Beautiful Babe Giving a Deep Throat Blowjob

Beautiful Babe Giving a Deep Throat Blowjob
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Mike woke the next morning with a raging hard on. His dreams had been more than erotic more like extreme erotic. He drug himself reluctantly out of bed.

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He had to piss like a horse. Stepping into the back room he glanced out the window of the door. Melissa was still curled up where he had left her, and all three dogs lay around her.


He quietly opened the door and stepped out side. All three dogs took notice and got up and trotted over to him. Mike knelt down and patted all three while quietly speaking to each one. Still not moving Melissa slept soundly. Her dreams filled with a room full of horny dogs. She was laying on a floor, a dog over her and she was sucking his cock. She removed the dog from her mouth and let his juices splash her face. Those splashes became a steady stream.

She looked at the cock, but nothing was coming out. Melissa woke from her dream to find piss splashing her face and hair. The stream suddenly stopped. Mike looked down at a very awake and dirty girl. "About time you woke up. I was about to run out of piss. Now open your mouth, I know you gotta be thirsty." Melissa nearly refused and thought of what might be the consequences. She didn't like the thought.

She opened her mouth wide. Mike released what was left in his bladder, at first the stream arced a little weak, he quickly adjusted and began filling her mouth. Melissa had no idea what to do, and her mouth was filling up fast. She closed her mouth and swallowed quickly then opened her mouth to take the rest. "Now aren't you a good little girl. You learn quickly. Now let's go inside." Mike took two steps then turned just in time to see MeLissa begin to get to her feet.

"Um no, you don't you will stay on all fours till I tell you other wise. Now let's go. " Melissa looked toward the door at the edge of the grass line a concrete porch lead to the door. She got to the edge and lifted herself up off her knees and quickly scurried to the door.

Once inside she relaxed and went back down to her knees. The dogs were already in the living room taking their perspective spots. Mike stopped at the doorway leading to the kitchen. "Now here is what I'm going to expect from you today.

First, you are going to get your nasty piss and dog cum covered body cleaned up. You may stand while getting cleaned. Once you are done, you will return to all fours. I will be leaving in a few to get a few things. If the boys get wound up, you are to make sure they get what they want. When I return, we will discuss what I expect from you." Melissa knew she needed to respond but didn't know how to.

Then she threw caution to the wind. " Yes, sir." "Good girl now come here I need some relief, and your mouth looks like it will do." Mike dropped his boxers. Melissa crawled over and raised up off her hands and went to grab hold of his cock. Before she could grab it, she received a vicious open handed slap across her face. "You don't fucking touch me unless I say.

Stupid bitch." Mike raised his hand and slapped Melissa's face again. Melissa to her benefit didn't udder a sound. A tear from the pain of the slaps rolled down her cheek.

Melissa struggled to think of what to do. Then she remembered a friend had told her about BDSM and she remembered looking it up online and seeing a picture of a girl kneeling her hand's palms up resting on her legs and head down.

She quickly took the pose she remembered. Mike smiled, this little slut catches on fast. Mike grabbed Melissa's chin and lifted her head up.

"Open" Melissa complied and quickly opened her mouth. Mike's hard on quickly returned. He didn't know if it was her kneeling naked in front of him or slapping her that re-awoke his cock but either way her mouth was going to get him some relief. Mike grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head forward putting his cock in her mouth. " Now start sucking, show me how bad you want me to cum. Melissa wrapped her lips around his cock and slowly started sucking him in. Her pussy began to get wet.

She felt the juices start leaking down her leg. "What the fuck is this slow shit." Mike removed his cock and landed to hard slap to her face. "Fucking bitch I said suck it as you want me to cum. Not torture my cock." Mike took a firm grip on her hair and shoved his cock back in her mouth all the way to the base. He started fucking her mouth wanting to quickly cum. Melissa fought her gags as Mike's cock hit the back of her throat.

Saliva built up fast in her mouth; she had no time to swallow. Saliva leaked out the sides and down to her chin. Mike's cock became slick with her saliva. Mike closed his eyes enjoying the sensation of her mouth on his cock. It has been far too long since he had cum in a woman.

With each thrust, he felt his balls tighten up. Melissa felt the head of his cock swell. She could no longer hold her gags. Her eyes watered and drool cascaded out of her mouth. Mike gripped Melissa's hair and with a final shove groaned as his cum coated Melissa's mouth. Melissa couldn't believe the amount of cum that filled her mouth and slamming the back of her throat.

It took every bit of her effort not to spit it out from gagging. Mike removed his cock from her mouth he noticed cum still on it. "You fucking bitch" Mike pulled her to her feet and with his free hand slapped Melissa's tits several times causing them to turn bright red. The pain of having her tits slapped repeatedly brought tears to her eyes. Melissa bit her bottom lip trying to squelch any sound. "I'm sorry please forgive me.

I'll gladly clean it off please." "I'm sorry? What the fuck is that shit. I'm sorry? And I'll gladly clean it up? You better learn your place bitch, and you better do it quickly." Melissa felt him grip her hair tight; she let out a small whimper. And quickly revised what she had said. "I'm sorry sir. Please forgive me.

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If you will sir I will gladly clean up my mess." Mike pushed down on her head forcing her back to her knees. He watched as she opened her mouth waiting for his cock. Instead, he grabbed his cock and smeared the remnants of his cum all over her face.

Then pulling her hair, he forced her to look at him. He then spit in her face. "Next time you will make sure you get every fucking drop before I withdraw from your slut mouth." He stepped to the side and with a harsh shove forced her forward.

"Now go get yourself cleaned up, it's beginning to smell like piss in my house." Melissa scurried on all fours desperately looking for the bathroom. After a few minutes, she located it and headed on to clean herself. Mike watched for a few moments then went into his room and changed. Once dressed he checked on Melissa and without saying a word left the house and headed for town.


Melissa finished showering. Not knowing Mike had left she quickly got on all fours and headed into the living room. Boss and Booger were laying on the large couch and Bo on the love seat. She climbed up and laid her head on Bo and closed her eyes.

Mike returned about 2 hours later. Walking into his house carrying a large sack he noticed Melissa laying on the couch with Bo. He quietly placed the bag on his recliner. All three dogs were awake and wagging their tails when he came in. He stepped up to the love seat and gave the couch a hard kick.

Melissa woke with a start. She looked up and saw Mike standing over her. "Hello did you find what you went for?" Mike reached down grabbing Melissa's hair and yanking her off the couch. "You haven't earned the right to be on my furniture." He thought about giving her some form of punishment, but he remembered that was not in his instructions about being on the furniture.

Melissa's head longer with pain from the violent jerking of her hair. "I'm sorry sir I truly am. I didn't know; please forgive me, sir." Mike said nothing and walked back to his recliner where the bag was. He reached in and pulled out several small plastic bags.

Looking at Melissa, he called her over. "Come here girl I have a few things for my new mutt." Melissa crawled on her hands and knees toward Mike. As she passed by Bo, he stretched his head and sniffed her ass. He began to get up. "Stay boy you can get you some later." Mike held out his hand extending in Bo's direction.

He readjusted himself back on the couch and gave a loud humph. Melissa reached Mike and sat on her ass and put her hands on her legs. Mike took the first bag and removed a collar with a tag attached to it. On the tag, it read slut. "From now on your name is slut." He bent down and put the collar around her neck and fastened it. Checking to make sure it wasn't too tight. Melissa put a hand on her collar and felt the ruff leather that was now around her neck.

"Thank you, sir." Mike took another bag and removed a furry tail and a set of doggie ears. "In all fours slut." Melissa quickly complied and for on all fours. Mike put the ears on her head then stepped behind Melissa. "Pull your ass cheeks apart slut." Melissa lowered her body and rested her head on the floor and reached around and spread her ass cheeks. In her head, she wondered how he was going to secure a tail to her back side. Before she could ask she felt pressure on her ass hole.

Mike pushed the tail plug, but the resistance was a little more than he expected. Reaching around he put the plug to Melissa's lips. "Get it nice and wet slut." Then he forced the plug into her mouth.

Melissa's eyes went a little wide when she felt the large bulbous part the plug enter her mouth. To her, it felt bigger than Bo's knot.

She began to whimper at the thought of it going into her ass. Mike removed the plug when he felt it was wet enough. He then put it to her ass hole and pushed. It went in almost with ease.

"Now my new dog has a tail to wag when she sees me. You will not remove it unless I permit you if you do punishment will be severe." "Yes sir" Melissa felt like her ass was full. She lifted her self up then looked back and gave her ass a shake making her tail wag.

Mike saw Bo's ears perk up. He reached down and gave Melissa's ass a hard swat. "Don't fucking tease the boys. That is unless your ready for another pounding from all 3 of them." Melissa winced from the swat. "Yes, sir." Mike took the last bag and removed a nice sized doggie bowl on the side it read in bold letters, SLUT. "Now you have your very own bowl. Only on special occasions will you be allowed to eat at the table from a real plate. I will feed you the same meals I eat." Melissa raised her head.

"Sir I need to go pee." Mike laughed "if you have to go pee you will go just like the boys, outside. You will go to the door and bark or whimper I don't care which." "Sir what if you're gone, and I need to go?" Melissa asked with some concern in her voice.

"Well, I guess you better learn to hold it then." Mike took a serious look on his face. Oh almost forgot" he grabbed the last bag and removed knee pads.

" You can only use these when you go outside." Melissa grabbed the knee pads and put them in her mouth and made a beeline for the back door. As soon as she reached the door, she gave a loud bark.

When Mike didn't move again, she reared up and pawed the door while barking. When that didn't get his attention, she paced back and forth doing her best to whimper then bark.

Mike stood there and watched. He laughed to himself. This bitch is fucking nuts, but I guess I'll keep her around. He finally made his way to the back door.

Melissa watched as the door opened. She rolled onto her back and put on the knee pads, went back over and scurried out the door. Mike whistled "Come on boys time to go outside and play." All three dogs jumped up and ran for the door. Melissa crawled on her hands and knees as fast as she could and reached the corner of the yard.

She found a spot and spread her legs to do a female puppies squat. At the last second, she remembered her tail. She reached around and grabbed it just as her pee flowed out. A sigh of relief came over her then she felt per trickle down her leg. She pulled out of her squat and began to look around to find something to wipe her legs with. Before she could get a good view of the area, she felt a big head squeeze between her legs and a rough tongue lick the inside of her legs.

Melissa thought to herself. Well, that takes care of that problem. She turned to see Bo was her cleaner. Then she caught something else. Bo's red rocket was starting to show from its sheath. "Ah fuck here we go." Melissa looked around and saw Booger and Boss clear over on the other side of the yard.

She then looked but didn't see Mike anywhere. Bo started licking his way up to Melissa pussy. The tongue lashing she was receiving was making her wet.

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And that she knew was going to get her fucked. Before Melissa could move, Bo was on her back humping.

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Within seconds his cock found her pussy. His thrusts became more vigorous. Melissa adjusts her body so he could tie with her. She felt his knot begin to grow as he pounded her pussy relentlessly "Fuck me Bo oh god give it to me. Fuck yes." Melissa tried her best to meet his every thrust, but he was pounding her so fast it was impossible. Bo gave a hard lunge, and his knot went inside her with ease.

Melissa let out a loud moan. "Oh god yes now fill me up boy." Melissa took one hand and started playing with her clit. Now with Bo's knot inside her and pushing against her g-spot, her orgasms were getting bigger. She could feel his cum as it slipped past the knot and leak onto her fingers. Curiosity over took her. She removed her fingers and put them in her mouth.

As soon as she tasted it her body convulsed in a massive orgasm. Melissa could feel her body draining of energy; she wanted to curl up and just sleep. She felt his knot slowly shrink. After a few minutes, his knot popped free. Melissa reached back and put her hand over her pussy.

Bo wondered off towards the other two dogs. She sat up and let the cum drain into her hand. There was so much it over flowed. She quickly removed her hand and put her other one under her. She lapped the cum off her hand. She closed her eyes as she did so.

When she had cleaned it, she cleaned the other while rubbing her clit. As she lapped away, she had a delightful little orgasm.

After nearly an hour Mike opened the door and hollered for them. Melissa scurried on all four as fast as she could. When she got to the door, Mike stopped her.

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"Did you have fun?" "Yes sir I did may I come in now please sir." Melissa wagged her hips. Mike stepped aside and let her in. As she passed, he reached down and took a swipe of her pussy. "You sorry little bitch." Melissa stopped and turned dropping her head. "It was Bo. He fucked me right after I peed." "Well you can't leave the other two out now, can you?

So here is what you're going to do. Because I don't want a mess in my house, I'm going to bring them to you. One will get to fuck you while you suck the other one off." Mike stepped out of the room closing the door behind him.


Melissa was a little shocked. It was one thing to fuck them and yea she enjoyed tasting Bo but having to put a dog cock in her mouth she just didn't know. Mike came back in leading Booger and Boss. "I'm going to let you choose who fucks you and who you are going to suck." Melissa thought for a moment.

"I will let Boss fuck me, sir." Shame washed over her, how could she have stepped so low.

Mike lead Boss to her back side. Boss stuck his nose to Melissa's crotch and started to lick. A soft moan emitted from Melissa's mouth. Mike took Booger and forced him to lay down in front of Melissa then got him to roll over.

He then took one of Melissa's hands and put it over Boogers sheath. "Start jacking him off, once he begins to get hard you can start sucking him. Do not I repeat do not spit any out you will swallow every drop." Melissa complied and started moving her hand, within just a few strokes Boogers red rocket appeared.

She kept stroking letting it fully extended. She watched as his knot began to swell. Part of her was fascinated part of her was disgusted. She watched as his cock started squirting its pre cum. Finally, Melissa lowered her head and took him into her mouth. Placing her hand behind his knot. She began bobbing her head. His precum squirted, she felt and tasted it as it hit her tongue, she felt it hit the back of her throat.

Within a few moments, she became obsessed with it. Boss jumped onto her back and began humping trying to find his bitch's hole. Finally, after several thrusts, his cock slid in. Melissa let out a loud moan around Boogers cock. Mike watched then he reached into his pocket and began snapping pictures. He got several from different angles.

Melissa was completely unaware of what was going on other than the cock in her mouth and the one pounding away at her pussy. She greedily sucked Booger swallowing his every drop. She began stroking Boogers cock as she sucked him.

With every stroke, his knot swelled. Boss's knot pounded away at Melissa's pussy; her mind was on sensory overload. Cum in her mouth, a knot forcing its way into her and all the way she didn't want it to stop. Boss's knot forced its way in; Melissa gave out a cry as it did.

She closed her eyes. With Boss's constant thrusting her g-spot was getting abused, and she was feeling an orgasm building. The stronger it felt, the harder she began to suck. Boss's cock erupted inside her; its warmth sent Melissa over the edge. As she greedily sucked between orgasms, she willed Booger to cum. And cum he did, her mouth filled with cum faster than she could swallow.

Finally, her mouth erupted, and doggie cum spewed all over the place. "You fucking little bitch. I thought I told you to swallow every fucking drop. Fuck!" Mike stormed out of the room. Melissa screamed out as another orgasm hit her. She was possessed and began pushing and pulling back.

Making Boss's cock press against her g-spot. "Fuck make me cum boy again, fuck your dirty little bitch." She moaned as another orgasm hit. She finally let her head rest on the floor and collapsed as much as she could with Boss still tied with her.

Twenty minutes later Boss's knot subsided enough, and he slipped out. Cum poured from her pussy onto the floor. Melissa allowed her body to fall to the floor entirely. Mike opened the door and let the dogs go in. After they had stepped through the door, he came in and closed it behind him.

Grabbing Melissa by the hair, he roughly pulled her to her feet. "You fucking bitch you can't even follow simple directions." Mike laid a hard slap across her face. "I'm sorry sir please forgive me. There was just so much I tried to swallow it all." Melissa began to cry. Mike slapped her again on her other cheek.

"Well, you damn sure better learn to swallow faster. Now you get to clean the floor. You dirty little cock sucking little bitch." With that, he laid several hard slaps to her face causing her cheeks to glow red. Satisfied he grabbed her right tit. With his free hand, he hit it with a more vicious blow. Melissa cried out when his hand landed on her tit. Tears welled up. "Please, sir please I'm sorry. I'll Swallow better next time please sir please." She begged him to stop.

Mike hit her tit several more time before switching to her other tit. Once done he let go and turned away. As he exited the door.

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"Get my floor cleaned when you were done you may enter the house. Not till it's done." Mike slammed the door behind him. Melissa fell to her knees.

She looked down at her tits both bright red. She could swear they were going to explode the pain was more than she had ever felt. She knelt and cried for several minutes. Mike was sitting in his recliner when Melissa came in on all fours. " Sir the floor is clean." She worked her way to the front. Getting into a kneeling position, she placed her hands on her legs. "Please forgive me, sir. I am truly sorry I will strive to do better." Mike looked at her.

"Remove your tail and ears, Go put your clothes on and go home. Do not return until tomorrow. I will decide if I want to keep your worthless ass around. Now get out of here." Melissa began to cry. "But sir I'm trying I really am, please don't make me go please let me stay I'll do anything." Mike glared at her. "This is not up for discussion now get the fuck out of my sight before I really hurt those fucking milk bags of yours." Melissa quickly removed her plug and ears.

She set the ears on the coffee table then ran into the kitchen and cleaned the plug. She hurried back and laid it next to the ears. She reached up to remove the collar. Mike came out of his recliner in a shot and grabbed her hand.

"I didn't fucking say remove the collar now did I?" Melissa shook her head no. Mike sat back down dragging her with him. He forced her across his lap. He smacked her ass cheeks eight times peace. "Fucking bitch." He grumbled as he pushed her off his lap. "Now get the fuck outta here and be back by 7 am. Tears streaking down her cheeks, Both tits stinging and now her ass she ran to the door and quickly exited.

Mike listened for the car to leave. Once he no longer heard the car, he looked at his dogs. "Is she worth it boys?" He questioned not expecting an answer.