Dylan was able to bang his stepdads sis Britney Amber

Dylan was able to bang his stepdads sis Britney Amber
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It had been three days now since Sister Beatrice had come to him for confession and since then Father David had been unable to get her out of his mind. She had asked him to be her confessor and he agreed thinking she wanted to state the usual of delay in confession or thinking of worldly wealth or something else so frequently brought to him by the Sisters.

He had been stunned at first when she confessed to having lustful thoughts and then she told him they were thoughts about him. As she described her thoughts he had found himself becoming aroused and with this he had become angry with her and rather than forgiving her he had chastised her and stipulated lengthy prayers of penance.

He had told her to "Go in peace" but it was now he who needed peace. He had watched her as she walked away from him and his arousal increased as he looked after her slim form which still presented her as a young woman, despite her being clothed in her habit and wimple.

He had returned to his quarters and tried to dismiss his thoughts but they would not leave him and the harder he tried, the more they remained on his mind. Unable to gain relief from them he had masturbated for the first time in years and he was greatly distressed when he accepted that he had enjoyed it.


He had still been unable to get the thoughts of Sister Beatrice from his head and she had now become something of an obsession with him so that finally he had given way and sent word for her to come to his study. He was deep in thought when the light tapping on his door prompted him to call for her to enter. The door opened slowly and Sister Beatrice came in with her head hung low as she turned and closed the door behind her.

"You sent for me Father?" she enquired. "Yes Sister," he replied clearing his dry throat, "I have been deeply troubled by your confession to me and I feel that in my anger I may have been unjust with you." "Oh no Father, I thank you for the penance you gave me and I pray for God's forgiveness." "But it is that penance which concerns me as much as your confessed sin.

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Perhaps I was too harsh with you. Perhaps even, it should not be me who acts as your confessor as if I am the object of your desires you may not take my decisions as seriously as you would another." "This is not so Father. I do take your decisions seriously and I am doing my penance as you instructed and yet, I am gaining a sort of pleasure from carrying out your wishes." With this she moved towards him and fell at his feet, wrapping her arms around his legs and hugging them to herself.

"Oh Father," she pleaded, tilting her head to look up at him, "whatever you command of me, I will do, and with pleasure!" "My very point exactly," he responded, feeling a warm stirring in his groin as he looked down at this sweet face enclosed in her wimple and felt her soft breasts press against him, "you do as I command and gain pleasure from it.

A penance should not be pleasurable and my command for you to complete prayers asking forgiveness is failing. You must carry out some unpleasant task to gain forgiveness for your thoughts." "Tell me what I must do Father and I will carry out your wishes to gain your forgiveness and that of the Lord." "You have given yourself as a bride of Christ and yet you lust for my body. This is clearly the contamination of Satan and I see no way to cleanse you other than for you to experience the evil of your desires." With this he placed his hand on her head and drew her closer to him so that her face rested against his hardening cock.

"See my child, feel the evil that your thoughts have begun to stir. Feel the tool of Satan against your head. What does this now do for your lust?" "Yes Father, I feel your body beneath your cassock and I feel a strange movement in there which is unfamiliar to me. I am sorry father but my thoughts are not diminishing and I feel them even more now that I am holding you" she whispered with her breath coming in shortened gasps as she felt his cock press into her cheek.

"Evil sinful child!" he admonished "do you think you can mock me and in turn mock the Lord? Now you will see in the flesh, the influence of your sinful ways." With his hands on her shoulders he eased her back from his legs and then opened his cassock to reveal his cock which by now was fully hard and throbbed up against his belly.

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Her eyes widened as she looked up at this rampant cock and she shuddered, wondering what would happen next. "See this my child?


This is the work of the devil and he is causing my sinfulness through you. Take it now, take it and taste the evil of Satan." He grasped his cock with both hands and thrust it towards her mouth which she opened to take the head between her lips and although this was the first cock she had felt, she seemed instinctively to know what to do as she slid her tongue around the head and gently sucked on him. Looking down at her face encased in the severe wimple he was struck by her innocent beauty and the sight of his cock entering her mouth and his lust began to rise further as he released his cock from his grasp and reached behind her head to pull her further onto him.

As his cock slid further into her mouth, her eyes closed and he heard her moan of pleasure as she sucked on him.

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"Oh Father, if this is the work of the devil then he must be the lord of pleasure" she muttered as the taste of his cock began to excite her further. He smirked at these words as he realised that this seduction would be especially easy and he began to imagine what the rest of the evening would unfold. He rocked his head backwards as he savoured the sensations of this young woman's mouth as she administered her licks and sucks upon him.

"You evil girl, I will teach you the meaning of sin and you will repent most severely at the thought of what you have done. You are the serpent of Satan, you have raised my lust through your own disgraceful thoughts and feelings. Now you will suck the life of God through me." She hugged his thighs and remained kneeling before him as his cock slid in and out of her mouth and she revelled in the feelings it gave her as she sucked hard on him and licked the length of this marvellous cock of his and as she did so, she began to realise what she might be missing as a servant of the Lord.

It was then that she felt the warmth ooze out between her legs, soaking her underwear, and she realised this was the same warm wet feelings which had occasionally occurred when she had hugged Sister Mary on cold nights in the dormitory. Father David began to feel the pressure rise in his balls and suddenly, he pushed her head away to gain some respite and avoid cuming just yet, "You are gaining pleasure from this punishment, I can see it in your eyes and hear it in your moans.

I must think of something to cause you pain. Stand!" he commanded, and she did so. "Remove your habit and show yourself to me." Nervous with anticipation, she undid the fastenings and let it slide to the floor revealing her simple, white underwear. When she reached up to undo her wimple he stopped her, "Oh no my child, you shall continue to wear that to remind you what you are.

Remove the rest of your clothes though and show yourself fully. " She followed his commands and soon was standing naked except for the wimple as he stood before her, slowly stroking the length of his cock.

He ogled her pert little breasts which stood proud and pink from her chest and then he looked down at her light curls and saw the moisture there.

Reaching forwards he slid his finger along her crease and wiping the mucous from her, he raised his finger to his nose and sniffed her juices. "You sinful creature, this is the juice of the devil and it seeps from you. I must cleanse you of this. Lean back over my desk top and let your legs hang over the edge as you lie back and look towards heaven." Now his cock was rigid as steel and the thick veins coursing through it were filled and engorged as he stared at this beautiful young woman.

He knew her history and was certain that she must still be virginal and his eyes feasted on her open slit as she draped her legs from his desk top.

Despite her previous innocence he wondered right then whether it was he seducing her, or she him! "You sinful child of Satan, now you will feel the pain necessary to cleanse you of your evil." He eased himself between her splayed legs until he rested his cock head against her.

Her warm wetness excited him further and he now needed to get his cock inside her. Taking it in his hand he slid it along her soaking slit and rubbed it against her proud clit bud so that she began to writhe and moan again in pleasure. "Oh Father, this feels so wonderful, the pleasure you give me is marvellous!" "If you seek this pleasure, you must also feel the pain of your lust!" he yelled at her and placing the tip of his cock against her hole he slammed it's full length high up into her, feeling her membrane break as he did so and hearing her high pitched scream of pain.

As her squeal subsided he watched her eyes roll upwards in her head and her mouth fall open as she gasped "Oh father, what is this pain. Please stop I beg you. You are killing me." He heard her cries and could tell that she did not really want him to stop and she grasped him tightly to her with her thighs. Now he began to thrust furiously into her as she cried out loudly at first and then her cries lessened and she began to make contented mewling sounds.

He held her thighs around his sides and looked down at the furious fucking he was giving her and the sight of the thin streaks of blood smeared along his cock. Angry at what he was now doing and yet even more lustful at the feelings she was giving him as he reached his crescendo and began to shoot thick wads of spunk deep into her.

"Take this child, take it for your sins!" She could feel his warm juice splash up into her and in her lust she cried "Oh yes father, Oh it hurts but feels good too.

This must be the work of the Lord giving me forgiveness as you said He would, and His forgiveness feels so good" and with that she too began to cum and she felt herself shudder from her head to her toes. "This feels so good, your tight little hole grips me so well and I feel like I could stay in here for ever. That's it my child, squeeze on me and suck the Lord's juice of life from my balls.

Oh, you feel so warm and good in there Sister I want to climb fully inside you." "What is the meaning of this!" demanded a loud authoritative voice from the doorway and Father David looked over his shoulder, cock still buried in Sister Beatrice, to see Bishop Gregory standing there crimson with rage. Sister Beatrice attempted to sit up on the desk and cover her breasts but was only able to raise herself slightly as Father David remained impaled in her and even gave an additional thrust into her.

"Oh please forgive us this shame Your Excellency!" she begged. "Yes Your Grace," mewled father David as he finally slid his cock out of Sister Beatrice, "forgive us our sin of not resisting temptation. We did try but the devil overcame us and I was seduced by the lust in Sister Beatrice." "But Father," she protested, "I did not seduce you.

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I only answered your commands for penance and did as you instructed me." "Silence!" commanded the Bishop as he closed the door behind him and gazed at the blood streaked cum oozing from between Sister Beatrice's open thighs and dribbling over the desk top.

"Have you deserted your vows? You lie there like a whore with your legs splayed whilst you" he turned to the priest "you fornicate like any back street bar hopper.

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What possessed the pair of you?" As he worded his reprimand he now found that he was getting excited himself. The smell of sex and the sight of this beautiful young nun stirred his groin and he could feel his own cock begin to harden at the thoughts of what Father David had just been caught doing with Sister Beatrice. "Please Your Excellency," begged Sister Beatrice as she threw herself at his feet, "you are right, that must be the answer and we must have been possessed.

Please release us from the grip of Satan." Seeing this as a possible reason and excuse for his behaviour, Father David now joined Sister Beatrice on his knees before the Bishop and echoed her words, "That must be it Your Grace, we must have been possessed by Satan or we would never have succumbed to this temptation." "Be quiet Father! Now you Sister, tell me exactly what happened here and how this whole thing came about so that I may judge what to do." "I had thoughts about Father David and told him them at confession.


He ordered me here tonight and I begged forgiveness again on my knees and as I held his legs I felt him beneath his robe." She was now in a similar position with the Bishop as she had been earlier with Father David and she wrapped her arms around the Bishop's legs to demonstrate what she had done. As she did so, she felt the growing hardness of the Bishop against her cheek and she pressed herself against him realising that the way she influenced Father David earlier might save her from the fury of the bishop if she could please him also.

The Bishop too was aware of her face against his hardening cock and he looked down at her and wondered what it had been like for Father David to have possessed this beautiful young nun.

He now realised the full power over people that his position in the church gave him and he now intended to exploit that power.

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His thoughts intensified and in a croaky voice he told her to repeat with him what had happened between her and Father David. "But Your Grace!" she gasped in surprise "I could not do that with you, it was only my sinfulness which allowed things to happen with Father David." "Child," said the Bishop, "I am here as the presence of God and you will do as I command.

As that presence you will receive cleansing from me for the actions you have done with Father David and for the actions you are about to do. He also will be cleansed as he repeats his sins before me. Now. Do my bidding or suffer the consequences!" Sister Beatrice now knew she must obey Bishop Gregory and she reached beneath his robe and took hold of his cock. Although it had not reached it's full hardness yet, she could feel it was much heavier and thicker than the priests and as she fondled it, releasing it from his robe, she gasped at it's size as it grew before her and dwarfed her tiny white hands.

The Bishop's cock was almost eight inches long but it was the thickness which stunned her as it was close to that of a beer can with a large bulbous purple head. "But your Grace, this is too big for me to get in my mouth. It will choke me. Please your Grace, have mercy!" "Continue child" croaked the Bishop holding her head steady, and she dutifully took the tip of his cock into her mouth, stretching her jaw wide to take in his girth and feeling the slit in the end as it pushed against her tongue tip.

He held onto her head and began to slowly slide her on and off his thick cock. "Oh yes child. Oh yes! You have the mouth of a whore and you send your sinful sensations into me. The good Lord tells me to cleanse your mouth out and this I will do shortly. Now Father, you are not excused from this retribution.

Get yourself back inside this daughter of God and remind her of her other sinful actions with you." Father David, who had been standing to the side as his cock grew again at the sight of the Bishop fucking the mouth of Sister Beatrice, now did as he was instructed and moved behind the kneeling form of the nun.

Grasping her hips he raised her rear so that she was on all fours in front of him with her head impaled on the Bishops cock and her gasping cunt aimed at him.

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He could see his sperm still seeping from her, flecked with her virginal blood streaks and he lined his cock with her open hole and slid back into her. She again felt the pain and the pleasure of his cock in her and she sucked harder on the Bishop as the sensations began to awaken her again.

Father David felt her push back against him and he began to thrust into her seeing his cock shaft foam with her juices as he ploughed into her and feeling her warm muscles gripping him. The Bishop nodded his approval and father David watched as Sister Beatrice stretched her mouth wide to accommodate the thrusting cock of Bishop Gregory. Now she was filled at both ends and she began to cry with the ecstasy of the feelings she was experiencing and small tears dripped onto the Bishop's cock.

The Bishop's face was now flushed bright red with the effort of containing himself and it was clear to Father David that he would not be able to keep going much longer. "Now you whore of Satan" growled the Bishop as he pulled his cock from her mouth and began to cum over her face and wimple "I cleanse you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost" and with each name of the Trinity he pulsed a long, thick stream of spunk over her before thrusting himself back into her mouth saying, "and now you will drink the cleansing fluid inside you." Sister Beatrice sucked hungrily on the Bishop's cock and she felt herself rushing through another orgasm as Father David shot his second load deep into her.

"Yes Sister!" he yelled, "I work with His Excellency to cleanse you in the name of the Lord." Now Sister Beatrice rocked herself to get the most from these two cocks impaling her at both ends and moaned in the delight of what she was experiencing and she felt the thick and heavy wads of spunk slide down her face and onto the floor before her and she reached out to catch them and smear them over her breasts.

Bishop Gregory continued to slowly fuck her mouth and his cock began to return to it's state of full erection when he removed it from her saying "The good Father has attempted to assist me in removing your sins but I fear that he does not possess the powers granted to me, your Bishop, and I must now cleanse your hole myself." He moved behind her now and edged Father David to the side. "Go and hold her steady, let her lay over your desk again and you hold her arms." Father David took hold of the delirious Sister's wrists and pulled her over his desk so that she was face down with her rear pointing ready for the Bishop.

"Are you ready girl?" enquired Bishop Gregory as he nudged his cock head into her opening and slicked it lightly around in the foam caused by Father Gregory's spunk and her juices. "Oh yes Your Grace!" mewled Sister Beatrice, "please cleanse me there as Father David has done." The Bishop needed no further urging and he inserted himself a further three inches or so and then paused.

"Oh Dear Lord help me to be good for your servant the Bishop" cried the nun as she now felt the thick cock enter her. She gasped one huge lungful of air and began to push backwards as the Bishop slid further into her until he was fully inserted and she exhaled with the combined pain and pleasure of the experience.

As the Bishop now began to fuck her with slow full length strokes she lifted her head to see Father David's now limp cock hanging before her face as he held onto her wrists. Tilting her sperm soaked head she extended her tongue and licked the end of this cock, tasting the dregs of his cum and her own juices and she began to lap them from him, causing his cock to twitch once more and begin to harden again.

Behind her, Bishop Gregory was absorbed in the sight of his cock stretching the walls of her cunt as he slid in and out of her. "You have lubricated her well Father, although she is still a tight little near-virgin girl she can take me with ease in this sopping wet slot of hers. Sister Beatrice, do you now want me to cleanse you as a virgin?" She was enjoying the feel of being so filled with his thick cock when he asked this, and she was busy easing Father David's cock back into her mouth now that she had made it hard again that she did not fully understand his question and in a semi stuporous state she answered "Whatever Your Grace feels is needed, I will accept, and gladly if it serves the Lord." She heard the Bishop emit a throaty chuckle behind her and felt him pull out of her and then begin to wipe his slick wet cock over her puckered ass hole.

She felt his hand scoop more wet juice from her and smear it over her ass hole and then his finger began to probe into her. A few moments later, he slid his thicker thumb inside and then, after easing the lubrication around and into her, she felt the tip of his thick cock begin to prod at her as he dribbled his spittle onto his cock and her hole.

He slid the pointed crown in to stretch her a little, then he backed off and resumed again in a sort of rocking motion. When he saw her ass hole begin to gasp at the sensations he pushed further and with a hard thrust he had the head past and inside her.

She yelped in pain and automatically pulled away as this huge cock head pushed through her sphincter. "Hold her steady Father, and keep her quiet" commanded the Bishop and Father David grasped her wrists more tightly and thrust his cock fully into Sister Beatrice's mouth to stem her cries. As the Bishop paused his assault, Sister Beatrice began to relax a little and adjust to the feel of this object in her ass hole as she again began to suck on Father David. Bishop Gregory held himself steady for a short while, allowing her to get used to his thickness, "Sister, this little hole of yours is the only part of you that is as virginal as when the evening began and now I'm going to take that virginity from you in the name of the Lord and cleanse you of your sins." With that, he scooped more juice from her cunt and smeared it along the length of his shaft which he then slowly pushed until it was fully inside her bowels.

She felt like he was going to burst her apart and she had never felt so filled before. She began moaning heavily and Father David was gaining benefit from the vibrations in her mouth as his cock was stimulated further. "It is time for you to experience the pain of your whoring ways Sister.

You will feel the strength of the Lord enter you through me and you will be a better daughter of Christ because of this." Bishop Gregory now began to saw in and out of her ass hole. "My God but she's tight and hot in here Father. I am grateful that you saved this hole for me but some other time, when we chastise her further, you must enter here and feel her grip you as she is now clinging to me. Oh, I can't hold on any longer. Now! Now! You fucking whore of Satan!" he cried "Take this and bless me for giving you the precious seed of my earthly presence of the Lord.

Yes you fuck! Yes!" he yelled and she felt his hot thick spunk fly into her and she came again herself at the sound of his language and the feel of his cock spurting into her bowels as father David now shot down her throat and then the Bishop collapsed across her back. For what seemed like ages, they remained transfixed. Sister Beatrice laying across the desk top with Father David in her mouth and the Bishop sunk in her ass hole.

Slowly, it was she who moved first as she greedily sucked on the priest's drooping cock and she twitched her muscles to grip the Bishop tighter as she felt him begin to soften inside her. This brought the Bishop back from his reverie and he raised himself from her, his cock flopping out of her with a squishing sound and he giggled as she farted involuntarily and spurted his cum from her hole.

"Dress yourself Sister and leave me to deal further with Father David." Slowly and with trembling legs, she wrapped herself in her habit, wiped the spunk from her face with her underwear, and left the room saying, "Thank you Your Grace for leading me back from Satan to the Lord.

Now my sinfulness is cleansed and I hope I have given you some pleasure as you were forced to carry out your difficult work." "Do not thank me fully yet child," he responded with the severe tone returning to his voice "this is just the beginning of your return to the Lord. We have much more work to do yet. Come to my quarters tomorrow after mass and we will begin again." "Yes Your Grace.

Whatever you deem required of me, I will do for you and for the Lord" and with that she left the priest's office. Now turning to Father David his stern look melted into a broad grin.

"Well done Father. Our plan worked fully, perhaps even better than I expected when you told me of her confession. Now, I think you should become the confidant and confessor of that little Sister Mary. She is even prettier than Beatrice and she looks just right for the plucking.

If we proceed with due caution, we may be able to get them both to our cleansing sessions" and with that thought they both smiled at each other as they mused over the possibilities.