it into her mouth sucking and stroking it at the same time.

As she sucking it faster and faster I can feel the urge to blow my load, I tell her Im about to cum, she sucks and strokes my dick faster and faster and within a few seconds I fill her mouth with all my manhood and she sucked and swallowed every drop.

We re-gained our composer and gathered our thoughts. She ask, how was that for an hernia exam? I reply I think I need to go a head and schedule my appointment for my next visit&hellip.


To Be Cont&hellip.